GMA LIVE! (04.03.13)

NFL stars Wes Welker and DeMarcus Ware join Sam, Amy and Lara on "GMA Live!"
13:23 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.03.13)
-- This show. And don't -- you count them would you like a snappy I would like one but I wanted to -- -- in -- -- I want -- Sonny's birthday -- way. Oh yeah hey you got it -- here lets just start out with a special happy birthday to the -- one of the great -- Yeah minor and -- on -- Yeah. Like -- all -- yeah July. I'm really I'm. Hello all right now it can be told on GMA alive. That -- on the air Scotty is often trying to make us laugh. And you other things that are considered inappropriate in some circles and yet just write your GM and right that we love you forgot you are the vast. And we have all the greatest -- Eddy who's lacking here -- -- -- have a great day spoon I have a -- ready the birthday cake. And I'm not sure that -- CIA. Nancy. All members of the great crew that that helps us get this show on they made us laugh they make us smile and a mix of religion -- right. And any inadvertently it's not easy job we doesn't even really have to keep the train on the tracks. And and so much can go wrong -- a live show and often an optimist Scotty does yeah. -- -- -- What -- -- celebrate tonight. He gave out on TV not much today. Coming -- you how much today hopefully later oh by the way let's do that can we get a tight -- got just a touch up because. Well -- is seen -- single yeah. We can't find love for you on the and a public -- -- yeah. Yeah. And they did not -- his -- Amy Poehler I'm feeling. I think is why -- single line forget. I don't know. -- why not the candidate. Highlighted Skype for moments like that is this is where we get the show moving along saying yeah. Willow yeah. We did just didn't play the day. Did. Please do not need this it's bringing design I don't season at six. It's a young rapidly approaching -- -- -- -- -- And so here's -- -- that we -- I need to catch up here to our share anyway I am all right April showdown really we had that we had a -- next. I was so basically we just wanted you to vote on the cutest animal videos we could find and go to our website for that but we want to show you. How the vote is going right now guess who's ahead in our final -- and -- are now walrus -- the -- set up line. I think -- -- really hasn't anything. Why did they have -- -- 32% of you have walrus doing sit up and -- don't -- that would hardball. There's nothing here that have handled by the way has 21 -- and hugging him and it's all he has to do he's up -- up for -- When I love of these hand you know and top news there's a lot of he just -- -- -- to -- -- -- Madonna Madonna -- -- All -- basketball does have -- lead. At 410%. -- -- -- Can -- sit and drink three of the fifth answered a call it Amy would let us do you have -- June did you do there. Typically severe -- automatically inviting public definitely the that's. You like it here wait let me speak to -- that he really not a way want to bring. I -- Anybody in the birthday cakes are got -- clear. And there are very good to have him out and back and -- an -- -- running out of. The Backstreet Boys is the underdogs if you favor the underdog -- want to see him succeed it's only 6%. It's impossible to do this -- you would you blew up at him and I. I II -- Water it really -- I looked like -- the whole blue -- thing. Didn't know enough -- or how about how about the Teva popping extra I don't know as remaining. I was oh my god to -- the -- I don't -- -- Scotty your father okay. -- like yeah. I want you sideline on his -- in moments of -- yeah. Yeah everybody -- They shouldn't we do this is where we get a seven. Some big news from Jon Bon Jovi he's lead guitarist Richie Sambora announcing he will not. He performing in the current leg of the -- because -- can tour a message posted online -- -- website overnight breaking the news citing quote personal issues. But making sure fans know that the upcoming shows will go on as scheduled Bon Jovi -- to take the stage in Canada today. I'm really sorry to hear that I know yeah he's had some personal struggles what a great guy went great band they're very very together very they're there for each other. And and so I'm -- break that news to you on -- -- any Bon Jovi fans out there. The crew later scores tour scheduled an April 25 in California and Richie Sambora we wish you it -- -- are you. Yeah. Yeah. I love on -- big right now whatever I look up -- -- giant. Guys in the studio I know one of two things securities finally trying to take me away. -- that the NFL's and out -- -- Yeah. Here Harry. I'm going to -- what it first of all that we got to Dallas Cowboys on the set we have a brand new Denver bronco on the set as well welcome and welcoming. Yeah. After they cannot I'm -- so I'd like to apologize in advance that Josh isn't here because he would speak to John only -- senators all -- out all right. I don't know that aren't that about the Muslim the north of local. And what is the V foundation and the great American trying to what's that. I think it's all about you know last year we did a great American -- really raise awareness for no prostate cancer. And our this year -- with so we ran a cover tuition. 12 still are raising awareness to get people to both say in who gets the most votes and person that wins he gets in their name donation of 50000. Not for them how -- -- or apple. Prostate cancer research that's -- sleeplessness when he here so yeah yeah -- -- -- and wait for it if they don't already done. Yeah. Well it's our that we may have to have some competition we may we really may have to -- somehow out here to get it straightened competition immediately to our viewers how works how to how to get involved. You got the good. Well you've been talking local time. -- scary thought yeah. -- -- -- But it. You'll of the great American drowned dot com and you can -- your votes and both for west and yeah -- me see my name the CW band -- yeah yeah humble for that guy. Obviously and and that's how. Or his -- starts with the I don't know if they don't usually are and what what -- -- -- -- -- make up artist on there and yeah. -- -- everywhere in the you have somebody else that we love is involved in this tell us about our favorite gorgeous dancing lady. That's involved with you guys. You know lovely Cheryl Burke -- -- involved in it's his staff they just a good thing to have you know celebrities involvement in you know she's with the civil way it. Where we would travel and depends -- a question with a silhouette part of give it -- -- -- They are some very famous mr. -- I don't want to get with the stars maybe. Yeah oh yeah. Yards on making sure that I get home -- yeah. I don't know -- salute and are you working on -- moves to join next season. You know it I'm I'm working on -- yeah. And since then got hot football I -- at regular actually we can we can maybe get something started here we could get a little online campaign going on let's just say that football stars do -- on Dancing With The Stars. -- here I mean if you if you had any interest in the show at all now would be the time to just see what do America and the world. And say yes he would do Dancing With The Stars cumulative Dancing With The Stars came -- -- I would do it. So. Well let's bring you. And look at that -- Yeah. It -- -- -- Okay yeah. Music online. I don't know right now we are all -- little. Go. -- not -- an idea that I didn't let me just ask you guys let me just get wonderful -- question on how. Out of the cowboys' season until he does look really good are we change our defense to a fortress says. The slew of more aggressive so and moving lest they can buy things -- -- really go for us and we just contains a -- on the benefits. Got that ripped the America's team now I don't Denver -- how this is all brand new now so how is it step -- into a whole new. A town and seen in team. It's good it's good you know it's some -- -- process to learn a whole. No new system and and different things like -- -- -- -- just can't learn formations and plays in the kind of basics and then. You know didn't -- you know work with my teammates and different things like that so excited about -- did you. We a lot of say too great looking guys with a great cause who -- here so get behind it get involved and you got to vote. So tell me one more time how to vote how do we do -- -- there -- go to the great American -- and -- for. W for the markets where Wes -- -- Michelle when this competition you know yeah -- I had. Yeah well I uneasy -- Dancing With The Stars. Okay. You got -- the -- college here yeah. Don't tell. Online text ads aren't there and suddenly it came out and in the very special today 17 year old little girl. Matalin Webster she is singing my country tis should be -- with her classmates at her elementary school in North Carolina except. She didn't know there was and being surprise for her. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Decided to surprise his -- and -- Then. That is so I. -- that never knows all you can -- -- CL thousand that I remember when my dad would come back from long tumors during the tour in Vietnam. Hadn't seen him. Such a long time line for them what -- -- them home. It's it's amazing it's almost like you're shock and not for relief. Yeah see yeah again because every night you know these live here you worry be live with worry they live with fear is even in a peaceful mission things can go wrong you know we have doesn't headlines all the time. So when their home you're just you can't believe -- home yeah. Her singing -- you can see the emotion you're like well -- And neither are our -- four performed at a meeting like should I -- -- the song good life -- -- are great. That's correct when I was really nice thank you not everybody thank you it's a much -- -- -- -- idiotic go to our website and check it out ST FU parents -- -- nice little ditty. Out now we talk to the owner on this and I love this story all about sort of -- sharing. And I don't know that. I I don't see you as an overture I'm definitely not -- -- war I ask you a little mystery alive yeah. B -- I loved what you guys are moms and to see you with your kids your vote like so amazing with they really are whenever they're around distant it's it's very. Thank whatever you're doing you're doing right by you know you do -- Canon Kenyon and it really is sort of you need. Feel it out and do the best you can I think that's what this book is all about -- and her opinions about what's really funny they're really -- go well before we go and we just say hi to a he's. It did this all morning long we want to say thank you you guys I know we may just stand up then hang out -- you were in there you were troopers and you guys. And. -- -- -- -- -- --

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