GMA LIVE! (03.04.14)

Ginger Zee and Rebecca Jarvis sample OddFellows Ice Cream Co.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.04.14)
Get ready for some GMA live -- it all starts now live backstage in GMA. It may live. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this -- me. Just watching from here in New York I was so proud of you ginger and I mean that it was so cool that they that it happened at. It was to be able to do what I did one time in Chicago we have a local dancing with the stars and I did that. -- but I really didn't have much stance experience and so didn't I -- cheerleading that sometimes does but. -- Can make. Anyone -- stock. The excellent and I'm not kidding he will grab your I'm. I'm -- -- -- -- -- and I watched fact that tape and a habitat watch the tape over and over and I can start to break down his formula. He will be a formula that. It's out -- -- put your hand I thought I thought my hand there. So -- figured out he'd -- that you know when he called -- he snaps you back up in place he puts my hand on the back of his head. But it looks like I'm doing. I -- like a puppet a full on public. And he isn't -- -- -- -- by yourself and then you're on your well I that you and I ending and there's a lot of you in all of this -- I honestly well while I was watching I wasn't sure I was thinking you -- had a big background in data that's now I would not say they certainly didn't do as a young. Child and then -- accent but -- us practicing we did we had a four hour rehearsal. And where it learns and so that with the long part on Friday night. I had an also up since you know one handsome he had he had just flown back from Russia so -- -- been rough shape but that we didn't on the stage a couple times -- So when he walked out on stage before you started. What was the last thing that went through your mind before you started moving do not trip on the carpet and do not yeah. Please don't trip make good doing it live as a whole different thing you know the hours they -- out we'll -- a piece that we had and we did have a piece -- really -- them about how would how we got there. And all the language they do a lot of like that pat pat that can't access -- it's -- have you been doing that now back that -- what I'm doing weather and I say Samantha as a top hat scene out. But now it's it was such a great experience I -- so. Jealous of anybody that gets to dance with those pros because it is still so much fun and that excitement after -- -- like. Well I think I don't know -- but I think but I think ginger should have lots more opportunities -- And -- I'm in favor and take a lot of practice I think we're gonna have to partner up let's let's move on from a dancing again. But we are starting a trend here right on GMA alive we want to bring this summer a little bit closer because you know we're all just. Wanting at least -- some warmth but. I think about it because we've got some ice cream Vanilla interesting -- -- going -- -- -- everywhere candy flavors and this is extra virgin olive oil. I think it needs from a company here in New York City and old fellows and homeland refuted this -- is at lunch Ayodele karma lights pineapple in time -- take there was the cheese. This looks good peanut butter and jelly right I didn't peanut butter and jelly and loving and make that -- is selling something crazy. Right it is not kind of spicy -- sorry I read that -- -- oak. To reason carnal than trying the governor Eliot. Let's get let's get adventurous and danced with Derrick that can at least -- -- energy -- is great and I just actually had a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly. This is better. The food and I would have this in the morning and that yet this I don't know that I would have. In the morning yeah but it's more of certainly in the evening. Thanks so this the PBJ you just yet this is the PBJ which I I'd definitely like the -- -- -- and a curious about the cheeseburger and she's -- -- name only got just what we want to Saturday wet this peanut and jelly I would I would -- this. I -- I'm -- that's so I'm good with the peanut butter and jelly I'm not so sure. On the Monday yeah. We're trying new things I'd rather have my lunch date of the cheese with -- in my experience and now we know about this tape and yes speaking of tastes Lena Dunham. Who -- had a taste for the comics. And now it's been revealed that she had an addict comic she was an avid comic book collector. Now she's signed on for new series revolving around the women of the comic book art she it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Multi talented artists now we -- she hasn't talent for comics how this is gonna take on almost character as -- everybody loves Veronica and Betty. Given new comic book for their own twist not at all -- -- brother Dennis says the added you don't tangentially along with them would without look and see what it was but now -- now. But the series is gonna. Come -- next year unnamed released next year. That's really not like the sex in the city of -- Looking forward to it where the girls I guess who didn't think warmup. Is does and -- -- what -- we come on yeah yeah and yet that's apparently the not on HBO. I'm roasting kids heads -- -- today and we just wanna it you know it says the name on YouTube and it's exactly what it is hit his dad telling us. Just what it's like. To have children. This makes sense at all. It's. -- it I. Ginger -- I someday maybe future mother day perhaps yes I'm sure that's not always right there. Mississippi I remember though probably my childhood my dad -- when he waited when my sister and I it was my sister and I what we would get really rambunctious he would actually talents we -- an island that are kitchen he would tell us to run around it. Because it was kinda like get tired and eventually you're gonna go to speak my kid that -- I just realized that but he was doing could tell -- like go around cats do and -- -- challenging how -- times can you do that not. Coach -- now that what I think could also are kind of -- this morning is this cute little kitten who made him mad dash for a slipper. Yes look at her weighing her options. Then waiting for the perfect the -- was the perfect moment to attack they often thought it. -- -- -- In its. Purposeful believe it and they -- -- But she still enjoying herself. Is there she got a camera that's an everyday thing that's something you. -- -- -- -- -- So let's meet the candidate Jimmy live about a -- of course but it's Tuesday's so we have a bonus Canada day that I love the oh my gosh this -- silver. In doing that had scratched because he doesn't seems a little -- -- -- because it looks weird at first but once he let sit well. Look at. Overcome with joy I get -- -- with that. I just saw one of these things for the first time when I was in -- -- Future sister in law has -- and that's not my face looked like when she put it on the knowledge -- sweet and we need to get with us yeah but I think. The audience let's go around then you'll really like -- -- an -- smiled again now think. Flatly Karen Jamie -- we showed you some very funny and creative short films. Submitted to us Saudi insert -- from students at the New York Film Academy they wanted to celebrate the Oscars and he then this weekend we offered them a challenge. Make a short film that includes all my movies that were up for best picture. And guess what they rose to that challenge let's take a look from their masterpiece the wall but doesn't the Dallas hospital in Nebraska that didn't. From movie bringing in -- -- depend. Thank you. -- -- -- People. Purification. Not a -- Welcome to call real mother cannot. -- -- this pan kind of have to sell you his friend. I'm a millionaire. I won the lottery. So means. News. They did it Ramallah and bringing on senior director hicks as the that the money guys to -- money in for the acne -- -- the same. Ultimate match up and they declined to senior director in the -- -- welcome your producer we -- nice -- -- and I'm sure with many other projects as well. Let cool idea and union -- and the initial ideas -- it was ours actually one. How -- we may Casey and yeah. But but but then -- Q -- was just amazing what is -- something you knew your students were up for it like. Only it's that you don't want to have to be up for it I mean you have to when -- gives you an opportunity to do something you have to take the opportunity and -- with -- and when -- turned to me and said we need a scripts for a shoot that we're going to be tomorrow morning. -- -- of course let's do it and we put together our students and staff. To create short film for you guys and it was a blast what we're so many other ideas to. No we started out with. Really the wolf Wall Street somehow came drum lines because there was so much to kind of go off -- and it kind of -- -- typical process that. Film's story would have you know we started out with the scene that they did in the nursery in the wolf of Wall Street that's kind of where it started. And we actually thinking -- English -- -- specimens that is a little SK and how we gonna do that and -- someone in our look kind of like pitch session they're sending a lot. And it's just hard to bring all the characters there you know what about the hands. Why don't we -- we get all the characters together in that scene where he's trying to get people to sell him the patent and -- -- it came about. To do it does it -- capture and and to do -- and we all know which -- how many people does it take to do something like this. He had to act he -- about. Six Simonsen meant crew and then obviously costly I was sent to pick somebody from each of the movies that was nominated for best picture also. We got. A lot of people altogether want to pass tonight how to be nine people could overnight films me. The crew to be able to do something where you -- have that kind of camera movement and I try to make it look kind of you know professional image you know. And it. As it grew out into your cell issue accountancy you've probably no better than anyone else what are some of -- big movies that your most excited about. Moment of the films that we just -- in the Academy Awards -- a triple what had the biggest buzz at least from my experience at the school and your film academy. Was happy and yeah that's what people kind of we're talking about around the water cooler. And I think it's because it really touches. That age group number one you know that most of our students are in their twenties and we -- figuring out. New ways interact. -- that's what's happening. The way we communicate with each other the way that we disagree -- -- not saying who would have thought right exactly onion and having -- that opportunity to look at what the world. Could be like as the technology progresses I think excited people -- -- start to make them think I know that when I saw the film. We were just talking about it afterwards what was realistic what wasn't realistic about -- in terms of what we thought could happen in the future. Right and I think it's -- -- say that the people and that age group are always thinking about their futures. And I think that television film. Is something that -- untouchable for a lot of people if you had to give advice to someone. That wants to get into film funding deal isn't -- something students begin watching here -- -- -- who now there's so much opportunity for someone whose interest in this field to get their hands on some sort of technology to just start doing it. And that's that's the New York Film Academy philosophy is you can't just talk about it. You have to do it so we want to get technology into their hands and so what you can do if you're not out of film school is use the technology that's available to you. And then when you have the opportunity you'd want to -- wants anymore you'll get to learn about. -- more interest in technology world war bigger technology or things that could -- other types of take a look types of shots we'll create other types of work that perhaps your mobile phone can't -- you have an opportunity with this technology right -- in the -- So much of the issue you know losing ginger brought up this idea of this very untouchable industry getting into movies don't feel so distant. There's the other issue which is what you start to create that work will people not like it and what happens if they don't get what's your advice to people who are afraid of that. You can't be afraid of -- The thing is at some point along the way you may make a project -- people aren't penalized and into the the best directors make films. That people sometimes don't like but you gotta keep working through that that's part of the experience of becoming a better artist you have to fail. First before you know how to succeed in most cases and you you just have to do it I mean that's that's kind of our motto is like. -- that equipment in your hand and start telling stories. And an opportunity to get into the industry or at least to get people to see you work nowadays. It is completely different from what what was when I went to film school twenty years ago. This film that we made for example. This. Has been seen already by thousands of people. Could -- was -- and it's unbelievable. Ball and speaking of social media Alan do you see it and social media and we -- to talk about you given your hand you do the film but is -- that -- -- changed how films are made in the future. -- -- Boy in already -- you know exactly what David said you have the ability to get -- out straightaway you know you can be complete amateur -- make up. Put some things again I have -- implantable we have friends and with the power of social media sharing that everyone can see thank you got so much thank you to the high. On the New York Film Academy and thank -- -- hard -- we know that take lots and get together and sit and let all the students to -- -- I think senator they have their on the project. Students -- busy they had to work on the Manhattan Project who didn't and -- -- -- -- -- -- after promising. I read amendment that thank you for being here with us today thank you -- watching the regular. Teammate with the big stars coming out this was an exciting day musically I think we can't wait. Wait to see you again right here on CNN live 9 AM eastern every day we'll see if for regular -- at 7 AM tomorrow.

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