GMA LIVE! (04.24.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam chat with a little girl before her mother's makeover is revealed.
16:58 | 04/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.24.13)
Actually yeah yeah okay I'm reading -- from now on. What I want to -- -- from now on we just -- up Josh the last emboldens them. You don't hear anybody out as it always evident. This. But we can't get up to go to the -- -- I'm not even sure if anyone can we talk about. And yet he's been out of water invokes one by our favorite -- two years. -- why dozens of batted about like again. Yeah I'm not even -- alone now as I -- -- added -- our -- and so clearly I want out loud. Because ladies and gentlemen but does anyone but a winner -- to heart can't -- now. He's got that real life I. It means. You don't -- -- were going back. Steve -- wheel of fortune on credit. Yeah you can you get it now and Annie and I know the last answer column but I charity capitalist -- other -- and -- in -- right now. -- no way I could this is going to be insufferable -- what you and I. I don't know it mean. No I really think we ought to do we have to have game show inside because this is serious competition -- outside it was hard just can't. Yeah I'm -- I'm I don't mind being with my -- -- -- -- and yeah. -- -- Everybody knows that you have just brilliant because I don't just entering and no you bring -- -- stand. My you have to -- -- -- For. Express myself as high as an individual I I get it the but you know it's. One of the things I've loved the last couple years in the business community. Is our shared love of the game should include not just doing fumbled Watson talking about a moment and then entice you are digging Johnston. Five's I accept this and now in the game like this news item -- -- just a little bit bad blood. I. But it means for me would be to me -- states and -- I am and I am not one I don't. The real total sales adding -- I'm just saying if had -- -- ever and I can't take a break or a week off could you imagine you mean my problem. Did you or did you ask them because that's what I always wonder because. Yet jeopardy wheel comes on right after it and if I can't -- to the click here fast enough. Then I might watch the -- little -- where they come out he sort of here she comes. Fixing something -- each -- they've been doing this like. So thirty years -- -- thirty years what are they what they say read -- they say the eleven and then go over there and. -- -- -- -- I I don't know but he doesn't have real you guys would be different like -- perhaps you. You think -- really have a nice vantage point you I think so and I aren't out some of the secrets and you'll see peace. I learned how to how -- the letters have been a lot of fun secrets that we all. It's an interesting tricks they'll let us not just one hears this is amazing. Natalie if you're spitting that we are number one of only one -- so when they take show on the road that will travel to our original we'll. And it's 2000 pounds had to -- one -- in existence stuff I don't Baghdad and that's like that's going to be in the Smithsonian for the other thing is the real platform. If you work shorter competitor and that there is and it's an elevator and -- -- I so that you can bend over it's been a real -- -- to halt the platform like for you would like go down but he sentenced to substrate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- what she was gonna think -- Like to say previously anymore David or not yeah. If you're probably a bizarrely you elaborate. But that I did that's very literally have a platform and yet I was really bonds and that's airing on -- -- I love and I would tell -- I volunteered to handing off. -- shows up I listened when patent and arrogant and hang them up Sam and Lara that would be amazing. Himself all three of us the -- -- for all three of us. He's the one gene Rayburn with -- -- because I would gladly sit on the. Entertainment have you host that show who had three for the rest of my life to get dirty drinking on the town I don't -- know -- to -- -- it -- -- Both Molly yeah they were Charles Nelson Reilly went off -- areas that show. Now another eyewitness falls and what about what about one calmly and in the -- -- Out of -- not -- -- there -- you if you would we're watching TV picture and. The -- readily view this it was gut busting we left it was. That was common in almost like you should Japan bashing. -- yeah. I think that we gotta do what you believe what used to. Welcome people to the show pretty -- I never did. Beautiful yeah. Fun fun fun show today -- You know what when you when you work this hard on a beautiful -- I want you to be on our Internet child so weary from them yeah that's you guys would -- I'm -- and you need -- are you hadn't had time did you want to come did your parents -- unit -- Danielle. All right so here's the deal if you guys you got dragged here I just want to say this. Toys 'R' Us is right across the street it's only -- It's only fair -- -- if -- asked asked -- her mom but waist measurement. Can make 30 she's doing the mega donors outdoor would -- -- -- -- -- Oh my god says Tracy on the floor most ridiculous she says it's amazing what an interest in. And one half court shots but I had a ship before shots we can show you and we need either an hour and an hour -- make over yet they are actually covered into the beat -- three that got an hour let me go over is that -- -- earlier on in the Anwar is which which once -- month. The one on the the one on just one that Tracy's. Not pointing -- that business of that would OK so. Cameras you're looking at your TV right now it's on to -- -- -- end -- And -- make over a bid for -- twins these women in the box five GB and Jennifer Dunn the owners of the -- on a -- money. I. Yeah. So origin may -- an -- and loving moxie it's just yeah I had not -- The big deal don't get our thinking more about -- -- when -- -- we did not nor did he weren't swinging to get worried about it but we're twins. And you have each -- with the doubled it's it's double time. And we basically we're getting nervous toward the end but we know we have each other and Pena and even -- you can't believe we didn't want our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're ready whenever they really what it can manipulate weather here you're even here there's one scene always ready moxie jacket is just fifteen minute -- get a fifteen minute coverage happening upstairs right outside that very very end of the show we're gonna bring her down. Yeah we see that -- and I don't. -- -- -- want yeah. I want right before oxy twins. Look for work on his dozens of women that they worked on before her. And then we -- what -- ideology can be secretly. -- -- of Britain's Hamilton and Katy ran out weird if you are parents are keeping any time so keep Angela Lackey Tina Angelo last weekend. All right so here we go so we're -- Motor -- really happening -- is that credit has really don't know what happened Wednesday night. I don't think about it I think can I think it's a Cadillac unfair to the talk about Madoff over because do you it makes people feel like -- -- -- be -- yet another great. -- -- Okay yeah yeah. This is -- everything -- -- Hamilton from her -- New York -- -- well Richard Nixon yeah certainly I. Okay we're trying deliberately trying in the technical rush that you looked gorgeous purple and. Oh -- look at you'd lucky you OK now we can't -- -- now. -- -- -- Oh my god. -- -- -- here. Only god. I love this -- Guys you never uttered professionally right she with a lot of pain and Linda she shouldn't in the teen beauty -- -- eyebrows right human artifact in backroom he's wedding he's even. I don't know -- are -- looking -- The only. Or that huge celebrity grade -- -- -- you do on. You look and work rate I want to say that I think you were beautiful before more yes but I think that in art days and are busy day sometimes we don't have time that it is fun to look. This may be our best look -- you guys get a chance to figure out what the best look is for somebody who may not have been spent millions and -- -- and you know. I'm glad he had an hour to treat yourself hands -- I don't think there you an analyst Craig -- that is great you -- Harry yeah. That's terrific and so. I know -- overcome. What what was it like it was painful. But it. From nineteen ash we'll do it that's when we realized -- -- -- Yet I don't really mean no offense we have our work cut out for us if she's never had -- -- -- so everything's -- done the right -- -- make up eyelashes. I don't in an hour we get color highlight duties -- -- we took her hair and actually lifted he lifted it admittedly say when she looked like in lottery and she has never had anyone Karen -- -- -- -- -- So now she's a list celebrities -- -- home. They look great. Okay -- great so they haven't seen themselves that this is going to be gets -- -- art next to our next person is that music Katie. Hey hey come on. Get yourself right now I haven't seen yourself okay Mattie had already yeah. You -- that was -- -- -- before. Colin on the -- and hear you now. Well. Absolutely that is what you think I -- yeah I'd. Never -- and looks great. I'm -- twins what was the inspiration what was a -- she how she -- naturally -- -- -- -- beaches in the hikes imposed on those big act or actually he just doesn't always. -- -- question the real I don't know -- people can do -- -- I say Cortes highlighted what are not to me I sorry guys we have been expansions. And no -- her way to court -- -- -- for the spring and Jesus Cincinnati's going. Tell us that we you would not have picked any of the colors or any of the stuff -- Now I usually do like a ray of light foundation and -- and some like covered problem -- -- -- I'm -- spectacular -- Yeah yeah hair and everything you look is so beautiful this something that you watching them do it that you could do every day yes definitely about planting. I'm not 200. Let's see let's see the picture again -- is now here comes here comes mom. This is going to be -- and your mom's the one on the left. -- and authorities are here comes Angela behind him yet this -- on parent turn -- -- got turnaround actually turn around there around I'm getting good. Double -- radio I'm glad and I have a balanced and Georgia. -- -- -- So come on out. Everybody's in the in the dark -- nobody's seen anybody right now this is -- So before -- see the before please put the field before a TV. So there course that you are you might recognize yourself just an hour ago. Now take a look at yourself. New cars. To let him. Still you -- do you wanna do you begin to see mom mom and wife and I Barack -- Or. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- I -- so it's already pretty -- here you can hold it. What do you think feel it it makes good. Dad what do you think. -- -- -- is she beautiful so yeah I see you again you beautiful for your beautiful was elected in about them. -- -- -- He ended DD RD and he'll he'll try and recreate the moxie to enigma to me good advice -- -- what I don't act of a lot of our. I'm not going to be down you can do it -- I think another look she doesn't know her potential. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The color right -- aren't -- the only species on the beach I thought about her and a backup. It's great so we just giving everybody look good if you haven't we want everyone could be -- matter who you are written at around this time though we just you know -- cavities -- -- -- -- -- -- Feeling and I certainly have moxie yeah so you know -- -- -- -- -- -- say -- everybody was able to -- you know -- -- -- you know I'm glad that we can have this blanket and enjoy -- I'm so glad you loved it. I I really really. Joyous time in New York. That took that I was not thinking of the day I had issues. -- -- -- -- We have one more -- -- the man this is a fifteen AW done at a the united fifteen minute -- -- one where are you this is dangerous don't try this at home over Nomar. So we can't recount what -- I love -- coming to you haven't seen yourself -- there is -- what I'm told as well we have until we see you look for to be -- the attributable. We don't have over four generally well shot really never know -- -- -- so let's take a city here you go you can take what did you see yourself. Fifteen minutes flat -- he had a very impressed what do we do here -- So basically this is just a fast -- looking good but in the heart. -- -- all we did was thought they could. Rockets last yourself in the spring the dog and a nice mom lives lost some blogs and news including an -- -- so I told you eat a lot of sitting in Iraq. You know -- we -- some -- and companies -- I can't her hair extensions are we you really digits in the recycling is running out the door extensively here a lot easier to do to basically do anything she wanted to look I gotta get me some of -- getting an early exit Finland. Hotly you look great like can't I can't I love the idea very smoky kind of cat I can't really go ahead. It's -- not only didn't yeah. Jennifer done by the way so we had its results and our makeovers we saw fifteen minute -- we do you have somebody right now what it's a very special it's going to be -- 48. Hour make over and boy doctor does he needed take a look. This is our next. -- I don't get it back on the program -- if I only -- only -- had no need to make you just suspended in an indefinite suspension. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To apply the finishing touches -- thank you everybody can actually. -- -- -- Thank you Laurie thank you all very much and -- supersize your -- words well. Just keeps growing. Well yeah. -- -- From 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow we'll see it.

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{"id":19029867,"title":"GMA LIVE! (04.24.13)","duration":"16:58","description":"Josh, Lara and Sam chat with a little girl before her mother's makeover is revealed.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-042413-19029867","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}