GMA LIVE! (03.08.13)

Josh, Lara and Amy discuss basketball fan's incredible half-court shot and taste-test Twinkie Dogs.
11:21 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.08.13)
Okay. Don't want to quickly salute. The crowd showed up on for the big show today and stood out. They just writing his book and that's -- out there it is ugly -- was only 36 hours late with -- -- yes but it got here. And it has remained. -- -- Sam. -- is that good laughing at you right now is -- -- the Midtown Tunnel I cannot as a way to -- out to enjoy -- weekend Pamela image radio. Some pretty wild winter weather hearing here and in parts of the country. As you were just saying it's snowing sand mountain element this morning turns out. You don't want -- -- with him and snowball fight -- -- -- do we have -- -- we have the videotape. Thank god -- that left school. We're gonna work on the negative. I can't accuracy within that the style. The flexibility of the extreme right here let's -- here with the disease if he was pushing. -- He was actually angry kids in and out to be told I don't know -- -- -- on that I had gone out what color and I had a big huge snowball and -- Area right down the back -- -- -- -- I love -- Sam. The travel safely and I'm really glad that you're going to be out of state this weekend so retribution revenge is a -- -- -- -- -- just remember. Electric that there. Outfit that looked let's little uplift from -- Friday uplift this great story earlier this week pickle -- -- -- -- -- -- He hits a half court shot and Oklahoma City Thunder game. -- half court shot hadn't been hit a long time say wow 1000. Dollars. That's off. And -- his wife. Absolutely thrilled -- and there it is the check out our -- and it turns out. That boy. For that -- smiling down on that shot because it's a very very important when he thousand dollars for a very deserving handling as -- His wife is now undergoing chemotherapy and that money is gonna go torture treatment and they are. Both good enough to join us via Skype now. From Oklahoma and how low -- both of you thank you so much. Forget now I'm gonna guess he -- I'd get a guess we can have that shot on an endless loop and you wouldn't mind I didn't feel when you let ago. Well Doug it was a it was a blessing to start but it trumka thought it was good on the release. You know -- I was actually talking that -- mad at somebody who works with the thunder and they've wanted to let -- know that it happened in part because it hasn't happened in a long long time. People understand like what are the nerves like you have a packed house. You know everybody's watching and in it's hard it's hard to know exactly how hardy got a -- them. Yeah it's. It was good thriller. A little bit nervous out there and you know as a -- house. Don't understand what I'm also lakers fan so. I was trying to address some of the players and -- and a good morning -- it goes on China and -- had gone wild. Hit -- and resisting Donovan. I'm -- lakers fan as well this actually happened during halftime. A left on her and me over the lakers that was entirely happy moment there and -- again we just we did mention of all the way in Jenny undergoing chemotherapy right now -- this this this money's gonna gonna go towards that I know. Boy you guys to tell -- is -- seven children's agenda we wanna check in with you how do you do and how you feeling and how fun was it to watch -- -- that. Didn't -- I have been and we -- human being but it is pretty -- last week that we -- -- Yeah around the didn't seem to bring their -- -- -- and help out kids now -- This is -- -- -- yeah okay. Eight. Six. I am white and blue Eisenstein having -- her -- and Bernard. Neverland I was doing and I blew it gets a possible it. We're just in the house -- in -- the -- works -- not you know what is -- being the biggest shopping day you know what's your really control the situation. Yeah. Yeah. Ability. Well we wish you -- The vast and I -- want to ask you heat my son and eleven years old dreams of being called on -- that -- a court to have the same opportunities so I ask you right now. Because you are a six sacks. What advice would you give up any of us who should we be called youth our. And I got -- I got a good piece of advice do not leave it. Sure yes. Yes -- religion and yes I'm with you don't leave a shortened to miss miss law hoping -- -- -- anti how often did you practice to make that shot. Well accounts you know -- coached basketball players -- I've taken. Thousands of guns and ammunition. -- -- so you know anything you make more adamant about it reporting. All right degas -- -- -- that there are lots as long as he made the -- narrowing it mattered most again heat and -- year in our thoughts and prayers thank you so much. For joining us this morning and boy that's it's a wonderful thing thanks for sharing -- with us. But -- you -- you're thinking on what. Well good and the lakers -- go on to lose badly and that was. No well OK -- -- you know what let's talk about twinkies yes you know look at that because we promise that we tell you more about it. On GMA this morning the craziest -- concoction out there right now. It's called the twinkie dog and why -- and Tony from Battle Creek bombers the company behind -- creation are here now with this don't. On this wild -- money I guess we're lighting in early you guys right now we've got -- -- we got our T shirts so I can't tell me how did you guys come up with this -- I have no idea. -- only -- -- now we literally -- -- baseball teams and north losing we came up with through bunch ideas on the board. It's -- little -- obviously this is one of them a lot of them did not stick and we started taste doesn't -- -- and they actually dates -- it really really good the ball decently actually need to catch up I've got nothing they can not take a mustard yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She doesn't talent -- where. And we're gonna remain curious enough material. No -- and analyze everything about the big -- pop pop group and I'm so I'm grows on you. What can I am ready yeah -- that I'm not I'm gonna pass hoping don't my -- -- -- -- -- -- After those -- my -- but they are not to name only only you Big Dig up its nuclear and they're -- -- wandering around. I'm didn't and I -- -- -- -- it's good that I -- -- the robot -- well yeah. Yeah yeah we've run -- long ago -- look at oh my this is great your screen grasping and a bit and that. -- -- Yeah. And it's really easy -- so that I don't like you're looking not union not not yeah. Maybe I'll tell. If you don't yet every not to deploy into my bed and go anywhere you can all you like how often that there are just guys think -- -- -- One million -- -- next you have to know what you think I had either catch up I love a hot dog. It's really sweet witnessing -- associated detailing I like -- -- was a good idea yet appealing -- -- to please let them not to -- Prices and I'm -- there was nobody can ever want to -- is finishing coming. Yeah he's gotten. I. Not apple will -- the -- -- -- big big guy and I'm not. I mean a lot of heat for not trying things I'm like my kids need you know people really feeling the heat warning -- -- -- can only see what we need but. Com thank you -- I think I. Yeah -- at the time to pop acts -- -- -- plus one and a big congratulations are -- this morning at Sesame Street. And count bond counts he has a lot to celebrate these days Sesame Street finally reached their goal of getting one room veolia opened could be -- him. -- And there on their YouTube -- out no one more excited about it that the -- here is counting. All the use in YouTube -- a special song. In his new video not only Sesame Street the first non profit organization -- -- -- -- don't know how they're also the first utility company -- -- one million years we. Somebody blew an 809. Snow. I'm Blue -- and then I'm thousands -- not yet. Thrilling night congratulations to the whole area right back yeah we want your premium that's at the -- all about tell us -- -- favorite Sesame Street character. Top big bird Elmo cookie monster count on count for -- Oscar. I don't -- 99 unless that's -- I'm gone Oscar I love -- and many. -- -- I had them but the joy of taking Serena needed to Sesame Street and avenue Q -- hung out with Serena all afternoon. -- -- -- I ain't got about I think we want to hear from you got medical who's your favorite Sesame Street character is congratulations. -- indeed. Okay. -- -- man's best friend take look at them. Excited for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- doing that again I. I don't even know it's you know what I'm. Infiltrated my best friends -- and -- he's -- yeah very -- I would get your best day yet -- -- him during a news that the yeah. All right that's. And -- That was hit went ahead and not really nice they had to this weekend and we want to thank you so much stay warm out there and Julie TG I asked. Everybody we will see you Monday 9 AM eastern standard.

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