'GMA' Deals and Steals: Jewelry, Hoodies, Watches

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals for great products for "GMA" viewers only.
3:59 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Jewelry, Hoodies, Watches
Right now. Morning secret deals and skills and grab -- of months -- and clothing to jewelry to all of these. Coming at these are sort of the must have I -- -- you always do what you're on the pulse of what's happening right now Tory Johnson's here everybody these deals only for GMA viewers and let's start right here. With these I love these -- Fletcher school of. It's called neighborhood it's based in Brooklyn New York. And -- -- -- -- babies and adults you can customize any kind of -- -- got your nickname on -- we got a little love here for just the -- got a -- Stephanopoulos -- I didn't know that and the prices are amazing it includes customization so regularly. Fifty to eighty dollars depending on. What you so lax we're slashing that and half 760. To forty box that's -- can't keep -- my lab tests on the spent there's something else that -- eleven that's it you've got around to -- we may do not -- on sacred tools they -- really beautiful necklaces another Jimmy favorites. All of these are real gemstones on a -- scored with a -- apple. -- may class but I also light. Beautiful beautiful pieces huge selection to choose from may -- late not Phoenix inexpensive 125 dollars but for this week at a huge discount. 77% fox 2875 -- and why would become that I think these -- -- -- -- Emmy viewers of the brand of his Odierno and Graham you need to the limited time -- need to could alienate black -- are either the Good Morning America dot com find out these are -- slightly disruptive but -- -- Mary offending Ellen yes tell that's as you did it -- I did it really -- cards but none of these -- run time -- -- time slot watches. Don't love that -- in almost a dozen different colors the I love that's great for kids mom baby's dad anybody better -- -- their rest. And really good prices -- -- at that urges you as well and it matches are idle Arizona for the past lectured Kelly thirty dollars but instead we're slash news. So Yankee candle has a limited time collection. Public water inspirations. So it's three different -- Commander and spring and -- is -- jars the blue glass jars are really in right now you know that would decorating right. And -- you're gonna love this -- all make killer early five to 28 dollars depending on the size of the piece that you pay. It's actually starting at just 215 to fourteen dollars and when you go to Good Morning America -- -- you'll see how you can order these online -- you can -- -- in stores. With a special secret -- -- you'll get silence these are nice right and he really really kind of -- this is noticed water yes. Delicious way love the -- water run -- and the -- slaughter everybody -- -- I got into this Mandarin water well hold on one hand yes thank you -- pretty till I agree it's it's been noticeably hundred and I look Iowa say. Aaron last not least this company called slum where and they make these plates that are called portion plates and if you look very discreetly we also have. A graphic that we can show you two but if you look really just really and the ACC three. Some portion three little circles a look at graphic that just -- shows you. Where the vegetables. Where your -- And where the proteins -- so instead of having a trot out in measuring copper up food scale. -- -- Earthly idea I look at the flower played I ain't so discreet that there -- the three flowers at the same idea that's really really Smart idea you're trying to watch what you need so what's the G-8 different styles on those as well who regularly they come an -- a force to get a box of four regulate 35 to 59 -- take it she. Cutting that -- half starting at 1750. For a pack four are not back right I'm checking my right as I watch an asset that we are out of time -- -- -- -- -- everybody -- -- -- -- and -- these amazing -- -- our -- Good Morning -- dot com -- --

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{"id":15876109,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Jewelry, Hoodies, Watches","duration":"3:59","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals for great products for \"GMA\" viewers only.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-jewelry-hoodies-watches-15876109","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}