'GMA' Deals and Steals: Tween Edition

Tory Johnson finds incredible deals on scented jewelry, handsets and room decor.
4:57 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Tween Edition
Good news I'm here with Tory Johnson who always brings us the -- deals and a few kids between twelve today. Your -- you're going to be very popular -- you have found some great things that all of betweens are talking about. Yet not just its queens but I'm just everyone in this studio so hot they're asked quietly -- that exactly the other -- and so the first thing it just wanna say is that. To get any of these deals you've got to go to Good Morning America dot com I'm -- everything needs a -- -- -- -- special link and it's all while supplies like that's the case that I didn't get frustrated and they go and there's nothing left but I got a lot of stuff for you that our first the company is adorable put -- -- -- -- -- at this company that was started by three women in New York. -- -- Jewelry this evidence it's not too little out of its -- don't worry about that -- little strawberry act and act -- I was cute -- -- from cinnamon shoe laces on my wrist. Who will sweet right they have that -- this sent kids are wearing a shoelaces in their shoes on their -- as necklaces. Lots of really fun things for a variety of ages real -- literally only three to about thirteen fifty we're slashing it and half so all yeah. Started just 22 dollars and fifty cents can't really be that great for the president for -- -- also start thinking about Valentine's Telstra about tracking ahead DCI makes the cutest little gadgets -- make earbuds you and I are just saying how cute little cupcakes and whether -- and hamburger and Fries so cute also. This really cool. On the rise nude Dancing With The Stars little crystal ball you plug it into any phone and it turns this into a speaker so you cannot you the united out of the united -- -- all the time it put on your -- -- your homework and sister got a little music there. Really good prices to they've got a whole selection of -- not just the east. Other things that you'll find on our website to regularly nine to thirty dollars -- also cotton that in half so starting sport Allison fifty cents for great innings and got fantastic -- did not tell us what this -- plus you can plug that -- -- speaker to look at the top. And it's a little speakers. You can plug that read into your songs are having I got -- -- -- -- seven year old the all of these things are so a day rally died after on the pulse statutory data a pet. This is super cool so this is a company called gobs you've plugged in -- can I didn't -- yeah you have to. -- -- So I imagine any city here -- -- people walking down the street and they're looking just like yeah do you think there and Spain that just like you they've got that call -- -- -- about beauty secret -- it's an -- pocket. It's so great of you're sitting on your -- or walking down the street you don't have to carry the phone here here you -- literally that he and I love that and I -- -- liars competition this year -- who's looking to grab these. Make -- what do you got this yeah exactly 25. Box. Do you not get your honest for different colors that you'll find on our website or yes the only area students. You find a way he. Yeah you have like -- total. -- don't tie that they've -- I can't and I. Steamboat they wrote the handbook kinda good careers in fashion for teens -- -- that's -- this book is all about how to. Start curry and start thinking of -- -- young person in the fashion world it's an incredible book it also comes with you'll get when you buy it's a voucher for a yearlong subscription for free to -- -- collapse really great book -- nearly 2.5 dollars Barnes noble dot com. But it's out at seven dollars and -- today why don't really great but all around I feel it is a good deal also -- vote their editors one of their favorite things is Deborah well -- minute now -- I haven't let Deborah let in because she was a wake chess turned celebrity manicurist and -- has sent everybody's now these adjustments of Penelope Cruz. But she's really also created a phenomenal business and these are it just my favorite glitter colors that are the all the rage with -- youngsters young yes. Radial early her -- is not she regularly eighteen to twenty bucks a bottle cut it in half and nine to ten bucks and it pretty hard to -- -- -- right and last but not least so to legally change -- nineteen -- -- my bonds changed their mind so this company is called ball pops and you can get more than 500 different -- house and change your look. In a minute without busting the banks and how that happens I always going automobile or deny that mom -- right now that he might I don't really -- yeah. And watch this scene could go -- this. You know. Yeah. Can't all all -- only range from fifteen to 34 dollars but again we've got you covered at 750 to seventy dollars and 50% savings of more than 500 different styles -- we not only have all of these things. Not Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! but we also have a bunch of exclusive deals that you can only final exit in addition to these things I allowed all of I'm thinking and I know our home given thumbs up -- -- girls arts channel.

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{"id":15393067,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Tween Edition","duration":"4:57","description":"Tory Johnson finds incredible deals on scented jewelry, handsets and room decor.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-tween-edition-15393067","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}