GMA LIVE! (04.29.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam check out one European's driver's poor parallel parking skills.
12:22 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.29.13)
Hope -- had a great weekend. What do we can it was -- the to view the nation's capital the cherry blossoms. The White House click on the dinner aluminum. -- that the blossoms are almost gone it's likes truly summertime there it was like downright alone now. How -- -- -- -- and -- all the updates from the show me an incredible shaft. Our friends on his arrest on New York City call -- the bass creek rest have -- and and so we have great. Greek food that we had so many stars on the show today -- Tobey Maguire with Robert Downey junior two huge movies coming out and then of course there there with the correspondents dinner which missed you terribly. And you know you're with your daughter which is what -- -- had a phenomenal Friday night daddy daughter Kennedy. Outraged -- that -- an issue. Yeah totally totally an honest and actually come up at the dinner table alive would be. Leon you know we're sort of the three amigos and so we were like we're just the -- windows -- -- there -- you know I can't stop this. -- right out of Iraq and giant -- have the giant cuddle bear while I and it was very hot outside India Italy block the sun even. Applauded from the sky exactly. -- had daddy daughter dinner date on and on Friday night I got. You send me picture at the cutest thing she gave that was -- -- favor nice place which is quite literally one minute drive down the post -- and in in Connecticut. And she felt passed out in the car before we -- even the she woke up the next morning the first -- she opens her eyes. -- -- -- -- my ice -- less oh -- it's just think this through it was and and then I thought I wanted to make it right in the next -- c'mon. -- version of the show that those -- called parenting skills because I -- looked patterns and absolutely you did and you love dead. Get dressed -- and we saw happens. Correspondents dinner and funny stuff president Conan. -- -- after party -- which are Dave whirlwind it was great I mean this went wild I don't view of the -- -- -- -- Jay -- for us. There all your every bosses are so it's not like -- like you know doing yeah shots. I think -- probably contradict should yeah did not play it it but it's so great here in the French Embassy in its so glamorous and look one way and you know there's of these news executives and big people that you -- back so much and as so many news anchor that we love Todd -- an -- -- weigh in there there's always apparent RI just hanging out this -- thousand great picture was on the show today every. Everybody has. Party you know kind of like leading around it because everybody wants to socialize at the ABC Univision had a cocktail party before. When I was young -- -- -- deal that was kind of lovely because it was outside it was such a gorgeous day it was breezes blowing everybody wanted to come that -- that you do the dinner and then that at the French ambassador's residence. They had the Vanity Fair party which is a lovely everyone walks around so -- party. And then -- as -- as cameras at a late night party which was a you know like. An immigrant who buy out pretty easy you know Amy -- -- and on everybody everybody hanging out together -- -- market in in the nation's capital evidence are now. -- plus am you know they call it the nerd prom they do. Speaking of problems -- speaking of profits by the way we had a -- mask right here live on GMA and we've got an update for now on January 28. As Josh is just reminded me you see young Mitchell Rossum was holding a sign. Asking Cassie to -- -- a tunnel out to his sister's boyfriend Andrew had told him he would give them an ice cream if he just held -- that sign on GMA. Little did he know. That this would go on to be a big story for us and and and we have them on the phone asking. Monty -- alive do we have a. Stop it to somebody. We're just doing a lot of on GMA alive right now he won't ask have to go ahead -- -- -- he would you you don't you probably. Okay. They -- love happens right here ladies and gentlemen at. Our intense like no matter what what you call it and then early this morning actually over the weekend because I -- on the Twitter feed they -- us this picture. -- -- -- -- for -- -- -- young -- blossoming right there have. Absolutely -- Andrew tells us they danced quite a bit until a certain time in the morning that probably -- past their curfew -- -- allowed prom night and they hadn't quotes. At a time and yeah. Yeah. I'm all right now pop back shot this one's -- -- some fans out there. Remember how Jerry Seinfeld's on her girlfriend's -- and they were always really. Oh this is a positive return start on there was McCain -- There's -- is loud sound like -- verified there isn't the same story -- like to talk dirty hands on his goodness there. This is where played by Jamie -- And even Marcia Cross played a lot of interesting -- -- ever watch this show wasn't the only person American you know. Alley Wentworth was the -- movie and you like hello you very -- -- really there yet over the nine seasons 57 total girlfriends and now artist Richard Prince has decided to pay tribute to all the lovely ladies. Eight by creating this composite -- of the perfect woman for -- found. And better late than never -- -- And -- -- down when she's lovely and injured on the -- it guys it's like not this is there is not. -- this is. The thing that's Teri Hatcher is eyebrows and Marcia -- try and imagine a lot of -- in there seems 57 girlfriends that. So so you can park yeah it also looks like march across and it all just looks well it looks like. It's good to that person actually exists now now now that's a figuring out as a great Dallas -- -- -- and I expect yet I don't. Again. Say no now -- I don't know I got. That means -- she's a lovely lovely woman and we'd like Disney are now Leila Alan a -- and a few women and building that does. Our show that went on their -- Give it five. You know being yeah. -- -- I'm Josh you know passing got a problem you know we're not what -- Patsy you know what I would love letter that -- little car -- he's got medicine or not if you make them unless. Well yeah well I can actually tell people don't and don't why it's behind the scenes -- go ahead go platinum and drug -- Odds that we just did the cooking with what Maria -- -- and that she happened to have. A little -- Greek. -- I mean let's just call it adds we've college we see it and you know can't drink on TV -- any number of reasons right which can't drinking commercial break right on TV so mom. The audience here is sworn to secrecy was an -- may have actually happen. Just don't -- -- -- you guys -- wrong McCleon. I'm -- Emma who may have had just one little step with the -- every beverage it was delicious. Let's compare it isn't so I don't know who's though Nelson -- There was always lights out I mean. I I remember -- so you've -- well so have hurt. I vaguely remember someone handing me a first class that lives and then never remember anything else the rest tonight at -- and then all of a sudden we were in Croatia and -- still I have read we're dancing someplace and -- bottom that was after a correspondent them. It's it's -- -- and in March and you're getting someplace after but but this is very smooth it's a pine I wish we knew the name of its upon him. Based on a pine occur but we couldn't put it on the show itself because it was -- are you saying we -- on the Internet. As ridiculous fake girlfriends on the budget and a little battles that its own problems I quickly enact Diana we've. We've had parking -- I believe in our anchor off. UN wanted to and I want to close segment that talent and he I don't think -- George won this one out this may need them most epic parking -- Ever in Belfast Ireland. Annan just now -- and by the way that carpets and that's fine yeah that we -- -- I don't know it's hard territory the we we we decided we -- we're gonna speeded up. We get back you have. Okay and you're -- on you have Charlie McCarthy direct guidance -- -- How does kind of anger and now and -- know you Austin -- did get a clue. Gonzales don't give up don't give up they didn't but they. Now and going and -- LA and I'm. Again but -- I don't videotaping incentives would now follow their way to. You if you take a fifteen minute break -- working happened -- -- -- it. You watched it for your entire break it took the person fifteen minute hand someone else coming -- that I thought this always scares me about that. Persons with me. Like on the streets and cars -- weapons -- -- and you can't even at a low speed put it in -- space where it -- Comfortably Veronica what do you do and on the open road you know when we travel as much as we travel for weather Darcy is my producer and I have a term it's called it it's it's a driving term called the calm over. And it happens every time we're on an interstate where someone will be from the left lane and five lanes go all the way over to the exit in less than ten feet. And so we really we call it like the complete comb over could you go from one side of the road all the way up into the Agassi guys. Your very descriptive and you you come you always see one of these on the road and I think it's that person right there. You think they came armor from Belfast and in that -- every highway in America my -- got an update on the parking thing apparently. They started filming it. Halfway through it Tucker and Allergan to an uncooperative -- now. And the guy on our -- it went down -- after they wanted to -- She said no and then like three other people came up and started -- comments. Children -- home. -- -- -- -- -- Well because as we like to see on the show that it makes everything better -- witness firsthand. And and this is Yankee candles launching a brand new line of scented candles including these -- many candles. They're and movie night by the way now this is movie -- you can smell imitated -- this is is that this is me bacon. This advocates and that's all I -- But how does that I know it is it's like if you lick your leather couch on fire that's what kind of. Catch -- that fits with that now we want to -- -- that the Yankee candle company is a wonderful wonderful wonderful company but said no I bet we brought. Well that's the worst. And the worst thing. This is delicious -- an hour is -- yeah cut grass does that does it really got it -- Mary likes the only guy does not only come on yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah okay here I wouldn't and I think it definitely hold -- the Cutler I know we're trying to do that that are -- -- -- keep that mountain and stance since. We liked at that level yet again the company for allowing us hello hello they're writing networks but we're asking and I'm think about everything the -- -- That one you know what I -- I like this one is good. When it's -- yeah I would use and an inning ending and anything that isn't isn't about an odd pitches and you want to. I. This one should deter burglars is great snap right they are available by the way so you can get in your own whip. But. You know we've basically got it for you -- nationwide in May and by the way I encourage all companies in America to not be afraid of us. Send us your brand new stuff and we'll be. Be honest about whether it's good -- don't realize that we love adding we -- We love it -- that's all. I'm by riding her go out by a -- -- however. Everybody wins. You know what I think everybody you are applied art. This what we're seeing 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow breezy that -- actually our theory here and there are only GM yeah. Don't -- the event and then we're doing the dollar back together -- so happy how to bring I had.

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