GMA LIVE! (03.17.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines enjoy St. Patrick's Day cooking and share a fun dog video.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.17.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live backstage at GMA. -- didn't see any -- at BC yeah. His campaign but the fact I would not want to start any other day without use -- Dunkin' Donuts and a beautiful crowd. Okay. It's amazing every that I think he's so much I know that Phil page thing -- -- concerned. Pattern pinch me pinch her head hospital little and -- -- At -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Special achievement I don't these look like handmade category Oklahoma spelled green -- staying as -- -- me but this holiday itself. Don't you think you -- Orioles on anything in the amazing -- -- and it would be begin at me and I'll ask me yet yes. All the things we learned here there. From -- -- -- and done and it's delicious sense. Two something else that's of course huge saint Patrick saint Peter it turns out that there are some surprising benefits to just take these clinics. They're healthy and you're not a drinker here healthy food -- -- -- -- it yeah. -- -- -- -- in exactly short on calories but it's actually get nutrients and vitamins help build muscle. And even help prevent heart disease yet that's why do it says you must have and -- accident tonight and your best -- is a dark beer and believe it not -- -- the compound linked with. Better -- help. -- -- -- to meet it and breaking a sweat in all of the enthusiasm of today's trade action recipes because Beers over 90% water. -- you did torturing your wrist trying to make this step up for the yeah. Lower your risk for dehydration. Yes what are you drinking water and then -- not Guinness. Hired at Maginnis -- good. That -- -- -- the -- fingers I love them the best and of course we do -- and -- live about moderation. But look like every candidate and hunt -- but -- of course too much of a good thing this isn't pitcher -- -- -- -- can't keep up now. I had no idea that I mean I'd like to say it was justifying forever but probably on false pretense is I -- -- beer -- the white -- I think opinion of those bracelets were you move it needs to get eight glasses now -- -- -- I like to be -- -- Oh my good friend and honestly we have -- that they haven't -- today the -- says he knew I could watch him year round I wish they didn't just pop out when a year and a maybe things and who should make a second one maybe in July GMA life back -- dancers oh my gosh. I got so excited for -- yes. I want to be -- can we do that anybody can we get -- GM -- -- -- I yeah. We -- at a busy and look at -- -- Do you have a new poppies but he had met here -- but I know is that -- -- to talk about yes let's get to that -- got a pat -- we do have a pop. Extra beer in the report that new mini is okay after include Wayne and eight who played -- -- on Steinfeld new -- -- was part of the most recent -- next Internet hoax. In balling its involving celebrities rumored death 58 year old -- treated in response quote some he will be glad to hear this other strangely disappointed. But I am alive and well on quote we are happy. But did he tells of his death which were quite specific for initially reported by eight accounts for several social media outlets and from there. We're took off what happens with bad -- of telephone. They can rest assured that he's in good company other men whose death had feet as part of -- -- -- Jon Bon Jovi usher. -- -- that Jeff Goldblum Will Smith I remember a -- very concerned about it yes I was about to start tweeting Russell Crowe and Dwayne the rock Johnson. How scary -- -- Openly Twitter -- and RA and searing pains like -- I would get only got him gone and what. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that that type of they are right the worst game of telephone have as -- weather in some -- amendment right when it happens -- are doing and you eat you depend so much on social media and instant. You know I I don't know I feel effect happen so much more often and has some scary thing that -- OK -- we're happy you're -- new name and that you. -- this is really interesting because -- for some reason. -- -- thinks that Ireland is England's today because he keeps. Associating. For many reasons that you'll see that first. It says here with all -- we show you some love -- an English bulldogs -- meet since Linear reasoning being ill equipped but at a -- -- region. -- and the -- magic date. Saint Patrick. Himself wants English and after all -- action might Simonyi now way get a Kelly celebrate with adorable bulldogs. And it's the fourth annual beautiful Bulldog contest held in Charleston, South Carolina the contest inspired by the Charleston citadel of -- Matthau and gives -- -- for a different categories like. That's costing. Is that in that -- and one. Half I mean she had with a monthly cash. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big -- with an eye yeah I stand now a little he's yeah he's among the bulldogs it's kind of comment. And we're gonna roll right along with our play of the day extra with this adorable again another eighty Bulldog -- still -- Insists he'll keep it hired her owner Katherine Miller sent in this video showing how she likes to throw herself on her back and just roll around. Which she did this move by Carol she went with that rolling all -- -- on the -- Turns out it runs in the -- because Katherine found out so these mother -- -- this team being. But every time she doesn't I was waiting for to get up -- wobble around. -- did the like she was dizzying -- -- have you ever done that I remember doing it. Wait hold and I should've known at -- around the eighteenth. And I got we did it down -- -- of our high school. And I got back up and I was like why did you thinking this is funny -- at least it would regulate it's not a good feeling and look at it. Clinton met on the battlefront for two months I need main thing that she doesn't really well and -- -- minute from minute -- its political potatoes like the state explicitly. -- -- got food and -- Yeah. I yeah you're -- her and Patrick's day with a bunch of green. And we're going ahead of its adjacent -- so -- that he's an owner of the -- happened. -- -- along with his executive chef. Robert Aiken and they brought would benefit Patrick's day -- think you guys for being here this hello and so we're in the right place. So we tell me. First where are you quickly find you in the city and I and -- 39 street between Madison and park. A patent that we -- -- dying today that the place that's absolutely -- -- the Shakespeare's -- downstairs and any of the peacock. Restaurant of citizens is to separate ones but it's the same. To some credibility. -- and about the English which we now know has been -- is huge and saint Patrick as you see Patrick English -- Not -- says yeah and. Here today and tonight we bring you news here and in Atlanta and some early -- -- we -- in front -- -- selling their. On we have phrase racial written we just -- Guinness and a little bit of red wine it's in keeping with the same kind -- have. Co kind of match says -- as the mashed potato you promised fair with some. Cabbage and spring onions scallions -- thank and then -- coverage that -- parents say this we have on the many tonight in the Shakespeare -- the peacock. That's a special likes him. And then which is. -- in his. I can't go without me out of here including yeah. And then I think it's appropriate and that's saying yes and I'm gonna give runs coming out cabbage that's like any -- and it -- -- Illinois. Lots of different spices and now as well and nonopec -- for some ginger and cinnamon well is this a traditional -- is out. Not necessary additional as the -- but haven't we -- blown -- that's right ankle -- -- on this is this just additional. Braised beef cabbage carrots -- I don't know a lot of menus some -- extensive conditions yet I'm. Actress -- breakfast isn't breakfast as well what does that stuff that this is Irish. But putting. So -- Irish has hit us today other than do anything he's. Benefit from the -- -- -- has Irish person has in the like putting. Source of onions and spices and people the only learned how to cook from your mom or something really cute like that I didn't -- a little older -- -- until -- -- -- yeah. Suicide is now bush -- And are. He might have a hard Israelis would. Oh yeah on the line on the line got some credibility on yeah. -- at Madison anybody that ultimately create this but at its best it's probably going to -- -- and that he expected lesson might try to create -- looks like that. But don't know. On -- strong lots of care what happens between an hires -- an English -- it. And no I mean anything that mean that not -- already having anything -- has -- The black putting. You know this one has our shirts and then some and that's a big. Differences. -- some thought it was hours and resources while Tom some is different you know. Having sort of gone more into each other that over the centuries and you know there's -- a little difference between -- -- -- sent as many things that can make that distinction of having breakfast and doing some people put mushrooms and it would and some people -- Potatoes so people don't sell I think some -- time I'm. And that number seems to -- some death and -- some we. Atlanta looks like it's a sudden I only have -- the thank you so much for being -- it is proper to be and enjoyed with the Guinness. You got -- healthier every morning perplexed and subsidizes yeah -- was I felt -- symbolic moment they walk in -- expand -- that -- -- -- -- that is and I hadn't sentenced the proteins you know your bones are healthier because of that theories -- every morning. -- says. Whether they're going to yeah Clinton. Broke the -- and its -- every event and -- And the first and last times I get some of their parents. Kinney that yeah you get to keep out they I finally -- eat something isn't that crazy -- known for his -- -- the Cumberland sausage is. -- Cumberland -- I'm certainly think who that's really good evening and meet. Let's we eat we will share it with people -- that doesn't know how amazing and -- I think that.

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