'GMA' Deals and Steals: Pillows, Custom Photos

Tory Johnson shares deep discounts for great products she found online.
4:19 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Pillows, Custom Photos
It is time for Tory Johnson and Jimmy secret deals and steals it is our one stop -- -- fast products since they were featuring home -- for music to my -- Torre. And -- these are items that. Really spruce up the joint and not take -- big play audio quality exactly in love that perfect combination so let's start with chalk -- -- not. I love this stuff because of all sings -- like Tom towards -- You can literally might not all of these things so for example we've got a yes no apparent senate -- -- and a -- charm it. -- -- -- -- Steam and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yesterday your husband -- -- neat thing that he loves these stagnant yet so that's -- -- -- he's bringing it help you by what is he isn't. -- -- And you brought fresh flowers and a little not every single day and I think that's a long and only then he doesn't like paying retail -- -- -- really an eleven day. Please normally range from twenty to 65 dollars the entire excited talk when time. If I'm Albert beaten deep saying wow I usually get -- -- -- items that they're going full out there -- and that's all they may be starting at ten dollars and for all these deals you have to go to Good Morning America dot com I'm not -- To be able to get that specific links and hodes promo codes that got them off the online -- gift idea thank you stories Sam not Sam sold spotlight here. These job and that is all things yeah. -- -- -- -- got one right behind him luxury sonogram. And the amazing deals you can -- five different -- An assortment of MoneyGram -- every single red color imaginable but you don't have to pay the luxury he's so we love that. -- they apparently. Instead of five dollars and 50% it is we're getting an issue that promise -- get into this is. 50%. Savings 37 dollars when you go to Good Morning America dot -- on countless. I love that -- very good I -- -- stick with Sam again and that. -- some big questions go through every want to call them. Cost plus world market not issues yeah yeah yeah yeah all PI let me put it exactly. Exactly. These so beautiful sport ever once -- cost plus world market I love not so beautiful yeah. Speech yes so that's the thing about them -- durable enough to be able seeing here is proceeding on -- learning how to -- in the coffee table very lovely fifty dollars today only. 50% off to try but that's why I don't -- you can -- to use it in any event more than 250 cost plus world market stores -- -- -- -- -- you. For another 50% to 38% on and I don't you don't have to only got online. Jessica is up into the store and I'm isn't Good Morning America come Datsyuk on -- that I Anderson former scholars that does note to self doubt that's definitely what my web site that had just discovered is called a -- -- home. This isn't one of them like nothing body warmer than totally safe and cranberry scented there's a 150 items on its website. And and it didn't let us. -- -- That everything ready -- -- -- -- -- got a big -- passed -- all of the items on the red -- -- -- nearly ten to thirty dollars. 50% off more than a 150 -- the entire website keep this is this my favorite items it's a little -- Fuzzy. Animal cover friend notebook -- nearly ten dollars for a hit five dollars really have died yeah. What I think about the south and finally we line -- -- -- -- -- -- Since it won't sticks and stones I love this company on their -- Elena language and it's a husband -- team. The obamas have one -- has one huge slab now silence has one that now obvious that Spencer -- without one. -- -- -- mom 50% savings any concert ready to hang on her walk just ready to go so I'm starting at seventy dollars and with the discounts. I'm got -- -- that all these deals plus some -- School you sit deals that you'll only find at Good Morning America dot com I'm out and out lots of these companies -- -- -- -- this is all the products. That they feature from this country sound check out -- this story of this company is fantastic he's made great lighting -- really want to. Thank you and you got behind all the details on deals deals. Good Morning America dot -- I'm not here.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Tory Johnson shares deep discounts for great products she found online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14872648","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Pillows, Custom Photos","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-pillows-custom-photos-14872648"}