'GMA' Hosts Attend New Jersey Prom

Anchors relive the magic of a high school prom.
4:15 | 05/25/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Hosts Attend New Jersey Prom
It's prom season right high schoolers across america are getting glammed up and stepping out. The four of us have fond, in somewhat fuzzy memories of our own prom. We decided to do it all again. So we found a school in new jersey willing to let us crash their prom. The first step, of course, getting ready. It's that time of year, the flare in bloom. The yankees are at-bat. And droves of high school students are partaking in that annual rite of passage called prom. It's been uahem, a couple of years since we four attended our prom. That's bianna in the gloves, that's ginger, she's so tan. That's me. Since our proms were, well, so last century we decided to find out how to da's teenagers are promising it up and wrangled ourself an invitation to new jersey's pitman high school prom. Before we could strut our steph, we fell last had to take step one, asking bianna and ginger to the prom. Teen guys today don't just ask a guy to the prom on the way to study hall. More and more do prom-pos dramatic presentations off then in front of entire schools. Will you go to prom me? For mine, the plan was to dig deep and channel the apex of 1980s ROMANTIC COMEDY. I'm looking at you john cusack, to serenade bianna outside her office. Somehow it's less cool when I do this. B, you hear? She's not here. I did next best thing, I left her a voice mail. My message is, will you go to the prom with me? I'll got culinary route and give ginger and a choice of yes or no in cupcakes. Hey, it's prom night friday and I'm inviting you. Oh. Promposal. I think I'll take a yes. But can I have all of them? Because I haven't eaten today. Of course. And now that we've been asked to prom it's time for step two. Shopping. To find our dresses, gren a headed to macy's where chief buyer olga filled us in on the trends. Bright color is mazing this season, high, low and alternative hemlines very good. After a fun-filled day of trying on some big hits and well, a couple of misses. At my piano recital there were these curtains and this is what it reminded me of. We made our decision. Ron and I at the tux shop. Our host at baldwin form always maurice says guys today like straight ties instead of bow ties. This looks like a suitcoat. I want go elegant. Okay, krony, final touches. And here is the man of the hour. As for me, if ron would changle fred astaire I was going to channel bond. James bond. What do we have a small size? Slim fit. Just in time to find the right size. This may be too big. Way too big. I'll find you the small sizes for the kids. The farther where he said they find extra small kwaen cut that out?T the transformation complete. I feel like I'm 18 again. Yeah. You in the kid section? Big buildup. So, tomorrow, to give you a tease, tomorrow we actually go to the prom. You'll get to see us hit the dance floor. There is ron. And yes -- the running man. Go, dan. Dan hasn't dusted that one off -- claiborne had a sack filled WITHrd BULLS. ABSOLUTELY. Just glad security didn't kick us out. Those kids are great sports. If I had grownups crashing my prom I would not have been as friendly as these kids were. That's coming up you tomorrow, join us now. I'm saving that voicemail for life. Hilarious. Coming up on "good morning america," the final frontier for

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{"id":19255834,"title":"'GMA' Hosts Attend New Jersey Prom","duration":"4:15","description":"Anchors relive the magic of a high school prom.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-hosts-attend-jersey-prom-19255834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}