GMA LIVE! (03.04.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam discuss one man's geeky marriage proposal video.
3:00 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.04.13)
-- a lot of the welcome back. There was the -- was -- -- home. -- veteran -- other enough to break let me get your archbishop I got here yes I work it out. Look. You know the thing with the Oscars is from west it's when we're in LA it's. That -- said in its first admirable she never stops here that was illegal dog days indictment two of you guys stayed out -- Extra day to welcome that view have to dance -- -- Really glamorous and fun and it is it's the only problem is that we have to be -- No what -- GL AM 1:30 PM obviously -- at 4 am -- in LA. To do this Saturday and a New York so bad that 130 really comes quickly -- -- you know you're suddenly two hours of sleep is not that much. And it's only because of the events that are going on here normally when we I can shut down and go to bed at 8 or 9 o'clock at night but if you transfer that to the West Coast that would mean he didn't get to bed by like 6 o'clock at night theaters too much going you've got too much work to do or covered to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that wake up call big you know all live via portable -- you know technical scents like -- Have a vital signs yeah. The TV that we're doing might not I honestly don't remember last month the -- as we all -- -- I. Covered I didn't pre show and -- went to the actual Oscars which went long -- interview McAuliffe three and a half hours so all the sudden. If I had wanted to get to that I couldn't get bad before midnight. He's he's always ask if it's funny it is fun but it -- is just crazy -- -- do we got the tablet assay we got an email from Lara. Wednesday -- at like 11 PM she's like I am just. Waking -- I mean the flew down from wallow on to -- welcome back I think you know this guy Kevin. I bet this gets off on the show today on -- only read I had moments ago you watch it we didn't pet fashion show and I'm very curious to see. What you guys thought as -- -- -- -- -- -- about it because. I mean I understand the that thing about how we all wanna like love our pets and address our pets than -- people warm. But there were one -- two situations where it but if an animal isn't comfortable. In the -- and what you -- why weren't here and I think I'm definitely not. I think that I didn't you know I don't think you should probably yeah I mean that -- hasn't he may not guilty to that does he -- Blood donated really uncomfortable with the idea today who got here. Well you know the maker whomever it is -- -- to -- took -- closed for the for the so we don't need to be -- -- -- jobs. I'm curious what we always say like no it's awesome they love it what do you guys LA guard Jimmy studio audience -- -- do what he had. Are you sure you're there are -- in -- -- that -- coming up. The -- we had to. Do you think it's like just leave the -- alone. I save my little list of of the Miami Heat on my letter here. We know what's right or wrong it's just you know it's -- -- yeah yeah I Wii is an -- saying that nearly he teaches that god didn't look entirely comfortable. You're one of the wedding -- really like vacant she's enjoying -- -- -- Dave -- heavier than the dogs and that was and comfortable not want the government didn't really -- With a little -- they only care of their warm and if you're holding absolutely huge did you got on a boxer our government and you're gonna lose my hand but comment. If that's like big dogs are gonna put over the -- -- -- off from runaway. Your thought that it will actually the second magnolia a lot of people we are gonna get a lot of mailers sign that we are -- are very passionate I -- a little people -- and rescue. She gets among mothers and she gets really cold so I do have like a sweater hurry and I think that's fox -- reporter I like the little. -- -- only street assault updates when you see him especially out walking in snow covered places getting out there's the root of all that is. Starters the assault on the ground turned out all the -- -- being to be that. I -- I look at about it I don't live Jessica gods like they might I -- me as well but yes a little out of something fun I also want to make a point really quick about the play of the accident because honestly it was -- it was I had a wonderful and her. Very rare opportunity to sit on the -- as they -- a lot of sports which also of course now means and a modern age watching a lot of sports with a laptop open. Just seeing what's going on on the Internet on Twitter Dave I'm sorry my friend I know you went to Mount Vernon side to bring this up again my friend again is our look at heavy periods of that basement. When Hannah Hannah coming up -- you have to -- net -- and we can buzzer beater time right now Steve basketball player after happening everywhere until. This what happens guys throw the ball -- and Allegheny dozing girl's for the mob of now didn't -- -- -- But what have. And -- numerous shell completed -- 121. Come back in the last four minutes. -- kids threw the ball we how to my uncle Leo let me today we're gonna see it. He throws the ball -- intercepted now the opponent just kind of throws the ball up that you see who gets the ball back and makes it. I just want to make a point for every young athlete out. -- meal at -- wasn't built he had full role -- that. A ball that was picked off at half court. And if that's the waiting game and he's gonna have to live without the -- -- -- he didn't give up on the play you know yeah he followed the play. And he goes from -- to. He'll roll. All time all -- wants desire not obvious I. Don't give up on the so true you know what I'm saying you don't OK -- on the play -- An -- life lessons like -- I think that's applicable and so many things I love. That was very inspiring he -- -- very inspired. It's definitely widely used today it we told you about them a lot of important things that because -- -- still some positive side of the business Hingis was really I was when went to bring my producer of presented me with this little pity I thought I had to share this with my boys. I would love to -- -- -- there for a romantic weekend. There's a hotel that appeared to themes. Some -- conferees. This is that. How do you go outside Chicago -- how ya don't you -- I don't think anything with a Long Island accident but it's in China that it that the days of a wonderful. Reading program. Taylor for piano as a as a big -- the -- the team to a new level in -- all of your servers up and -- -- industry. There's one there's somebody -- Coffee for any hardships yet he -- He -- yes we're very sorry hello -- -- -- costumes. I'm sure everybody talking about how to pass the math yes hang up now beyond my bumping into walls -- you can -- you can take dependent. Holdup could that it'll to give it up but this was what -- -- -- -- -- as an intermediary romantic groom their rooms all have handed scenes and a stuffed animals everywhere aren't. You know but there's also room has a mural painted on the -- and it's panda as recreating the famous scene from Titanic. That says I am pleased that I'm Q I have had I think I hadn't heard a word is out there majorities in both Clinton and -- Roll please -- that that would make it hard -- -- -- -- -- that. We weekly rep today at its of the picture. And name have a lot so we're gonna wait we're gonna wing. 84 and maybe -- are not America you have an extra -- -- Sabrina yeah where it -- let's -- any Philadelphia weather floods and are looking. This is using up. That's your serve her job now -- Qaeda and where it. I don't know why does she thought I did not enter the no humility is it's above that has that's the -- yes I don't go up shop -- they -- -- -- smooth. The man in the furry costumes Sabrina where do you do now did -- it's practically several I don't know and I it's a real enemies. Yeah. Here's the I really don't right now yeah. Up to god then -- -- but weren't panic I -- right where. I don't think it's just it's -- you really. Doing a scene from Titanic to me. -- -- -- -- Development that was really good that was really great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Down again I'm scared especially if what just occurred to bring miss Sally good interest -- -- social media may even think in my pocket could well well not just what they've been talking about what they are now in 321 talking about so there are no good today thank you -- you. Yeah Alabama bingo know there you know it's it's here illustrate Bieber in -- to celebrate his birthday is that your hair -- lessons from heat you know what he. -- you see the pictures of him when he is a rift. During the -- night he's nineteen yeah night. It's like he's not thoroughly -- anyways. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they don't have to be extravagant. -- our friend at least -- McCann greeted an animal fashioned way over the top look for animals looked miserable yeah that was my fear. My fear was that the audience that folks at home would go that it that we're really care dogs I'm a little bit -- -- -- I noticed he did not figure I should not pregnant he wouldn't Colombia. Well what I've got there are no word -- -- gotten that bad idea what what what of look over the top when he literally thousands of east. -- this share breakfast campaign we weeded out -- cash balkanized between. And -- it goes toward helping these people breakfast and here are some of that response we got. Quite get there on spring break from college eating cold up there were people out of reticence -- That count yeah now -- -- the cumulative I don't know lines we need to difficulties in the morning hello we had an announcement that we have we did -- I've never had it and well that doubled how volatile. That I don't -- Michael -- -- -- of the -- authorities on its fans really are you never you know all you had. I didn't god which appeared tweeting moved the when he went to the West Coast he's got -- alleged argument San Francisco. They have -- aren't. Now on the -- there but you can't and because what's amazing is the abiding into this freshly prepared wild amateur temper I got to let it still cold and Chris -- all golden gate. It didn't go ahead upside acknowledges that the lettuce is calling -- and then just this whole thing about. How that she's -- out of the bottom and that he had to like get a finger at the bottom -- -- Friday and the next thing I'm going to fine arts and tech analysts they're like yeah they are I want to -- -- for southbound and done. The -- and done you have I have to go now and you're welcome Santa to put -- corporate gardening welcome. I will. What if I'm very -- and then he'll get like this when Johnson the Somalia -- -- on -- on. He did. Hand over here and he's. -- -- -- you wrap up -- you know that is she's lovely by the that was Kellogg's Kraft -- on his. Ratings one of those tweets were -- do it this week each one of those tweets were you between what your kids are having -- breakfast to. GMA has to be that GMA folks all or you go to that website. And and will direct act got ranked dead. They'll give a breakfast too many. Little did get back to breakfast somebody's somebody's have a breakfast because Molly's the sweetest little thing eating her -- he just like it's kind of mad it's -- and the best looking out. -- -- -- I found my guys aren't thank you so much that's not all banks that don't tell you some -- -- and -- I handed -- by the way I'm gonna be doing him -- live next week. From SXSW -- the drive to a new -- died so cool live -- -- -- -- of mind. Get your annual conference last visited the music possible it is but it also interactive -- I -- read aloud at -- by a clear that this also eating. You can do -- a good eating and Austin -- you know what you will you do we have any GMA alive goodies that you can take you give to the folks Deluca. I mean -- you can watch things that there. Come on now we have no budget for that but we can't do something we had a budget period. Let me ask -- during the these gains were rerouted Soledad and -- didn't tell the audience pays us for the privilege shakedowns and -- an Internet tell everybody about him alive absolutely all right. OK I think young Andrew. -- rent. Talk to us about the Barack senior from moment. If you were to come if you BI now let's get exactly -- -- America if you missed this showmanship of Liberace -- get ready for and who doesn't find exactly. You're from low -- -- -- -- that -- below green is the latest pop starting at the biggest threat kicking off a two month extravaganza. He will be playing -- planet Hollywood resort. The casino -- of him dressed as the -- yes studded halo Barack she. It yeah what's happening. He not just network saying that is and I love me I love me some seal agreement that is not as liberal rot T as Liberace. Yeah go back to what Liberace won't ask. His -- down compared to a Liberace how would you explain abroad when he brought she was I would edu. Anything tell our abandoned cars and it is video is MI only -- -- only person who remembers Liberace anybody and yet you may have right what's your name. Don -- for just a minute. I had -- you -- stick -- we do. All right and it's a -- name again. Don and Ecstasy ads that don't you describe what Liberace was painless flash he was to blame he whisper -- eat. They just grab the top of it. And it was a more about -- was written about more than just -- Muzak. Yeah I was about the showmanship because remember in those days you know -- a song if you sat down to play a song he played the whole song you know just get a clip and then get out of it. So there was -- television could take a long time to get to have -- -- like this broadcast yeah. -- -- Liberace made it all like work to do. I don't know why I'm so what you're saying salmon and Donna committed stagnant there is that he won't need to take after take it up and she got to love and much bigger -- bigger castles -- a little bit more -- when you know -- -- -- say yeah yeah I do you know a little bit about everybody Madonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah OK we got we -- aside breaking between making me just bring a yes Carolina every year. Carolina reader -- at the salmon got AK idiot abroad should go to the panda hotel and lead Morton had -- big -- please are you guys Alex that's got to ask expanded his demeanor. And I do not burned out -- I'm now we have a -- we -- pay the ball who would you want to have. Their own -- show. Do you like Taylor Swift I don't yup -- like the -- eternal love I love the chance to Justin Timberlake all La. Or -- well we're gonna go here Seth MacFarlane. Funny funny total musical all -- good call -- -- we didn't have. Panda -- there even better oh my gosh -- Added he doesn't want to read it was Jamie Lee Curtis had a very interesting op -- on the Huff -- Huffington Post Maria McFarland and he posting. -- -- Oscars she was not what I am not really been decorated their points -- she immigrated song at all. It'll play of the -- extra on the evidence that's good about that -- I would like. -- government to meet chat Nicholas and -- Griffin. They met online militant different parts of the country and they start creating weekly parody videos under the -- screen. Team. Making their latest an original song called geeky love so let's see and. -- -- Well in that. That video at the very end Chad surprised Angie and -- this isn't surprised yeah it's a surprise here make that video. And she says yes. I want they were saying at Disneyland very nice but I love I love -- -- something that goes on now out there that folks can meet. Online debate parody videos live in different cities meeting today that you guys -- -- within this morning so why am I telling your story to. Angie tell us all that talent and I congratulations by the way -- -- The way we do are probably pretty -- They showed. -- -- because -- -- -- parody videos and Tijuana no did you did you think it was just a part of all of the parody video when he got bended knee or. Did something change that let you know that this was for real. I mean I had no idea is completely shocked when he got into the end I was -- they did it uh huh it is. Awesome my favorite part and video -- her her reaction. I don't celebrate our friend shot. Have you got if you guys envision yourself -- wearing costumes for some core portion of the Whiting. Some yeah. This to you met online and still haven't you out of that relationship go from total strangers meeting on lines. This wonderful and -- apparently rather intense collaboration and and it's not just a love match anything that you guys have a wonderful artistic partnership. I think that where where did that come from. Hear what I was I was living in Wisconsin she was in California and we did eleven trips. Back and forth -- see each other and I finally we decided to you know our first date was actually Disneyland. So that's why I chose Disneyland and location but you know we're we both just share a love her all things geeky in that sort of thing and we've always loved -- Music and movies and so it was kind of a natural how many animals and and we started doing -- a -- -- we kind of -- written movie reviews and removed him to do it was. Do we have a big game -- and we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- day but just a lot of hot or not what we do it usually does good on the date and the constant. It. Please -- And thank you guys are durable -- -- -- -- the -- alive exclusive selling and by the way my other. We have not thank you for sharing and thank you everybody we're spending a little and without after the shacks on -- -- ally we'll see you at 9 AM eastern standard tomorrow will.

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