GMA LIVE! (05.06.13)

Josh and Sam chat with the Camden Sophisticated Sisters on their exciting "GMA" appearance.
16:25 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.06.13)
It's long lingering love but is there it salmon are the least two important people on your screen right now what -- -- Best moment at -- and you know why it's all because of the Camden sophisticated. System. It's it's -- not dreaming sweet and we want to recognize. The -- -- to call them ordinary is absurd but we want to recognize maybe the people that go unrecognized so very often for the things they do. And today we recognize this -- this dance troupe just from over the river in New Jersey. -- -- I mean yes Mondays are so tough for us and today. Felt like Friday and that's the nicest thing I can possibly -- anybody. Hard to do all of your training all of your hard -- -- your dance step. You not only cheered us up here. But you perform for America and they're telling you -- what you do the spirit that you bring the signs that you make the hard work that you put into these men. Make people happy. I want to thank you because America just can't get on screen right now -- -- -- is I want to thank you -- -- Thank you not let him. I won't put this -- and and is the copyright on they. -- believe. I just now getting sophisticated -- He had quit we had a great moment of it all after you perform. Well -- got here beyond they talk about what it was to see you guys performing to our music and how you inspired her how to Nabil. To know that you touch somebody I mean I saw the tears at their and so many black -- was -- -- -- -- -- Now amazing because at an event that day so you actually see as being same -- I don't know could salvage what it -- me can't put out -- middle Tennessee today she's self. They'll hold the -- -- being -- -- how this kind of. Look at. I know maybe this -- you won't totally get this but but arts. -- art is about hope and dreams -- fulfilling them. And about what you can be and how great you can be and today -- -- tell you the entire country and now the whole Internet. There is seeing. How great you all are and will be -- again I can't think he does not mean. Little thing on this show if you guys would just hang out because if you leave we will be terribly sad lonely and I don't know that you guys would just. Just hang out with a -- a little bit while we while we get guild's show on their way we normally don't know play the day -- -- candidates. It really didn't look. See here's what's great about you guys you have -- -- this time and use it constructively. And you do these wonderful things and then there are other people out there who have just too much time. On their hands and they do this. At a French department store its core and look at us. It's of this. Today -- -- department store and I'm talking a lot of Intel have. Okay. -- -- I mean are you kidding me that high. That's the Lenox that's like yes you want you just something zillions. -- -- -- Exactly that those sort of fashion hello pot the pot with a -- pop Baxter as well I'll Lehrer is usually end during the pop extra so pardon me if I don't managed to pull off as gorgeous -- -- are aware of their hand out but today. -- -- About the news that -- And can't get an oral that iPhone based Brookings -- -- parent of taking pictures of their kids and it's not exactly novelty -- it happens every day all the time. But one dad Jeff black decided to go old school and captures twin daughters childhood without using. Any digital technology that's right he's saying no to the digital he barely knew how to turn on -- camera when he started but since then. -- -- not a novice photographer that snapped thousands of pictures. With fourteen film cameras there -- the things that you guys don't know anything about. But there is visiting the funny thing called film -- -- And it what you -- Pamela -- raise your hand. Wildlife. Certain there's a Syrian regime has lot of you have what you really never seen had never held -- film. Have you -- -- fate if -- -- not a bad but I don't really know what this -- -- dinosaurs used accidentally bumps up and and Doug -- our free markets and garage sales to come out with this and it was a little expensive so each picture cost about two dollars. As opposed to digital which is free. But let me tell yet. Take a look at these pictures. It's a diary at his adorable twins. On that mystery being called film. And it does it do you know I think it worked for a long time it happens it's a great pictures. I think going beautiful gorgeous and -- we heard all the -- here from the group. I that's what she doesn't know especially you little TDs down in front. That's what America was saying and all other living -- car. -- -- -- and you hear today do we have -- hundred no. And because Andrew has got other things -- -- -- the network he can't really be here every day to watch what's going on social media but you know -- he. We have to need to live Denise and here's the deal look at these all -- really is just sit there and smiled at some say nasty things -- -- aerial. Yeah. -- -- yeah so you know what social media for us to -- and that's something you could get the same time. That's a proficient Twitter -- I write about what I would get back to you now here's the opening I think we ought to do this we're gonna use your Blackberry yes we're gonna we're -- adults were thinking you'll just scroll through your Blackberry when it to him being here and that's purely on the. -- -- Icing on the Twitter. Well I don't want you do while you set that up to the so community -- -- mama do because -- Denise is getting ready to get married. And so I know -- are you upset. Look as did -- GO -- I mean as she completely actually changed. The way you're gonna be looking for a wedding -- now I think that they go with that different option I think towards that she had let me -- in your area for the -- -- first thing I absolutely love about this -- -- includes this lady is -- Sheen is. When we -- we've had a chance to talk to -- yeah she is fully and totally and solely herself. She doesn't care what other people may say other people may say you know what maybe you should -- camouflage. This woman and she's raising her family with great conversations great I mean. She. She's really she's in -- every -- -- and that is why this works. In -- TV sense when you're watching it. Is just -- what is it is because. Your watch and love. You might it might not. He wouldn't you know -- Because sometimes it confuses me I have no idea what's going on -- but everybody agrees like you're watching a mother who loved her children. And children who love each other and that's working households and -- -- -- is that you know world from different places we all have different things that you know going -- our lives why should we look like everybody else why -- what we do look like everybody else. Be proud of the value your -- a little different Laura Ingraham different from what other people. We're going back -- -- wild camouflage dress. That's -- daily show what are what are folks and there -- on the you have anything on Twitter yet Denise. Well I -- -- to find attendees is trying to turn on her blackmail I talk about what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Listen I have -- split vote have a VCR is the meat diet there you have done to -- my my theory and the knives are out there -- Tyler after word that's really it's time. I thought here is to -- traditional calling her -- -- stuff thank you Denise that was really great for pushing. Forward this show here on the Internet while yeah -- reason we just talked a little bit about -- -- wedding and you now. How difficult it is when you've got I mean just think about it and it can be. Anybody these days can ask someone's to marry them and you've got to come up with a plan yes -- show. -- actually surprise me at a party and I was in full sweat I had no idea that we had no idealist. He did it one year had no idea -- one -- -- here today New Year's Eve. So how how did he deal -- thoughts about that because I was in a full sweat and elsewhere now talking about a little -- In public you -- -- our motto when he cares about starts to talk to you in public in front of your friends your like of stop but you don't. -- don't do it and -- he said what. And -- -- aren't so when it comes a wedding proposal is nearly got the -- surprise but we'll -- a swagger here plus small thin rings. People go to great lengths to pop the question. But technology director Jason and is that Moscow may be -- First groom. When he made this isn't -- Israel because it is crazy that most -- to be -- -- net debt to put -- chopper up. With the diamond ring on a remote control system and -- -- out there Francisco now she's obviously with child. So she thinks they're making a video -- to leave for the child -- will will get their innings. -- Alamo square park beautiful park. And this is not appeal -- -- of this remote control helicopter that was being flown. And again she's just finished talking about how she can't wait to have this child what a beautiful thing they've been together and and wouldn't you know what's wrong. What is going on here. -- waved to growing technology way forward. What comedy club what god Tom of its. -- -- Yeah. So beautiful. Yeah. Days. Christina Aguilera and has -- -- out -- now I gotta tell you first up Jason little dangers Josh I've tried to helicopters. And I think the last time you hit the top of the Phillies now are looking to -- Times Square and it was they could go really wrong that it had you practice sir. Yeah we did good morning we did a dry run the day before. The and the -- -- and you're right they're very dangerous at this flying through the process. Jason did the drone pilot was where. Hiding behind some trees. And so yeah because it was a multi camera should is a real big deal Christina meanwhile because it does what I always hear. That do what the thing is is -- you guys always know the proposals coming -- that some points. We do something so out of the ordinary that you the woman that was like. Ideology aside -- then I did not acting normal -- surprise one to 100 when you're surprised level was one. My good friend I would definitely and it meeting and eat. Right and -- that. He even played -- -- my act desire to do some maternity photos and so I was totally. Convinced that that's why we're out of the park in the morning and you know taking photos and talking about it. Ian bush can -- -- and -- text flying overhead. There's something about the way he had sent look at that a couple of times -- he started Kennedy. -- -- -- great event I do know he'd he made you wait for it I mean that proposal out little like forever dramatic pauses. Jason. Would at any. Don't ever do it wasn't the describe those moments I mean those ten to fifteen seconds. When your life or 45 -- four minute fifteen what what was like for you. Will premiere was there definitely is concentrating on a lot of different things -- wants the order -- my mind scripted our performance. We try to sell it and you can surprise going. Also trying to be murdered in framed in Musharraf I was only. Holding onto a key chain audio recorder to try to capture some of the audio just in case I -- to remember to turn out on that actually forgot to do some sorry we didn't get exactly all the footage we wanted to but I yeah it was a lot of Scotland. Yeah is this. I don't know how old this video as -- awkward way of asking you are you still live bundle Christine yeah and there's. It's. I mean yeah and a street -- again. I congratulate. Beautiful honestly thank you so I I thank you so much for letting us share. A special and somewhat terrifying moment and that was with Cuba -- you can just see how attached you two are and how wonderful it is so congratulations. All the best thank you for sharing with the I'll tell you that is an amazing Monday there's -- whole Lotta love on this Monday I don't feel good about events that -- OK yeah actually let's go back up to -- of the comptroller of it means she's got the. -- emergency generator working now I believe we have the Internet. Being piped into the -- remotely so what can you tell us about that we're all waiting Denise what's going on quarter. Well all the Twitter. There's 1 that says this morning was wonderful at GMA that girls were amazing it deserves all the happy issue provided -- Hugo girls you -- -- you guys here it was all about you guys it was like pound you go girl. -- -- -- -- it was basically loved loved loved him sophisticated sister's love love love hatched -- globe love -- -- -- Com and you know when I got one more than -- Another one says there's so much happiness going on in Times Square we can really figure out what's going on day you actually -- -- -- he assessed and Padilla. Actually in this then Brandon beyoncé -- a -- It will not be the last again on behalf of all of us here Good Morning America. Monday's never felt less like it today at Camden sophisticated -- --

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