GMA LIVE! (04.08.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara discuss one student's unique way of asking his date to the prom.
9:22 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.08.13)
-- -- Sam has just -- what everybody -- man lives. Begin visibility moved from -- CNN is now called champions greens agreement had not kept up amid a great way to close the day. He what you has been nice is nice is that -- out and while they couldn't call me. And finally I I had no idea that wasn't -- -- invisibility our. Johnson had an idea that it. Nice and to share and you realize is going -- -- -- way idiocy about you know what he's -- about a week. He's come on the show before and I'll always comes -- carry out here all that's come out on my. Lady -- let's -- put your name on it -- Because it has exams can be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't have to defend it in the ring next year that'll -- -- -- you keep. Words cannot move that -- visibility -- there's Santa Fe audience because I haven't -- -- It. Not only John -- -- but now at about one. Carol we're not going out there and -- prayers story. -- book about her daughter so moving about tearing a little bit about her favorite characters and then to hear -- -- hear them. As -- just turn around in her support uncle and now and a little revealing information from our friend Elizabeth Smart yes. We'll hear these years I had a crush on charges have yet here's the deal if you're on the set your part of -- -- yeah well let me -- right over here is living out. Now the question I can't moment the very -- -- -- -- we're updating the West Coast obviously at Margaret Thatcher has passed away yes that -- show is that he's so we actually have a brief version the finally this. I also want I just want to. You are lovely friends for -- for their request to throw quick because Tom. Listen great story too great stories in one the Louisville Cardinals men and women will be playing for national titles. Tonight -- in tomorrow night and but just on and I love my state -- the last week. I do -- to -- Michigan. I just wonder saying but I want to I want you. Are refuting my my my choice that's true that some cards are gonna win I rarely -- I need you guys to win Burton for that wonderful Kevin. For the wonderful Kevin yeah I was actually is picking -- phenomenal kid. And really. Handling this with such grace and really you know in a horrific time -- -- you can find out some advice that he's been great. Are you excited for for both teams. Very excited for -- a little -- And then let. -- wait wait and -- mobile -- let me go let them keep big let him get -- I think a huge win by little black -- -- or tomorrow night at or how about that. OK I like -- I like the women tomorrow -- against UConn. Back. -- living can now I'm in trouble -- -- largest. Quit you know I got back I -- aqueduct and you're actually -- a good guys thank you for joining music industry. I gotta put -- you've got to we've got the -- this morning. You know it's prom season. As everybody knows and that means you gotta. You know figure out you gotta figure -- the -- situation got to figure out the -- sexual situation there's hair there's make up his dinner reservations. Who's gonna drive and hopefully you're gonna you know like -- years -- -- -- and precisely do you. Do you do their risk for size do you do that I'm gonna pitted on the dress and may be -- what do you do. -- about this you know how that yet do you go ruffles -- you not go rob I never does not -- I don't know what -- -- now stop and that is not true I did not get -- from -- dot. We use somebody who makes me -- I don't know -- -- we now know what I'm. Everybody back and -- what high school it was dark -- gardens I I will say that in the -- I ended up just asking -- -- No -- yeah I mean not kind of meltdown here's -- thing that's not really exhibit. At seventeen years old -- -- terrible and I mean we really are it's not our best time and -- are finding out in the eighties and and I have a. Boys I have to say yes -- we missed seventeen in the eighties he didn't get it right whoever he was did not get it right but -- who does amber squires by the way. And because she got everything fixed in no problems because she made everything that's -- out of duct tape I love her and her date she did wrestling is not here to -- -- ever just let's just bring you want you're here right. You're with us this morning. -- anything it is this gentleman your date. All right well good morning to both the view and an amber -- that tell me about this how long did you figure this out. I started that great art features Robert -- here. Not I -- that. War and it's being I -- -- -- on the public will accept it but yeah -- -- -- I'm sorry. -- -- you know this this is one of those things about Skype and live that that just make me make my toes curl up and I just wanna call -- today because we can't hear you it's not a good Skype connection. Com and I'm -- whether I try one more time so we viewing Cody. -- by the way it does not look like duct tape that looks -- gorge in the year are a talented stunning young lady but tell me. -- when you thought about it. It started break. Well up up up up up up up you know -- the I'm so sorry I am sorry amber I'm so sorry this. The moment OK and I hadn't -- -- -- greatest we're gonna do this again tomorrow can't hurt because I want you to be able to tell you -- -- and we are not gonna let this go down. As a bad moment on GMA -- so ever -- Cody about it you guys can come back tomorrow because we just don't have time to re set the -- But but I wish we did I so wish we did he -- tossing out. Tomorrow tomorrow -- -- would you guys yes that cry -- I think it's time to end the rebellion of the guys who say they want -- back. I think I just a law -- I just don't you know -- Live tee it up its promise seasons we're gonna learn all about. -- ninth grade our teacher who -- a beautiful creation and look like actually matching and I think he's rocking of duct tape yeah according now. Or. We wonder -- -- perhaps ask amber. Most Cody who is adequately. And it it doesn't -- why are we what should -- say this for tomorrow yes we well. With -- though as creative as this -- and asking amber. To the prom you be the job. I guess we don't have audio. Nothing's impossible and maybe that's good -- this is. Well -- -- -- gremlins than the there you go. Now some heat Philip Elliott yeah this problem and I'm sure because I figure -- -- -- out -- -- look. He did think Kitna did that did the police. Until the annual meeting arguably. In some states that's -- coming up. -- them. At the very least at the fashion Eileen. At the very least there at least somebody you know yeah. In garden city of god didn't like started shaking their hot bronze behind yeah with the word from I would take it -- -- I'm and what day pound -- that -- oh yeah that hasn't -- let's try something. Arizona fall out that's the folks that were involved is the pull over the -- because something bad will happen now would. Hey yes would you say yes but only if you -- That ridiculous thing to -- -- would you say now. Just pickups you know -- it was embarrassing how we vote I eliminating poll altogether because I don't. Yeah all we do we -- that we could do over now we designed to work on sky. But kids it's been a real technical advancement when it works which is about -- the if this Elliott and -- -- -- really -- you know I don't know expelled. What yes -- all Americans should. The Delaware he's -- It's love it's however I didn't approve reinvest that -- predicted that remain unknown at this weekend was wrong. Pillow fight -- and I -- wish everybody a very -- hello fight day over seventy cities around the world participated in the sixth annual event. Including -- come. Where hundreds gathered for. Well this is what they call celebrating and there's nothing like this other -- -- fellas yeah. I don't I don't really -- getting around with -- really. -- I'm -- in the -- it was fun but it's an organization called urban playground movement started. The events. As a way to bring people together in public spaces. And there's the video and Sam I don't think you should do it. That's all that's all because I'm not I would never afraid. And the mentality. It could always -- one. I hunt know this is -- -- -- -- and everybody yeah yeah. You know early today because more about the market we also update Good Morning America and the West Coast the thank you very much. Indeed as always -- -- at 9 AM eastern daylight we'll see you an amber and -- tomorrow are here.

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{"id":18905771,"title":"GMA LIVE! (04.08.13)","duration":"9:22","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara discuss one student's unique way of asking his date to the prom.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-040813-18905771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}