GMA LIVE! (05.09.13)

Josh and Sam chat with two students who inspired the Web with their wrestling video.
18:49 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.09.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- you can't let me until now forget it look at our beautiful audience. Thank you guys for coming. Thank you for joining us -- -- -- -- great show today Rod Stewart. All the wondrous what Rod Stewart I would say ageless wonder about you know its he's wondrous -- that guy just keeps for. -- and sounds great and quite honestly you miss Rod Stewart sat out because no one else and as much as people community duplicate other sounds. We were talking the other day about you know how. Amy Winehouse is voices silent but you know we don't want anybody -- -- anyone -- no one sounds like Rod Stewart ever and that's just that's just him. So it's nice to have enough for the early years of his -- like. Wow really. -- thank you yeah. You very much because that was that was a -- I'm gonna stick to you for being hailed as things in there I love that's a talent -- -- By the way you. You scored an amazing story on the -- not -- series this week. That story and and the way it was hold and that the young men in that story is. -- need to fly you know so in the now can be told so that we told we talked about the series were having him tell leading up again. To breakfast in bed -- gonna surprise one very deserving mother tomorrow who doesn't know that he's coming to actually post up on her front lawn. And cooked her breakfast in bed with the help of her entire community. But we've all been chose a story. That have stuck with us and maybe. And Sam was in my office we -- sitting there we learn about the series. And it took us honestly it took us about fifteen seconds what what what was murdered and who live and I wanna say Ross -- one of my producers are words -- says. What about the wrestlers and I think -- diseases. That's all you need to say right because that is that appeals to young wrestler and -- CNN here again. -- -- -- -- -- Chaired. Lives with terrible policy. Jesus multi sport athlete. It absolutely normal -- they have long wrestler says to his coach when Dave but coach I want him. Put me coach I'm ready to wrestle. And so. In a match against another school just absolutely arbitrarily coach goes to the coach of the opposing school and says -- He explains what he wants to do he says I need your kid with the biggest hearts that this is not and I want to make this. Absolutely clear what we saw was not planned it was not orchestrated a coach -- -- the -- today -- says I need to. The kid who's gonna get -- CBS heart and so that coach -- to -- and says. There's this kid who wants to wrestle. Good get out there and so should they meet at the -- like two wrestlers do. An eighteen seconds later when Jared scored the first victory. Of his burgeoning wrestling career has just then got himself pinned. We saw this and that we try not to show emotion on the show but sometimes they just -- -- and this one got me yet. And it stuck with me and so I had a chance to go down. To Tennessee the great state of Tennessee where I've found. Justin. Again. They'd just joined us on the big show with the help Peru on Gardiner. Who. As a personal hero might wrestling -- the 2000 Olympics everybody knows of course about the US men's hockey team in 1980 pulling the upset of the Russians. Arguably the biggest upset in Olympics history. There's neck and -- -- because when rule on Gartner took John Alexander crew Allen. And the 2000 Olympics. The big Russian bear the big bear had not lost in third teen years. Of international competition. I mean quite literally. -- -- It was rocky it was -- before I mean it was Drago in rocky and it was he was the unbeatable force. And you beat him and so we wanted to bring in somebody who you guys would love to me be me but who also got it and so rule on again. When you saw the story of these two kids I know specially with the wrestling community -- it is. -- comprehensively the Olympics deciding -- to drop wrestling as a sport. What did you wouldn't what did what did you sense from your community -- when this thing -- as as viral was. Well for it is for this quarter wrestle an -- to see. The emotion of the first victory -- to see the battle of life and sometimes life throws your adversity and right now they're trying to cut wrestled from the Olympic Games starting in 2020. And so we're trying to show the International Olympic Committee that rests -- has a value and in America it's very is popular it's a great sport. And -- -- just in junior high wrestled high school wrestling. The values that instills upon the youth and the ability to see these two wrestlers and I got to watch -- story and right before -- -- -- my oh my gosh it's probably one of the best stories. I've ever seen because it brings an emotional brings it life. It brings and happiness and ultimately a loss in field wrestled isn't about winning gold -- it's about the daily battle that challenged a learned about yourself. And needs to kind of epitomize. I think success on the mat and then ultimately is is -- young men because. They're both are going to be great Americans in great human beings and be able to carry the banner of wrestling but then also life and men and. And us into something that I talk to you that you -- -- in choosing the story. Hot I wasn't choosing a story this is two stories -- -- on the Bob. But just couldn't -- their story and the bravery to live life. And to not let anything stop here that we see from -- every day. The courage and frankly -- the death. The character spirit that you showed -- such a young age. When you could've done anything again. -- to have the wherewithal and to understand and the gravity of the moment -- probably saying things that you might and I even understand but. But -- to win two stories become one. And I can't even literally talk about the story without tearing up and I can't I watched the tears forming other people's -- I know it's all overwhelming -- -- What's it like for you what's it like for you now what that what what's -- like. Having had this happened and seeing that continued reaction to -- Well and satellite is setting it's completely crazy in. People are tired she's going up to me and saying you're my hero on things like -- feeling really great about myself now. That's great and then and I know you and Jared. Now have a really special bond. Yeah. -- -- are actually really good friends now. And that's what. That's what sport can do -- IOC by the way if you're watching the IOC. You tell me what's wrong with wrestling I don't get -- I wanna bring the death and had to reflect so -- -- Families here great Cecilia again actually -- -- Jared one of one of triplets yeah he -- Alex and -- even though they don't look thirteen posted next to you Josh and he's about his -- -- -- 72. Iowa. He's a vegan and -- Andrew is seventeen and my daughter Lauren is nineteenth and have my wife Lisa so we have a large family when we travel and listeners. What Justin did yeah. Amazing but -- I cannot emphasize enough and. The. The drive and the will to live life -- just to live life. What was it like to see what was it like for you to seize the moment when -- side. By -- its interest in because if you live with a disability every year really the world's gotten out of a snapshot of what it's like to got to live with semi with a disability. And it and Craig and I've -- about how talked about how. Why's it so important you know it is this story in what what -- that pointing towards a need in our community just for good news or -- a case. But -- to see jeered and do what we we we do this for Molotov we we are treating me differently -- else. You know within reason that that he can do -- -- -- -- say it was just normal get -- get on the -- he went to either going to practice for a -- -- The next obvious question is what give -- a match -- track in -- I and you know modern. Nine we knew where religious billboard RJ youngest action on the Matthew van and so coach Ed what do you -- do -- -- Put him out there man let him go so and. He -- it's it struck me when I subprime it was a surprise they didn't know I was come in to the greater Nashville area and I was struck I got some -- struck five children. I was struck by the utter normalcy of that -- that they they see their classmates and that's always a price and that to me is hope. And that to me is is is. Power and strength right great if you -- -- you have. Taylor and and a hearing. -- Josh. When you saw it. Do you guys have both -- on the show the day we showed it. You know we we work to I wanted to make sure that I Lott and all the pants. Appears to be sought to fine fine young man. What was it like to see the choice that your son made on a zone. In memo. It loose. Just overwhelming. The united -- set -- often to a lot of people that we just happen to be in the right place at the right time. The coaches Springsteen's. Clay Matthews. Pull this together. When I first saw that night -- wasn't in attendance there. Pulled it up I looked down and I immediately got emotional because I thought it was a really nice thing to do. I mean Jerry. Is just an unbelievable. Unbelievable. I mean he's got such great smile. He is so fine he's probably one of the few people that get my sense -- humor so. Alex's great. I -- I'm I'm proud all my boys and and Justin is is I mean it. -- we're just can't describe -- and then the way took off again. It was just yell all over the inmates just. Onion and -- I mean these -- -- mean clamor and we're helping organize these schools. You know sunset middle school free of middle school. Their coaches -- -- and Johnson these guys are making it happen death for these kids I -- our top pop out -- literate myself won't pull out of my pocket and fill in this thing. On the -- and next you know 48 hours later. It's gone crazy so these schools are the ones that are making this stuff happened looked. This was much this is far greater than I even -- I want to thank you rule on -- viewers do you you know you're the finishing touch. And and and a -- in the -- Ten -- for a long time. Congratulations on your continued success. The parents here as a parent myself again I tell us senate I hope I help my daughter. Grows up to be the kind human being that you guys already are and to -- to a view again from the bottom of my heart and for all of us here -- morning American ABC news. Thank you so much for letting us experience this would -- you guys are too remarkable. Remarkable young. Only Israel -- thank you so much I admit. Someone has got there's got to be a web site to -- Take don't let them take wrestling out of the Olympics it seems to me like it's the ultimate. Sport it's the ultimate -- -- -- an idea how you could do that to me is. Bizarre and twisted and I don't know I can I -- you better start let's -- another hour outlets are out. -- way -- Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and if you haven't made your choices on that let me just tell you who let me just -- Nicole is here to call -- this -- -- Lapin thank you very much in common very cute as -- make it happen financial expert from recession he's done if you will. What can we do -- I just don't wanna do like flowers and I don't just want to do candy but -- I'm on a budget. Give me some quick ideas for. It's written in the corner and boring with the traditional flowers you spice it up right little fun mom I -- and they are all you can flowered and may have -- -- you could you OK all right. Ride -- you can do about you look her up these are all less than thirty dollars which is less than a traditional flower delivery of word chocolate delivery or what not so. -- union or retro pop I have seen these and I actually think -- -- level how many times have you heard mom say. I did not write her -- here. Towards. The landline or very -- Many speaker in the in the polygraph you just can't hear it clearly so that's a great idea because you want them connected I want her carrying right you know her her PDA you know so I can reach her all time so he can hear that too that's that to -- Net surfers trying Smart -- but here's no sewer -- and here is kind of a lamp light and it's 1999 you can get a firm. Urban Outfitters you can get from Amazon you can get from while. And you know she's big she's got a huge -- -- fit right -- Immediate -- that the pocket of the little -- wildly but you know for -- -- -- -- if this is this is this late. This is like your cleaning and comforted the things I say this I almost seems a little twisted -- I'm not gonna try to do and I do not apply a little bit -- game for years and for around the -- -- -- -- -- like what do these would sit on a total. Yeah. We've -- like you know -- yeah I see little dust bunnies and I don't know I don't know. Of the wanna -- in an important to get our tongues are you know reasonably and Annie and I -- -- just put these all of moribund again in the early you're cleaning your house answers walking around the house. You know they're only 999 giving an element that -- -- easy to get over the whole family Waltham -- -- -- in and help clean house just by walking around. OK and then the book. This love mom and it sounds a little bit Monday because of -- -- and emails between adult children and their mothers but this is key in your pants. Hello Larry hello really -- -- -- look here OK let me check one out for example. We've all been there it's -- universal -- -- -- -- send you four were -- right if you -- picture book Tenet. Put health updates team -- don't little Japan based book because I'm -- -- and every it's every cat. It's every flower it's -- area. And they just that's what they do all day all -- eight billion. Down postcards from yo mamma dot -- -- -- -- House -- to cut. -- only found out about -- idea to got a sad thing here. At about what is your I don't know don't know about guns it's not like that really in the. Same boat with dealing with the finishes -- there. Adult child we gotta do this quickly so give me these three in in -- like one big round fell swoop so the wine glasses great thing for mom because I'm guessing this its entire bottle in their trial. And if she's my mom she deserves it. So I'm saying that's a good gift. -- -- a big -- what's that what's the place setting. It isn't where many little -- out of Idaho and so -- bear this out pretty simply hopefully you're signing that table for a twenty dollar you listen this is actually the way you -- for months -- -- keeping dry mouth all right and that and what's what's the thing we want. Pop art yeah. So 1999 for -- -- you can customize the pop -- for mom. Kim man wants them as quickly as we give us something we do Nicole -- making it happen -- -- by the way. -- -- Yes we do love -- -- we've been all over the map so you know the map would not be complete without visiting the place for dogs waters. I mean -- show you this earlier in the week. The siren call. -- young women now Davies allowed access. He's -- water -- It's pulling him -- -- and it's perfectly sane. The post called -- back in the jet. And -- don't know how dad was actually the data is pulling him and it's just the right there in the little ripple and that's -- running behind and it's -- I just to keep telling myself that it's safe I wanna believe -- -- had no choice in the matter. Yesterday. Love and. I can tell you didn't have much much of -- choice was I was the dog but here's the dog now watch. And that would we -- -- this isn't it Charles gonna tell us on the dog loves loves it -- -- parking lot said he loves it for sparking wants to live -- basically he's holding not returning your life. I'm sorry there's just no way because the when you think about how dog gets like you know smelled. Let's imagine the world whipping past you like that -- -- -- -- that would it's just it's disconcerting. OK so we got some business -- first of all I want you to visit. The Matt dot com especially again with the international Olympic commission's decision to. Drop wrestling from the Olympic game and stop -- it's -- old of the sport as there is I don't think the eighteen Greeks would be happy so. Visit the -- dot com again and do what you can Monica thing. Boy and those two champion. I want to thank you -- lap. Happen again you can log on those are great gifts gorgeous especially those white glasses and -- you -- Could you blame it on mom Blake you like you're not -- -- -- Cadillac itself -- get anabolic she deserves it I'm just getting one because it's Tuesday. The -- and again very quickly as we DC our goodbyes one very very quick and very important note I just -- -- say very simply. Traci were often we love -- and -- not hand we love you completely and we hope you'll join us tomorrow at 9 AM eastern daylight.

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