'GMA' Doc At Your Door: Halting Holiday Stress

Dr. Richard Besser reveals ways to lower anxiety during busy holiday shopping.
3:56 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Doc At Your Door: Halting Holiday Stress
Special holiday edition of knocking door to -- -- -- -- breaking news sort of put all that holiday shopping stress that. I could come along our chief health and at a medical editor doctor Richard -- -- head into the center of the action issue all of us had to stay healthy while you shop. Holiday shopping at the mall starts in the parking. Zero -- You know -- single spot near the store. Didn't feel like partners in competition. I've given up I have a better idea here's a tip of worn this dress and get some exercise are far away from -- -- the -- and avoid this. Those extra steps on the exercise. -- Steve the largest quality. Fifty I don't know how -- say they've got a long list. Even longer lines. Forget about it if you're after the halfway around like Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't jingle all the way. Yes I'm trying to find the gentleman -- He gets stressed out from under the long yeah it's just -- out of here watching her enjoy yourself. Holiday stress and -- -- research shows -- can -- your immune system making you more likely to get sick. If your whole -- from store to store without a break here's something that's proven to work take a deep. And some advice early primary. -- give kids -- agenda of their own do you like coming tomorrow. No he didn't challenge coming to the law with it's not let's just look and don't -- your self doubt was shopping bags. Any idea how much they -- Just under twelve. -- around too much weight can cause long term -- At age 22. And a quarter -- giving -- to besides that I don't conductor beaten -- side trip to the car and -- More. Smelled so good but that's not every day from one to ten at 1880. -- Thank god -- -- -- I'm not gonna be a Scrooge here -- there's a holiday waistline there isn't the way to eat healthy. So you guys rated take it got to -- food court challenge York. I want to go around the food court comeback with the healthiest lunch you can find Michael avionics and rich are off -- find anything other. Have addressed please. The subway got a six. -- -- -- -- -- -- not bad -- And the -- up to 430 calories Adriana salad if you put all the -- on there -- 600. Michaels got to beat all when a -- can't can't. Because when -- go to the food court is no easy place to watch your. In about that let's talk germs sorry about your. You're going up the escalator. Hold on and him are you worried it's dirty when he got a hold on the handwritten -- percent -- developments -- there are people falling so hold on living in reality -- up. Then. The -- do what I do. But it's not just -- -- most germs to give you the flu come from being close to other shoppers. If the league behind you in line has that we could call. All you have to do is inhale and you have a holiday -- you don't want. -- shopping let's get Mike did -- and see how Favre walk to count my steps. Almost 6000 steps up three miles. Three miles of perfecting my wish list -- -- -- music sharing a few germs. And shaking off stress. I'm now ready for -- yeah. -- -- in an hour.

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{"id":15144182,"title":"'GMA' Doc At Your Door: Halting Holiday Stress","duration":"3:56","description":"Dr. Richard Besser reveals ways to lower anxiety during busy holiday shopping.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-doctor-door-halting-holiday-stress-shopping-mall-15144182","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}