"GMA," Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Predictions

Jess Cagle and ABC's Chris Connelly try to predict this year's nominees.
3:41 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for "GMA," Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Predictions
-- -- -- You are looking -- Theater we're just moments away from finding out the nominations for the 84 annual Academy Awards and you'll see -- live right here on good morning. To America and we welcome you back Cameron Jordan take -- a little early -- state of the union of course. Is tonight and so he is headed to Washington it is understandable of course you can all follow along. With all the drama at Oscar dot com exit and on a very special -- that take a look at this direct from the academy and ABC download it right now. And be ready for the nominations again just moments from now follow it actually all the way to the big -- February 26. And C exclusive bonds -- video all of the big night right here on who you were. What a year -- many great performance says so many amazing movie is an academy has. The top job now deciding who the chosen few will. The win or just over a month away now and in a few minutes as we've been telling you. The nominees were gonna find out who'll have the jitters on Hollywood's big night because were about to hear them. But first we're gonna put our experts on the spot Chris Connelly. Actress. Pedal. The greater good dogs. I thought I don't entertainment we don't know we don't I don't think you're gonna get a word and yeah. Fire out -- realized just great to have you know. We don't know how many best picture nominees there will be there is a new nomination formula which means that there could be as many as ten but maybe not -- let's see. Could it might be but these are my guess is if there -- and the artists. Bridesmaids yes I -- -- the descendants that helped Hugo. The girl with the dragon tattoo the ides of march -- midnight in Paris the tree of life yes they said that went zero. War horse that's my -- yeah yeah everybody -- -- I think now that's a very good lesson not so sure about the ides of march I really liked that movie I really like to but it has not gotten a lot of -- it's one of the sort of under rated movies of the year. Bridesmaids really interesting I would love to see that -- and but of the ones that I think again you're gonna feel the most -- for today the artist the descendants. Midnight in Paris the -- I think Unionists the all all of those sort of in the mix for some -- others receiving votes we didn't hear money ball sentimental favorite in what is it -- suffering from when it was released. I might and might well be in there reverend that you academy formula emphasizes that the preferential valueless one through five -- really emphasizes films that gets that warm and films that people thought were their favorite film and that's why I think bridesmaids is a great chance let's move on to leading women. We're gonna -- Merrill's name. Absolutely for the seventeenth time have a necessity for breaking her own record but she hasn't -- and since so please choice so. -- and Viola Davis are both very sentimental favorites and their head to head and the rest of -- -- -- hard to figure but Clinton -- certainly is likely be out there. I think Rooney -- has a great chance for -- -- -- -- you love to see that but she's not -- and then Michelle Williams he's still -- beating heart from my week with Marilyn who was extraordinary -- staring eyes. You never know. Yeah some good. She's a longshot she's actually alongside and that -- -- more than ray young adult quite as much as we might have thought Tilda Swinton also very much -- very good about the felons. Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney Brad Pitt they're all in the not so that'll be appalled that a magazine cover all of your magazine cover living but it's not like quality not revert to the meaning back in the day. This undated photo and leaves a fifth spot that we don't know who got lucky and -- it's relatively you have -- -- strange. Like --

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{"id":15428277,"title":"\"GMA,\" Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Predictions","duration":"3:41","description":"Jess Cagle and ABC's Chris Connelly try to predict this year's nominees.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-entertainment-weeklys-oscar-predictions-15428277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}