GMA LIVE! (04.25.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out one woman's incredible skills jumping rope.
14:47 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.25.13)
-- -- veterans that when he better -- Hello we are were indeed backstage this is where the magic happens at least over there. Howard -- -- -- -- Find on -- -- -- -- game showing his driving me crazy well first of all you don't you -- you come to realize that the jingles in the tunes that we can't play the here on the Internet are terrific they kind of they do big -- along they really -- although I -- we have footage of Sam and I do in the office tennis today. Because we I just want to apologize and very -- Palin. You do you see -- KI. I don't know if you're gonna see -- there's a woman whose -- -- I don't into the audience for a shock I was -- -- diving into the stands and I almost like that woman -- postponed ABC news he was so funny because -- I was locked -- to Josh -- eyes at that moment and truly he had no idea where he was going when he when he dove and the audience. As humanitarian picture I would -- ahead I. Of course I get no apology but that as you as you dive into the audience you realize how close -- -- common and your face just completely changed with -- like a huge -- my book and the problem is is there's an unfortunate history here we back to -- -- in the summer. We are doing Olympics stuff we had team handball. We've got to be a great idea to throw a goal up and have audience member standing directly behind it. I ain't it is fair to say nearly decapitated the woman with there will -- that's terrible although in a little less terrible I did strike you with mind. Staying I'm in and the killing its -- -- a mere flesh wound airplanes I don't wanna get -- -- don't want a -- all -- and by the way because there's at least we can just -- the way down yeah we'll just take its -- take the. -- I prefer hairpiece but yeah. I prefer live and you -- -- -- -- way can we just began with what brand new feature that I'd like to help on the health. Interviewing for andrews' job because they have job applicant yet here we have an open way -- we have an open and we haven't held we have an opening and Regina where. Are you and Jenny you marry -- tied up when my -- a way that might look at the life of the man again that the position senior editor social media social media Saturday at -- I don't -- -- you sought it's it's an unfortunate chapter in the history of ABC news it is terrible that someone little clarity I love it and thought hey we 'cause it's -- -- I'm going to be -- and we -- again I don't know -- that is speaking to -- we -- love and -- so -- -- interviews show here. -- just tell me in one sentence what you could bring to the job. I would bring great personality and inspirations this story OK that's that's that's -- -- Regina Regina can't sell. And it says here I mean this is a list of -- let me tell you what -- springer is not Smart fun fearless unique adventurous. Exciting. All right entrepreneurial. Descending -- what could you really look you're here with a bunch of great kids from Oakland California could you relocate go to that greater tristate area for a great. Exciting opportunity to BBC news in a -- John. -- -- springer wit and love. We we we love you we cannot do without you please won't you give us your your your your wonderful social media check -- we're only kidding. I -- only I think it should come and do that -- however I'm JW on some. And India will trial -- -- first up is Gina. I think Jenny here on -- -- here come on -- -- here -- that -- we are actually got a microphone from. Yes you Maggie now I certainly -- -- Regina joins us from Oakland California said he had from Kansas City brightly that Jenny and I UN winner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And how many times today -- -- -- About twenty -- journalistic training journalistic training now that I've been on good morning man who -- Eliminating. This -- don't remember remember want to remember why you were led away Andrew for not being nice to the audience are now don't be sassy be nice this is to be leveling. That he'll only just to clarify and -- I'm. British -- interior -- I should remind you once thank you might -- modern thinking guy that is -- I -- Get Derrick on the phone what I -- very good press the button and -- efforts to eat. From this is that right there that -- the people who voted yes suspension is over we want Andrew back. I gotta be honest well delivered don't necessarily agree with the police but well delivered might not very very well to the Jenny and -- suspension is over. Grammar that's at odds she misidentified. We don't change people's tweets fluorescent Kamal OK -- right yeah. That's al-Qaeda plots next. He's right and sit next they go. South Africa but there is an open meaning in North Dakota I heard. I itself as seriously -- you're gonna love the great state of North Dakota into and out right up in the Letterman -- and a lot less into the you'd look to in the future we love hadn't handwritten we -- proud of them ladies you're likely candidate -- -- lovely can't. Yeah. We'll and we'll keep you for a future future opening how's that. Student and -- Okay. He should take -- -- client at a news. Wait until they tell -- what you -- talking about -- police late summer concert series people are so. Flipping excited about the summer concert series 202 of the biggest -- people kept leading us. Mariah -- this kid wants the composition of school that day is so we're gonna not to Frankie. And then take a look at this. -- people are so excited about the summer concert series and you got to know that I know that you're picking on me and that's fine for that'll be well when I see you people flat this. People are very excited about -- time. -- will finish -- its primary -- you are so close to another -- We -- -- really sweet I need you to think we drink it -- -- work -- -- for looking up from television make it bakery just give it but I do want -- -- one. That summer concert series lineup is amazing. I'm -- -- where there's no hole in the lineup. Not to wonder not only every Friday this summer don't miss him as long as it's not and South East Asian swamp in Central Park which it tends to be 900 degrees and 400% in there have been some rainy morning has been some of and this is what's great is -- -- it. You're you're seeing all the great acts that we're gonna have have each had a friend Ken Ham because our budgets like five dollars for this such as the -- I think you can end here. -- -- -- how -- -- -- -- -- Denise in the controller and army army when he half cat inside out it taking away -- campaign took away. According camera to control their behavior and even -- not all hot and -- here at all. -- sit eight budget what does happen. This is I don't know that things really went wrong and to pull the plug on everything Mary. And he pulled the plug be pulled the plug on the budget -- I was sorry and now I've heard earned. Why there's apparently there's a -- -- alive if you did you make somebody re apply for their job here. Apparently we all have to re apply for our jobs and so we've got -- five young candidates. Over here for for our jobs are welcome to Good Morning America lie side by -- -- -- I'm applying for the job sort job and I Scotty and I also applying. So let's do it -- well Captain Crunch downloadable animated character from your childhood -- the comeback I don't love -- countries the so much of of and I cut the roof of my mouth yeah well that can only mean -- -- he's getting his own late night talk show awesome I'd watch yes don't go. -- -- know the captain Horatio Magdalene crunch did you know that he had all those things. An issue that's a good look at audience we got there I just captain. I didn't think we've done enough damage ballots from every six RO NIC center -- You definitely -- rapidly it probably jet fighter like there's so -- I really can't. Let's go to -- got to go nowhere -- -- candidate first ball. Some -- -- importantly commodity Adrian a performer actually -- surplus away holds two world records well. That's incredible that it did truly -- now thankfully. Get all over the world that Brandenburg Gate right there who ran someplace else that's a partridge and I think that's the Bart Perrier -- And that is some other -- up. Diuretic. -- leg up societies got to somehow solves these now. That we're not make sure we're. What -- -- stretch but what has dispatched stretches. -- -- -- -- -- I actually. It's better for my career in -- -- client. And news. I think it's better for my career if I -- fired. I totally agree with you. If I may take the act -- to get a fire myself exactly. -- and I. Update you on the. You wanted to -- you want to know the sting of a fire and our and our troops phenom. -- have anything else that we get what do we know how. For Sam -- I don't know we do I -- -- -- you're -- please come over and and then help me. Other you know what I read about disaster yes I'm really doesn't do it can I don't know -- -- -- or maybe it's not -- -- -- -- already -- -- -- -- didn't like him very. -- -- Zach Braff former -- grubs has another film coming out. It's gonna be in theory something of a sequel to garden state of the union movie that he made. But. Interestingly he needs. In his -- two million bucks to make this movie so we went to. The crowd funding site kick starter Wednesday he posts a video he asked fans to help them on this project -- called wish I was here again a follow up to garden state. Interestingly. -- again. Began and the thing is if you make a donation -- you give ten dollars twenty dollars like he'll send you. He'll send you like you can you can get access to the cast diary while they're shooting at their gifts as you go go up you get more if you give more than when he took a lot of heat yesterday on the Internet firm essentially being. A rich guy asking for other people to give him money so he can make his passion projects. I I was in high. It all personally I don't have a problem if somebody wants to give him ten dollars to make a movie I -- -- to be honest number problem. No certainly not the first person are there. Why don't yeah. Saying thank you don't want. Great idea originally -- got married denial regarding the car I appreciate get a get out that she's gonna get right on that -- can help her out. What do you think. Fighting is fantastic. I was not paying attention. I'm sitting here wondering how -- -- got so out of control today and I miss. I -- that right you write as opposed others others just Frontline and cholera victims -- metro and Aamodt placed on the right a lot of I think it's great. Whatever that was she. Guilty. I think you know -- -- little can custody tonight I think you might be a little job cuts but your handsome as the day is long time. Phone right before we go look at -- ankles. -- -- okay. Saturday but why -- we have to -- Paloma and this was that this -- this is disgusting as what. I do you know what is it really New York in -- west. Not not appreciably more. You are in. -- to be clear. Dress shoes right. On national television yes -- your regular job correct not didn't catch up guard yeah. There was no like quicksand on TV -- -- -- yeah. Didn't have time to get Sox aren't. Is there is there are dress code is their hair net necessary to -- the -- I mean I don't know actually you know what yes yeah yes I demand that when mixed success. And you think about it -- thing you have to -- I -- -- -- by the way you are being asked to comment on its own actions aren't in yet. How bad and he socks socks tired I hired an outside Syria figuring your socks -- yesterday right let -- Thank you can we get a -- how this got into the red dress out -- -- little black dress and double standard women go without. Opinions all the time it's not double standard with I'd I'd -- I don't know how you gonna do it -- I admire and other. Yes so your admiring of the no pantyhose. I don't know -- -- became a commission make up about food and energy I just hey where is the flip stock. Why he can't comment about it well you're right guys on the -- do. And due to do to show benefit tomorrow actually do you. Do I used to Wear flip -- below the suit and and GMA put a moratorium on that so I can no longer. Wear flip flops shot and they are dress flip -- by the way there -- probably you would if you could -- -- yes no question. Yeah. So you want Wear flip I also don't have a basic sense of decorum. God I haven't gone -- national television I wouldn't have wasted my ankles on America how about back again. There are a lot more things that I wasn't gonna go until about Sam Champion well some. -- about time that.

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