GMA LIVE! (04.01.13)

Brad Paisley discusses his April Fools' Day antics with Lara, Amy and Sam on "GMA Live!"
9:50 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.01.13)
Until later Friday -- you know I was I don't I don't have a ride yet. I think you may lack the great thing about -- that we sort of spill secrets of what goes on behind the scenes at the show if people stay and watch because. They they can find out how things were so let us ask you now compare how do you enjoy it would you like most what was mistrust and you don't have to be nice. This is this is you cannot only tell everybody I really -- Carolina was the best time it was great and everybody was -- great sports personally went unbeaten new apparent winner the sun beating down was pretty -- -- -- If I was -- all it all your ideas you came into the show this morning you know with some great ideas of what they -- -- more there is but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody really result in the game Connecticut viewers are so savvy. We -- only -- viewers -- know what if you're not into it. State vacation out of my fellow IU -- -- -- -- followers are here for how they can school that moved further angles some pendant. Sort of mess with the teacher and your Twitter followers say that that is -- you get a name they kind of gave you up. You know immediately going oh this guys that I have a hard time being sort of really serious -- I love straight face on. Time yeah yeah let's do the leg that -- guy I bet you'll really see that aren't on this interactive sort of book that you have. I'm this you get a real glimpse of the real personality in the making of -- hostages I can't -- for a second string of new album coming out April ninth and then. Front coming back to perform for us unable -- up. We are very very excited John apparently nearly ten now with -- on the next six -- don't even. Because we really should reach out and -- -- that would be fine how are you ever. Feel about he would love you wouldn't want he would get right out and let the kid plays behind I don't know that's -- -- little did we could probably one more thing. Because this rarely happens like live like that -- announcement comes in sits down with you right you're a musician I know that you guys probably I'm guessing can probably thought I -- Singing all the time with other people is that true or -- wanting to that's where do not know -- not -- leading because I can't. But I'm just wondering I mean someone walks in in the I'm discussing with -- -- you're always reading you know whenever I write that that's I'm gonna -- I knew I just so you you're not good guys getting on Twitter blog as saying -- was. I was really shocked that she locked in new -- -- -- and that was told that you guys were saying little country in Iraq we're all I was really thrown when you just jumped into another song that was -- sounded great that was. Ahead of her -- duet with Dan seals yummy and Montana's great gas and the east and Africa saying that with a couple of people back home and so I just went into and that's the great thing about music and and people are always envious that don't play music and language that it really is sort of the one thing is that math -- -- Those work no matter what you speak. You know we'll have continuing you know how to do well yeah -- doesn't ideology and -- another record and repeatedly -- wanted to what -- -- know him. Com aren't so let's get to let's get to the business of the shall Marty want -- wish we started and we have very limited time what Sugar Bowl today and healthy eating I don't know if those days. April 4 day did everybody like a gorilla that language of gorillas do not say your name -- rural no fool people. -- -- and all yeah. That was actually his and gorillas is still just sandy -- and -- drives. But I think its support for doing he's the right guy to do the story because since you'll have fun with it and you can make -- CN. Credible even win this giant joke doesn't do not know what the holy -- does patty -- -- the pulls back all right I'll go. -- and it says there this time it'll be over and he's had and do you get a ranking. And do you get -- a lot. Com or its give you don't hang -- my house and you very unlikely -- the subject don't -- mother. -- -- Such well I really making every one score and I always forget it around the clock and forgotten -- April Fool's Day and then she goes in for the killer and I. A halt trading at every time she says there are left that you two are very much -- like when their side by side you're you know our insistence about like crazy wacky systems -- -- The other I love you out of -- thrown around here then what are -- Iowa and ask. Now the -- -- loses an April -- thing right. This -- real -- Armageddon made beer especially for game through the ice the game drones on and clear -- plus I'm John Avalon hill and he's you read that. They -- to -- with multi sweetness and a touch of semi spicy as noble hop aroma and it's a -- suitable to serve to -- or pretenders to -- an -- commitment in this. Yeah and right now eligible -- to kings -- -- to the iron Quran down. Yeah you had -- present I don't know. It's sort of Italian honey doesn't like -- -- you I'm definitely in common that we hear this is really great they sent this over its is -- only thing on the on the on the gang OK Alan Yang -- -- on New York. Because we've got a short show and I don't want to shorten this. Brian Chalmers is here today is a gentleman whose -- -- -- and it has not slowed him down he's 23 years old. He's gonna push his racing chair across the United States from LA. Two New York it is a seven. And young adults and it's something that we don't put on television enough. So here is an -- is roll in and -- undoubtedly tell me when you started training because this is a lot. And I've been. -- doing with your sports ever since I was eight years old. Inside and wheelchair racing very young have been training actress actually competed in London and when he twelve paralympic games. And after that I -- to transition into the training. -- the push across America which I'll be doing and so I pretty much been training for -- these types of moments for -- very much my entire life. -- just to see your face and and how incredibly happy you are when -- out there. I know that's inspirational people but there's an entire. Young audience who doesn't have a lot of people look up to to say you know what no matter what happens in your life you just kind of got to figure out how to rebound from -- What do you say to people who come up to you and they say I don't think. I don't think I can go on because maybe I had an accident and in my legs aren't aren't there anymore and -- -- I think my life is over what do you say. You know it's really just to stay focused and never give up. You know this whole journey. That I'll be doing is to show people you know that being -- Disabled you know you are still -- you can do anything that you've put your mind to you know do not let it hold you back. You know that's. This is basically to show you know wheelchair sports is this is exactly like able bodied sports you know we put our heart and soul into this. You know -- -- what I'm passionate about that in itself. And I love what I'm doing and I'm no different than anybody else you. I know you are different because you're -- -- -- -- -- and faster -- -- -- It is such a pleasure to have you here and thank you for being who you are and just being such an inspiration and good luck on that. 71. And that days Lara. I can it. -- we are going to be rooting you on Ryan the journey I believe -- April 6 April 6 and ends June 15 and then sometime after that I'll be back here to. Give an update about how went we want I want you know please keep have to have everybody keep us posted along the way I want when he won. I want everybody to know absolutely you can actually follow the journey on push across America dot -- or social media people out there has had for you. It's push USA push -- especially. We're we're getting we're gonna go -- -- on the literally to -- you -- we're out. But I wanted to and we just can we -- up on our Brad -- around an hour per gallon thank you gets -- -- such good sports heroes so much fun left and -- everybody check out and talk playwright -- -- -- -- -- Pratt's wife I hate to admit that he has one episode I I have to think she's a friend at an -- an ABC she's on that's funny scene Kirk so cheap Peggy. And she is really she's caused a little bit above situation G -- it's the most really true to life part. English iconic. -- -- doctor. I'm if she's so good on the show congratulations to her he had to examine a moment -- -- it's you know. I -- just. Part time job. -- and banana republics into that -- an -- Tulsa yeah exactly same thing hidden. Thanks ABC for put national tobacco companies active you know -- -- you should see Broadway. On a Saturday night in our town. I mean it's probably 30% more crowded -- always crowded that and you have a little bar that -- -- to Nazis and another delivered yet -- -- that's a real place totally united and now can you need it and. I never went everywhere I know -- -- -- just as crazy as Santa Barbara Atlanta New York -- just does not rely pretty -- it's in the nuts and earned an a redneck kind of way. Like -- we want to thank you Brad Paisley thanks so much everybody -- Back yeah.

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