GMA LIVE! (03.11.14)

Lara Spencer, Ginger Zee, and Sara Haines go crazy for March macaroon madness.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.11.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- GMA. Real street have their -- yeah. I mean -- -- that happened. Earning a check on social square please take your I didn't look at accidents coming out of -- -- Yeah. And keeping. I really -- -- -- ebony cover up. Socialist whereas -- want to be die night they had to pick I don't going to social -- -- -- -- she didn't know that she wasn't in there at night. Harvard is backing -- yeah. Why are just opened -- the hottest club in town and I didn't you know out of -- these amazing -- into the March Madness committing finance here. I can't say it. Do it ginger found its -- pun is that she get the French C -- known at this. About asserting that is heading into the game didn't it. She member he didn't agree and dirty music cannot fully -- -- not bad -- at. He now can you -- -- uncertainty and unclear and -- Venus. Song that was the -- at that was a critical that we -- that I'm thinking that that I got. I don't -- not every funeral and what did not -- And fifty. Well up a lot of clean and Dallas yeah yeah and our governor has been nearly as much that you guys are pretty much you don't have movie -- -- the meet at sixteen bracket couldn't imagine -- not only are they call it. Smart and accurate mad. This mad at -- and immediately got waivers. She not tell us some of the players but hey wait to meet these can be -- Feeding on -- he knows you feel yeah you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wore street near little good with mnemonic devices. Resume he hasn't finance yeah -- women had their biggest Wall Street everybody they're delicious and in honor of March Madness march I think these -- little basketball not a sixteen you have of -- of rooms so and -- flashing or vision you haven't practically has ever. Like chocolate and I this I ask this -- and that's action's going to continue -- -- -- have you ever built but -- -- -- might -- did. Every -- hand what I'm holding my accent. I -- just forget ready or not ready yet I can't -- on a New England this easy fashion. Not only took an economic plus -- took -- out right is -- and. This problem -- and -- and she's getting married -- -- yeah. Do you -- you get married and the only diet and young people might actually a lot I'm getting -- hasn't yet didn't get married look at what to double fencing and often don't you -- yeah yeah yeah but just getting -- to have. I sat yeah I'm but in that we thinking that tell everybody phenom see -- he knows he's got he's. -- Wall Street and keep going you know -- -- can find him you know you can read -- the I'm uncle and -- Yeah. Are you are you -- -- didn't I -- -- an incident here. And -- Cleanup. I'm sure thing you know wringing their guy do you tell it's not just really really -- -- so people -- -- on how long he's been. Fulton mark jitters the competition we have these bracket forms to fill out. I'm had a double in the stores are also -- NYC pastry dot com guide write to you compete you fill out your brackets to predict which flavors. We think we'll get to the next round diamond is on lying pulling. -- total vote big time. And the winners will receive. Macaroni supply for a full year. Yeah. And I'm -- I'm not mad at regular -- yeah yeah yeah they're mostly an area. Packed with all the butter sugar and on and what I was mostly out there saying you should have like twelve basically calorie free and me and the justification ready to -- I always just my patent that is us and yet it's -- -- that's my personal checks. Because it fashion -- and I we we really. We did this won't drink -- -- You're driving mom asking if I don't when or even those rather than Gatorade on the budget by apple from so -- views since then yeah upcoming Linda -- happening unusual. It's at love visiting Hayley yeah. Yeah with you the best that you -- hey I can't thank you -- -- -- and manage your right. And all -- not as -- we we do and also talk to our colleague I'm did nearest family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's in the past 10% of these guys are right -- we thank you -- I -- -- goes -- to -- look at it. Yeah. Yeah as if she didn't do -- -- yeah we do not have Ville actually -- of not only. -- yeah yeah yeah I -- How are you my friend that let out and -- and grabbed the experience and his I have really gets on here. That's me that's -- time now oh only gonna believe named Billy and I got to -- he's been peddling entertainment that is now is all things food and he got an all seeing what's party and events is very generous of you who I'm I'm so why did that yeah I talked -- -- finally. -- -- palace you know with revealed -- at a party -- -- place. These are we can -- Richard. Let's do that fight over here seventeenth of march or -- around about saint patty's day ever listen to talk more about the party's -- and -- including -- yeah that's why you're here as your. Expert I I I am a bit I guess I have yet so we are one week away not even for Saint Patrick's Day and exiting or celebrate all -- -- The best of the best bar I'm a -- for -- -- to you. Personally except New York right here in an attempt to his million. People that come out since -- -- you realize how big that is has more than most populations. Other cities across the country 250. People -- -- 50000 people actually in the prayed and you guys actually march. Do you I don't know if you noticed that there's a rule that you guys aren't allowed to have. Wheels are floats or anything like our New York is one of the few places that just marks and one of the few places that actually throw it on Monday the seventeenth that -- the desired over the weekend sporadic as you know Bianca. Also that he was shot to boss in the Senate's most Irish city in the world 61 out of five people are actually from Irish descent. That's 20% that's totally huge Hamann actually invented saint Patrick Stacy got to get that can be a great place to go. -- it goes to South Boston which is actually the most. Irish you know -- district of the place very -- And then. Have to give a shout out to Chicago. Brian hello my daily news. Because we have to -- -- he had and we got a hold the whole river Green River. I mean -- wake up in the morning 9 AM we -- the whole river green it's so awesome that even First Lady Michelle Obama has now started to die. The fountain at the White House green. -- that we have a parade is our grand Marshal is the CEO and president of there's the White House. We've been doing that since 20091 -- -- to keep that after Obama is gone but. That is inspired by the Chicago greening of the river and you one more city yes final city to get final city -- out shout out. As far as west of the Mississippi San Francisco has the that's. They've actually had a lot of Irish. -- -- -- Cisco. They have kids' friends. Kid friendly events. They also -- festivals and all the -- to -- block parties around the city so it's a little bit scattered -- spread out a little different in seventy degrees. Which is totally different not -- Madison's -- is you know people were -- when it's thirty hundreds. And I -- -- -- Donna and saint -- and but yet. Tell a little twist all cleaned up one more projects needed to get anything out lot of talk about Chicago that -- Robert Redford produce for the eight hour -- series its view that government. It actually started Thursday -- -- you'll see -- introduced taking people through the culinary arts and entertainment -- through Chicago follows. Mayor Rahm Emanuel. An amazing principal on the south side and really tough gang infested neighborhood turning her high school around for Chicago public school students. It's really wonderful story about all of the pluses positives and all the challenges that the mayor takes on an attacks. Alongside city leaders the government. We were just hugely. That's -- -- and and hugely passionate about making the city better. And what's really excited about is not only is -- a great detailed story about Chicago but it reflects what a lot of cities are the only through -- the country you every big city goes through. A lot of you know challenges with public education. Budgets. Games you name it it's all address in this and -- -- a lot of negatives and positives and I think it's great American story. -- I think you think -- might. Okay. -- got to that -- right now we're gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- early today near the embassy and king yeah. And. There were yes -- talk and look at this hour I need to be surrounded by three hot -- Yeah. Honey I'm your -- -- -- ignorant I was -- I mean I'm not here -- idea here bringing the genie out camera there. I'm waiting that I can do -- -- -- it's not gonna work no I was so moved by that piece -- -- -- talked about it. Changes in our personal lives about that moment when he had a panic attack but to watch it happened I just -- -- as a journalist -- -- on TV the pressure sometimes can be so great. But -- to how to sort of unravel. On the air but thank goodness that you were able to take I mean it's the ultimate turning lemons into lemonade isn't. Yeah I mean it's. I thought a lot about whether to tell the story in a lot of human -- about Canada am in the book Natalie but not exact but a lot of other things and to me it just seems like meditation is such a bad PR problem people think it's only. For weirdos -- hippies or if you are a little weird. -- -- -- -- and I -- I -- don't listen to the person we're bat and wears bathrobes on that. It's bound to get through and really -- -- and I remember you telling me I'm I want to try it. She's gonna -- me -- you viewers you are saying we. Here and be surprised how hard it is yet it's -- it is the mental exercise yes I can do it for very limited periods it's like. How I don't know how you do -- yeah. Say you don't it's like holding a live -- -- your hands and we did our minds are crazy that point is not to stop taking the point is to start over again. If you can just catch yourself and start over that's the whole game is it -- go to Jim yes you're doing it right same thing -- and. That's in the years and ice and meditation is going to be like the next technical and it's getting out of that the invention that takes us that's going to annual Houston folks -- -- -- He also said one thing about winning -- -- your mind is not that you have to -- you have to slow down you just have to have enough pause to see it yet let it go without react. You know what happens there is standing in your regular life you know when you're driving down the street is -- cut you -- you have this thought. I'm angry right and then immediately you inhabit that -- -- commenting but meditation you noticed getting angry -- I really need to be. That is superpower because think of any time you lose your temper and regret it later -- hopelessness and the spring when you're not hungry or send email me. Visibility was -- other people like ginger doesn't thousands of. All -- why -- why is it only making 10% happier and as you seem like one of the news center and wonderful happy people -- -- -- -- adorable it's a bit tongue in -- The reason why I want to say tempers and -- years I spent a lot of time -- self help groups. And they promise and I think it very destructive way that they can solve all -- your problems and I think this is. Capture program to -- you can do something. That is scientifically tested it will have a good return on investment and there's not -- you know make you taller -- -- your hair fixed so you don't know under the lottery considerate. Signs that Andrea Harris at CNN yeah it is the way to do it when -- forecast in the same thing and never -- never be upset. So it really hits seventy but to forget but what are some of the things that people who were watching them they might be as you said -- that stereotype -- that have had a negative connotation with. Meditation what are some things that you think you can help went in terms of I guess anger but what what else can can people gathered from this problem that they're saying -- -- -- that's not. A man of facilitating immediate short list of the things that meditation who shot to help. Focus blood pressure immune system. Psoriasis. Irritable bowel syndrome your brain metabolism and as it's been shown to rewire -- parts of the brain. Literally grow in the grey matter in in the parts that have to do with self awareness of compassion and shrinking it where it has due to stress -- -- been -- Also didn't -- after -- I still -- cookies. And it did you see did you Sierra from the yeah by the way am I hired in French acknowledges he knows the game being on CNN Baghdad elite so it's not -- -- Later that night I had to -- -- -- message you're not reflect yeah you know you and you know. Another -- Yeah if I can isn't so -- a dignified company. Didn't know I don't know I was so he got question on the town attorney present happier -- -- -- Do and we you answer a question from -- to death on the yeah I think get to all the -- -- -- if you look -- -- -- it. What did you do Ali -- yeah that would Arroyo. Is imminent -- -- And SA well. The first couple years me on TV looked like you in the moment -- yeah no -- we can't attack in Chattanooga you know for sure what is your favorite congregants that writing. The experience a little embarrassing minutes hanging -- my life watching TV time. Yeah. My words not bad looking -- -- Mary -- but she's like we adamantly favorite. And being married. Yes I'm tired doctor white -- I'm -- animal has always important we're OK we need to know one thing he might fighter looked like -- -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- make you 5000%. Happier. But you know that but I think you'll probably yeah. I think the Pat Desmarais immediately discovered that pat -- have a lot of medicinal they Dahlia and. And it's worth saying this is a little plug for days BCA up in the united yellow we all believe -- strongly there -- millions of animals -- -- -- down every year because they don't have a good home sales. The -- yeah seven. Does he did you ask me -- I'm going to let -- find yet highlight excellence and -- that in us. It is not my hand again not my Cat Stevens what does my affairs and I kept him by the -- my -- we're -- Eyewitness News. Just let me just go back I love -- dear prudence by The Beatles. Beautiful eight finalists for. All right guys thank you so much for your questions here at social square thank you -- parents are helping us all become. 10% happy I think I must read congratulations. We'll have you look at -- yeah. Now we come back you are ordinary -- as I wish you can do like how to meditations that we can do that -- bring me back up to get a hundred. Thirty seconds it's so simple RA Sosa stuff parents and entities next gen -- -- -- and find my feeling I will look at. -- yeah. Yeah.

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