GMA LIVE! 04.22.13

Josh, Lara and Sam discuss 'GMA's' interview with Matthew McConaughey and celebrate Earth Day.
3:00 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! 04.22.13
Now. That's like mom always said don't give me alive with -- -- hasn't had a hard it's going to be hard today as we. Enjoy -- turn let's be honest hard to get all -- And then we'll just look up the river down river all right Mario Vitale on the on the -- -- -- and lots of people including that you've got a little later we'll talk about just a moment what's your allowable. Not -- a great moment. There was a great moment for you -- I don't know what you're gonna -- Florida likely -- -- I'm -- Bob Marva tallies on -- a lot of people ask if you know what's the food like what. We like what the look at that the -- -- that -- terrorists like 840 everyday and and sometimes admittedly up there she -- look here's the theology in the student yellow. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. In Britain -- doesn't do exist in Baghdad on -- Bob did you get all. Night hey welcome back I love you got -- the yeah. Great vacation you era I get a Mulligan for my vacation I know that you got flat at six under Mulligan. Yeah. Yeah. We love you look at her -- looking. Now before Robin before he got you did put away an entire plate of Mario's -- that and yeah. -- -- Well I gotta -- one more depth look at the hair though look at the there's -- on Iraq. Anyone who grows like a -- America we know that is amazing in the late June we she's gonna need -- -- -- -- Carry on carry on -- I rally that everyone is -- Good wouldn't have -- -- can't get it. The answer is really had an idea that's good guy and his great recipes that are actually really user friendly and congratulations damage in the food bank of new York and I'm -- Really he and his wife Weller. Carter and war the annual award. Are Diane Sawyer also receiving. And that he's a good -- birthday is also had a he admired and it is the certainly he was saying -- -- from seasonal ingredients yes cities we have stinging metal -- -- I don't even know you think you could. Deep stinging -- I had -- -- -- an odor coming out and also again I believe he agreed with me that some say Basil and other parts of the country -- you. You're saying that how many of them are battling Miami let's call it what it as a lying on the right now it is not -- restaurant once he ever that. Please let's just I know that I -- -- since. Look look at what that would let does -- professional for Joshua Catherine thank you guys for being here -- -- -- from the scholars academy. What's the town. Broccoli -- absolutely. If you guys used to have a garden in -- all right. And and then how king -- and along. And took it out and you've got to witness this morning for part of the millions come on proudly show thirty million tomatoes host campaign this morning -- thank you guys were wonderful to be here. Let's talk a little bit about it though what what's the what's the thing why it's fresh produce so important to get -- back home with. Well I think it's important for the community as well for the -- eat healthier cooking up a lot of people of spying. Right fatty foods may have -- burger king and it's important that we get -- out and do what he says I'll get your hands very. I'm -- -- and plans growling. Can -- cultivate those crops. Seems it's not just -- to -- it's also something that brings the community together. Literally the grassroots level it's it's something that you guys that everybody can feel good about it's in the year producing something and leave. There's a lot symbolism to that. Did that there is renewal that -- is you know that there's -- comeback. Especially this area after the storm -- -- We were just there last week and it's still you know look so tough now. Many our friends filled don't have their homes back in those distracting from some. Distant past it to me once again find out is a growing -- We had to -- a plant in my mom thought she'd gotten rid of and I think he played for eleven years immediately. Partly the case never ago they never go out and you guys composting this thing so now -- let's talk about composting and tell me right or wrong. -- -- -- -- and I think that's coming up up up up gee it's good for the ground frank C. All right. I can. Imagine I don't know how to compost. -- -- That's a little you know a couple of yeah I'm my body to have my back every morning basically do you you put in thing and you just let it -- you. From the bottom. And he would organic and that's it so what can -- put and got put in anything basically that comes from the kitchen or. No no class. -- that -- I call on our heels and half are in a biodegradable material -- To get it and it's -- you can do it behind the garage you can do it on the side and give it away from -- be where you live but it's -- it's its credit is always we -- haven't -- -- -- -- my. However the antibody happy guy you guys I'm run out of steam on the hot. There's no bad -- you wanna just kind of like lay down influence Milwaukee avenue Linwood -- told his bad television actress Conrad today. We talk a little bit about magic Mike. Let's -- them was a magical ring. Like these there it is Maliki -- finally it was going to be this morning when -- is -- An embarrassment to the yes and it's clearly pop pop pop pop up there and I look at you like him I am not freaking out right now. On the back I was really I was like tongue tied -- just so darn cute and I plucked him for so long. -- I guess I really I like him as an actor Alec is -- he's the united thinking you know he's he's not. Not ugly -- So. So is exciting and last I -- -- see the movie they they couldn't get a screener we usually XE screeners that I -- that's really but I coming in the city. And now goes to -- like -- you know sadly my kids but I heard he was gonna get screening sounds like I don't -- -- At. Had a chance to meet him off camera last night I was really nice sound and I can't decide -- -- a bad decision to show us on the show him -- us doing our magic. Mike -- lot of you know that I don't know I did I think he looked terrified it was a trip you know really sort I don't know why isn't -- with a batting average. This ugly -- act might even with the kids yeah it's a good afternoon in America and yet specifically one -- -- -- -- want to cry let's speed data that I am on the payroll. It didn't get swept the awards season because of Lara Spencer that it won independence burner we're right exactly and it arguably there's -- -- Josh Harris poll there's made him. What I'm most don't you think -- dramatic that -- -- -- and that's the most important thing to come out of that interview is that he senior going to be in the next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that I didn't even hear that was cited a dead yeah that happens my -- like British major movie screen debut. If your view coming -- Max and I play -- sounds Johnson. And it has been in several Indian. You Josh Reynolds Yahoo! this -- be my average -- I hope I didn't play my character. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was. This might have been it happened right here for Seattle after -- final in the best single half hour I have ever spent working with the -- -- -- all the retired and we were doing our GMA Oscar thing that we always -- -- different characters. And now we came up with this concept with the -- aprons and let me tell you management was so horrified horrified did not want this to happen or and we just giggled and laughed our way -- I don't I don't. Typical whenever we come up with management -- our kids I just want you to know diddley diddley who came -- -- rightfully so there isn't. An argument I overheard -- wanna be to -- -- -- I wanna -- to Iron Man not to. I -- excited to have the handcuffs I didn't like literally what you hear backstage and Michael why don't act where the mustache and Kelly. Well and it did look like you -- Government is dripping farm -- quietly. And shaft snapped at -- play of the day as well I'm told now -- -- -- And -- an easy and actually first -- Can we do so lower level yes we think. We have. And we always you know that they come from the central valley people ask me how you -- -- -- from Fresno no I'm not not not for but I -- California. And I got to tell you -- and social media works but -- you were tweeting me your common. And here you are so welcome and say hello -- Hi everybody -- you have been tweeting them and didn't work and as an added bonus not only in from central -- dollar California specifically. You have a brother music outsell UCSD in the house. Without a doubt -- for live right here we'll let you know rail rail Lillie that. We also the birthday. We can have a birthday in the house and we went 701 quite as yet support get to the -- -- Is always something that -- just -- particular is that a sports team what we hope I think that what. Today aren't all that we're not the. And we won. We want our men's soccer team on a national titles -- -- second one ever go to court and finally came true he says he's fast zigzagging we but it's -- into the stadium if they took the soccer gold they carried it down you can find is -- YouTube. Down the main drag their adult -- Santa Barbara and threw it into the threw it into the ocean zones so yes -- for -- -- and learning that. -- -- -- On the big guys up today it was not we should talk about one other thing happened on the -- -- Canadian ship their pants. I hate it -- -- Aren't my words would have paid Shihab seriously what I thought I thought I got it -- shipment drawers. I guess I didn't on the ship -- all night. My work. I have never seen this before never seen -- this morning this was the first time I saw any of that but I had. Oxygen definitely yeah. I thought. I know it's childish if you've got. I am not totally Illinois drinking at Kmart commercial on my -- gonna start airing on TV that we did -- and the only nation bloc so well Britain's Kelly Good Morning America dot com and all check out this these commuter Sam was laughing so -- -- -- like that kind of last year. And it's -- when you know we're here. -- -- it's -- like that cartoon dog the high pitch yeah. -- that -- -- -- it's like thunder and lightning regular blasting it how many seconds does it take to actually hear the last. Yeah you could actually give the recipe that I couldn't -- the final moment -- I'm -- brought that -- Well because I'm shipping my pants right now. And all these -- we would say happy birthday will but we can't because we can't afford -- -- Hatteberg -- Guardsmen and Howard on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not enough regular what are we doing -- Stephen do you want a buddy of -- -- different -- this and he's been to these shows. Where you actually have to sign waivers it's a -- you -- -- before you taste that gasoline Omar. Pretty much how bad how bad as what -- What I liked the idea how bad -- what letters -- undated don't think that that wolf what all oneself is all natural Soledad extracts Oakland yes that's all the heat is certain the proper and I smell it right I doesn't mean you're not hot. I don't know what's it's and I -- -- doesn't melt here. -- got -- water I didn't know well that's no way to stop because this is the Monsanto lightest it's the desire. -- -- All right and this is all this is up on this on here are the odds are tired I have I'm exhausted I got back and then this is a senior regulations hot sauce okay you didn't actually know I'm not -- -- Our greatest -- wrath. OK I don't. Here Bob road -- route and there's of the scorpion -- some scorpion it's. This this worry here is on and we'll pick one you don't -- quite honestly I cannot I am their lyrical. There ought to all -- winning sauces. On this -- took third place of the world championship club in January. Who got blood oranges apples appears in the -- the -- broken record and agility of Everett ended the book isn't mop is much -- -- have a cookbook author's love -- -- anecdote on -- -- and ten were my going to college summoned back to seven home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really close up. -- -- -- I missed it Hillary that's good home wow -- Well no not just to the back of Brunei -- and I don't. Nobody -- does have evacuated. Wednesday gave the disaster zone to what you don't -- -- -- -- them. We're gonna love it there I love it that will be amazing on -- eggs but I'm sorry to Brandon. Hi I'm not I'm. I've got to know what anybody thinks and does I can't let -- until you're going to -- are going all the way the largest a little. I didn't. About Michael year old daughters and I wanna and yeah. Absolutely you know. -- -- -- -- I'm we're following. Following that got a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't tell me yeah he's not the only thing I think I obviously -- a little while times -- not a plumber that -- events. Head start job -- up from. That's not why did it start making -- -- to live up. -- Literally he had. I don't the. -- get my. Always -- yeah. You begin to reassess your life. Oh that's it. -- it and I didn't think I was might planted in hire Hiram Johnson anybody know what he barely -- I'm gonna Iowa. Not know. Now John's dog now. I will trigger a steer state will want to make you look -- mashed potatoes. -- began a judge and may have been heavily detrimental it. -- want my tongue is still functioning. Oh ought to welcome you back and things we welcome back levied on the eviction. I -- want to thank you some of our old friends stop by tomorrow we have our work Colin Powell the bolts part for her and her -- of god. I can understand -- yeah. And yeah. Not -- eastern daylight tomorrow and.

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