GMA LIVE! (04.18.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam discuss social media during tragedy and share extra deals.
18:38 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.18.13)
-- -- -- Okay. However body and Internet. Welcome GMA life. Although the rollicking thrill -- behind us now. I don't rollicking -- by the way it was something of a thrill ride Michelle -- had. It was great -- old friends and brother Cyrus come -- yet. Obviously is that after on the could I -- understands that young Latvians make good choices I'd like to see any need. You arguably couldn't be any more famous than he was right during and president very specific Rick and -- and the -- break -- -- that idea that left them in to make the choice is making and beyond that's -- now -- and become a man and he literally all I -- not deliberately picked. And yet dogs on and we got -- board had dogs airports all of Wallace Monday and we have coming up. -- -- -- within the -- really Tory Johnson with a very special. We just were not we. We it's either a deal -- the steel. We're not -- off for a good cause that's the great thing and it it's our operating -- it's very -- cut the best the very -- cause of all and -- because we -- -- -- -- just acknowledge our fine fine fine. GM Iraq. -- -- You guys -- -- You don't tell all my day I can tell you I'm day when the news is like it's just -- news and you don't want to have to deliberate. And then so Josh night we're like let's go let's go outside let's go. You know you guys make I -- happy you guys aren't you are you got your heart. We want to welcome our friends from both ABC and NBC affiliate yeah thank you. I want to point of view -- that Nintendo. Has and they want the guilty now want to. We want it before it's Torre. We want to bring that's our good friend and different and not just because. Booking him has become very very -- in his but Andrew. You're always here discussing social media and what's resonating day to day but certainly. Over the last 72 hours we have seen at least how -- our world has changed how social media has impacted. Not just how we learn -- our news but then how really I think we all investigate and deal with. Absolutely in the -- things part of my job as Iverson the social. Social media desk during braking news they've been activated for the past. -- ours -- got a question for the experienced journalists in the room I don't now how you do it I mean I sent my I was I was -- -- in my pajamas. They came -- last night 1130 or -- there a and I sat on had dynamite das for thirty minutes and that's obviously I got but I can't imagine quicksand you being on the hurricane and being out there for the days. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you -- -- Turn it -- Garcia she -- here Jessica. -- this is I'm pretty sure anybody's who by the way the I don't do half as much work she does when we're on those that breaking -- -- just want to bring you went get a good picture Darcy but it. Is it is absolutely. True that -- stories break. And Joshua Justin -- both of you were in Newtown and Josh you just went into to Boston what happens is that we activate 24 hours a day it's. -- crash afterwards but you rally for the moment. And an -- -- many times it's not good news it's news that you don't want to be a part of telling Tom. And I think -- it's really it's it's tough I think. When we're interviewing people and storm damage in people -- families who have gone through it. A lot of people say well you're you're not being kind to those people because it's a terrible moment in their lives what we found is when we're out people come -- and -- The -- wanted to their story out there and really get yeah and they won't people who aren't they also are hoping for a lot of times collective health and just emotional -- like and I writing a very cathartic for people to say -- -- what happens. And we need help and it really does have a huge impact people rapidly people give people support and that's what makes these people and meets all of us get. Through these times and these are people who are touched instantly by tragedy and have their lives changed. -- -- -- I sat down with a mother in Boston who each -- the -- three sons two of them were at the blast area. And each lost a leg hand. Bob she -- because she wanted everybody to know. What good strong voice -- so when you've watched the interview and understandably. -- emotion bubbles up. Spills out of her and people are wondering. -- know why we are talking to her -- that moment. She wanted to talk as best as she could and that is you know we. We go to great pains to be as respectful as we can in these horrific times we'll do it again today in Texas. And we do want you to know also begin with social media Andrew. You know we saw yesterday. Our business has changed so much. In twenty years it when we got news from newspapers. A story can develop over a day before we would really know. When it happened in what was happening right now. And 140 -- -- -- -- is an instant and sell things changed and we just have to be. It is so much better to be right than first film that something good -- of. What hangs over my head and -- social media editor Sam on what town we sit up there. One tweet can destroy the -- absolutely it has any grounds organizations but take a look at this. Just in the past 24 hours -- 169000. -- with bravery of taxes. -- but get -- of the past week over eleven point seven million tweets. Have been sent mentioning just the word Boston but let's narrow it down even -- let's take a look at. Pray for fox and five point eight million tweets and -- that I love to get it's not just about getting news -- information out it's about giving each other. A feeling of warmth and support and an liked what virtual hugs over tweeting I'm absolutely absolutely and so many people this morning on Twitter responded to play of the day Josh including Robin. But take a look at this thank you play -- -- rally together. Come together like no other. Jim it was -- proud to be an American team that's how. -- this morning -- They -- moments when Josh played that play of the day. You couldn't not feel proud an amazing and that -- we didn't have a dry -- -- -- again and it was said this yesterday. As we saw the tributes. All across the country especially Yankee Stadium the night after when -- -- sweet -- again. And there have been good some discussions -- put it today about how -- fortunately our I'm not gonna argue that they are. Important in -- be you know in a in a practical sense but what they do provide. -- symbols and what they do provide our unity and in so so often. A sporting event after something as happened in Boston even it today in Texas but moved to stay with Boston for a moment. The first time you're gonna see a -- public gathering people as one is at a sporting event for those who didn't see it last night. -- -- court he is the usual Boston Bruins singer went out to sing the National Anthem that was not plan. Went out to do it it was the first sporting event in Boston since the attack. And he sang the first line of the star spangled banner. And 20000. And packed house saying every last word. I love how he stopped and -- let them do and got a -- and I sat there on my house last night and it's very rare that let up Lape in sending and I just -- does. They that it didn't care. This is going to be -- and save time. Because I wanna hear behold it was wonderful. I'm in Iran I gotta go back uptown and you're on the clock working -- But yeah. Exactly right because you know again this is how people get their news from ABC. We want to thank heating of his Twitter doesn't stop so thank you -- out this is like this is the great time to be and in an organization like this because. This is when we are public service this is when we are public trust the Leonard Goldenson talk about ABC being -- public trust. Then these moments when -- covering that hurricane here covering -- are often -- Texas. That's what we are in the -- Don't block that we have a way for everyone to help people about how they can help he said this is total win win let's bring our friend Tory Johnson. She is working her magic -- 15% of today's and that's you know what it was so exciting for me just in the first ten minutes after we did our segments. Over we raised over 50000 dollars right yeah. How are I'm not even sure that we know a lot is that I'm putting us on you live but how what what is this organization what do they do. -- so. On one -- Bostick it's often didn't -- sort of starts up when there's a time of crisis. And it's -- between organized by either the mayor or the governor and its particular case both have now established by and there Boston and together jointly with the governor of Massachusetts. And they will oversee the distribution of funds. To those who have been most impact on great idea and I'm sorry that you knew because actors I didn't analyst Stuart Holliday -- but I -- like a -- Yeah what we have right now so these -- really cute back. And there's art and it's different kinds mad at my it -- you're -- -- on the front an innocent child they'll literally no two are -- -- -- and I was super fun kind of training from his company called rod she normally fifty dollars huge discount of 71%. And a seventeen. -- -- -- -- even with every single one of the items that we featured today to -- find a Good Morning America. Hot dot com 15%. Will go out straight off the top of all the -- this isn't one of those things where I play a portion of the proceeds like 15% grant the top so is going straight donation. Yeah great donation capture even need that threats -- you get to save -- And you get to do a really good thing for Boston at the same time -- I need to every every little -- night every big girl and her life could use when they -- out there and I'm sure we still have water to of the bags that you showed you earlier today. So that some incredible deals. So I'm hearing logging on like -- on -- -- -- give America. Promotional he has -- because the one that you. Sort of talked a lot that's 29. Seattle is so QC eight sold like CNN thousand wow them all rainy now. Sometimes yeah. A 180 -- that -- was in in a boutique that you were given -- -- for twenty not me how you know all the aggressive and I gives ally AKA the PG could be for the city it's great that I think did I -- Okay okay it's time to start spring cleaning com and joining us this morning is Maxwell Ryan CEO and founder of apartment therapy Maxwell hi -- it. Nice to see -- -- I had been furiously passionate about and while life and when I now know that echo the green stuff in the green claiming suffering too. GMA we stopped doing on GMA so if you wanna see it -- more of -- -- -- -- and what will do more of -- on GMA so these are things that you have in your house they're not the chemicals and uses the clean well let's start on the behest of ammonia and newspaper you're -- we're the first to keep. That like cleaning my eye on that we all Pol Pot if it's up -- thirty dot com -- I started is all about making your home mark -- -- organized and healthy. OK and a lot of people books on the -- but we actually don't always do to help in cleaning -- big part of it can dream cleaning big part of his team prepared. When we started green was a big thing now I call this normal let's let's just say this is normal even though -- face and stuff it's little weird okay. So the first thing is he might normally clean your windows with something like this right it's ballooned to -- -- we we're we don't know what I side of it. I want to tell you that you can clean your windows would see what Conaty NET any. Let me let -- -- TV and TV not wavered and I cannot -- and and -- -- the cannons and T are so strong that they'll actually break down that dirt and grime on your and it only six you need a little -- -- You need as much as he normally use with the our -- usually mean great great and -- newspaper -- I like to see if our. Are out are you -- I read here I was told that you would like to do that I don't know how to do this but I will I don't know who don't tell them that. Good thanks god -- -- And it just just -- -- normal reaction -- what what happens in the newspapers is really important. First of all -- second -- right. So -- of cycling -- but what's more important. Well that's on the other side people that's actually I have actually that I didn't last so that that -- -- -- but this is really I'm I'm telling you it's really clean we need to get your windows around here so this paid early -- he's very when it's dry it's like you squeegee it's actually it's extra snow inland there's not. There's so much better than a minute and and by the way because you've just got stacks of them. You just reuse that paper you're great you're great need to know about the reason -- end this -- I don't get I think the first you're gonna need green cleaning with a little elbow very honest is gonna have some real reason -- So say this is your bathtub. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at a ball right salt. Credible Bryant not -- not not trying to Olympia -- and you sprinkle a little solved all the great variety America and you just when the -- We'll wait yeah. Running that hard it's taking -- -- And it rolled out an amazing but great couldn't ask -- and saw active so I -- -- yeah. And now I could -- this problem and I know I'm not. But that well it is after you've eaten the grapefruit in the morning you can use what's left in the grapefruit and that's all -- do that could give fitness. -- that. This until you have a large area that equality is in the freezer thing is -- may not even. There is no reason there's very different bruises and this is rising and this is -- green cleaning tips to avoid using more laundry detergent. Ever so I bought my first pair of fancy jeans two years ago and I went to the red letter to say they're about 400 bucks when you're buying -- -- minor little less than that yes they -- be like that. Fans she said these are so -- I'll tell you. -- -- -- I'm -- their mind but they still genes for 400 bucks they until things are 500 C seeing. His genes because genes are now I'm wearing suits you're still -- -- really -- so yeah -- take these and you and I went to the register and she said by the way. You can't you shouldn't want. I say kidding yankees shouldn't watch and I and I got a standing behind me and he said oh no no -- put him in the freezer. So you take your jeans. I'm so -- The pork chops and you put them in the freezer put one night in the freezer for -- and out no smell no germs. No harm because because the bacteria got killed in the freezing in your freezer -- you do have to keep it away from the fish and the pork chops and yell yeah. But apparently it works -- -- -- question yes just -- -- -- view. Actually have you know let us Eleanor yeah like dirt on the gene well if there's this stain on the G examine I don't have stains and he. We cannot let me lately I thought there isn't an area that I -- -- -- want to -- that I was -- I asked this. She said he's not exactly an an and play any real but if you do you spend that -- -- on -- shouldn't he -- in the playground in and running around your needs. This is for -- Got to go out there I -- a week ago we gotta -- -- we so we have time you're more -- he can -- that you don't have to heat up to make quickly but Caligiuri is my favorite just so it's all natural smells great and and the best thing when you're cleaning -- to excited that cleaning. Dyson vacuums my favorite back -- They'll make you happy how can start right cleaning -- -- Slow and CEO and founder of apartment therapy ladies and don't -- -- jeans and yeah that's in the us it's ago wary of big money genes of the playground sand how many times I have to tell you I wanna hear from you guys if you actually travesty in the -- think I wonder who works because it's -- -- Smith actually -- Gmail I think absolutely yeah. Were going to be able to chase these genes in the income in the freezer and a holiday yeah I thought it or you can put somewhat -- -- -- warm that creating a monarch. How can -- as I mean -- night. Good morning when I put my it might be helpful to you might not my cup of coffee you're going on presently. One of these entities without hearing it -- -- -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- National weather updates as -- -- call it looks real good on the west we have a nice if cooler day here on the East Coast but where did the storm zone today. This has been a really bad day off for storms and it's not just the strong storms but during the show this whole Chicago flooding situations -- kind of broke open. And there are a lot of expressway closed today they call -- a sinkhole in town. There where they got an entire month's worth of rain in one hour -- day. I -- 24 hours and they're getting more today after two to three inches more rain today this is a real issue you're trying to fly into the airport without reports of lots of leaks in the airport. I don't know just make sure you check with your air carriers if you're traveling anywhere around that area today northern Illinois Missouri. Stay with Sam on Twitter at Sam Champion also your local ABC stations. We wish you. A great they're staking out club. In an accident yes it's -- -- kind of please. We'll see tomorrow night and eastern daylight and.

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