GMA LIVE! (02.13.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara discuss National Breakup Day and check out a unique way to solve a Rubik's cube.
15:48 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.13.13)
-- -- -- -- -- as we continue to roll first of all the nominal -- On the program -- will come on I think. Now like its commander of -- but -- -- -- France I think and again I think we need anything different I believe that was the title here here here I'm still -- just flew in from parents to GM saying I'll salads for an hour to promote his new -- -- and I got that way silicon he's Newsradio. I'm -- weary and I'd kill to be up soft spoken nice guy really kind hearted about soft spoken could've been describing. Other big guest Anthony Edwards -- value that was -- I'm excited about zero hour and -- care about the network. Very excited about this show I'm totally and but what a lovely human being when he asked lake debates and does it right behind it he like he's been offering a million TV projects he didn't take on the conceded one and take some meaning in months and he enjoyed his family and took them -- school -- -- on the -- -- every parent cannot and and then this project came up it is an ABC show but I'm telling you. It's gonna it's going to -- it's between tires are thirteen episodes. Solves the miss -- Love that we're gonna we're not gonna drag out the story for like thirty seasons just because we have we're gonna tell -- mystery story and thirteen episode you're gonna get here ending you know and Josh doesn't care about the network but I'm a big fan of the game. -- yeah we all that. Why don't we get discord and Jim and I. No matter what he's not -- like he really would even say this about the show hey my -- is no word -- you are doing is this Sharon and I are. I see this show where they see what Jimmy is really like. You can I guess you're wondering if although -- -- all. Yeah well I -- Yeah I think there are -- you -- -- people live -- morning didn't. I also -- -- quickly before we move into the program. We don't get Larry Hackett. -- magazine decided this. To not purchase some. Photos taken BBC news Islamabad the duchess of Cambridge. -- -- was she was -- -- And it showed a little she gets her baby bump now she's an at -- child under the keeping. Private vacation secluded island Mary says he got it either -- what you should do you can't do what you should view they chose not to published and saying it's going to be. This bid I shot from a -- you know -- If you. A moment in the minority here I think if you are going to be -- -- beach. In public in a suit and you and frankly you are a part of the figurehead of -- content you won't do you make public appearances -- -- worried public figure that is you were. That's -- -- now. I don't Sonny what do you I don't see what the problem I just I don't see what the problem is I was wondering your thoughts I actually see that not all -- I'm it if they if the list goes into a bedroom to go into a back. I had see -- it goes on to public -- Right only if you are right on with you because here's -- I think everybody says takes the moral high ground when I'm not sure what the moral high ground is on these pictures. If you're taking topless pictures -- I think I think don't use them don't buy and that's moral high ground. If she's also deprive Iran laying ought to -- -- She's she's she's. Obviously pregnant you're not chasing her down you're not putting her and I -- only credible privately -- secluded I get it. But I don't -- I have not known how I understand but I just don't understand why everyone has the moral level right here -- I just up. She was shot a huge difference between the topless -- shot right this summer the moral values by the way are Bentley -- -- this is a part of the deal this is the job this is the -- you've chosen. Can I -- Larry was saying was given that last episode. That was really and the update the royal family sued given that I think that that people and NO ABC news I decided to take. Steps to sort of to stay Whitman -- her -- she is pregnant she's tough first trimester culture you know I think it was sort of just like you know -- But not all as he said not all pregnancies are created equal people are more interested in her pregnancy because she is the dutchess -- Cambridge. But is she allowed to have some privacy during her. Time I suggest. You thought what I thought it was worth it discussion -- -- this -- does this tell us what you. Tell us and realize we always we don't we don't -- -- -- and us we want to hear if you agree then vehemently -- really it's he told Josh names. -- team and I don't. I does I had does all the time at all with this thing will -- name calling won't stop this have to -- to -- The only you know -- national break up thank god my god did is it. -- if the break -- this. -- -- -- -- I can't believe me Blair brings this up today so wait a minute later we don't picture that we know that this is a survey by the Watergate diluted to -- -- by. Virgin Mobile found out about this and let me get to the survey here in a second. But so we have this giant love live event and -- -- on the air talking about how this big thing about love and tomorrow and and we even have a graphic quickly. High in in life turns into a heart for -- and. And then Larry is that gorgeous. -- -- Geragos -- -- you know. You know it's its national break up -- -- he loved. Thumping heart -- love pumping hard and the -- got you know its national break up -- today. The data our Valentine's Day and labor -- -- help parents and Debbie downer. The Virgin Mobile found out that 59% of people who were planning to break up with their significant other around Valentine's they would do it before. So they could left. -- -- money you're actually right. Save money OK America bats I don't know what -- Ari could and maybe the month before you. They -- -- little hallmark holidays now on the Internet and yeah. You do it right here -- my idea and they are. But wait there's more in the Virgin Mobile service. At 50% of Americans between the ages of 18124. Have broken up and show my -- America -- -- via text and jockey. Email or social media and break up to their critics and. Yeah Josh is sending a text and. Hello springer and -- -- Saying about and I'll I would if they -- does make sense remember that Halloween is the night before also Wednesday right -- like break of day should be -- Name okay. I can really get up but now. Plato mathematical. That we want to know what you think and that's what's so -- words -- way to break up and here are bold choices. Twitter text message who -- email anymore. I hope no room whatsoever way to break up Twitter text message over dinner and a restaurant -- FaceBook what do you guys think -- Now paying intent I don't -- those are good ways to do it out of the way -- of the words Twitter FaceBook taxed Ford dinner we went way. Twitter -- so social in the past. Are ready baseball I think it's -- literally -- somebody canceled your relationship on FaceBook without -- You don't you don't feel like my Twitter -- -- is saying is. I don't -- Number one golf club are -- apparently you didn't -- -- say. I don't even I don't need more than 140 characters to finish the. -- I heard we hope -- waves either and we're. Seems like the U low -- Yes you know what you know it -- work I did when east deer accident and you know I was heartily at his Campbell. Okay okay in the. -- god be with our daily news. -- engine works his own stuff out on our. I'll day thing is is there ought to talk about it nobody now I don't think he's watching that the -- Every day we learn more just gets better and better yeah. We ask people why should there can't be better than okay one notch best in show not to -- -- advantage oh mind you -- last night banana Joseph -- doesn't show up at an Atlanta. So this is trouble and our -- -- says that he -- up to his name. I didn't love this is is Casey and Sampson and her partner that they're still in the backyard orange minutes. And then this -- com yeah where I just love this space yeah. Until then up into the afternoon Henry if you've got any comments tell -- -- won't we'll get him over to doctors and laughed. Thank you thank you thank. At. A lot of -- -- extra yeah simply aren't good. Well big news about her friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson everybody in America -- every start he's taken a stab. I Shakespeare. Which I know he'll be great -- -- -- terrific actor he's going to be center stage at Shakespeare in the park. Here in New York's Central Park this summer. He's playing Romeo in the comedy of errors he actually perform in the productions of Shakespeare's the winter's tale and merchandise that is back in 2010. How many terrorists kicks off may twenty -- We haven't -- Regulations -- -- really awesome. We would go see their JTF yeah you know what analysts shakes him yet again keyboard and know who that is getting a New York. The it rejected I don't none of us can do this I certainly couldn't Sammy. If I was speaking to. Solving the rivers you tough enough but how about solving while juggling. Here and watch this watch you saw what started out well off all eligible is not real that is real oh my gosh I don't know the -- -- There's dot governor worked up -- -- repeatedly -- doesn't yeah now we'll protect my -- yeah. Just easy -- -- I think kids juggling and solving reminds you your job this is this is Larry. -- -- The digital -- I want and we want that production. Did you see this guy is juggling with two things like cookies or something no real player -- look at -- -- That these acts and you -- the -- feel totally doubled up while -- dispute at the video watch what happens. -- believe how cool I'm believe you know it's funny married right before he showed -- was in my dressing on the east all the -- can really -- -- tell you what. On -- mark. -- you don't go right. OK yeah. Meanwhile everybody did hello did Danny and jail -- out again. Yeah John. Because we can't get -- the show without chocolate so we have to bring you guys. And to give it up on the you know you're the first restaurant was out of the country where was it it was in good just to recap right now -- -- oh yeah -- -- Not and then now your second restaurant is here Frank Rich chocolate lounge in Asheville -- -- Carol. I watch -- we're glad you're here I see the chocolate what we can do. We're gonna make a really simple truffle recipe that everybody can make -- home without any special equipment so you don't have to I truffles for your loved one you can really show law and make it. On CN pop a little polish campaign put -- in the kitchen -- -- you. And make some trouble I let -- let let's do -- I wanna put -- -- OK so it's not that ripples of basically chocolate and cream cannot -- turn. And they're coated in something delicious are usually talk lead but we drive for different items -- -- chopped pistachios. This is going to be incredibly complicated though that he can't be as simple as you make it look so let's get started what is this in here this is -- -- -- -- -- cream and you bring it to a boil but you gotta keep -- -- -- doesn't handle it well right when he's trying to put heat on it. Get him what do you do with that the soonest you see it come until -- we're gonna pour it over this chopped chocolate OK go -- young lady. All right for a top -- it. All right carried out like -- utterly out of away you want to look at any minute amount given real academic helped shaped prankster. We'll give it -- so -- -- -- -- US make sure that all the -- Paul that they'll always is such an extreme so that it starts excuse me an environment where that's enough. OK that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right now what. Well we're gonna wait a minute further cream to melt the chocolate right and the T the temperatures are an equalizer in -- around the perfect point at which cannot show. Comes together that I cannot I had only if -- -- -- -- important as pat and then what would you -- record in the pan and then we let -- the more time the better you know overnight preferably -- -- refrigerator work yourself you can let it. It's best to let it sit. Output -- -- pinch if that's down times in a few hours you can think he could approach thirty litter. That simple we pay thousands of -- for this stuff every year they can be a lot of complicated. A lot of our troubles are. We aren't make for -- -- -- infusions we're making it an annually just cut it and just didn't something really nice -- -- the statue is there with us is cocoa cocoa -- what the heck is the red stuff. This is dehydrated raspberry. Another go to any ground in the spice -- and -- -- on seeds channel coconut as well and this one you -- just been doing this for the person that you love online you can get the whole recipe -- that you made up. Dot com and -- Yeah back OK Good Morning America dot com Yahoo! and we will have the recipe for how you can make it so easily -- -- moments like that. And -- -- You know X Frontline yeah yeah yeah -- so we have that didn't sell so well yeah it. This area students and. -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is important get this -- -- guild making McIntosh two -- the magic very here when -- start from the center hearing it starts to come together. And it starts to look like putting in the Milton and -- anger on he would hang out. I just keep going until it comes altogether on the sides I thought this was incredibly complicated and that it took days and heavy equipment to do this so I -- been doing as a home for every step -- like. I'm really truly could -- sixty bucks for a box. This stuff. So and that's knowing that you can do it home is like a meeting thank you guys so much for being here but why it's important use good chocolate you talk -- you like to -- you're making truffles because. As a simple recipe like this. Boy you're tasting is equality cream in quality chocolate -- -- The browns are and I brought chocolate in -- -- Thank you -- for. Yeah. -- good -- Fat -- get a good. We challenged I don't think he was juggling life look what doctors did -- -- Nice job. You for watching we want to thank you for the beautiful delicious incredible -- -- -- Normal like me are you got not natural break of day is almost over -- it's time does not. Break up tax -- and a -- won't -- movies and troubles behind him we can -- -- on yogurt and we didn't 9 o'clock PM every morning that he's. It has done him -- Mark all right --

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