GMA LIVE! (01.23.14)

Ginger and Sara find out the upcoming food trends of 2014 and celebrate National Pie Day.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.23.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage. GM it. And I haven't felt lucky to be joined by the lovely there he. And means -- -- your excitement with those makeovers today. He made it and in makeovers are beautiful but it's there he doesn't it feel like -- didn't even happen now I'm but I have all morning to you my parent never got right back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't know really it's okay. Only when we came today they were all falling and then we come back for the shot and they're on perfectly Lugar -- -- -- on those are kids that no cameras on them yet again and he has. In speaking -- -- their food in front of us in -- the end -- Super -- we have the first of what will be many teens food pairings. To celebrate the big game anything with food I'm here to hear from our friend -- -- or the color -- -- and the New Jersey burger. -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry I food on mine and it's -- me what I -- is grilled green Chile -- -- -- case that's a good way to start your digestive system. Look at us and -- I decided. -- Patrick Jack McClatchy's lettuce tomato and mail on this -- baking and -- Onion -- -- has the New Jersey burger. I don't know that -- News I love the onions on tap that we're going to be Sharon throughout the show us -- think US magistrate Eric Chase -- serious -- It's just how -- Embry traits yeah baby needs and -- murder. You busy -- injury to baby -- and she still looks good -- falling at a mountain -- how that line you that you're talking coming up -- hasn't had good. -- -- next up. The more things change them if it is saying this is an exciting -- for -- Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. You're gonna have to bring only applies guys are returning twenty years later for the high union isn't. -- yet and we got the first photo. And it seems like this whole deal is that the -- track. They're actually searching for a long locks child one of them bothered to ask break keep me. You can expect some surprises one that I found shocking listened to -- by Jennifer Lawrence she's doing an all -- I mean who wouldn't wanna be a part of -- -- But that wasn't Eminem has you know yet yeah -- -- -- -- it's not that other actors that are younger version we're making a legit do you. Well so releases November 14 November 14 -- -- I think it's right now I would and that's. Damn funny you -- that in the classic movie isn't and they -- you yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I just turnaround -- as an and I realized when he years have been a long time ago did you I'm over here I thought this equipment. -- -- -- November 14 anyone come you're gonna wanna catch up. Do we have been deleted data got -- weather for me -- -- because of time to get Smart. Flat unlike FaceBook fan page -- -- had a woman post her daughter Jennifer Flanagan. And was explaining. Fond cool. Look at. We have so much. -- -- -- why does that create room. -- -- There what is it called -- -- And that's why we have followed. By his allies Iranians and their -- look at the -- Okay I'm very -- to learn that from ginger zee. Some school OK and I -- you out of there. -- -- And stay in the adult content they're from the 32 but I have to get its UN television that would not be dead but they knew were coming back he did -- -- -- -- the -- -- the ground pretty much -- cubs are also. Low lying and that she did at all -- as a future flash of UNN's little ones. There isn't there be funny and immediately can use -- he's actually. Anyway it was very happy thank you fire. Coming into the -- -- world with us. We can always welcome more strong women coming -- food. And we have pushed its way we have more food to talk more gonna get back to eating this can't because -- -- three coming in pregnant have prevents. My friend Billy -- No that's Ramadan right but he brought food -- -- -- yes. Well he'd he'd he'd brought. Info on food and we're looking at trends into what's happening in the near Tony fourteenth it's almost you don't blast is definitely over. It ended last year is over -- says let's you -- yeah. -- -- -- yeah. See it's it is a billion and I know -- I'm Chicago. The restaurants who are -- as CEO -- all of these he's saying is and -- -- and events and things together but really you're invited us food fight. You I'm obsessed with food and beverage for -- and I'm not at the new year just started we can talk 2014 food and beverage trans -- -- -- It always changes and what's what agency is when the year ends. There's all the speculation about what's going to be hot next here and so now we can see what's actually starting to you know kick -- -- one of the things I love. Partially because my -- -- from the Philippine Islands is the fact that everyone's talking about the new -- of 2014. Being Filipino food. It's just an Asian you know cuisine that's been looked over for quite some time. That's on that we've been doing it for awhile I'm evolve these different things we actually do a whole -- Bona stuff that was Monday needs so which as a sausage from the Philippines. Hello hello hello and you know -- that last statement that my house with the ugly Christmas sweater and I'm cutting into okay. -- -- -- Through history it is worked with so many different cultures absorbing things from you know -- -- China. -- you've -- melee even American. And so it's just wonderful cuisine that a lot of people haven't experimented with the all the booties and the writers -- protect you know feel like they're discovering this whole new. Could you're -- -- get. Christmas letter that. I did not he's got first time I'm I'm crammed I don't mind well I'm an hour ABC oh Chicago right after Natalie -- -- live and someone. Send that in Indiana like I'm an awareness. And so I approached him -- sweater -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The outlook for that there's actually not just in Chicago there is -- -- The top chefs from around the country. Popping up all over the place. Experimenting with Filipino food so. Look for a -- I don't know -- tried Filipino food have you it. I have now I love what Sunday had it from outside -- restaurant. And fashion right then definitely don't think the food that -- as much in thanking me greatly helps the day they -- at a at all. Anything that's -- -- things are becoming replaced I would say. You know I wouldn't say out someone just earlier were saying is -- loud and Nancy and I don't think yeah. You know not out -- still here but you're gonna start seeing other things like cauliflower. Not just be aside but become the middle of the plate the actual on trade unions vegetarians are demanding so much more -- restaurateurs and chefs to be more creative. And especially with what the second part everything local we've all gone to you know our farmers markets. For vessels -- viewing this is -- new place bottle for we're doing in new. Things with making our own beer with those vessels cut you know harshness and and celery root and they're -- with herbs and spices and and making -- own beer with local distillery. I'm and that's and a new trend in 201214. -- -- not just your craft local Beers but actually making them. -- out -- and -- my home state Michigan is very well known for. The -- in the state that this is even different and -- starting with wine Q and because it's it's great actually worked with the local. Farmer in Michigan who's -- supplied us with 500. Pounds of cherries to help. Make a new cherry brandy that were collaborating on so yes that's a new trend in 2014 start making your own liquor and beverages. All of them tonight -- never -- so I didn't know you can you stay with us just because we have highs. Yeah I love life I would hiding behind this isn't -- okay ending harboring. -- -- Worry over smoke. Listen to it looks like -- that I got -- so many. OK yeah. We -- out of -- -- contest right now. I -- ordered held. I have ended up homeless Atlanta behind our backs than just go for -- splurge I'll go to you go I believe it's okay. And and I would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though -- we're. It's first week -- sides gathered data from Marie -- by the way before we get really -- back. And high delicious looking ties again. Heard him I -- have to -- -- -- first -- advisors building in 2014 ice cream sandwiches are coming on to something really -- you know reported. But pies are fantastic follow -- than. And I take total I have something actually -- -- yeah but we don't -- camera footage avenue and apparently sleepwalking. But we want you guys need to judge of that the cameras were set up by the man's girlfriend -- white milk had been -- -- This theory is -- the mystery had been solved. Turned out that after wandering around the kitchen for a bit he pours out a large amount of milk before putting it back in the fridge and going back to Tibet at. A couple of verified that this footage is real and that -- is really sleepwalking. But I think that carries out on this -- now that I've never seen productive sleepwalking like pouring a glass of milk. Kathleen -- I'm step Brothers were they -- on each other yes and they didn't. I don't see. What we're at a friend's house once and he said -- last night you went to refrigerator you put -- left over Chinese food on the left over pizza radiated out. I wouldn't -- blog that I call it. -- -- That's called to hand -- yet -- that's what it is yet another and media and it -- of the day it's time for that check -- eight year old to wallop princess. Stand her ground she's gonna do this right against Omega themselves. -- in the helmet and think I'm -- It. -- is not. Many present. To see things like -- oh yeah. After top. So I guess it just to get different it's they have a little power struggle regularly. -- who isn't winning. Or so went down didn't. Does not attract another. It's not decided the dog in the fight this fight dawn raid on my dad and my best we didn't that's I've heard and you did that perfectly. As we got that Beaufort today so we wanna take a look at this and -- the -- Each day in Huntington Beach Powell. Yeah here and the Internet -- just like every net. -- This copy. -- The happy I am not only fox Fallon I can't -- the UND. I can't come up -- he wasn't -- enough for anyone basically fiercely defending its territory from his friend -- clearly -- he wasn't gonna win here. So let's give it up for small dogs everywhere holding their own. Yeah. I didn't see anybody but the beach but it's been watching the women's clothing and yeah. And they have -- -- warm. I'm not happening in someone's not wearing shoes that's the only thing I can't but we've spent so cold I wish her all -- so you. Thank you with his national pride and kids yeah. That's elegantly that iris scanning crowds but I do it yeah. We need. And I. I wish you learned your parents who need help yeah definitely ready. But -- -- OK he and how did. I never. Here -- hundreds hey here's a -- America. If he volunteered sound. Eating and didn't hurt the stock didn't really where -- -- ingredient. You know the pain was with the glory was worth the -- It's first time his faith -- -- at 10 o'clock. Offender creatine -- community there's anything wrong he again yeah. -- -- -- clear that my morning at 9 AM -- Oh yeah yeah.

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