'GMA' Deals and steals on must-have holiday gifts

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 75 percent on personalized stockings, cozy blankets and more presents for everyone on your list.
4:25 | 11/23/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and steals on must-have holiday gifts
Thank you. You know what else everybody has been waiting for, "Deals & steals" and Tory Johnson is here to jump-start your holidays with 75% off. Yeah. What I'm most excited all of these are small or independently owned businesses so it's also a way to support your local communities and small businesses in the process so first up, L.A. Trading company. So these are the most plush robes. We have two mannequins over there. Ooh. They are soft. Super soft. The good life. Mrs. Fabulous. Boggs lady. A variety of sayings and soft cozy comfy you can lounge in and big assortment of eye masks and pouches. We were laughing. Dress like coco, laugh like Lucy, you got it all in a pouch. Live like Jackie. Normally 15 to $95 all sla slashed more than in half so everything ranges from 6 to $38. Wow. That's so great. Okay. So this is a Chicago based company that's all about just inspiring people to be happy. So they make these little heart bowls, food safe so you can use it for candy, couldn'tments or rings, trinkets that kind of thing and come with a little heart serving spoon which adorable and each fit into their wood carving board so do just these or carving board serving dish. A huge assortment online. Not just these but everything is about happy, iling, feeling good for everyday use. I love that. That's so nice. Normally they range 30 to $60, everything slashed in half, 15 to $30. Wow, a great gift. Even less expensive options online. One of my favorites. Colla collage.com. We made this for Dan with his little sweet baby. This one I took a photo from your Instagram. What's great about these. You can take a single photo and add text. You can make it a full size. These are $10. I have to jump to the deal on these. $10, so cute. Enzo Strahan. Sherpa blanket. Do a single photo or big collage of photos. Everything from this company is terrific. And this kind of stuff just also makes people smile. It's personalized. Normally 40 to $110. Everything is slashed way more than half up to 75%. 10 to $48 and free shipping from collage. Free shipping. So soft. $10 stockings are my favorite. So cute, pink house jewelry. Everything from this is fun, affordable. The set of six. You get six different bracelets. All kinds of beaded, resin, metal. Plus a variety of different cuffs to be able to choose from. Everything comes in great sets and fabulous colors, brand-new colors that we're offering for the first time today so depending on the set you choose, sets run from 16 to 90. All of these are slashed by 53 to 73% so 7 to $24 and free shipping. From pink house as well. Thut put these in those stockings. Put me in the story. Really great books where your child stars in the story. So you can add somebody's name. Photo, a little dedication to them. They're even making books for dog lovers. People have requested -- can I make book personalized for my dog. All of the best-selling characters your kids will recognize but most of all it inspires the love of learning and see themselves. 20 to $36, normally all slashed in half, 10 to $17.50. Paperback. Such a great idea. That one is for Adrian. Yes. Then finally basic outfitters is on "Shark tank," husband and wife team to create affordable basics like this four pairs of shark socks. Really fun. $10 for the set but tees, joggers, underwear, kind of all the basics that guys need, 20 to $30 regularly, everything slashed in half, 10 to $15 and that's for sets. Sets of things. So very affordable from basic outfitters. That is fantastic. Guess what, everyone in the audience is going home with bracelets from pink house style. Yeah.

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{"id":51339086,"title":"'GMA' Deals and steals on must-have holiday gifts","duration":"4:25","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 75 percent on personalized stockings, cozy blankets and more presents for everyone on your list. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-holiday-gifts-51339086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}