GMA LIVE! (02.03.14)

Josh and Rebecca check out hilarious video of sleepy babies trying to stay awake while eating.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.03.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Back stated she. That's why yeah. That's why there -- twelve man and -- and twelfth woman. 812 all people first evolved gradually since the Seattle -- Your signs of -- data. And -- welcome to the fantastic. -- -- Com. I love this is the first coming to -- I'm excited to be here and it's huge I two -- -- actually you know I know what we were exchanging emails and actually -- to the guys -- you know you are one of my absolutely. Favorite book called colleagues and -- and I got. Seriously I didn't want to advance a -- ran I had an Nvidia it's real history Rebecca -- Netanyahu that you call it. It's like twenty minutes from now we're doing real bad video right at -- right -- look at she -- double duty and it's not even 9:30 in the morning. It is national pig day it is is that why this idiot if there. This looks like red velvet. Which we like I actually -- both red velvet and -- yeah. As long as it has the cream cheese frosting -- this one it does but yeah right so rocked the control room -- the -- former former CEO of -- jobs. He's obviously moved on to bigger and better things here like dividing up the difference being -- -- red velvet -- I didn't. You got the -- are drizzle the red family he can't go around that they thought it was and what world do you live -- parents -- -- Quite seriously I think it's played a lot of beauty care to read again yes there. I've told this is it right now from little red big looks like just so we had just short clips of its national -- and national -- kicked -- -- -- healthy choice and I mean they're just premium burger. Don't out apparently well this is red velvet which. You wanna get it actually I don't know well I do like any other guy you audience for this looks delicious of -- From little red -- bakery. -- -- -- -- America -- what can you roster taller room. I'm I -- does. Enjoy red velvet -- have a day not good but -- -- retroactively. Also name -- red velvet. What you could definitely do that event and what we have done. He red velvet change -- its audience I'm yeah. All right Kate later -- super although they were actually -- that there are going up against national red -- think that. That -- that you know they got to rethink -- the big day. You wanna yes what does -- want to see the like I'm asking the hot line is -- success speaks -- except right now. Look at -- and the ridiculously in. Seven feet tall and proud all right you -- -- Chorus and musical mentor work OK so. EU were 66 win. 1006 period. Seriously and cheese but I'm not gonna ask -- that question because I also always get the questions I'm not gonna ask you to -- -- You've got to that question and not get exactly other then when you sort of seem here's CE six. At all -- like easily what are you yearly tune your one last stroke per lap I mean come on you you idiots it's -- This is amazing lake and I like I did not -- what's this muscle back here beat there was this muscle back here. The particulates is tipped uterus that didn't return as a white person oh -- it is like mussels were not develop. I don't exclude him by our estimate is -- but -- conceal body again if you hit them you know it's cold I'm sorry -- -- -- -- and. The nickname would -- global problem which is -- them make sense and welcome to everybody else to be I. -- to new York city New Jersey this weekend's. Winners like the -- it -- -- New Jersey big build up huge energy here and it's a huge energy in Times Square behind a lot I will say super mall boulevard king strong I was not sure about it. Became strongly that he didn't have to be in midtown didn't you didn't have to be -- -- Let everybody else was it was I love though the signs but in and around the Tri-State area last couple days. Expect delays in midtown you. We just -- another winter we've taken that sign down yeah. -- -- -- -- -- But let's get to be the funds yeah -- -- -- does this week and lots of excitement at times -- and Billy Jack is here from. Well -- that it nicely implemented I haven't heard Scott I love that we haven't Chicago guy here with us with the Chicago Bears hat with. The restaurant analyst here CEO of rocket range productions Billy now first of all let's talk -- -- -- -- you. Yeah -- our party. Expert yeah I actually -- I had to for work purposes I had to attend a number apart only to those who are. -- can you read ESPN party gas and some party I was -- -- -- that yes I would -- those parties as well tell me about it. I would say that -- Lamar -- that out at both he was actually everywhere you play after parties at different clubs and stuff like that. But -- I would say that ESPN party was pretty cool because he's you know Robin think was there they went all out on the budget and as far as production is concerned. And tons of celebrities and neighbor athletes being ready maxim party that was a little crazy because it. I think he had searched for something has always -- Barack that's -- Holyfield Reggie Bush and I hang out heads yes he ends in the and that's what's cool about Super Bowl. Comfortably -- got the -- -- that was the Gatorade dinner with time quickly -- It all kinds of fun things. In this great city of yours because you so much to do yeah and unlike other cities that a -- in the Super Bowl before. It was much different because in other cities if you're like in Indiana in -- and -- and -- in Dallas. It's it's it's concentrated like one or two things tonight. Here people were just spread -- on the city all over it's like it having covered. Visible since 2000 it's usually it. For better or worse you bring New York to a city writes we and this comes here. It was like to -- point it just never let go it never lets go and usually. ESPN. Tries to find them the literally the furthest point right from the Super Bowl right hold his party -- -- -- go here. And -- your whole life revolves around to that what -- you you have to -- out and hear people like I don't go here or no here you go here down the so it was it was definitely different experience from an outsider's perspective also wanna say you guys an amazing job for cities like gusts up north without a dome. You've told the rest of the world that places like Chicago and -- where district -- Super Bowl -- Yes and no -- noticed yeah I love your town but that. That in fact it was my fear is that now you know what an NFL this and why didn't you are skilled workers work households it was -- It would how -- was the message -- Chicago. How can barely understand we're all I believe it was forty degrees or south behavior without a two out two days out -- was -- means to you should. But at the Super Bowl it was yourself. If you guys can do it up north. Anyone can up north right in the oh yeah. They are -- -- Congo. Oh. I was actually when I grow up I grew up in Minneapolis and there was a Super Bowl in Minnesota -- it was snowing outside -- members absolutely freezing and I was a little kid and we walked up all bundled up but Arsenault. Suits and snow gear it was really fun -- -- did it that you couldn't do it if you are just you know -- -- Julia stayed out. I -- Detroit did that in 2005 snow drifts taller -- I was not told Cordova told eyewitness. It what is but still you at least thinking -- not be impacted by. The weather that exists not normal admit -- -- I actually didn't. -- suited to decide to go for sure until I saw the weather plus now heart -- and then at that moment it was time. I actually didn't even have a -- to go with a put on Twitter -- said who wants to go with me. And randomly I got a call from Michelle Williams -- -- child who performed last year she said I was in the same thing -- -- make plans. And so we just we just went to the super -- yesterday out there we are. Well right there and getting -- like that would yeah I know annually at our guests who was -- candle of friendly back guess who had hills. I had the Broncos since -- -- And I lost a -- -- his part. But it was a great game winner in the great game and -- -- every minute -- the annual review and this Hamas here casinos popping out of the status and it runs right now and -- Around it should host to the bulls knew what it was at that time. I can't overstate -- and we're having. Schools are closing in the Tri-State area there is is going to shut down actually sell out an -- -- didn't. I don't know how to hit -- home today but the Super Bowl with -- I think without -- don't -- nor think you can hear her really what it was -- Speaking to agree -- was -- or is that he's durable side it was. They were likely more shocking and short of Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- He got a great job I -- have -- And I live in fear that's halftime are. All right so what's next for you you know last I was here you know Valentine's Day Dennis Ruble lower -- Valentine's Day -- -- thing about where -- -- -- dinner what you're getting -- -- days. I brought this. Because last time I was here is talking about trends in food and beverages -- talking about super foods and things that are good for you and there's this new line called super dark. From vote votes chocolates and I just want to -- it you know -- But it is Chicago. But it's actually worldwide doubts -- in Chicago but this this is great like pomegranate goats and bear reasoning goes -- has. Wait for wait. More vitamin C than anything in the entire world that's a huge claim -- I think you have more beta carotene in carrots more irons fans and the solace -- a really delicious mix in this chocolate. -- -- -- immortality. It's it's it's not while not all these great days cypriots and next if you want to get spicy. The heat on the chili's is said to me now for G an aphrodisiac geo politician Bernard Scott -- You're thinking really really hard and taking her -- -- -- -- test car accident. There's a different person. If you tie everything -- -- -- -- have a whole let's pick from I thought I'd bring sorry lots of personality and their kids eat your chocolate bars. I got nobody has. -- -- really cool thing that could -- move into the desert and talk -- category people are starting to think about being healthy integrating really great new ingredients of people haven't tried before. And superffoods. High in nutrients and restaurant -- CEO rocket -- Proud Chicago in. And completely delusional and. -- sit around. Babies. They sleep -- if you've done your baby will probably put it all she did it. But especially when they're incredibly adorable and doing -- take a look one little girl. We know we know this and he she's she's got about eight seconds plus. But she's also trying to eat -- -- month -- this is fighting. By the I don't eight it's not nearly as you know what admitted that comes that moment where you. -- -- -- -- -- There's still fighting and go go go. She's don't yeah. They got all the airplanes you -- on where that happened I have. All the time in my kingdom for that kind of exhaustion. Not nearly enough and admitted that though it's fantastic. I -- we get it over every day. But there is still I'm not is that it's I misspoke because I couldn't decide if I was gonna see him over or our opponents aren't too from. So -- came to both -- and this is. And many -- It's. -- that's good that's good. Jelly babies -- and maybe even pets we we have a -- of the day all we're still let's go let's say that's sort of -- some of the stars of the pop people that we're here I was actually here that day unit -- it is you weren't feeling well I was -- because the -- did things that you know dogs would do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If there was a big match up it was really difficult magaziner and puppies to play ball with us. Let me work you've gotten the left over so he that you think. Yeah here's an idea that they were there -- -- in less so when they wouldn't you know doing their business except. That is otherwise you like here's what actually doing is this is the fact I don't wanna go here. -- -- -- we had a big match -- -- tell you a little bit about. The two of the top contenders from the MVP of course. That stands for the most valuable puppy yet -- -- in a fourteen week old Brittany spaniel mix he's -- record for touchdowns during the big game. Then there is -- here an Old English Sheepdog mix from -- -- -- and she -- business even though she wasn't yeah. Look at -- that our. -- the fact that it's. Defense is what Bradley. -- couldn't -- the other part is that what Infiniti sensitivity. Live glad it -- infinite amount an event I meant that. I think I wanna let him get -- -- -- and -- -- -- I have -- Spencer Oliver. -- well OK so naturally some -- the great program. For national heritage Daimler's PJ -- red -- I mean that whether at the very happy accident. No by the powers vested in us it is now also the national red velvet yeah popped back up back all the lovers everywhere gradually -- Matthew Elliott and how to dance for you know what can we looked at -- we'll discuss it. Firm wouldn't tell us from reminding her mind Hermione her -- Hermione. -- -- plunged to -- did not read about it or seen. It should she need and Harry setting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who would drop since she married so we have all the skinny but you have to wait until tomorrow at roughly this time yet heard new addition. GMA -- for Billy that delusional. I'm back at Davos and the late arriving there Spencer. A judge I was -- and. Ahead and.

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{"id":22344864,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.03.14)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh and Rebecca check out hilarious video of sleepy babies trying to stay awake while eating.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-020314-22344864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}