GMA LIVE! (01.10.13)

Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone reveal the Academy Award nominations for 2013.
13:55 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.10.13)
Everybody and welcome here to GMA live we are actually busy updating GMA this morning so while we are not in fact life for you here. We wanted to make sure that you -- the very latest on the Academy Award nominations just announced. And here they are. Good morning. I'm Seth MacFarlane the host of the Oscars. If you don't know why am just pretend I'm Donny Osmond you'll -- -- we'll get -- -- it's a great honor to be here to announce the nominees I'm not sure why. We don't wait till noon to do this is the only people who were up right now are either flying or having surgery. But I want to congratulate today's nominees and also to congratulate those who weren't nominated you can stop doing interviews where you pretend that you had such a great time making the movie. And here to help me out since there's nothing -- fear that a guy's standing by himself in Hollywood at 5 in the morning. There's the lovely and talented miss Emma Stone. Thank you -- Emma Stone is the star of the new film gangster squad that's an actor the star -- employ an ensemble piece -- -- -- -- The star of the new film gangster squad and is one of the brightest talents of her generation some say she's better than Merrill Streep who -- who -- -- announced the -- a lot of people. Let's just read the nominee don't -- OK the nominees will be ready in no particular order. For best performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are. -- -- vaults in jango unchanged. He's -- before. Philip Seymour Hoffman in the master. He has won before. Robert De -- in silver linings playbook. He's run before. Alan arcane argot. He has won before. And Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln. He's won before. Breath of fresh air in that category. For best original song nominees are before my time from chasing ice music and lyrics by -- -- Highs lullaby from life of -- music by Michael Deanna -- -- by bomb Magi off street. Suddenly from layman's arrived music by Claude Michel Sternberg cleared by Herbert Pratt's -- and a lame -- -- Everybody needs a best friend from -- music -- Walter Murphy. Eric Wright said -- And Scott you fall from sky fall music and lyrics by -- -- skinned and -- at Ford. Let's get a lawyer governors yeah. I -- get I get literally the he the MTV awards once gave Michael Jackson a lifetime achievement award -- show up thought nothing of that happening today -- I got out candidates are -- are. The 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role -- Sally Field in Lincoln. And Hathaway in -- as -- rob. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations -- five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. We're best animated feature film the nominees are there. Franken we need Tim Burton. The pirates band of misfits Peter lord. Wreck it Ralph rich more. Parent Norman Sam -- and Chris Butler. And brave Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. For best foreign language film. Nominees are. From Austria more. From she -- -- From Canada war which. From Denmark a royal affair. And from Norway Kon Tiki. -- -- I read a more was co produced. But in Austria and Germany France and the last time -- Germany got together Cole -- somebody was Hitler but this is much better. I'm -- I recommend this moment. Better. There. For adapted screenplay we had it Lucy Alomar and -- -- and for beasts of the southern wild. Chris -- -- for -- Tony Kushner for Lincoln. David O. Russell for silver linings playbook. And David -- for life of high. These are adapted screenplays keep in mind so that means the writers just basically copied stuff for Microsoft Word. And pasted it into final draft. For best original screenplay. The nominees are. John gains for flight. -- bolt for zero dark thirty. Quentin Tarantino -- jingle and change. Michael Hanna -- for a more. And Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola for -- -- kingdom. For best achievement in directing. The nominees are David O. Russell for silver linings playbook. -- -- for life of -- Steven Spielberg for Lincoln. Michael Chanukah four more. And -- island for beasts of the southern wild. These are five people who are the very best at sitting in a chair watching other people make a movie. The nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Denzel Washington in flight. Hugh Jackman in layman's -- rob. Bradley Cooper in silver linings playbook. And Joaquin Phoenix in the master. He's just a little fun facts for you -- -- character was actually as drunk at half of the people who -- up at this hour. -- That guilty. Four. For best performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees are. Naomi Watts in the impossible. Jessica -- -- in zero dark thirty. Jennifer Lawrence in silver linings playbook. Emmanuel -- in now more. In the beasts of the southern wild. At 85 Emmanuel -- is the oldest best actress nominee in Oscar history. Could Anthony Wallace is the youngest best actress nominee ever she's nine. And finally we are pleased to announce that the films selected as the best picture nominees for 2012. Are. Beasts of the southern wild stand -- -- Josh Penn and Michael got Walt. Producers. Silver linings playbook. On July -- Bruce Cohen and Jonathan Gordon producers. Zero dark thirty mark -- Kathryn Bigelow and Matt and Allison producers. Lincoln Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy produces. -- is there robbed him -- then Eric found -- Debra Hayward and Cameron Mackintosh producers. Life of -- Gil netter Ang Lee and David -- mark produces. A more nominees to be determined. Jango unchained Stacy share Reginald public. -- -- Simone producers. And Argo. Grant -- thought Ben Affleck and George Clooney producers Fargo has been nominated somebody tell Cranston -- can on clinch his -- now. -- -- Please join us at the Oscars Sunday February -- fourth. To find out who will take home. The Oscars congratulations. All the nominees -- Okay. Okay. Okay. Jess -- for a very action. To this year's nominees and at worst surprises Ben -- not nominated for best director and director is -- -- -- -- leads the way with twelve nominations and a life of high with eleven comes up second. But I think the big shock is investor actor know if nothing for Kathryn Bigelow for zero dark thirty. Talk about a movie that was really associated with its director she gets passed over and Ben Affleck for -- I think everybody expected him to get thousands. Tom offer Tom Bartlett says rob got a best picture nomination of his one of the nine guidance and again -- best director Michael -- -- -- -- which is a real exactly and then silent for -- the southern -- front of doing really well getting four nominations including that -- -- an idea. -- today everybody I didn't hear that everybody's really San Joaquin Phoenix -- best actors have been the surprise as well over John -- I'd say from the -- us senate he's made it clear that this. It's not the highlight of his year. He's not he can't wait to like get that have -- parked his car and -- let's put it that way and and we saw in both supporting actor and actress -- I mean these are loaded. Categories this year well you don't yet really exciting yeah yeah well you heard our you -- -- -- -- noted that everybody best supporting actors won an -- reliable. There's Jacki Weaver in supporting actress was a surprise from silver linings playbook I think a lot of I expected Maggie Smith. From best exotic America motel because that's the culture it was also possible the fruit of the -- -- -- -- -- before -- we are for human nature so she's a wonderful actresses who else. Good showing for silver linings playbook to wind up with 88 nominations tonight -- a lot magazine that I'm glad to see David O. Russell who did not get a directors guild nomination for that movie but he got an Oscar nomination I'm glad to -- but are still -- you -- -- big movies are still very much in play you know you obviously the director things suggests that they might that be such clear sailing for -- and four. Zero dark thirty but you still -- -- Lincoln you still have. -- is very much to be part of the I think I'm with eleven. And live by really deserving I'm glad finally got got nominated as well and that's with no actor nominations of any -- -- -- this all tiger has gotten so they -- -- have a tiger had to. -- I think all of this bodes really well for Lincoln actually because going into this I thought zero dark thirty and Argo kind of -- -- competition. The fact that -- the other directors did not get it that Spielberg did bodes well. Such an exciting morning and joining us right now this year's Academy Awards had a -- finding gangster squad star. -- -- on good morning to you -- I know it's early. You can really literally our. We're that we are so excited I want to ask you -- first what do you make of this field of nominees and our age your brain charity turning went material you now that you know the -- these. Yeah -- my brain is always turning would materialize I never sleep I -- this is great businesses that this is you know. Former it's nice to have -- Oscars where you don't really know. Would actually went you know it's it's it's it's actually contests were doing everything right -- -- -- -- -- future. Yes -- will be the first guy ever to -- Lincoln. Am. I want to ask you about two women that you worked with Jessica chest being nominated for zero dark thirty and Sally Field who you worked with on the amazing Spider-Man also nominated this morning. It's got a feel good free else. It's pretty great they're both really wonderful women so that's always exciting. Any surprises -- itself. You know my car got towed the. Yeah. That's it was really is president. Putin was keenly illegals -- and yet the yeah yeah now and is there was there was -- the -- Andre you -- you -- but big morning for you not only. Are you hosting -- you're also nominee congratulations. Yang. That was that was a surprise actually I didn't think there was any chance of that was I was -- -- -- an analyst -- approximately. Whenever you start in something and -- would -- would restart lending in the trailer tennis Academy Award nominee all -- crime that's how obnoxious. A look at the. I'm not -- -- fantastic it's a great honor I want to ask you. I mean your filling some terrific shoes and it is a big honor to host how far into the preparations are you. You don't we're we're. We're pretty underway we're pretty under way I can't get can't give it to -- specifics but there's -- we've got a lot of work so far there's still a fair amount of work to come but we're we're we're into it we're under his feet. Can you give us any secret. A little smidgen of what -- -- Have for us what is the Seth McFarland. I mean -- look like you're gonna present some Oscars. -- 33 words bush and the bush Jeremy Buscemi. Yeah -- everything that's. I want to thank -- -- you guys it's a really big morning I know it's very early out there in Los Angeles that we wish you the dusty lot here in hosting an analog and rightly so -- -- gangster squad in all of your success. You are just -- amazingly -- environments. And remember you can watch the Oscars Sunday February 24 on ABC and trust me we'll be back here with -- Jimmy alive tomorrow.

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