GMA LIVE! (02.11.13)

Josh, Sam and Elizabeth discuss Lay's 'Do Me a Flavor' potato chip contest.
3:00 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.11.13)
We'll have a yeah welcome CMA. Still confuses me is we're live we're live in we are still -- -- Right now I'm just about five minutes ago this is what happens behind the scenes we -- behind the scenes -- when we do a little -- statement about possible new flavors from lay's potato chips and we didn't. To keep the rest of the -- I ate all of your spam using a recognition after I just I -- a cerebral. He sought during -- and I think we all have three different it is perhaps she's Garland friend she's got -- read thank you we have chicken and waffles and some rapture the hot sites like. I like this when you look at -- that are -- good. Most conventional of these three probably at that point -- I think now what -- walked only one because is got fat free. There's a familiar there's a place in Los Angeles called rocks those tensions and unlawful and that you should not have to income before 1 AM. They won't change lives. I did you ever heard until today people forget -- eat fried chicken and -- lol all of. -- I didn't know that if such a huge thing and it's so delicious. Fried chicken race an awful and you pulled apart and you roll up -- the waffle and just get it all -- servant -- about -- I was a rather a rather chubby child. Can you Jackie Beckett lean -- January -- -- -- another mentally by what -- -- And our candidate is either. There's no camera -- camera -- -- I officially. It's not a legitimate Connecticut I want I have heard a -- he's been championed. -- now -- -- for begins he will be eating again. So as you get after yet chicken hawk collision it's very very very -- very well I -- -- this is also just it was one of those shows this morning -- people -- it -- It's like we're -- Good Morning America -- cabinet we have pulled some Power Rangers you never know what we're -- have today we -- both of course the huge news. Out of the Vatican and by huge I mean we get to say this is not -- the state first time and almost 600 year fresh yeah -- a Pope resign. It's gotten -- play a stun even his closest confidant -- the Vatican announces today in Latin which is not even as first or second language. Look -- setting up a whole frenzy now about who will replace him because being at. He believed he. Now in an eight day an age when the Pope himself has his own Twitter account that we're gonna go back to watching the color it's not smell coming -- -- -- also. Let he -- -- -- he was speaking to cardinals in meeting and begin is Elizabeth mentions. Says it in Latin. And what a reporter the answer -- to advance a reporter who knows Latin it's like everybody has -- that what. But I don't know what their -- anything until you. -- -- his entire I -- I have this scooping everybody else was sort of going wait a second did he just really do that -- -- and the only reporter in the whole place and understood Latin had the scoop because did you wanna point out the last person for. Whose first plane has was -- it was probably like -- Caesar in -- 4000 years ago. It's not probably -- does this signal that the church is gonna try to update in Shanghai -- this well I think it's gonna be like a brand new. Today with a young hope and I mean this. Pope Benedict it was very very conservative -- -- Pope John Paul the second who was equally conservative he is handpicked all the cardinals will be in the conclave picking the next -- So there's very little chance that in fact the church is going to switch course and -- progressive which is -- a lot of people felt that's why so many Catholic I'm Catholic. In this country have sort of you know followed by the wayside because they don't a lot of people today feel like -- Catholic Church -- and I can tell you. As this idea come from Mike -- Uncle was a priest great -- wasn't -- my grandfather was thanking him along that my mother was almost none parochial school just. I'm pretty huge you know -- maybe you try to find a way to keep it active in your life and let's and there are over -- billion Catholics worldwide to their a lot of people for whom it is active. It's interesting was thought perhaps that the Pope John Paul. Actually selected Benedict. Prior to his passing it had. Anointed him to a degree let everybody know this is the guy I want -- fighter somebody -- wings today. Connected to the saying that this is actually reflecting wave links of the church that. They even knew maybe when they installed -- that he was not going to be long for the job and so we -- the oldest -- to be elected and. And how Big Three hundred year and essentially was in charge of this of that church's teachings of -- this job so yet -- -- -- -- -- again. I actually think it's just the most wonderful part about it we're gonna look to -- -- that I now twice -- All they're going to parent to and the Sistine downfall as part of -- Michelangelo's greatest work of art and that all happens he he's out February 28 and that all happens right after that -- -- the next day or. I don't know how the timing of this is going to work out quite yet because it isn't a death usually when a Pope leaves office -- a little morning period of mourning. But you we've got Ash Wednesday this Wednesday kicking off 140 days leading up to Easter it's most crucial part of the Catholic Christian calendar so I wouldn't imagine that not Catholic just Christian and in general. Counter I imagine we'll have a new -- by -- For sure I treated when we had Tony -- -- -- week Cokie Roberts -- mother was the US and the US ambassador to the Vatican -- fascinating I've always said. If there's one government job I would want its US ambassador and does he get to -- -- -- And you get to deal with the that it will probably nothing to stop you know that's about to start happening at the conclave -- that apology again there's going to be going on and jockeying for positions of power. This is the stuff that thrillers are our main guy down and -- made movies and -- and -- -- -- and eventually have. I want to switch gears now somebody else out of a job newly out of a job Donald Driver for Apollo yes -- by the front of the show me. Herbert Perry is. And now thing. -- new -- we will be announcing that didn't need dance with the stars cast you wouldn't that could indeed get Los Angeles for a lot -- ElBaradei. -- we have we will all be there for Oscars than the very next day if you talk about a week talk about an exciting week in television -- -- of the Oscars and then we're also let the Dancing With The Stars cast revealed February 22 six. Right here. On the -- -- and we always do wanna hear from you so we want you to tell us which Dancing With The Stars pro dancer is your favorite. Mark Ballas Cheryl Burton. Max and -- cost you knew -- Tony Donald -- -- cop Jim Johnson Justin McManus and Arenas they're not. And -- Kevin's guy this is -- case you're wondering what it's like she called the US open tennis tournament in Florida yeah yeah. Not at happily did not gonna love and loving. Well Cheryl Burke getting -- we got a lot to get -- -- -- Look any of it and regular hello lowering her. Good morning with the Twitter verse. May be losing over one -- affect my players did it hit that they now didn't look at it. An entire social media again -- we did it there earlier and lots more -- about the grammys last night -- about the Pope this morning. -- Really relay while have to have a target. Twilight by Atlanta I think that we live in -- -- -- -- -- hear about the religion major in college as well we see an African. For a Latin American -- yeah. That's where your mouth for the first time you'll have a Latin American cardinal voting from across from Houston right. And Canada currently. Any way to get through it we ask you this morning what was the highlight of your weekend and of course this -- this is now Connecticut 33 engines now. Not forget that this is from Florida look at this guy up there. I don't show it to me now Andrew because I've been in the snow all weekend long and unlikely to get. That's unlikely to be highly and he gets the job that is. Our job like who W tell me how to live there yeah it's odd that about what it looks like southern Florida you're standing in the I just want you -- All of us yeah I love the let me get -- -- -- the head of the day Andrea and Ann Arbor. These militants are for adoption. A little -- right now I mean this guy. -- -- -- You can not -- -- between people and I got big currently we -- -- -- Rodney Torres and Mike Wilson a little of the New York it is okay. -- -- and sponsored by time. -- -- -- -- way to get -- involved -- this -- that -- so and your politics science and really quite literally dissect things that figure at all so that's right here. -- -- -- So that we can damage street the the ability for the campus. Impact. Like for example they're right where. Peru. I'll leave it wants the science involved. So when there's inertia or. -- defying gravity. For a second all of that science is there and it's all about getting kids to see that science is is there is real. DC and connected us right away at this I think kids suddenly this is that this is a great way to another -- with -- baseball box -- I'm sure that -- out of our area. Yes the kids everybody can can really relate to skateboarding and what you throw in the physics -- lake -- now makes sense you can see the equation. But then you can also see the actual. Factual tricks actual. Totally right math and science are taught best -- some kids who have been mathematical brains just straight out. We have with that but to everybody else how would you relate it to away that it happens that your life and math and science happens in everybody's like you -- -- -- that. I don't have to deal with -- -- -- -- that we use and everyone's life. -- -- -- -- Kentucky gets into some -- like Wilson Rodney Torres -- thank you don't want. It is an abbreviated. An abbreviated show today as we've got a lot that gets you with regard to protect. Over -- But as we've seen remarkable things happening on the floor we also want to get right back. -- -- social media guru who's just selling -- in size. This is one of his birthday so happy. -- okay. -- -- There's that stuff there's a cake in good they -- diamond might share your 21 birthday. Again -- -- that we work on issues for years we still can't afford candles. Every other day man. Candles and ready ready to -- its. Well you I don't I. Even when it might. Don't call list well like they're gonna put into it and now we that I'm not a hundred day -- -- yeah. And I whipped up. I NG MA live 9 o'clock eastern standard each and every morning he'll be -- us here on Good Morning America dot com on god puts you know that -- your blog on. That's amazing baker vampire thing yeah.

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