'GMA' 'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Ali Wentworth

Actress and comedian Ali Wentworth enjoys some corn pops and Nutella French toast.
4:21 | 09/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' 'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Ali Wentworth
All right, it's time for our new series, "gma's" guess who's coming to breakfast? Each one of us got the choose somebody we wanted, anybody we want, to join us on the show. I'm hoping she's here. I pick someone who never fails to get me laughing. She bought me this dress, too. She feels like part of the "gma" family. I love her very much. So guess who's coming to breakfast? Who? Who? Who? Nice dress! Um -- this is a size 0 r, this is a 10. In case you didn't know, her name is ali wentworth. One of my favorite girlfriends. Ali, I thought this was an act of kindness. No, it wud all for a shtick. Hi, thanks for choosing me, by the way. We're separating you two. In case you also didn't ow ali is married to george stephanopoulos. George is so yesterday. In is a funny shot. George, some what awkward. Who wore it well? Who didn't? I'm just a homemaker trying to make a life. Ali, what you are is one of the funniest people I know. The reason I wanted to have her is she never fails to crack me up. I'm so impressed with your career. Well, you should be. Truthfully, if you're a woman out there thinking about getting into comedy, it can be daunting. You dpgrew up, your mom was the social secretary for the reagan white house. And somehow or another, you found the funny in that. It feeds itself. Everybody was a political journalist. Look what happened. And I needed a little levity. Nixon was in power. They thought my stepfather was a spy. We thought our phones were tapped. I spent my childhood saying balls and hanging up. Ky make this announcement now. Usually I come on and it's all about being funny. I'm here today because I needed lara with me. But we're in love. We want to raise our children and her children together. In a renovated barn. Is that okay? On hgtv. Go for it. We want to write a book, get a lot of cash, and live free. It feels so good to come out. Oh! Oh my gosh, save it for late night. I brought you your favorite breakfast. I want to tell people about your history. Your film credits are unbelievable. "Jerry maguire" and "it's complicated." Which twount great about the acting thing. I worked with her, she got better. She's very thankful. And one of our favorite episodes of "seinfeld" ever. Never listen to no. My parents said no. Even I k everybody I knew said no. George, on a daily bays is says that to me. I don't. If you believe in yourself. Persevere. Things will happen. And, that's the best. If you're not funny, then it's not going to happen for you. But I always believe in people following their dreams. You know. And my dream was to eventually make chicken and darn his sock. So I couldn't be more fulfilled. Your husband has more work to do. Thank you for being pi guest. Enjoy your corn pops. Are you going to file for divorce now? No. We're married. I'm going to go talk to

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{"id":20268005,"title":"'GMA' 'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Ali Wentworth","duration":"4:21","description":"Actress and comedian Ali Wentworth enjoys some corn pops and Nutella French toast.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-guess-coming-breakfast-ali-wentworth-20268005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}