GMA LIVE! (05.12.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines enjoy milk and cookies while sharing a touching high school prom moment.
14:12 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.12.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Lives -- stated she. Yeah. I had -- good morning American -- That's right -- -- -- settled right now. That's the setting it all and the direction for your gain at lake in -- you get a bit because when you don't feel that way if you say it. It may happen and it you keep doing that. You'll be happy. You can only nearly cut but reportedly. Celebrating one of the better holiday is that the country has that would be on Thursday national chocolate chip cookie Uday and this -- a celebration a -- literally. I love these guys because I travel a lot and I had. -- -- -- -- -- starving and arrive at the DoubleTree hotels by Hilton hotels and sent some of that delicious milk and cookies because really every time we checked again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If battling cattle and it's always lately they get and I know I've only got a couple hours entirely have been like -- -- -- there's not one but I don't sometimes -- if I can. No no woman always fed by the -- that we -- they want at one was it to Kabul let's go for a wedding and we kept walking through the please stop offering could be -- -- corporate exhibit. Should be number lung and somebody -- -- yet very happy to celebrate on Thursday. -- but the commends the holiday we have DoubleTree is actually giving free chocolate chip cookies and anyone -- just outside -- -- he sang. In. Location on Thursday million wanted to so we're lucky at the event that -- early thank you DoubleTree you've given NASA smiled and -- we're trying really aren't doing Jane by the way. -- is doing a really good job at not eating foods like this right now because as you may have heard for the 1000. I'm about getting married you have perhaps he knew that when it comes to sugar where bitter bitter brides rate now because -- -- my -- I am so hungry that's not -- and I think what we've just starving for months. We hope you're happy even. And then we -- plan that after the wedding for going to have -- has big blowout at Tulsa fact finding satisfying. Maybe in December we're gonna sit down with two Beers two -- each to. Supporters of Friday at each and we're gonna satisfy for the winner -- -- -- -- Harris a lot of ice cream yet. What are gonna have and you have -- -- -- I met easier -- -- getting married this story I was gonna make -- And that you know this series can make you feel happy that we can't really be -- -- -- a group of high schoolers -- -- together in support of their cancer fighting a friend at from. Jerry hill who's been fighting testicular cancer since last September. Wanted to go -- high school prom -- was told that he could only attend if he wore a surgical mask to avoid terms and his friends would not let him do it alone. His girlfriend who this sounds like -- -- girlfriend and all of her friends or surgical -- that's alongside hill saying that they didn't want him to feel uncomfortable or alone. And photo of the group their -- quickly went viral. -- has since finished chemotherapy now hopes to bring additional awareness about testicular cancer to his -- I think this was so cool because when you think about. Going to be -- blamed India that it would have no matter people understood -- -- -- to. Or not he would -- stood out. Absolutely and then if you if you put everybody in in just for those. Kids and kids are not that way again vanity takes over and it has had to be a huge choice -- allow them because that's their photos. It's that thought that was such a sweet story one for every time he turned around and -- -- and that -- them it's just the visual reminder you're not yourself and think. From what I've learned watching anyone you know when your cancer -- herself. -- people aren't alone so huge because there's an isolating factored in and you know. Myself in January about -- your friendships will change and I've read and -- book -- saying all of that for the way that you know. They're there yet no matter what even if things have changed for you and then it's that. Pat Levitt -- so this is another really great story when it comes to art. Not knowing the identity of the artist is much more fun it seems like -- now. To anonymous artist known as that -- dust are the creative forces behind some stunning and collaborative -- I'll talk like art. -- -- the works senator upon inspiring and -- provoking quotes by everybody from announcement salads and Julia child's Dr. Seuss. And we were able to travel and now it's. And even now we don't really still know where they and we don't know their identity is that we did talk to them and the dual told us that they put together. There work. Long after most students vacate buildings and that's how they -- -- get in there secretive. And they like used chalk because the students at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio lost their course where his computer -- just gotten out of it -- -- laptops in their tablets and their hands. And they go and they worked for a few hours until their hands are tired and then the next week. They are racist person out of the -- going to be tough. But they say it's therapeutic -- -- critical as you know everyone whispering in the hallways like there's a buzz about who is it who could it be it's like Daft Punk. But the other way without a home -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- indication that the next revealed should be helmeted talk like a beautiful mind -- -- ending you know and this is actually great point because. The if you think about that that means -- -- still have chalk boards and that. Which. And let them they're you don't want back here's like -- -- If you're not backing up. Does she know that can you believe that you remember when you get punished I remember it didn't happen lines but I talking. Imagine that he -- and -- -- have to clean -- that racers now different to do yet Kenya port town of mountain -- the fires he'd been behind heeded that didn't remember that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well not clients who -- but we do have a play of the -- extra coming up from TJ fox in two year old Connor. Take -- look as -- experience in the awesome power of Iowa when fireworks -- has made. -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah. My guys didn't -- -- to a -- the century old movement below they were watching an opening pyrotechnics that WWE studios smackdown. We credit TJ for telling -- to cover here is even though he couldn't contain his wonderment and unplugged his -- to -- How how -- -- heat things -- -- -- -- gift I think when you have kids me neither has to be adopted into perspective but. When and then when parents say you look at something for the first time you're out that I brings back the wonderment at how people like me. That's he's forget any misses them all never look at a -- not think that this kid and I. Usually does that I love it I needed that was the -- the plot ever that was not being polite that would flight out. And yet that's -- -- Thanksgiving -- -- I'm feeling better as they like to look how we get some doozies in there to bring the let me bring the and we did mention. They count done to our weddings and it's it's we've had been talking about a -- but living giving some amazing tips along the way and most of the major planning at least for me is out of the way. -- -- called and I mean you that's right now to share more details. We've got to bring in protest of a lot of -- and. -- -- And I really -- I have a form of blows my mind -- day that ginger met her husband to eat and do what they -- she met her wedding planner to beat Francesca at the same exact day it's true. So let us in the love -- like that that -- relief means that. -- division air America the love of Frontline yeah yeah and then and princess Billy said has I've been so lucky to have a friend and you because you've done. Every -- really have had -- He's a -- -- And this is better. -- -- -- reminding us and music don't you think you're out aren't allowed to charge -- yeah you do in my opinion I think. I'm sorry you don't think you know but I can't sell one let's start with pentagon is left because I thought this -- so great and it's been a wonderful idea in your home you actually showed me because we're doing destination -- -- table would look like that's something you should it. Absolutely he had never leave anything to chance that's my like number one piece of advice for everyone here you're getting married are planning a party especially when you do any -- so. Unfortunately we can't go down there and taste the food and you know enjoy it also after the do a virtual tasting and a specialties and is basically. Shuffle for Perez sent some images we can see how it's going to be styles. Which I'm so glad we did because guess what we're spending all this time and effort on white floral. That the food had pink orchids on it. So that at a and it's not a bad thing don't don't get a -- pink -- please don't -- that you you know hot weather but it made no sense with like the -- the table games so you know one of those -- is averted you know. Wedding planner problem techtag wedding planner I'm likely -- How many are nothing targeted but typically when you have the most -- the right way -- -- -- -- -- set up a -- it in in in my studio my little -- -- area. Bedroom and have. -- -- over at the mine -- had the table mock up to says he wouldn't have a look like him and it's going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I try not to and that's thinks students you know cookies milk chocolates and a little bit -- but on -- -- -- -- -- Bigger people bigger people got -- starving her weight that is a wedding over and checkered past that. Well I don't know but you talk a little bit about what to Wear in that day's -- that there with. A little bit of the detail is the juice I think a lot of people -- ago. Write to. You know the fancy places things that are 7000 dollar 3000 dollar 15100 just. People that this -- and I -- I'm my friend here can't know you got a little greenhouse so I found this company called designer pedestal dot com and basically you can go online and customize your -- Issues that -- they are a lot of Bob Clough -- those are. -- -- -- in a club that day. Now all got a little bit of you know wins the and then in the wizard of odds of another voter fear of movies and and drove doesn't seem sunshine seventy cents honoring both for. Philadelphia Atlanta that an educator and yet so we give them some special things that is also another apparent that we -- -- that are also some modest to severe and extreme. Overseas right -- I'm -- name. On the yes that would it's going to be fantastic so that's something you do not you don't hear it that it for -- even tried the NY I was amazed at a time out yet know how to do it. -- strutting off like yeah. -- you know -- different -- the you know yeah. Queen about the cycle Lara you -- do it find a pair of neuter are already worn shoes and get creative if they don't turn out then go buy a pair -- I don't -- that little gun yeah he can make a little party -- a that we can make the party out of it -- You're not artistic and you have what -- candidate and artistic and I -- we're trying to do everything on a budget was happy about that we certainly are. Paper products can add to the value of your table to the value of everything -- Paper products are like my new best friend and other than it spent all of you think better. It's a great way to add virtualization without breaking the bank a lot of times you know people personalize with some hard things leathers and -- -- obvious the paper think about your cocktail -- think about coasters. Think about I'm yours wag your gun away we have some some of every culture something a little seeds of what we're doing our producers weigh in fact the key was very important and -- Rivera apparently -- historian and -- So we we added some of those books tableau Sheila was amazing actually created this not -- -- we we we conspired read we talked to provide again. And gum created some beautiful things Vogel at personality of I had a little bit a luxury and they don't break the bank so it's it's kind of it's kind of -- I think that. Like elephants he -- did something really to get vital -- giggling little -- cleansing and really of course that was also Sheila from tablets is incredible snowblower vents and Michigan because we wanted to have something. -- she's well yeah. And that was really really this and that's thoughtful touch and as I've said from day one. The bride is the president of the business -- have a prison business you have to put your marketing had on hand you have to brand that so that to me -- like branding Arafat from. From right that the two Bucks -- There are great analogy I've not yeah and the paper or -- it's making it because I'm environmentally conscious but we can get it recycles again in the seeds -- and they want -- papers also easy to -- and unlike yesterday I think you're talking about -- argument but what do you think -- thinking gifts. Think you -- are you know you could go as wild as you want one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite chocolates Fannie Mae. Can Chicago's -- -- -- her and I live. It's it's got a small towns. Found charm to it but it's still you know they're able to create custom things got -- -- -- I think you were doing these artisan chocolates by Fannie -- They do a special sort of like letting -- Presentation so you go on the website Fannie Mae dotcom boom and you search for the local shops in your area are you don't have a shopping area just call one of them -- -- out how to how to navigate that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- -- -- the chocolate into the next level and create some sort of you know and the they're so beautiful things to me they look like jewels and Jones and her -- Eat them just as you can only that which you showed why give people more things to stuff and apartments just -- -- -- -- -- -- out. He Seneca and and now it's not either you thought the way through -- Where you need to hear that after -- yeah. I am getting -- -- to carve your dresses like falling off of -- you know then. -- -- Click on outlets and there and -- really really sweet enough our audience -- -- unity and a lot of -- -- here and you ask me yeah let's do this. Let's think about I'd seen him -- and he -- -- -- -- -- has ever had come here and 98 and eleven regarding her.

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