'GMA' Doc at Your Door: Office Hazards

Dr. Richard Besser reveals what workplace areas are loaded with germs.
3:40 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Doc at Your Door: Office Hazards
Our doctor Doris coming in this morning one place he may spend more time in your home your office ABC's chief medical. Editor doctor Richard -- are headed to one workplace to uncover all the health hazards you probably don't even think about. -- are hard at work. Weren't you just pretext if we don't spend most of -- -- -- -- Command -- Edward Teller never -- no. FEMA we from home -- he does you've number. Where is one thing you can live without alcohol. But who thinks of health have work. House -- Augusta Georgia and the office staff of the Green jacket single a baseball team rich best certainty embankment -- What -- selling sponsorships tickets and it's high stress -- senator -- And stressful so how -- a break do you need to relieve stress. One minute by minute scored ten minutes. I would guess I have no one minute mini break close your eyes Green onions and ranch another way they do it. Homes from six. What -- -- kids and foreseeing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When is it -- can't call in sick probably never. Okay I got a new media constantly we'll take those pills -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an African elephant. If you have a fever or a bad cold. Definitely call in sick to avoid spreading germs for a -- milk -- between your thoughts. Still needs -- workers come in different sizes. -- tears don't get these feet are dangling her back and supported this is always to face the loss to get -- guests can share this yet but in the meantime yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comfort food helps terrorists and -- Did you realize painful dump its 130 pounds Eminem. And 36 calories. Pop -- a whopping 400 in ten -- And that's before soda. At another 170. Calories again wanted dead and that's nearly eighteen pounds a year we like it like Margaret Love it. Mountaineers did -- in our camera wash his hands grabbed for the quality treatment center. Going to show -- still go and that's before lunch how many calories against chicken finger plagued season but. And -- third base 14190. -- -- And if you're sitting all -- like Florida. How Long Will it take to burn off her fried chicken salad we put on a ticket to see how many calories you burn your burning one calorie every minute how many -- is that that once how's he. A London route 152. Hours 83 think again it would take duly. -- keen powers to burn off that one salad that's a long time that is -- -- lunch to burn those calories from work instead of email. Take a walk and talk face to face. And stairs whenever you can't pick and for this baseball back office that night. Play ball. Yeah yeah yeah. You gotta love the Augusta Green -- -- -- in office they've learned their lots -- little things you can do in the office it will make a big difference to your health. And there we spend about a third of our lives in the office so it's really really attempts there I was like yeah I do that looks like an act of.

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{"id":15170001,"title":"'GMA' Doc at Your Door: Office Hazards","duration":"3:40","description":"Dr. Richard Besser reveals what workplace areas are loaded with germs.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-doctor-door-office-health-hazards-dr-richard-15170001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}