'GMA' Gift-Giving Guide: Presents for Your Pooch

Wendy Diamond shows you how to make your dog have a happy holiday.
4:06 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Gift-Giving Guide: Presents for Your Pooch
I shouldn't dogs get into the holidays there as well we all have -- and love them so much. So here's a great idea Smart -- lifestyle expert animal rescue that -- -- And Rendell -- Wendy diamond and her dog lucky was some great ideas for your dogs out there and in fact it's -- we spent about fourteen dollars on our -- 1450. Every year which isn't too crazy doesn't -- creek and 84% of pet parents actually buy pets -- their. -- -- for their pets over the holidays so and -- are some great -- that are actually quite useful and attractive as well. And you brought some models are not at the humane side door at 11 while everyone to know you should adopt this holiday that -- over five going to ambles up for adoption and now this is adorable white. Holiday white sweater its cable net. And he's playing right now with -- or B or B is really what it's actually really get to the dogs you put it in and it doesn't get all dirty and all slobbering sea could actually. With the dog he wrote -- and you never got no question so it's really great throw -- Obama wants about it. Suspect aren't really active dog and at a may only get any can also get it monitoring -- wicked -- in this. This is obviously lucky is he -- while this is actually blocked it but she and her mouth snapping up the way it's ridiculous that -- Right it's really funny to rob Whitman never get your hands all thirty an apt to knowing. Washington yeah these are great absolutely great obvious that we love -- -- one of the amazing dogs up for adoption from the humane society our next model is Jack. -- -- -- eleven years old you're never too old for a -- the idea gotten out this I want people had to examine it -- garlic and get a for twenty dollars. It says he's waiting for Santa at the bottom I don't know you write and -- a little and little absolutely he's playing with this adorable Turkey Iraq -- Should really realize that it's not good to -- -- -- -- but you know Christmas dinner table and stuff like that either limit break. Take hours and hours for the Dodgers let it actually and the where I'm Jack -- -- here's -- -- -- not a greatest gift you can get your dog. Actually has anything to rock tied it actually helps with their teeth and it's -- free product -- of that product -- jacket looks like a little. So excited. -- next up was -- bluegrass -- this point is absolutely adorable look at that and this is actually Atlanta and jacket. That is had -- reflectors grip on -- -- night when he walked. Your dog it's actually really great because that big note that -- in the at night he's actually playing with the -- can puzzle. And it looks pretty good -- that right because I got this many people outside and play your -- a lot of that on exercise but that's exactly and great -- -- if you're going hot and shopping. You put a little street or voluntary your doctor spent literally all the time -- out how to get the tree yeah he's -- amazing -- against coming up food. I and literally spent like it you know twenty minutes and have to really think it's really good for their minds that the radiator for the holiday give its Merry Christmas lol are you we have snacks. This little gorgeous thing -- -- we got it and the long years -- adorable little -- and -- a harness. Which is a candidate must harness a what's really -- -- actually need harnesses you don't want to hold their -- you know and show them. And he's on a memory film. Orthopedic dog that was celebrated both the pressure of the -- it's really therapeutic. And it actually -- thought that relax them for the holiday season he want to give them a place to retreat. So really comfortable bad that they can retreat for a beloved dogs deserve -- -- Part of it is that the right it really amazing -- -- orthopedic -- for dogs out. These are all terrific ideas -- -- cover every -- back to showcase our models today because all of them are up for adoption from the humane society but got information not only on the jets. Their survival guide on our website. But also on these dogs. And their streets and their guests. Like my little friend Jack. In his want to say thank you very many planes -- not a model that -- -- anybody that like aspect. So we'll -- the head of god can't. Online will connect it would how to adopt a dog the good holiday gift I think.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Wendy Diamond shows you how to make your dog have a happy holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15112350","title":"'GMA' Gift-Giving Guide: Presents for Your Pooch","url":"/GMA/video/gma-gift-giving-guide-presents-pooch-15112350"}