GMA Live (03.07.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate national cereal day and talk to the Deen brothers.
16:52 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for GMA Live (03.07.13)
-- Okay. What we're told you worked up an appetite today but do you -- -- half hour. In the now can be told department. Would she she she got a 156 dollars -- in change -- that counts on the big show that we had just completed. Now can be told that you know you said it perfect. We'll give away money and let's -- also got so. -- was thirty seconds of are actually going -- -- the money what you didn't see where the 22 minutes and combing over every inch of that house. Rounding up part of that -- And we didn't do or any favors there are no -- twenty dollar bills. We didn't find a Susan B. Anthony -- -- was all quarters and pennies and Nickels and dimes and all the -- he don't really -- -- there was a there was a hidden spot that no one thought about and they didn't even tell us that it was there. Until like in the commercial break and if you look if you look at this. The set up CNET CNET coat rack over there to the right Dave put like want to quarters in the coats -- I think the game -- -- -- pound that's seven. Better then that's coming -- The company I'm not going through -- bog down until I'm told that there's money in there and then I go through that like you wouldn't believe and we want but we weeded out I don't -- -- -- Also the. He doesn't Sam I think you can be forgiven for not winning this is a personal view is this your first when ten breast cancer in the pleasant road leading -- I wanted him. It wasn't even close she ran away to hit I really -- to -- blood on his his his right up my highlight and cleaning -- opens. -- sand clean up pretty well I was sabotage right away. My Maclean has seven Jewelers -- -- with an audience and moderate image on your wall my cleaning -- I had to I would Don whenever that things call cruel and gets turned on you've got. Look at it that I'm like no that's not that's not Iraq and I played at all do not -- your carpet up and shake it. Ladies and gentlemen if you do that -- under the carpet isn't your house clean. -- if you shake your carpet then put it under the carpet and laid a carpet Baghdad here at this point how does he can you front and right. If I -- Have to tell and -- something we've been discussing here I am on in massive. Team of -- kick. Right now -- -- I did not get to the series right away are you saying I should start in two seasons in about a week and a half really got decides it is for me. The best if that's the best show on TV so there's a promo poster okay just one of many that I. -- Aaron Brown -- the seven kingdoms it's a phenomenal show but look at what my. Former place of employment what's Sports Illustrated did this week in advance of that -- season three premiere of game -- bronze that's Roger Goodell. And they just turned in the inverted he sits atop the throne of games the NFL now. And looms large over the landscape here in America and Sports Illustrated has -- Roger Goodell. The most powerful man in sports it is hard to argue that. -- this was admittedly a way to throw love to Sports Illustrated still still -- preeminent the greatest sports -- immediately. Are you ever gotten yeah Sports Illustrated can gain on around I -- you can go home now I -- to give a shout out to Adam -- -- -- a great editors there is Sports Illustrated for getting that done John -- he's the lead illustrator if you look inside the a magazine to they do the whole map. -- of of west Iran says it's known on the show. Phenomenal show there is a question I -- can criticize congress is anything on you so Damon jones' you're guilty pleasure and guilty is now marks a little flashlight so -- is down -- your game and found the -- but I love game rounds on -- and these I find another one and I'm really obsessed with adding I don't know if you had to haven't seen I love and -- can't recommend enough scandal. So yeah Kerry Washington everybody loves us so good everybody loved it love affair between the president and Olivia Pope -- I can't get on sat. They won't have to what I will say that's the -- it's always been talked about the production office upstairs -- going on people -- -- -- not it's sexy air its dirty politics. That's phenomenal Nashville on not to shilling for us either I had to watch the show that interview -- -- got -- -- -- love national I think -- kindness incredible and it's not a little Harrison -- and girls need to be we do not watch this with kids in the -- I made the mistake of having my eleven year old throw in the room and they were talking about what's fair and -- That was their current I had to look -- I. So deafening -- your kids cleared the room but the writing. On girls. I worship you mean is on them I -- -- say yeah. Well there's been DVR you gotta fill it up when shows -- -- do in this weather two's Mike Connell converts -- Hey you know it's not spring and it's like yeah I'm sticking you with the whole like spring's coming -- gotta tell you -- me and you and that groundhog. Yeah what does it and by the way isn't it groundhog if it sees shadows there's six more excellent -- have been thousands each of my -- pumped right now not. Yeah I -- just looking at that I'm sick of you and the -- public. Like well. I get -- better something and I operate around. And the Finland and there is currently not I -- my -- he's -- a lot of sound right now everybody just -- springing it on. That's actually hang on think that it's time for conflict resolution here achievement. So let's look where what's the common ground where can we meet in the mid immediately released -- it was over yeah yeah it and. Actually technically correct and that's -- look at that winners almost over -- good literally yes Soledad yet you're in you're getting your way through our next segment you don't I'm losing the game and Bobby. They did try to -- solved but you know -- are standing by what we do all this toward Johnson like. Oh. Yeah. -- cannot come back -- The rest acquisitions they had the guns they don't know what it is always the Helm rapidly disappearing -- -- I look at you -- -- And free -- yeah they don't pay for September when -- have a book coming out oh. Either way -- now set to record the earliest plug I have ever -- To me. Is that's driven up here don't -- -- that yeah explode is that so this is not what there was electricity in this thing. That was amazing -- -- -- -- that it will split is that OK so -- get is hey it might grounder. And then all -- -- all right -- -- -- -- and some. Need -- -- what is did you put the stuff in there that outlook it's kind of like this break right here at these little -- the tank. Look at it you're gonna break my test then -- go ahead actually used by the degree temperature rise to the -- dancing -- And you just keep it moving no you don't do it like that don't even in a single. -- -- I'm what do you do and instructed. To stand down and all eyes and I'm -- -- since it. I will say don't -- anyone please don't like -- -- an -- be yoga -- -- -- -- -- Helping to be similar court battle the only -- do my make up awfully. They -- not the not a good does that really -- It's really -- it's really get it sold this console means at Nordstrom and at all and I am pleased that it's that it's fabulous Alan about how long did you take it didn't you give yourself for things like ten minutes to do anything and as I feel. -- -- I -- I can't make enough -- Do you don't even in one spot and -- -- Like your state doesn't sit well and actress Madonna us. Then yeah it's sort of a yeah. Cut its very excellent day dental and I'm so this system is normally 809 -- -- This seven did not come unexpectedly of anger in the -- Hainan China does not like let's say unilaterally. -- just. Yeah you would go to the dermatologist has -- -- hasn't happened. That's really good it's good to do it all and it you gonna feel like even more beautiful you. Don't need to stop yeah. -- Yeah Sam's lie that he likes it and look honestly at what price -- -- what happens to have -- never looked better. Parker took during the -- -- you -- -- little whirring sound it's me doing the other side. I don't actually are raising and Tory Johnson of -- Okay. Hey let's take a wait let me think it went -- I'm really getting higher good morning another pat Epperson and when he got to do I got it we gotta get that done we gotta you gotta log on right now. Yeah isn't it banks and other ones today on me and don't let you gotta check you know it's you wanna -- us over to this man. -- actually going to be Gloria I'm getting a -- thanks for reminding me yet it's our -- backstretch a big day four serial. The right isn't this material -- Cereal that national -- and check out this we do we have any opportunity. For now this is the green meetings and a Colorado has never looked more delicious like that is is on Orleans that is. I really love this low and look what you did you did with the elected Johnson and he had a lucky charms and other rivers how I'm how -- and -- other. Two and a half weeks to prepare everything in one day to apply the pieces and and tell -- your answer -- -- away and I -- you are. And with the amazing people behind the project and if you don't with Tanya little bit about what made you choose the cocoa puffs per. -- and you know closer what was your inspiration. Basically we've been by the Texas weather and whatever look good that's what I love about this is the textures is if there's it's just so beautiful it's really beautiful and we apart when his vehicle yesterday and we were -- -- -- -- And we sort for the fifth time together you know where -- this -- is going back to time when attended today. They can be viewed today. While but it happened so long before the ads actually realize that there are serial stuck to the board -- this kind of like ticket over will see you will hurt. -- spend -- -- it's meant to last everybody this is incredible. And you have have you not alphabet for -- and another serial. We do this is yours Foreman are that you're not yet we do incredible things in different materials all the time and even if you can imagine is that -- is is that I know. -- -- -- -- -- I think that's is that all branding -- -- that's incredible that's totally it's extra load up to -- a lot of the techsters wow what can't base underneath like tell -- -- -- -- -- Right base each piece is like Dick supposedly comes off right we -- each piece and industry. Ultimately sedan and so different people were guilty because I don't understand -- you didn't see it until today and because different people putting things together we stand yesterday the opposite assembling its you can see Colorado Louisiana more affordable hotel -- stray hairs -- this -- he's this is you assembling right. Well look at the time -- That is let's talk about Kendall yeah now I understand thing and mr. you always -- -- food enough. We approve any material and Ontario -- -- sculpture sculptor who loves to create these sort of you know what it. It's media so that executives every week we do different project. I love it really really gorgeous Wheeler Morgan -- our audience want you want -- hear from you what is your favorite cereal of all time that's a hard one veterans. I think apple jacks -- All the apple jacks before they -- changed among different colors like old Appleton yes -- Do you have a favorite like its -- lucky charm low -- -- village and yeah. The actually a little luck we've we've got a couple we got tricks and got lucky -- jurisprudence -- Cheerios with all due respect I want -- you know what -- if we vote over here at W voting -- -- -- Again and again yes OK so we want to hear from him. -- There are so many -- choose from -- -- -- jobs. I was thinking he's -- -- Jonathan is working with lucky -- is terrific. It actually does is a very versed in other causes colorful and the immediate and real like -- me. This is an extra never in my view saying yeah that with -- everybody that I got back. -- -- -- Wow you have to admit I'm I'm really -- our community and are you guys all got him. And I die in pregnancy thing. -- -- brother or you're nice to have him here it may know they've been on the show the big show yes you know Paula Deen is their mom by the way now. These guys. She went through a very public health battle from the and you guys kind of got involved -- -- tell me a little bit about your. There -- type two diabetes never -- -- there's teamed up with our family -- -- I've taken recipes in the new -- there were taken some are traditional recipes and use a little bitty tricks. Light in my upper mom feels great you know she looks great I get up close looks fantastic yeah -- only found -- that it. Unbelievable that not only are you better on the inside but you can just see a much better on the low side you know what -- our mother did exactly what you should do -- -- type two diabetes which is. She's a vice list person but she lost weekend coming -- southerners as we do began -- -- gave up quickly and embraced exercise started drinking lots and lots of water and -- sweet -- there's only one T actually in sweet -- it's actually sweeping anti I think. -- brown mostly -- -- houses you honestly that's the way we make in the south most important things -- fields. She's healthy -- he's been and that his son that's all you want you know what I grew up eating the way you guys grew up eating and I really feel like she changed the culture of southern food -- Like coming out talking about how you can make these these these. Recipes that we've all -- we all grew up Eden how to make them healthier dining at a nice work Martin ultimately helping us on October 12 that it can -- -- -- what I want and I don't want any kind of art that was -- look bad season. -- it's got low fat mayonnaise in it. And disagree cared and that does there is a little village -- -- -- got it all over the table Torino without pita chips and you can also use vegetables and you -- you mention that. Greek -- has could just come on it is a comedy reviewed data Chevron and -- I mean I gotta say -- was a proponent. For a long time and now literally you go down I'll and its everywhere everywhere speaking of southern -- you know there's a lot of flavor and fat sour cream that -- agreement but analysts up in time but you can -- really -- to cut -- to cut sour -- Greek yogurt Peprah -- products in it that are very good for suggestions out anytime that you can replace something bad was something. Good right that's a pretty obvious lewdness and let me give you deficit today is a -- -- mushroom Barley soup you know what people that are living with diabetes -- the way that we really should all be eating -- little closer and are a little bit fresher. Come lean. -- and in good protein blocks -- a little. This soup is is very very simple what we've done is we've -- -- mushrooms. We've got a base of what they called the holy trinity down in Louisiana it's it's your salary of -- and investing. And there's still full of portabella -- and can borrow Syrians yes -- is just -- rich in. Yet -- a man and I did not -- manages to be -- anybody Gonzales passing -- don't amount. Looking up he also that these recipes you can find all these recipes and more -- diabetes and and you like dot com. We've got the campaign going -- to encourage people. To let you know that just because you have diabetes doesn't mean that you can enjoy good -- do you think everybody you're new cookbooks what you got all these are healthy healthier recipes that I -- not on these big I have a brand new book out call for -- table Monica light cookbook but -- go. -- -- -- -- That we were -- on how good your mom looks that you guys have both lost weight since last summer you. You look fantastic man whatever whatever avenues thank you so much for having apparently -- an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- the delicious. Offerings from the -- brother what a day it has been we want to thank you for joining us each and every day 9 AM eastern.

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