GMA LIVE! (02.05.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion new monopoly piece, designer cookies.
3:00 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.05.13)
-- -- The slope that we talk about everything that happened. Now on another show it was crazy album on a national anti tank Johnson national one. We have some from the artists like this we actually we ate sand that he had totally different show good. Now that it's how you gonna celebrate your person when he always does with scuba gear com and yeah. There at a -- about -- That. What I want -- -- time -- about elvis' celebrated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- going to be fun that's always stuck with me it's one of those great answers when someone ask your questions when we actually taking you know weight behind the scenes and I'm gonna tell you right now. -- well Sam Champion. Normally the apple of everyone's you all you guy -- -- but I gotta tell. -- -- -- That nobody doing the T -- -- about it I don't know whether it's Sammy -- -- he's been haven't run it -- -- really. -- -- -- Up Bob Johnson can accept God's eye candy stage manager funds -- funds a Sam normally. What shippers today as long fair to say yeah he may not -- that he didn't immediately -- my comment why I may have been doing your. I. It. OK yeah. Where does the rest of the just -- yes I mean I hate to -- I don't -- library one. Under the cover of all the lovely -- miles and you want that we want to thank the good and really not good to great votes that I yeah international house -- -- A stable. -- -- Like yeah dignity is delicious and it's a Saturday morning tradition in and that in the Spencer house and they said that this election. Your -- by the way strawberry blueberry got to the -- and old fashion. In the copy it tastes good coming out of the mug if you're done it still feels right. -- -- -- -- I -- say it's very hard for -- is already national thanking them and I'm looking at its fat Matthew Perry off camera he's not news I'm not inclined to. -- they cannot get that nice young man he should just join us -- -- the rest of the show us I don't need peace. It's -- -- -- -- that is what I was busy you know covering the game and the blackout scene are really not -- around the globe. View -- becoming of the. An overnight -- -- share on. So the interest of its ad runs during game where where you was up my agent's apartment in Manhattan so what what -- what part of the game -- I think is at the end of the first quarter and a great spot -- second commercial. Sandberg do you remember -- -- commercial I don't -- I don't remember all tell -- what I do remember I remember Twitter lit up with hash tag Calvin Klein. Kind of like what did I miss what what do -- what -- -- I don't think I was in the middle of helping your pocket. The coming out of the deep Fryer and and you and I mean it was all over the place so congratulations thank you very much -- did you not -- any. -- that it would explode the -- -- I really had no idea like what. Could actually happen after the -- so like it was just you know. An amazing screen and we just talk about this this -- incredible piece of work. Howard is that Justin greens is based on the stage somewhere just doing his -- It was -- just a big white screen behind. He played behind me and just those on a black -- a good question yeah. We can go on it and he's the. And let's be honest and that's remembered in these US happily gauge how I -- game something I like to what's going on behind -- -- Get behind you it. Only upstairs to pop up for the second that was -- Certainly did -- You have a question do you have a question. For our lovely guest this. Just wondering if the man was -- up the very -- -- Like I used to -- -- becomes very athletic what do they do to make you kind of -- of is there a special. Excusing that they. Or is it just regular like big oil would they do behavioral and I don't know any -- It may either has looked into it Miss America contestants can -- -- of season. Yeah this if it gets convicted and got -- -- strawberry had and are you. In between takes. Doing pushups and sit -- and I mean really nothing that. Before and then like you know in between takes -- -- just -- I'm not -- -- me because I was like traveling around and stuff like that stuff. You guys won't he won't use -- exercises you want to -- -- been kind enough to offer some tomorrow how much -- -- lets you can't Sam let's. Yeah I don't know anyone year old gorgeous smile -- -- -- all of so that I -- the teen model. I'm not not sure all of semi annual exercise that you can dictate to get your work and yes borrowers are reportedly doing what that getting on Floyd then what we're seeing -- gateway and my laying face down in my face that that this is this is -- -- -- -- -- down. Then you're gonna put -- and a. The floor of the week that -- -- -- this -- now I'm working on my performance in our area and stick your legs out. And then that certain. He's holding hands and holding blanket guarantee on what are we going to be friends long as you -- out how long -- -- -- did probably forever. I think -- the U wants TV like this. I have been known to do yet it's killing me -- -- It's it's -- me. -- exercise yeah. -- -- -- -- -- isn't going to help. It really just pulled from the middle and thinking. -- -- -- -- -- Salmon -- left behind you -- a giant of course there's there's going to be a flagging. That's a good -- you feel it everywhere. Like lower back -- upper and lower care to glued to hit him. Everybody in America. The next superstar -- they're there. Let yourself. I of course I think we're gonna see big things that -- -- area and I do declare. I did this just -- -- Accent yeah. I tell everybody -- changes on the way for one of the most popular boardgames. It's our -- Baxter this morning at 78 years after. Monopoly made its debut of the makers are throwing a -- -- and -- -- -- deciding the gig is now up. For one of the -- classic. -- no no don't just got a dog yeah. Iron don't get -- down these are the top half top hat -- -- -- the lions and they'd like to I was out to vote -- -- yeah. You learn I like the car trying to -- -- -- it all played together we -- -- magnified when I am Leon what I. I'm there's I would -- robbing -- the city's new ones and it would kind of dog the company asking folks and vote for their favorite replacement on FaceBook. The winner will be announced tomorrow I'll probably didn't pop music and everybody we want to just water from you just -- -- just want now. How would indeed I'm the robot and so cute I'm betting -- the cat wins because America does not cattle that game already that cat lovers of America will want native did you know. -- likes to slam -- likes to do you remember that her yesterday. -- -- -- -- whole -- -- holly actually you know they have a son -- we cannot Sunday. Had to follow Hollywood -- Content behind his what does all the help can we. What will happen. We don't have Pollard -- I don't know -- it. It command give I have to see the sound -- guys -- both for your favorite on FaceBook you're wondering about Marla Brill Bob Bogle on ongoing cash. I'll go into effect that's good into the -- so I'm but we want to hear from you who's we Andrew -- young boys and getting lit up with I don't want -- -- doing now which want to replace what it can't -- lining out by the out -- idiot I have time for you. -- -- 120 show what -- -- -- guys showed a 110 my god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it. Ottawa captain holly and power is growing and I am happy -- -- Paulie doesn't it doesn't look like that always like. Get me out of the -- -- people. He will ask how much -- as -- -- water ice habitat and as a kid from day in my head. Heatley I don't really feel I'm easy to get away from the tax normally waterbed according to the owner she's giving -- math and and how he likes the vast. And so she knew that swimming was -- good at is also quite overweight. -- holly holly -- the life you should know that way. Usually we have one moment during the show that we torture each other with throughout the day. An all day long -- would walk around the hall and shout -- me how this well I have now is all all dialogue. A for the rest of the day today it -- don't forget -- the. Good guys yesterday in the game -- it was not and everywhere I just address that has yet it was not written it wears on his Honda -- remotes and we're watching what. -- -- what what was what was happening. I don't know there are sometimes Good Morning America when so much is happening that you really can't focus on one thing and we couldn't. We talk about it Jim in my district as viewers we are -- -- I'm actually you know why comics. They like as I got home yesterday called up my bloodless Daniel. What's your day with I was that you show. This section -- well I had to hold the photograph. The twenty minute. He's not happy he was saying words that I shall -- OK I'd like everything leader I like everything that was in the game show it just didn't have to be all in one. You would have permitted. Yeah -- you know everything is simply I'm 47 re gonna to happen here actually get actually could have been five segments that we -- -- -- -- they're trying to get that viewers the biggest change. It's two minutes. What and. Yeah now it's our we're he had on the -- Watson again -- was -- We know what he's getting rid of Gandhi's death still finding out as DirecTV researchers are looking right now guys tomorrow like you know whatever we do hear from nearly what you -- for -- to the new -- being. I'm I'm where's Andrew springer we have no socially it's a joke just get a day off. Now mom does -- zookeepers. I'm really old yeah. I'm still that could -- like Hamas hide from we're decorating cookies. I know this I'm going to be judging who'd you vote. What do we see this is what about these luckily luckily -- -- well we don't share. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- already we have. Got his -- I want this I want to make sure you since this is this is amazing. I'll beautiful it's cold outside you guys needed some hot cop out yeah. One tough cookie everything is hand decorated everything is hand Decker had a near could incredible. -- ago when an album -- That's it -- when it can't get. And yeah. I'm okay opposite dealt some pointers for Larry -- before they are okay because I can't make -- -- or look like you could start next great deluge that. That's just -- that's just a blob of adult that you are turning into a gorgeous exact -- cup of cocoa is now until hours of total snow -- -- in -- beautiful. But you could -- you know you could really kind of do next. And you -- side. Pardon me. You could really. Didn't know because I don't use I don't even a hi how do you do that you get extra for that yeah yeah club was so that's our. Backed by -- another car all right your natural sugar frosting right are the sugar frosting it's just confection -- sugar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet they actually and then you can use the pipe -- bag can sue. -- -- -- strikes thinks that never actually seen that before he can you show us I'm them. I don't get in the I don't know I don't tell -- I know -- news and -- he is -- squeeze -- yeah but I want to show you guys you can really do this. -- with adult. Any fancy tools -- -- Simply to -- an air. He -- marriage they're very technical committee and -- it. It's it's and I want you to remembering and don't Wear good clothes because that you can see it's already wearing my favorite chart Wednesday because. I -- there. There was I knew there was a reason for that shooting hunting fishing -- -- And then and then to you don't get on the rest -- -- -- that's but. You're not a technical I have had an act at a piping bag not and we doubt. It's the right grab. So that's right. That's already been okay I see beautiful athletic and they're -- but another strike. Examiner going down now did take me just take that out already -- let -- our eye on the all right -- -- -- -- OK well I honestly I know it looks and on to do it but I did not I don't have to hang on a guide tomorrow. -- -- sixty seconds on the clock -- Well we're all we're but we're not excuse me judge I don't you guys you'll get ready obviously did try to put you on a plate each UK utility probably tell I'm reading it -- -- -- that -- ought to play. -- -- To resolve to jail today to admit it Obama well -- -- -- one -- Dunleavy. Had it not only you want -- -- how -- you have that. In your neo discounts already -- doesn't count right John -- know every everything channel's Hannity GOK and so I moved my ballot is that you've got to grab your piping bag. Created and we -- summer about forty the how are they doing so far don't exactly I think they're doing. Fabulously well because now there's no mistakes in art right -- and then you just wiggle it. Yes. A bad way golf I -- Look what look how is that. And I don't have time to do another tired and improve on it CME group on -- I don't know I'm -- -- laboratory yard sale of the -- -- Erica and I. Sam -- contributed -- yeah. Apple now we're only -- -- I know how well. Well you -- got hot -- yeah. -- in the Blue Line that -- on your green and ate sass and sex. I have far. Parade today -- laden. Here we go -- it. -- -- -- Our first -- exams and catch him promise I would say Sam as -- -- one and -- -- -- went -- -- has -- This is -- -- back. Authorities that this is that he's got a hot seat he -- And Lara as she doesn't like about where I hate to cookies of the -- from the same collection and really the right -- yeah I have to tell you. Sam as much as I love you -- level there just -- -- Really. I actually I -- to give it to you know is that that one is gorgeous minor little messy. I think you're -- Let's go to her undoing the damage I don't worry that answer -- yeah latest -- -- it down every game show everybody -- And they have -- -- -- I'm ally in the morning eastern right -- the monopoly what which one. So which one which we that we want we want you can see Nadal I'm more voting for the want to get voted off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You vote for that he's that you want good enough and that early deadline is no I united. The robot guitar one -- well it'd be good to everybody -- -- your thoughts. This -- Don't take it don't take any away right to and we just and we just letting the -- -- -- -- -- the. -- Now -- yeah.

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