GMA LIVE! (01.31.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion discuss Donald Driver's retirement and the Super Bowl.
16:13 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.31.13)
Okay. You bought by the way everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The accident cleared the bitter the minority and the lawyers start -- -- -- -- morning America I hope it's a great birthday. And I want to see back here for the hundreds -- -- -- let's go. It was a program. We had a we have a -- flop -- and I don't Latin hopeful Walt got some breaking news here by the way as well one against very quickly. An announcement on Twitter not moments ago -- -- -- in the program. Former Dancing With The Stars champion a former. -- -- -- Donald Driver tweeting. The following after fourteen years in the NFL I decided to retire it's been an amazing journey thank you for all of you love and support hash -- -- third -- alliance. -- -- reporter at Sports Illustrated on the first try to go write a story about one of his teammates he was a rookie. That an. It was terrific and then what he's been -- he -- -- -- nice wonderful human being Donald seriously. Best of luck lots of star power but it all began actually before the show today we looked into the wings. Robin Roberts I'm Colin the other gains it is into the issue while she is here to pack her bags and certain -- we didn't roll on yeah we join us -- -- the road trip salmon what are -- -- true it probably has the hash tag. And I really don't know how we're told him down I think Tom -- and willing to do now the color of the ravens uniform I don't I don't tell I think you said -- involved yeah. I thought that the learning trip for me yes I'll lot of -- -- -- only times I mean anything about the forty niners know anything about the forty San Francisco very get go. -- -- Why immediately Don Murray he's got to -- let me let me go out of winner let me go out you are -- winner Joseph Montana. Guy over there I'm -- guess that just because somebody said that your -- you pronounce that correctly and. And I'll brag about contract about my guys six the -- and rob van leave right after in this program. And head down to a New Orleans live all morning long tomorrow I will be holding -- for with George and Elizabeth facts here in New York. I dare say our party and other bigger than yours and no way awarded in the venue in her keys for you and I'm thank you. Actually -- you be heard gaining volume on GM and it. I hadn't gotten around to all the FCC's Morales and Paul I think you kind of -- FCC's are. Security just -- should turn it just for the looks. Of the bags under the eyes on the zodiac -- -- tonight we have a lot of research today we have an army of makeup and -- folks heading down and it's so true. -- had -- -- did to do what I mean you can't yet again we -- we just you wanna do just a quick. Social media check. Russian folk -- -- you are powerful actually hang on hey I'm right there are starting hours and annual yield cap the start now it's I don't know. Today we -- Tim Allen here of course yeah. Okay. It's. Action news I -- I haven't GOP this is one -- I'm Jude Law is in any -- -- -- -- There are rather than opting comer -- I daresay it's gonna -- -- -- Iraq for his money take. But at best flat area are all pivotal scene in the found Josh. And the recent Steven Soderberg films and that's they say they can be viewed as quickly CNN that touch your second unit directors and Michelle you know -- -- -- Soderberg like roles in. Then he's like -- -- -- that -- three is that is that what you did you might not reach. Actually said you know there's a couple things he's like yeah whenever you could do immediately got a -- but there's no way -- -- in the -- There was no way O'Brien as its actually you're on for it might abandon -- and -- really and I -- T is but it's an important scene. Yeah M and there's a lot. -- -- how you battled -- ongoing bull. He thought it was important. It's important for the character and I have a high -- really really love your take on. And Jude. What in the night -- got to tell -- there's a movie and I look he's seen it but we talked about one of his early films data -- -- me -- -- you've lost me. Al awesome about this job -- -- -- -- there is that they -- of people committing you can tell people like that remembers him on the -- and it really introducing. He was replaced -- They had -- -- home my gosh and so that was really great calling Karen -- was here it was just it was like gas and then we have 47 layer Super Bowl death. Forty say -- like to break out the scuba gear and died and 47 layers of ultimate goodness and yeah. We it was it was actually good -- I mean when you look at it and you smell it at this hour in the morning you're come like no I'm not I'm not doing that. But but you know get you get -- -- and nothing is amazing wound. You're gonna defend the. Well we tested it yes and one woman. We want a break here and now her name is Lori varsity we we do -- -- as a dot Delphi. She is actually this is one of the great friends of control room can Denise this is terrific this is great so -- I've been. I've been told that taking easy we wanna thank you for joining us how to -- -- -- Laurie GAAP. I'm if you are actually very well. -- -- look at I'll bet my life. How can you give us -- an example -- what did you change. What would you you have to give an example of what we we don't need a -- what you don't you have no idea I -- -- know why you changed and what that will result was yeah. -- -- it may or may not have talked a lot about my dog I don't want to fly that would be that's a good idea. It is -- He knew Vernon nobody is laughing -- out of there I keep telling them on where they don't talk about your cats and dogs sky. -- that you don't really -- hear about your not yet I -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you guys back -- expert talking about it -- -- is their perspectives and you're out there you really think his quality. I'm not exactly better quality -- -- before I change my pictures. I took my friend of the pictures. Hey mom and drinking picture was one of the Griese started -- lord -- that was -- pictured. On another brother breaks up that this is really interesting issue is she said that a lot of women lie about a physical action -- but it's not one that you think. It's not it's not wait it's not that being younger at its height but it's not about being taller it's not being shorter because most men -- About being -- still must not actually shorter than you are right women didn't lie about how they actually say they're shorter than they are if women say they're shorter they're gonna get more guys okay well this is great all morning what did have to say that she was three feet tall congenital anomalies. The couldn't it is fair to say got scared and -- -- not scrapping of the sky. That is not -- That is fair -- a better she's not sorry your life doing these -- -- out Aaron Ari when they -- Hi Jason Lee -- is conducting these is larger than life in that screen -- She's standing up it's time again I'm. American -- thank -- -- don't rush don't -- there are all the money he. -- it didn't believe they'll still I am I I'm still engaged that's -- that's also amazing. Strength can make you know why because Dini said on her profile that she's two and half. Yeah and all -- Bosnian -- don't live yeah. Now knowing that. Andrew Andrew and it. Social any -- everybody inside and out Robin Robin -- around and we had this great sweet. From our friend -- he's not she says she's gonna call in sick the day that Robin comes back. -- that she can start today with Robin but we asked with your hash -- which -- even know who's gonna do I just -- -- things on -- we give them -- -- act. Road trip of Robin what would you take what should stand and jobs take or what should they know a lot about -- But I can't judge a lot of -- one. His camrys made it she has the bail money ready in case you need that's tonight it's it's likely so thanks John good. And then Carson Presley actually created a separate cars into that. She -- to drive the unabashedly B grant dates are with Carson -- and it. That's a movie. -- -- scary as a dangerous yeah. What -- What I -- -- -- -- -- and I whenever I Vitale once -- -- yeah absolutely I thought I was spotted saddle up -- let's go to hell let's go that's interesting and speaking of chef YC -- my little -- paper here that you are going to talk about fast food I consider myself somewhat of an expert he didn't get on the Oregon about a month I don't want to -- -- via U. You can vote among talking about anyone that could you wanna see I don't know any -- -- -- -- -- we have out of testimony on that we have three days away. Right now Tom again as we -- -- to the Big Easy this is. What it might drain -- this -- -- party in the party in Oxley has done little this is my -- -- so what do we got a lot of resentment. Walk us through -- -- -- the -- is that all these fast food chains are doing putting a box things in there and pretty much any Cheney you. Love are now has got some kind of super -- special so we decided to sample them for you. To save your your calories in your money this he's. I honestly this is almost hard to -- today we're taking all of this on the road trip with Robin. -- -- structure with -- This could this have been resistant and -- like. I'll start with how -- on the card yet to -- well let me -- out this -- -- the box you can Bonner order burritos you. -- or more yet. Yeah bring the receipt to -- laid by the 28 and get a free burrito -- salad. Or order of talkers 24 hour notice for fifty yet you gotta -- -- -- -- per hour on the -- -- be more worried. Because -- folks are rolling them back here -- you know. Antibiotics take some time I talk about -- the top coach won't back down six crunchy tacos six not a pleasant is it Reno yeah Williams Tom loves you talking about that another reliever logos to I don't know I don't know about you don't know. I mean this was it. In the day -- again it was it was it was the six -- with a six pat yeah a lot of you can do you off. We're doing widgets not a freshman year it was a -- -- -- -- late night talk about Iran would call the freshman getting always. Nobody's making the run only three in the afternoon OK I'm just curious yeah I'm -- -- a good -- Encouraging fans to couch gave them -- in which you need all right cal girlfriends. Sports Pizza Hut -- the medical -- -- -- nearby -- This is a I don't know I don't know if this is hot news legally drive I don't think we decided to Reno on these I don't. That is a that is a merger that we -- that I just said. Look we get the 47 layer -- which yeah. -- on lets -- see them. I don't know if everything together -- guide Josh display at the forty pieces journal -- yeah. I have always a little like a while I would be all over it really are reported in the water. Earlier not enough -- -- -- together that we are -- -- -- -- -- right god had given yesterday's -- all of these together. -- he's -- is worried he might show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- streets not because you don't have any chicken on that very -- yeah I don't doesn't kids don't have to seize back that right there. -- that continent that not all that's -- homeless. Apple only has yet to win -- maybe I don't know -- -- -- -- serious. The big bucks to medium ones aren't doing it would put -- -- -- and -- -- -- so as Sony may lose Schuermann has everybody's got specials it's an exciting day you can't go on the road trip with. Sam and Robin and Josh you can always on. -- -- -- panic at all says I don't. The. There's quite -- -- and -- -- -- happy birthday on. Okay. What do you call Sam. -- -- -- welcome I -- that's not imploring her an entire -- ticket if you'd like so what would you at least. Gators a game day poll might get don't know what it is I don't get is what which one would you -- majority in the boxing you watery eyes -- -- -- if I had to. -- says you know on a Taco Bell aficionado I'm going to breed us. -- lunch I'm -- with. Nancy -- yeah boy I -- -- yeah well we we haven't had. Covered -- -- -- about it. Boundary of so yes and let us know what you would order it's very exciting we're counting down to the super -- Josh and Sam literally are packed and leaving the minute we go off the air so let's finish up -- -- -- trashed. Road trip with Robin. Down roads and -- we'll be we'll be -- -- on the Santiago and I don't have any paperwork for the and excellence of eyewitness. Isn't what it's a ravens' Joseph -- to switch prompter is behind it very -- now as. Right so pop extra today a diehard Baltimore Ravens fans gearing up to get married and wedding dress. Inspired. By her favorite football team that's why it's what -- Sam purple it's purple. Fluorescent Donna -- fiancee -- started dating back in 2000 -- let's go formality and we're gonna be elegant and we're we're we're getting the ending it -- -- This is an. Hey -- let it hasn't gotten any of the show -- Clinton. But you wanted to play yeah well first -- all bodily modeled after the -- yeah I want to just finished. Yeah it's Lauren Lauren told him that she'd get married when it she won the lottery or the next time the ravens -- in the super. Yeah okay. Here you you know here we go -- congratulations them I'd love to see -- so. Yeah and address your Gmail live. And that sent you watts -- the only ones do you play that well -- don't -- time where I don't look at. Let's go to babies just gonna do -- may not aren't super ball and a little an elementary how we are doing and I can't. Okay. Sat -- Tracy is wearing a sweater that which fan which team would would would favor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now without further you know can you just go -- -- judgment to -- this is Walter is very warm almost can't got to go wow. Do it again and -- it makes commitment. The government -- -- man's commit go -- long -- hi -- zoo -- people acting us we're Saturday night and AM. Killing -- ready ready ready ready. Okay. -- ever -- and do it again. My guess Buchanan don't have an -- when -- like Hamas plays -- -- that a little title anyway. -- --

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