GMA LIVE! (01.09.14)

Josh and Ginger catch up and watch video of a very determined dog on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.09.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live -- -- DNA. Actually. Yeah. I do the classic you wanted one of you this group that for him to block my. You guys are one of the U rapidly for the morning yeah we actually did not go to sleep that's okay I should not have you on live yeah. About your name Richard tenure in from. Chris -- Maryland and you're with -- -- back there yeah. Want to say. -- you guys they weren't you guys were out here you guys were little I must say were the first people if you show up here. -- before 6 AM you are giving -- because we can't have your. Ice related death on our. So it was a good night -- really good night we went to a comedy. And -- our bus. Basically you accidentally drop by Good Morning America -- Actually I convinced them -- come mr. -- -- -- And yet America is not just 'cause like these -- -- -- to work and didn't like the -- -- commercial have a negative aren't hearing diet. I intend -- still if you accidentally stop by the corner of 44 and seventy but. Also get into it would help them bitter oh my gosh is also the and -- -- -- just did overnight obviously negative this accident but honestly I don't have a caffeine rush to match that I didn't OK first of all. I do you want to. -- -- here come on Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence C. -- -- -- Because I do I this brief the I have an Indian -- I don't butter chicken or -- is a moderate constantly on the so this. I'm assuming I can take quick tour yes a world tour now we doing dishes from all over Asia. You know what's a good flavors Thailand Vietnam this is an Indian this -- I think you're reading I didn't and he got chicken and some. Lemon grass kind of -- I -- What -- -- -- off their new little bit of soul she's enjoying that dumpster. Put the there thank you look. You know opted out where where are -- working people about -- -- the Canadian based company we have fifty stores up several just from the US were in Portland in Scottsdale law -- -- Phoenix getting opening Dallas hopefully this week period. War is on the mark enough -- -- -- and I can tell -- here's the other these interviews can go two ways. We need a sort of tap the guy out. Because food's terrible. Morgan thorny and hope that the guy really fills in the day there and -- -- eating a visit to let outsiders -- so good and good -- and Dallas -- so -- better place. That they get to this week some -- As did very well you've only got them free stuff all sorts of well yeah yeah. Basic things -- closing you have to take won't fire mom I'm scared of -- It's pretty well obviously -- is important he. -- -- Satinder why yeah please let me take on -- -- the polar vortex and I element -- first -- alive and of that intense that I said it -- that. Had survivor's -- -- in California I was working without having me -- out trades around on beaches and that was only like half. I once sat with an -- I'm sorry. -- but working but that's seen -- -- every you know I'd take the play that they would do the inflatable couch every every news -- ten years it was fun cute little kid through the electoral operatives -- the -- tickets. But it is watching a -- -- yet look what has casuals that look. Brutal is really the only word I would use back here. Are we finally is this finally heading to the great white north where it belongs along with some brilliant -- Bobby -- -- had a formula seen -- in what our president at the scene at about. Clinton of course as its claim we could not stay there forever -- -- they would be this whole sad so it's telling it is gone and for at least now but remember where in January so don't get too too excited and well okay and is that that was it I love it -- -- The weather becomes. Not just a news event but almost like a news person -- there's the backlash on the -- -- -- everybody all the hardy people who spent the first half of it. Freezing with the rest of us and in these -- is winner play and last -- supposed to go -- Meadow -- is they wanna meet -- pick a place that has been under zero -- this but they wanted to populated place and then of course. He picked Green Day 62 hours sub zero that's bad that's a lot Minneapolis and 61 yeah. But they had people in Duluth people in Fargo -- come on man. That's a hundred didn't -- -- and immediately little like blood feuds between the cold cities no more cold there no other. All now. We're out -- okay so that's the whole thing we get the -- Baxter this morning middle may be warming up -- kind of fun at transformation of a man into -- man -- can't because what LCD when you're waiting for your wife. But to pose next to the mannequins at -- that's where exactly that's a lot of fun he said I'm just waiting in the Islamic noticing -- about the things that the mannequin. Nice and how many people could say that to -- there. Even though here's a problem when I shot I think that's exactly the problem. It's like if I give -- First before the other huge did I get the clothes but -- the other you know you've got their first then there's nothing in -- for me and shopping just becomes. A reminder that I'm a monster yeah. And it's haven't previously like extraordinarily to face is right -- you are tall but the way he did he did that monthly he would go into this. Apparently yes who turned and burglary at first it was tally how to -- how to play you know spend my time on there he's in Vancouver that's hometown. He really does take -- hideaway where you can get some brilliant lock box agent. And another seamless club right now. It says I love those pictures though is that at thinking I have ever seen alive mannequins -- to do that for the limited to activity ever do that before I go -- -- -- into -- -- -- -- -- To the bizarre that awaits a -- that was an old gig of ginger I heard someone used to be a child model that can figure -- what about a teenage. That's usually what went yeah right now you have a demo reel. Oh I don't know you're right you can't and I must say he would stand -- I -- today I just wanted to get a nice new lovely drafts and write them write and I would stand and that in the window to window glass is there. A couple of young ladies and we -- -- to stand. So -- would people come up and tried -- But you'll staring contests like -- and you can't do these people passed by did not pay attention Mina -- know how long to -- the -- and I think I got paid like twenty -- Columbia find out how long. How -- -- breaks it wasn't labor is but. The weirdest -- -- -- sure that I made a weird I was thirteen to. Okay. Now that you Laura. When you go shopping. Is they'll -- the great think that this is the chair. You also. There's the chair and you hope that you get there before the other -- did because that share is incredibly comfortable -- of the best that I'm gonna go shopping for chairs to -- the home. I'm gonna go that store on the -- -- women's clothing stores. Because they don't care what it's the only way -- need a magazine -- there may be wet bar. -- -- -- -- -- Does he is he busy patient with it extremely course it's early and Eli is gonna change -- spends got a because she's got them. Don't really know players dictionary I draw I draw the finger and it's in the -- Around all. He doesn't like shopping I mean this would be good bet he does he really kind of let's I will -- -- failed to -- you guys on the on the -- you guys like it's all you've done -- great. Who loves you a lot that solves and it is LA I'm sure -- -- shopping with me that leads me that you these speaking. Again this is really -- the master class B in seamless -- in transition to an is that they're like me being gained speaking out about it but that. -- gates and maintenance united aircraft raising a good -- -- you know when he stressed he had. Any classes so what exactly and ending the bad that Traci can we tell the world because everybody knows it can we tell the world. Yes -- standout Tracy. I give me the profile stand up and never. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rats gonna have either. A brother or sister as we don't know but -- -- I totally get it would people want to know I totally understand. And it but it is the last great surprise of your life it's the last play well last thing as an adult -- no I didn't know but it's the last thing where. It's good it's good to totally change your life in very. Specific in particular ways it's gonna go one way what's gonna go another -- but here's the great it's the only thing where one way or another way both. -- like both. Awesome -- you don't know so yes she seems great. Although I did after Mike. Do you secretly -- and Jason doesn't -- I -- secretly not announced that if you look in the camera look in the camera can you convince me that you don't secretly now do you secretly I. Swear to god. We -- It that it is the best part because -- remember and I think I can -- this on the Internet. When -- you -- you can say the united -- and no music -- -- when Brett came out Jason screamed boy but ice cream and yes bananas and I have to say I don't think I could do it I don't -- that look like. So you can't wait -- all look at this now I think besides he -- and will want to wait. Now I think I want I want because I was gonna say it like I've read this great story Alec a lot of. But there are a lot of dads who think that they were like waiting with the expectant mothers. And turns out like all -- expectant mothers actually knew they just like faked it and like oh my god really were good but they knew the whole time needed. I -- Identical twins one emotionally prepare bond with. But the and they like that I have I knew this -- armed with few -- -- emissions and the miracle of childbirth is unbelievable. And while I'm also penned if -- sort of. Happy that it's just -- to an experience like it is a miracle nevertheless to me and I -- -- done I don't think what here's a couple that may be headed that way soon. See him. Take a -- it was the Christmas -- holiday season right so and I'm not one to do. A proposal video how ridiculous it all the -- spell out Merry Christmas right hand while selling all the family so now look what happens -- the the but the lady friend is it doesn't now Merry Christmas merry xmas became so -- the -- was like wait a second. Hey -- you know I love it -- -- -- -- times girlfriend of four years to get over here just make sure how does this look to you. They'll look for the camera how does this look -- She takes a look. OK. I have this. Yeah. -- I mean really well there are fault. Compaq. Yeah yeah they want to do that that's. Would yeah. Why does your face and then what I want to make us take -- Did -- have so much emotion pent up and it's coming -- and can't control your faith in Iowa I watched at Iowa started crying when it first time it is. -- they actually in the -- -- -- off young ladies and letting anybody all get over here are you are you engaged -- So what was your face like this. -- You it was not what you and I recently -- from Manchester. About -- -- a -- July here. Where's the -- Oh yeah. Well how close there. Much double we were it was like nine but it was gonna warm up on Wednesday yes yeah. So when she -- like that connects you name it he's warmer but maybe he's also the -- yeah. How does not and national Internet -- didn't under C do well how'd she Jason of the Iowa. We just didn't ask that if you work early outs and if you're gonna watch Good Morning America like later today -- in the other time zones. You gonna wake up -- It was -- it was -- Iraq. He can -- is violating asks us. Head of the day. What oh yeah this is -- -- ask you -- senator head of the day since this is trigger. This is. OK so his owner when -- leaves us is what triggered us. Literally she gets in the car every time. The test after and -- -- it's one of my favorite adjectives because this is truly cyclone. But like the apparently she literally have to -- five minutes early is this is -- I am not I -- right. Thank -- is going -- o'clock last US science and even -- I love -- Like this is why the NC that's even and -- -- -- him -- wouldn't be anti psychotic and he was going the other way. And you think about what in the Northern Hemisphere. It would not be -- yet -- that could be tornadic what you would make it but wouldn't get torn out. You have to have a bunch of things happen and above him other dogs are circulating as well. That it would. Just made a massive head of the day and what would make it work panic. -- -- he'd have to have millions of dogs. All over large region that is over the water fueled by the warm waters of the -- what would make it Stroud know cumulative. He would have to go and not too high in the sky but just high enough and then many many dogs all stacked together so you couldn't see -- him because this is a long walk. Off a very short here -- What would make it. Shark net. We don't want to see that now we go he's acutely leverage I don't -- Alan -- that she actually Catholic we were like leave the house by the -- early because he's gonna do -- with me can agree. I -- I don't know -- -- -- it already had another closet and it's just that is does weird -- Otis -- ever get my. And so you know we just talked about outlets like chronic -- -- -- chronic. I know but plenty about meteorology. But we do have some other things that we wanted to do -- -- Before we get to yeah yeah and they wouldn't make this -- I challenge you -- immaculate let's get another. Oh and I hadn't been sick so excited to see -- -- let's go ahead let the animal so that a lot dire new -- so much. -- we are going to -- whether a magazine I. I didn't know that this was great wasn't it. Oh yeah one time right and you know was singing that. Frank had -- -- -- and Andrew -- and non. And up up up up first of all Ross trader at number -- it used to run used to run -- jobs that he got a better game. But you've got a better are -- and -- -- you when the controller into -- Yet again first to Bob became highly -- I literally go away for five seconds. And I come back and she has that's -- little jingle. Relief and there's no etc. that. Well that's next. That's what food do you think it's like Mary Tyler Moore and -- -- an example. That's bad debt security that again let's do it again sing along -- -- -- -- and I think I. 51. Might that yeah. So I gotta get across all the credit on the run and you via body -- -- -- -- that's all you that's all you I would like to say that it fan but. Fans. Did -- was supposed to start this time weekends. Whether commitment from -- sea islands and scholars that we shall candidate you've got stolen -- but we couldn't. And we spent at least four -- on the graphic exactly absolutely want to look at. It's all week. So did this that's doing well doubt let there be in the segment. What I what I friends the great ideas. This is my prison letter -- I had on my face the page one of one of our viewers can now legally and sent her husband does this every year and -- their tradition yeah this is right before it got life threatening -- by the way so it is not that but. He runs and then we'll come out and give -- even had a little -- wouldn't. And then sent -- That's putting everything -- -- that not I. Can somebody let him know he does not -- backed -- to -- that every year we could just roll that back now. He's an Internet legend he's so right and -- really much we love how she did that I'm actually something good. Can -- tell you something. -- -- -- -- -- we just scream over about black who. Yeah I really quickly -- yeah I'm glad I'm on an air without his help thanks coming up among other -- chip. That's it you play me to do Matt -- Matt -- and I think it's -- team. Extreme team and that we've got hit -- -- his image you gotta. You gotta say this. Acts we get a lot of like -- he -- And nobody is in their glory more during -- polar vortex. And -- this is not only does he keep us abreast of the -- weather information and news. He also is the only person I know who uses twelve exclamation points on every single -- like. You read that's that's -- you read here if it's for my excitement again really whether it's especially excited. It's now it's now -- it -- Very very very bias on snow. -- --

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