GMA LIVE! (02.15.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara are joined by Vanilla Ice to discuss flipping homes and to take a dinosaur quiz.
18:49 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.15.13)
Yeah. CNN -- Samuel. Tell everybody I'm and I -- And they today you know and that rob and I did not isn't something we want junket to junket and I don't -- come down on downing -- -- -- queasy about the -- ominously the table games so what is at issue here is that table they're happy. Everybody -- trash to treasures -- about one thing we found since I was old window and turning it off the table and Josh and Sam have not stopped fighting over -- the quite taken to Twitter armor and I should point out. You were so great to join us and good afternoon America over the summer and you brought some the stuff -- done bookcase that you did remains the only good. They -- office -- doubters need it is stunning. You know exam that is a quality piece of furniture in -- another. Otherwise kind of like -- to carry on his -- yeah. Cut but -- -- to step away now MI why haven't I want I don't know what you don't want you -- I can't find. I want to have written about you -- -- and I like you to have that I will take -- -- -- I'd I'd have done we literally everything gets settled around here about the Chloe started. We want to show she is a breakout star from -- phenomenal movie -- -- the southern wild she joined us today c'mon Jeannette Wallace. She actually -- just for the part of five did it when she was six and take listen to this. Computers -- -- who looks like something on Friday night to attend going give morning. I mean I love to see if nothing else this is you know the first time for such a. Just phenomenally talented little little thing but. She's soaking it in and we are just -- -- -- -- afterward what a fantastic. Fantastic I tell you -- what you say she adds what like a thousand pounds per hour and got a little package -- she's just amazing yeah amazingly Fuzzy -- seem to put the film and it's often carries a hole total -- and that's important that's important to -- -- -- rocked his bill did you see we shut it. I did buy in the film -- do I don't wrestling -- and Josh and I talked for a show. But I'm just an arm wrestling scene with her -- in the film and while she was watching it with George she was going my -- yeah. Sir I just love her -- That's very very present very sweet very polite all these wonderful things that you want any young person and this amazing talent it's -- just darting that robbed you remember like those first. Days when you have. First discovered sixteen I was -- first moments of what would be like for you. While that was it I get -- -- with sixteen and I was in the tenth grade -- -- telling people. I'm going to be on the stop the violence over the high -- that the sonic and -- -- alive -- -- committee and believe me because I was the opening act for the opening -- for the opener for the -- And they're still lights are on an error put the -- of I didn't get there early. An amazing experience and you know. -- -- Talk about this with me -- so much that you couldn't see from my interview I love this story. How he has -- his contemporaries and I won't name and made in the same generation kind of blue launder money you know who we're talking about. This guy -- the presence of mind to start buying real estate. And is now I mean you're doing fine he wasn't rocket science I just you know you do everything in it and I just you know I've bought a lot of homes are sold them in I think you could make. Money that easy to buy some more so do you remember when you decided to do something constructive with that I mean a lot of people just don't blow it -- bilateral anywhere where you turned it. When I saw -- money. I actually hold these homes and thought I was losing money and came back and said -- -- -- -- used these homes they have cobwebs in the court precedent. Young and down let's alum. Seldom made millions I was I really. -- is formulas and was he was it almost to did in the DIY aspect of it it's yet for me it's sort you know it's actually why I cook does it feel like I can't do anything -- -- -- -- I am content efficiently crime scared of it I think it's like there's almost a couple of really a lot of I'll -- break in I will be able to pull it off saying that he's so what's so what -- to push through. I I got -- the decorative side later but I -- would shop in school you know that was like my. I got straight -- just loved it you know and I take my dirt bikes of heart and all that but. You know -- when you get into the homes and everything I never thought I'd learn about throw pillows and like fireplaces and you know make -- cozy another arm and earth tone colors. My friends it sounds a little friendly -- you know when you see the money coming in from people who appreciate you -- a great -- and they're beautiful homes by the -- what about music -- you still like a -- place in your -- your life that's what started it -- mean that's my passion you know from the beginning in it's just love the music and everything but just have been doing my show for four years now and it -- -- eight months out of the year the duties -- our constitution it's not easy it's a lot of work so. Did indeed that was popular shows again so it's who we have first in the -- to the -- and I project and that's on bets on yeah I -- I get it that Santa Ana a lot and intelligent and ice my house. -- my house on the same network Yeltsin and we go ahead and we actually did one in New York it hasn't aired yet. And you it's a contest winner so they go DIY network dot com and -- and gets there he goes and ice their how to -- the way really -- -- Vanilla Ice on it yeah. It's just the double BD -- mostly I mean this house that you -- -- in the video out of I went down this house that you -- threat it was was in foreclosure her shorts yeah it was a is that tax -- actually and I am me or not he got a -- -- 350000 dollars it's in mountain it's in part of Palm Beach and is not -- upcoming. You always say it really is location location location -- -- -- property era home that sort of in a place with good schools its not your good restaurants you just have to do -- hot -- but don't worry about that house was a -- he was -- into the corner but he -- a land -- -- was backing up to this lake view and so he you know -- you you get a Smart -- and community great advice you have your team but. Get three or four bids if golfer nick -- -- -- -- the -- but get references and and you know if you do is art and you can -- great piece of property in a gray area. You can turn held his frat house is now on the market for what one point three. Powell cancellations -- Well basically we just think you 400 dollars because they have these seminars -- You can't be a billionaire you know we just -- -- that an -- -- -- I don't know if you are quick -- controller and canned Dean Pees. You are you actually need an accompanying table this summer a companion PM Saturday at about how the reason I'm -- the -- I gave it to. Controller -- Denise how -- -- the table. I love the table but the problem is that Josh does he wants it back -- you cannot happen -- Okay -- -- -- say she keeps rate today's table for the other table and make you know. Yeah. You keep up that you keep got table because I know it means a lot to do and again I want to take this opportunity here on the Internet thanks -- -- -- tank -- and they say. Thank you another. Yeah well I just -- the -- the Biggest Loser of the day. I don't remember -- -- -- Girardi had all the windows from that museum part yet. On -- on the table for Sam -- a loophole. -- all the good. And Doug -- and anybody when everybody. Especially since. Massive teens and -- pay -- you want them to deliver the next time happy on the -- will promote just tell everybody guy you gave three -- that we couldn't get Tuesday. If you're wanting to increase not -- -- your own house. Three things he told -- we're so Smart. Number one spend money in your kitchen -- -- a lot of money of the house everybody marinate in the kitchen it's just you know you've got to have that right if it's right you're feeling right. And and simple little thing about Nevada. And handles a nice upgrades little you know the little -- to the handles would put on the nobody would think but it's got all these -- to crystals and everything and even if you just three really get a lot of -- going to cabinet briefing on new -- on him that -- area and -- -- -- NASA to find that master closet and the master bath. Math -- yeah when you're young and popular mastering the floor plan with throw pillows and fireplaces and earth tone colors look past. Here -- have a problem you stick around because -- is a natural transition from Vanilla to dinosaurs. What do we have here we have we have and we have a doubt in my giving up and go -- you are organizing hello this view is this we have here let me integrated -- The dinosaurs. I know -- actually right here on Gmail line just a couple of weeks ago do we have the -- we have the video being Diana said let me monitoring an area all the evidence wherever it. Vehicle parking lot -- yeah. Little time for the -- This is buddy and he's here yeah he's -- -- spreading paleontology the -- at. And it got us here is allowed one hour or on PBS it's up from the -- -- dinosaur train it's -- submarine adventure it airs February 18. On the channel they're here that to test are dying no knowledge is that correct -- -- are we going over here to the table to be tested is that is that -- yeah. -- don't come on our motto are right you can be he'll be my girl yep you -- fire actually gonna run as it's currently we need help cut. And away we go. Do you want to count on what went wrapped up. So I got his first that first day in -- yeah we. This is the quiz and again here we go I hear the dinosaur -- -- -- curing diseases like a -- -- sorry. Well here in the other she will be big universe is the question is will she get the -- instead she raises her hand every. OK we ready yeah us question one is this a dinosaur. Yes it is yeah right yeah just actually help -- Hello I'm like okay okay the second question is that a carnivore or an -- yes it's a -- -- yes. You can see here. Did -- to canines it's been -- to -- -- -- is that true from the cracked he's absolutely right. Kids -- tight battle maintain -- a statue of the question to whom it accuses the -- -- yes. News center the united her bond is a dinosaur voted against it looks like any other -- his -- I -- the vertebra and. Negative about 75 million years old who was part of the tale of a duck billed dinosaur that walked around in Montana Senator Biden -- in here please -- Unbelievable. That's like heavier than -- dogs. Ultimately went well this is -- lands in Montana. Mandela and equipment that's all that a web what it would have been added that other than the status deposit that's where we go to find stuff -- all right. Next month we're going to the screen here thank you so is it up a dinosaur. Yeah I assume no no no it's not let's article not a not a -- -- -- right -- alone so I was gonna say yes what is that. Biggest hurdle and never lives -- a little video -- -- Don't alongside the dinosaurs lived in the ocean it was a giant marine turtles some -- -- the Sam your seat she'll be rescued. Is that right now it is six yeah external -- -- not a dinosaur all right -- so let's go back here he's myself. It took the fifth zero check and -- here -- -- a -- -- -- -- on 30 you know. The Sam actually Sam looks like damn tragic -- -- -- it is the petrified might look. Law. You know what CNN how a -- 75 million years seven. And that he's -- -- -- and I saw what got one uncle that's from -- -- wild yeah. Another sorry -- other -- dinosaurs but he that trees 75 million years ago okay now this is a really hard question -- right. Is this part of a dinosaur. I was when the consent now yes yes yes forget dinosaurs are burglarizing now -- modern and other. -- of the diners you. -- that yes technically yes. It is absolutely. Yes and -- -- -- All have got burned there are dinosaurs yet every single one of them including the one that made -- -- so yes dinosaurs are not extinct there's. More kinds of dinosaurs around today than there are mammals because all. Birds are dinosaurs like I'm talking to doctor want to ask you -- didn't really get if nothing -- special effects in films -- have caught up they can actually now. We leave wonderfully recreate just from the Jurassic Park movies on through what perhaps they may have looked like what do you think when you see. Representations of your life's work now on the big screen it's amazing some there's a couple of -- films coming up this year I've been. Able to work on one of them walking with dinosaurs -- I think kids are going to be blown away in the next year when they see. These worlds brought back to life -- like you're going to be there. And it's spectacular to be able to work with the artist's work with the animators and create these ancient world tour around. Millions a million years ago outsider you John Cherry. Hill area despite -- excited to -- in a it's an -- and again and you make a point you make the point if you want as -- dinosaur -- just go outside. The birds when you look when you see your bird you'll look in his -- -- what became of and we always say that Don dinosaur -- we're always telling kids listen if you want -- study dinosaurs you don't need to go get a Ph.D. in. Traveled to some exotic land -- -- -- -- -- for months be the same food every day. -- could do was step outside the front door and there they're waiting for. Economically and look at this point science connects with a young minds and just turns -- on look at look. Again. -- It's dinosaur train at PV. PS of that if kids and there's a brand new special if that's coming out next week featuring submarine dinosaur. For not trying to -- -- -- I thought terrific that's great and I thank you -- Happy you are about may have been everybody is happy is -- -- -- little got news. -- -- honored I was great. And that's so far the best. It's a -- it that you ask can we deliver a little pop pop news act shall -- causing yesterday of course is Valentine's Day. We celebrated with that really tremendous flash flooding now we pull -- -- I was exhausted after I was terrified of those I was but it really went off -- -- heads and down there was another couple saying their ideas they did in style across the globe. Inside why it. It is inside in the incident Sunday Dennis Miller and asked -- Chad Martin. And -- can be done their -- try adding got hitched. At IKEA the downtown area after winning a contest hosted by the company being at more than 500 other -- IKEA lovers. -- Wednesday -- -- -- brought them closer together probably because they weren't. Trying to -- -- together for -- Yeah exactly what I say they could not believe they couldn't find that last little outrage -- -- -- it was -- the house and we'll get to have you I'm always I'm. -- -- -- What are those -- what it would you like if you know if you got up didn't hit it big Lockett overnight the but you know lake public walking throughout Asia out of thoughts about like that it's not like -- where -- let's leave where I get a good it how dirty. No it is or you could probably get -- and you get -- -- -- and not just a part yeah and then you could you could. Use the towels I gasped and held you know -- -- -- telling people we have known about them that everything -- only would have done yesterday if he didn't say yes. And oddly it was my life I really we -- -- -- -- -- I think it would have been like a thirty minute -- karaoke -- Alitalia an event. Actually did Neeson somebody -- this yesterday when this was discussion was happening on -- on Twitter and somebody tweets don't worry about it. They have producers and producers always have back up options -- as the resident producing here what -- what -- we are -- had they said now we're any is that you'll look for Christmas so you'll know that there isn't it Carlisle they're -- you'll look. More I was thinking we didn't -- -- -- of perhaps you when you're your -- beyond could have done -- on our program. Okay. We are not for air. No no no you guys the camera I -- -- it. Flash -- -- -- -- -- wanna do it if -- -- -- here until like every tour I carried -- able you have to have digital data can. -- able to. That's in the negotiations on a table on got Mandela and going -- hey I ever did I do know that we would like to hear from you tell us what's the most outrageous place you'd get married. Skydiving. GMA yet -- -- -- vampire state bombing perhaps or want to get married. Song dance style home for hanging in the media thought exhibit prior. OK if you had to pick one of those I'd go scuba yeah finalists Google and women who noticed and -- -- you know they say I didn't. Blood of the little blue blue. Go wrong you tell you I didn't improved. -- -- -- -- Got robbed seriously Vanilla whatever it isn't like -- I responded to what I know -- if it's -- make it's it's great because it's not just -- you're doing some of it is your passion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and you're gonna come -- not we learned that prey on crowbar on MTV Asia and -- air show. And if you wanna like helps them with delicate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I didn't got to talk about the coffee table -- we'll do that after we also want to thank. Paleontologist doctor Scott -- from the -- -- -- We want to say we want to thank buddy thank you want to. We want to thank our beautiful studio audience. I want to thank all of you it is Friday we'll see you back here. Monday at 9 o'clock eastern standard until then have a great season.

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