GMA LIVE (02.19.2014)

Tony Danza announces his role in a new Broadway play, "Honeymoon in Vegas."
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (02.19.2014)
Ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage at GM -- And a. Hello yeah. All what the hell just happened here I don't even know. Where to begin hey Sasha Cohen get over here. The -- and energy. Sasha me you can't find anything and doesn't see Sasha. Inflation might want. With you. Every day you think -- there's no way that her Olympian fury is going to show itself today and into day. With Lara Spencer whose. You know an all America -- Penn State appears competitor owner I. No match for that for this singular yeah. Yesterday you guys did your speed skating backwards -- When I was he's there to catch you. Today I was already I was like if there's a photo -- here. Give -- -- yeah a couple of hours. -- freedom. Now every one of these couples and -- The delegates -- diving to the -- -- ever get a -- -- you eliminate the finish line for Versace you know she will fight. All of -- to take us back again could -- two days. I AM channeling -- my talent experience how I judge yeah now I am suggesting that Colombia has been most nighttime you know reading philosophy writing papers that -- I have a chance. Do you finish -- have attempted to -- And it just is very appealing an analyst until -- -- many I think intolerance. So I think it's just it doesn't affect you -- -- and I don't mind of reason and I just I love that competitive spirit of winning and a -- there's a lot of you for that they need to have really been go another. You mentioned here should we actually just getting the real quickly your your the current state of affairs of other than being here and by the way just absolutely killing of course it's been so much on the haven't you on the big show. I had the most amazing time you guys -- nicest people is that the greatest like family -- environment plays -- And that haven't seen that Colombia I am not a political science major and business my parents. And I'm gonna be in turning at Morgan Stanley out of school about settled -- of finance at -- Anderson and them. Still up to new competitive things got into the act and I for -- every day and done. We didn't have become one person's -- than. That helps it's up to study that it's absolutely -- I'm Mike in between sat politely and got to finish his favorite did today and. We have the updated -- countries in the control room. -- -- let's take a look then. -- -- I'm gonna happen now I wanna say -- to -- -- so it's a little. There's a little separation however. -- -- not lost change now like you guys we can still the gap can be narrowed them. Although good luck -- that because she will literally sacrificed her seriously her eyes forward tomorrow I'm sorry this just didn't tomorrow. It's figure skating all night. I can't imagine what might happen and there we 07 and 70 cases were going total medals. Although boy Sasha is a golden girl with Sasha Cohen -- And I don't want to say god he -- mayor James and rich. Two wonderful producers with my work. Rich yield no because he's the guy who literally just keeps having twin girls -- he's now. Just twice he's had twin girls sometime. Please -- so the which by the way now we you would do with the family of fourteen you can't and then we'll Helena and -- and also nude daddy James White Anglo. MS Sophia arrived. Congratulations -- But I want you to take this and maybe you can even interview are very very special guest and her for me -- Rich -- here come on Hamas. So it and Juanita did tell us your name and then -- -- and intentionally missing in the US army -- -- so Juanita. And this is a friend Phil and -- Philippines king our chief went up from thirty -- from. I just wanna say welcome to you guys who they helped us tell the story this past fall when Josh and I went -- we went to Afghanistan and told the tremendous sort of the the military home comings and hold the process overseas and what you guys go through. And so it to finally back semester students -- welcome -- and we're just happy to see back here. I'm you know it's an end if we had a play of the day today where we had again the -- -- keep it changes. We had a soldier's surprise today. And knowing you're -- -- be -- you know let's that's going to be perfect and it was great a three year old on her birthday. Not knowing her father was gonna come back her parents give her a huge box. And Al pop's death. And Sweden's -- you know we get and it's an -- Sasha because -- I really think patriotism is such -- It's an endangered species to a degree we see it every -- I feel like it's almost like it's cool to be Americans together for a while. But it's also when we see these soldiers surprises I became obsessed with them the team really got on board but again what we went to Afghanistan. And we got to go to Bob room when needed it was a trans formative. Experience I just wonder I know. They would it be win as well as we -- hoped but when you guys -- back there really for whom it was done. What did you guys think. Good we -- we appreciate it's it's amazing that after thirteen years of them being a war that we still have people that are still willing -- -- oriented they don't forget us over there. So any little bit that it is done to show last -- highlight us -- a welcome homes or anything like that really helps our morale -- -- -- -- A lot of people have been doing this 34567. Deployments years and years in Afghanistan and Iraq. And the you know it then a morale -- you know you can -- feeling me we're gonna limit forgotten and some like this happens. You guys come over India great peace and a great challenge highlight us it's his. It's really really warms the heart. It was the it was -- through -- of all of all the people we spoke with this idea of not being forgotten and and that was it really certainly something we wanted. Not deal I also I was -- -- -- -- earlier we got to go to the welcome home itself when the win win the troops came back from Afghanistan and its other -- again for the first time at Fort -- after a nine month deployment. Part of the best National Anthem I have ever heard in my life because you're suddenly in a room for whom it means. Everything happened -- and it was just -- it was just incredible. Very quickly for you congratulations also in order because you will not. Be returning to bottom that you are -- -- -- of the latter he will Huntley what's next for you. I'm boulevard station of Fort Campbell Kentucky right now governor first airborne division and I'm -- -- singing leaving on military we changed jobs all the time that I think. I'll play and even the Pentagon will be moving to Fort Stewart Georgia and so are always knew that now is trying new things well it's just it's again it's great to see a great -- and it's always wonderful revealed thank you both for your service thanks so much for what you guys -- literally face hands. When he didn't -- everybody. Yeah Wendy's in front of us yeah a little bit of everything that's about a burger we've -- And race favorite frosty and thinks he has come on don't forget -- -- -- under. It's really Allen wrote that started chasing there's very tough it's tough to find anything at some point and I tell myself that this is it but you know who else does -- Nicole Kidman. She loves Wendy's and that's why we have in front of I am I like -- Smart woman who. -- -- to prosecute this to me was -- that this is like the holy Grail of -- -- you know. This is what's great about accident on the road they're on their bus in your everywhere all over and and in style magazine interview she said keep -- have to stop. And so we get fast food we love Wendy's -- been. Big audience it's really heavy so continue to take any up and. I discussed on interest in the the and you -- -- as well here if I just created episode where today and pop news. Time magazine apparently called -- -- to kick. The most influential candy bar -- ever. Then their reasoning first mother reasoning -- -- the -- it's my friend was first it was the first. Here you are you could -- you could snap off the little bar. First of all whose share and candy -- what -- words like cool -- -- and -- liquid steel did you grow. Time. Canada and the -- All the -- are they now. But -- to be -- -- OK so but that's set right so like my buddies and I we go to we go to Vegas for march that is every year we end up. Taking the 64 team bracket idea and we just ranked. Everything breakfast cereals candy bars we've done to your number one and candy bar would be it didn't it perhaps it is -- -- -- But did not overall overall top -- That's a -- your gold medal favorite. How they liked it can have buyers. Well that is like huge upset that's immediately I think I've spent so much time in Europe and yeah. McInerney find the -- their age and they left it in the Atlantic in about it kind of like a week -- with -- chocolate hazelnut cream and he's. Strong. You. -- -- -- -- I'm with you apart personally about a -- are strong that although you job. Can't go wrong with -- -- -- -- for me is -- enough there will still following the best of the candidate -- -- -- and -- Halloween actually I would I convinced my younger sister. That she liked to Allman joy and mountains a lot so that I can trade all of my on the -- announced for all of her butter fingers and she walked away -- she got a great deal it's not corrode. It's it's -- It's crazy it's big business and behind the scenes when George same -- good -- mr. Obama fry another Kerry won again -- it's I hate and tracing the controller and by the way he can you drop pick. Picture of -- Can you tell you -- -- There there for a second -- we'll -- can you can't continue is there like a magic button you can press -- to show us where it. -- by the end of the -- OK well I'm looking for -- her two year old son because yesterday he was still one could very well. And yeah. CNN OK you get it off I'm -- I'm gonna get my plan today. To this Clinton to the medalist -- your -- let go ahead make war with the -- -- -- -- -- -- products and actually for any -- the -- we thank our moms perhaps it's just never at a house where in the midst of the Olympics right. But the paralympics are just around the corner and P&G is continuing its role of the spotlight -- behind the face of the olympians. Take a look -- the struggles that Caroline in space and the obstacles they have been overcome to become strong champions they are and we applied to. We certainly don't mean this is on 88 that we've seen these commercials running during the Olympic Games and should sell -- -- but look at this. It's incredible I just it USOC fund raising event with Brad Snyder and he was stationed -- in Afghanistan. And he stepped on -- with the lost his sight. One year later he came back to win the paralympics and swimming in 1000 lives and just his story from both sides he -- The nicest guy and you know he's like you know what it was my fault I take full responsibility. My life is amazing you know I have you his amazing Don -- just got a mustang that he has such a good attitude -- so many and that was true at all modeling we can have him here. We just saw that the world's toughest moms braved the raised the world's toughest kids and you know again as somebody who committed her life to an Olympic dream very early on. It is so wonderful to see and we want to thank Procter & Gamble. Four highlighting. -- if nothing else -- that dream is not it is shared by all and if you happen to have been born without. Lay eggs arms site what have you you can't you get to you get to -- the gold just as well that's awesome okay I'm gonna lose it. But let's so let's let's let's what scared yeah let's get. We have again I want and the only Tony. This is likely Kelly Williams you are likely multiple generations of best known there -- But. You can probably hear -- -- very big announcement about his latest project and to share a few secrets to staying healthy at work and at home so with no further -- What's evident and I didn't see what do what he had well you know. Took home twenty years ago. I was meeting men's health Muslim women magazine initially came out I was I mean -- the magazine -- them. And I'm I'm a sort of physical fitness guy -- There was a fight and when you -- you and you knew you get a tremendous amount of discipline because you know the other guys training and you know you going to beat up again that we felt. So you know I'm I'm pretty good in that way but I. I was reading a -- in this in men's health that it should do you should try -- -- -- missiles. And I -- -- -- -- people you know and and by the way I am an old person you know. -- I'm sixty I'm 65. -- 66. Something I'd sell highlight pop out of their socket I -- listeners he's actually up 63 -- uncles an awful you're finally. And -- didn't -- anyway don't so it's actually I tried it you know it's admittedly cholesterol only thing that's good boy and plus. I think you know -- a little bit of it was unlike like a lot of of the physical fitness have to certain ages to make up for what else you do. You know like whether you -- too much to drink gallons and it was so. So the Metamucil became something of -- way to sort of make up for some damage but also they just made me feel better and you know the the -- what people think it's floor. Not Italians don't have that problem. Yeah. -- Good so I thought about it I'm sorry can you don't like cook and present day. That I will just say it for the record toning with the olive oil is meant. So glad I have the gullible lot shoot and I got to know that. So anyway so I didn't men have brought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in the and in attempting a campaign an attempt to raise awareness. For healthy living in for wellness and them. They crowd sourced organizations. Below the country over 15100 -- what submitted. Most of these charitable organizations. You know the rule it's so funny you don't wanna do giving back joke with Metamucil today. And I can't resist. Absolutely so they whittled that down because the -- to ten nominees and the winner gets 200000 dollars stuffed -- two. Do would do more than you think dot com you more than you -- you -- more than you think dot com. I think it's doing what you think of cats and monuments and historic. But you more than you think dot com and you can vote for or has the organization -- you think he's that is the most deserving but in any case. It's a ways I think you know the whole country this is it is -- issue that is. In -- wellness and -- to a health care itself all of will probably more healthy it'll healthier Canadian figure prices come down. I just think it's it's city he can we should do -- as a way to come together as a country but also just as a waiter to -- Give a good example to -- kids it is the reset for the youth. I -- that you're not a -- and really I mean if anything else you know I I think about the little Tom I think. You know my I have three kids now get 2 grandkids now I -- I'm community just crazed about. What -- -- up against because he's so much food. In our environment that's -- not good for us so eminently well you know I -- -- -- conflict that -- down. But but you know you -- -- -- good to have some of that is when you haven't moderation handy and understanding that there are choices and then the other thing is some from some exercise some has some activity and and I hit -- save with you know this. -- -- And that is yeah you do that every morning both everywhere doing more with to feed Broadway -- says I'm -- -- Whom. But to a unit don't have Metamucil in Paris. I would and I could go -- an innovator I would always going to be. -- -- is Stephen. Can't even think -- I'm my -- I -- identities -- -- can -- they -- they have their parents some of the young guys -- -- minority anyway. But -- with a list -- -- -- it didn't have anyway so Broadway. I got a great show on the. With a great to have been involved with the program for years it's a musical remake of the movie honeymoon in Vegas the ninety's movie was -- -- A citizen thought -- that -- -- And Jason Robert Brown the the he's gonna is a show the bridges of Madison County opening the opening soon on Broadway. Prolific and just wonderful incredible score -- really going to be hike for hyperbole -- -- As West Side Story having -- -- breed -- And we didn't pay -- in in in Jersey Milburn great -- down there. And them that he was well received and so we just waiting for theater it's really tough to get a theater you know. Which -- nobody speaks to the relative health of Broadway as a whole but. The other stuff but it's also it's -- also did did different. You know it when guys and dolls was was hit -- -- for years. What did come -- -- New Yorkers figured out how to have a never -- audience you every 54 million tourists every year which is quick to get me wrong. But -- show can last forever and ties up a lot of -- Tony -- everybody that yeah. And from she's really run -- -- -- -- it again. It's so great that he these last couple always thinking what you gotta finish strong. -- well and that's as you know today is this is been an amazing opportunity. I feel I have made new friends and that I've had the most an easy access CNN on fill in when either the lieutenant colonel. And that's the show tomorrow 9 AM eastern standard we'll see.

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