GMA LIVE! (02.27.14)

Gio Benitez and Sara Haines prepare for the Oscars with more insta-shorts.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.27.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. -- -- -- Yeah. Where there's more DNA all -- and we need today is the multi talented an extra -- zero. The beautiful one you know what every inning and everybody else you can sweep them so -- -- and what about Dan an unknown. -- -- The pop pop pop pop and -- Raw adrenaline Saturday. -- could not go over there and let me you know. They aren't the only events because you're dancing to move and I and we will found my feet are you -- -- I -- you are today. -- about ducks face I don't know what's going on both. I don't know. And if called upon now. I'm talking about integration he became a man -- I think and when I play nice and others and now look at what -- -- what do you think of me as a man whose death. Really Liz -- polite healing not girls he can pull it off hot chick cute boys as being saints -- -- George Stephanopoulos face when I showed a picture of ginger and I. He literally has no clearly -- -- means that while ginger looks hot. Many like. Can't get going at. And he that he had an early look today and let's throw up phase is like and -- Palin and it is true it's clear out your dad are -- it's really disturbed and I -- and I think in the -- possible actually come overhead to Iraq. To get it dropping just one seat he would dance we've never seen. Yeah. I can only -- I can only do. And I -- So thank you got -- -- You out of the -- That's yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He didn't like yeah but it but have they are coastal plain cupcakes while emotionalism here on the big city upon a panel -- not. So thank -- big city -- you have the hottest trend in adding little cooler up there you at the hottest trend. Oh yeah. Yeah. You can't help -- keep up the good word but. Do you top Lara while all right here we go from here because -- and smuggled into. That the -- -- -- radar to count down to the Oscars and yesterday we want to start -- RG MA a short series. Let me ask you that this -- create takes on the nominated films and so far we got some really great ones especially from the New York Film Academy so let's bring in our social media producer -- Okay. -- how -- at GMA own -- would have been remodeled or even just pretty cool yeah. Hello and its first demands are we have a girl captive her -- professing his love to an iPhone four fans are really -- with at the end zone you have to check it out. Here. Remembering that moment we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- move -- it captured my ex girlfriend checking for. -- We were -- I only -- step back and I'm just then you have to have a five verify that you can't they afford to know. And now Harry can't happen -- and his excellent as a personal favorite of mine I must say it is a spoof of gravity. Starring a baby -- -- minutes now. That's -- it's pretty good money. Like saying I want you literally can't know how good. Your car. -- I don't even an uphill for the drama and that I mean -- is -- the minute about it. But I think it just might have been one more additional -- And this is -- this is a struggle between. -- announcement of current struggle with -- platonic relationship and Alicia pick possibly mean more so check it out. I'm ready and he. I'm doing my computer -- I wish I could touch you. This is platonic -- who. Yeah. I know immediately. Thought right now lining up. The -- -- this is that the really funds is that people been having so much fun with and if you wanted to matures just makes me go to Amsterdam and -- -- hash tag team maintenance -- keep on coming we wouldn't come out already. One more round of applause for -- is amazing dance and at this thing you know I got a video of Bethlehem and -- to Jim. Know him pretty well -- yeah. Body OK that happens -- there's a more social media -- right -- that's. -- play of the day extra today we have a group of guys who aren't afraid to make -- little noise in there college library these guys from Jason do studios decided to see. Just how -- knowing they could -- by supporting some squeaky news. And walk around what could be a quiet life. I think Greg -- -- The mix of reactions from their fellow students showed their appreciation for awkward moments -- not sure it would be the same story during finals -- Get a better acting that is how angry you are your second -- -- something that is not a place where he wanted to -- they're there they're just looking around Carolina. You know what they're probably more knowing that he chose the issues -- -- and homestand and those are clearly dot -- and the bottom and that could -- up that's. I'd be like do. That is one situation given the -- you really doing seventy million working writing -- working -- -- aggressive and -- -- that now. That and we got two more social media keeps coming social -- calling it the greatest photo was section of all time. Check out photographer -- -- gathered up Motley group of dogs and and boy did they know how to work the camera. With -- artists photos have gone wildly viral and it's not hard to see why. All -- that I'd have to say my two little ones could probably give them a run for the and -- it's -- on the left and Peter on the right and they are tougher than me -- here but in those pictures. -- -- -- clear that -- three. Final -- they take so please do. That was a lot of treat action they mourn -- and they -- a dinner just getting them wrangled up to get so I worked really hard -- -- -- -- the -- fourteen inch exceeds eleven and -- oh and they're still doing really well so. Good good good yeah. All right well we have another dog to -- I know what he had adorable little -- -- February is responsible pet ownership months though. Besides how to take pictures of our dogs there are a few more things we should know my microphone -- -- here she. I might be responsible pet owner might blow but yeah. They're pretty scary thought people everywhere and and it's good to keep our dogs feeling good here we have Greg Cleveland here live Jack. -- -- Hello -- hundred. Single country but an important -- You know what he really likes let's show you from the city -- keynote -- well I'm -- -- -- he's not do and it definitely -- -- like second. -- -- -- Kelly good all day long form of -- what he will do -- so. Just this tell us what's so with a monument on how do we keep or constant use of -- yeah a lot of pet owners don't consider the value of mentally stimulating their dogs but if you exercise it of brain are gonna reduce boredom and keep the -- out of trouble so. You can just click on games with your dogma teaching them the name of his toys take one of his toys and referred to a binding and get the dog real excited about it -- your -- here's your money. They don't repeat that over a period of time with individual toys and then put all the -- together. How the dog go get your -- and see how Smart he really is I call them all babies so that's not very stimulating brain individual name street -- is -- that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No but some not grooming can be huge expects yes -- that -- tip -- -- yeah absolutely lobbyists not just about the appearance of the dog there are health benefits to grooming. And you can do without shedding big -- yourself so. You know you want to make sure that -- a lot of dollars are concerned that shedding or grooming his commitment -- their house dirty yes and and -- a dead -- he's a better for sure that so they don't do and that's not good for the pet so did their products out that they can help you keep your house clean. Like -- masters pet protect carpet. This has -- built in stain resistance that -- just have to be ashamed when accidents happen. And also it has -- -- -- -- easily released the pet hair when you're vacuuming. And it feels like rubber glove thing you can pull right up all kinds of great tools and products it should be used for grooming her -- said it is important for their -- as well as -- way they look. Now another question and I'm just can take this doesn't move as a mommy. A seat -- because I don't taken in the car much but I understand there is a reason to buckle up pet travel safety is important just as important for our dogs as it is for us. You know you want -- -- -- that is protected they can become a distraction in the car they can cause an accident or certainly they get hurt in the case of accidents so. You know you can protect your dog by putting an and a crate or carrier in the car you can attach it to the seat belt with great have a harness like -- wearing here. If your pick up truck trip I ever do not -- dog in the back -- -- -- -- -- And -- yeah. Dogs trying to head -- the -- drivers -- their little don't fall so. That's a lot of I didn't ban on their face a lot of people don't know right above that but it's important that they you consider -- protections of the gloves and the -- And it's important they have the right IDs right absolutely idea your pet is a must. Eight -- even if it's as simple as attacked and as a dog's name and phone number. An address on it. You can microchip your pet for an added layer protection to make sure or ensure that they're going to be returned safely if they are lost. There's even GPS devices like -- the -- tracker. Objects has dishonest collier attach it to the collar. He set -- a virtual boundary around your yard and if the dog -- that boundary it'll send you an alert yourself -- -- computer. -- know that the dog is is out of its property and they don't help you track the dog as well. Technically he's gonna help amazing yes so show some bureau training tips so I get trend -- the book is great you know you want to make sure your dog is has basic obedience skills and is a good canines citizen. So you could just a basic obedience sign up for obedience classes sit stay come walking he'll. Even -- training so that -- here to. Fuel on -- -- and I actually. -- -- It doesn't have to go around and go through it nice and easy he doesn't have -- for bullying incidents it's a fun way to bond with your patents. Just kidding I'm sure you can't. I that would and it's hurting me because I so wanted to show how he just turns over the consensus so we'll see -- you know right. -- -- -- -- -- What are you freely state your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An immediate needs of the immediately when I first met -- You know it certainly stepped up right. -- the idea that -- after yeah. -- -- -- -- And pilots are not doing me yeah. -- We're gonna statement tomorrow happening lodging -- and again tomorrow at 9 PM eastern right here at Good Morning America dot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah.

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{"id":22697527,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.27.14)","duration":"3:00","description":"Gio Benitez and Sara Haines prepare for the Oscars with more insta-shorts.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-022714-22697527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}