GMA LIVE! (05.14.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara chat with Ali Wentworth and take a look at guinea pig fashion.
3:00 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.14.13)
Yeah. What a day -- all. Well here and Josh Elliott ABC is over there now yeah. -- after the shots what's the overall you have to come say hello right here in the studio are you have -- -- I. No listen first -- -- tell you didn't. I leaned over Iran Indonesia and they said you know if -- if you haven't watched scandal yet. That appearance today. A lot of people watching scandal Mac. -- out was that what a great cast and you two were terrific you basically where there's reminder of where aren't. In case Larry just dove and totally like Sam was there to stand up and -- And then by the way had a whole list of questions largest losses amount -- like this time for her own personal question like. Ivan Watson Michelle I honestly think that Chris Farley joined SNL isn't so -- -- member of the time I think you don't even remember a time and the -- moved up from. I was so excited that I had a little love seat to sit on an Emerson and DC so I got called -- Guillermo idea has not -- has the most exquisite actor. -- and -- I have in common let's -- popped over the seats and it was a very excite -- the days where you pinch yourself. I -- feel -- blast for the job and it was. Very cool has -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson on as well who's also obviously wanted to see -- of an ensemble. Up until I was what was great was you can see him appreciating. The collective. Much in much the same way that we have when -- modern family cast is c'mon you he was genuinely enjoying what he was want to. And that was it was cool the seat in a professional way it was a great business and. I ever receding here right now how he he -- -- Eric. They're shooting during the Promos and then it was hysterical during his interview with Robin. -- this entire hour standoff crashed off the sat up a great thing about this show and -- TV yeah general because. Anything can happen -- often does. In this world and they. Actually almost ran over Bill O'Reilly -- actually sitting over here in the corner like -- -- do you think what is going on here I'm gonna guess nobody's done that on the on the factor and it's something that has happened to this broadcast that the second hour is this wonderful place where people will get a chance to meet. That may not get a chance to meet you know otherwise great guests that come in and they get to hang out and it's it's just become like this great place to -- It has it's really aren't we sweeping south overall -- -- -- Awesome awesome Montgomery -- -- I'm going to the shoe Mohammed Ali I'm getting I'm -- the -- night. We're gonna you'll -- -- they're having a cook off that I'm going to go. -- Full post hi to give everybody a little known secret we've mentioned if we're Josh is actually a very good cop you sound that he. -- beyond that -- -- got on how to drive I'm not only helps your time literally -- we'll see you later while and we have a date later in the afternoon we -- Probably not discuss it tomorrow -- -- -- While none of romance that he has -- -- now. On this matter what you want when -- grabbed -- -- -- on the way out take that Josh they'll take the golden -- big trust me I couldn't. I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- your daughter pregnant their microphones. At a -- And -- everybody. Just am not -- downpour. -- -- -- We'll try and where to start with some pop extract its inexpensive pocket and yelled it's an -- popped up I can't read on sulfur content from the hall scandal Ecstasy and I'm telling us Airways is like a -- plan to make it. It to a point where I think Tony golden was a little of bringing. Up. He'll get -- it. -- -- committee loves a good breakfast and much what's it worth three. For gas of fourth fourteen in Sydney Australia on deer -- next. And I can't. Master and accidents and some other than I had argued on par 120 dollars that's when at a cost Jennifer I guess on day didn't bomb pan -- -- and you don't want wow yeah and shaved truffle -- on embryos -- gone -- and for the real value panic -- chests gee thanks I'm still an apple and if I'm lucky. I'm -- wondering what -- what what makes it. What makes it behind them want to -- Brock. And need doctors bag and -- embryos Von announced it would -- now or if you're really feeling. Very you know. Well you can also -- 4000 dollar perfume that was something we are considering for pop -- like I said noting that the that was just kind of completely too exclusive and ridiculous but it's by nationality are now Brad exchanged text and and here's the -- extract yes that's all I'll say for acts of the next day next. Few icy and I help you stand unite this event is perfect operative around she's my second and witty touch and -- -- -- -- -- is. The same exact formula half in their sound action now which is upgrading our. Did you just say that in the 4000 dollar bottle isn't elements stay with me here we wait for -- guys that all of bottle of Chanel they use this saying out. That's the problem that I 150 don't Alison yeah yeah -- seniors living at the bottle the bottle is the collectible. It's crafted -- special -- placed in -- hand assembled artisan crafted case. Which everybody needs for their perfume I don't know -- -- I don't know what good luck with -- not think -- -- -- -- is a fresh wrong something else won't songs on smoltz. -- evidence in addition to scandal and it being suites and as having this so many -- people we also have -- Funny -- we Jabber on and -- are asking our viewers to send -- jokes. From you at home and they have been really really funny in fact we can't get all the groups -- -- -- two hours all week long on GM elaborate -- some. Of those jokes today we have a video from one of our favorite funny ladies. This is not only if fans love America -- why are alleyway that work. -- -- I've got my hands and -- -- gonna think I'm crazy about it. These are my feet slightly partner Guinea pig to -- -- -- and I know that you did what it's like when you need a resident and you just know they have Doc Holliday. Yeah. Yeah. -- I -- got mice Guinea pig. And I president of Project Runway cash and angry -- the designer of these Guinea and Guinea pig couture customers don't that is simply get -- -- at yeah. I am I am not here yet on that night I record their time but -- it's -- -- in Pennsylvania and Wright getting paid clothing design error. Well yeah her yeah that's just sit back but no thank you the latest night -- -- -- -- I read some -- about the gold -- Guinea pig clothing designer. And that's what you'll find you'll find these ladies beautiful. -- I gotta tell you right now -- not really a fan of -- can't let it sounds good. I'm really happy to not love those well -- little evidence Stephanie getting all the attention is really. -- Africa Guinea pigs are coming between you -- it's a very famous household -- We sing on -- what are you wearing right now this is this is bothering me are we seeing you on sky she's -- anything out. I'm wearing yeah -- If it doesn't quite. Yeah. Where my -- -- -- accounted thank you so much. This is I was -- looking forward to actually even seen you today. And then we don't know what everybody can see Alley on the Daly shot on Yahoo! mail and that's where you can also see the Guinea pig fashion job. That's just a little sampling of the magic valley makes on the -- -- But apparently her late night Twitter searches just leads a great morning television ha yeah. Get your way but I do love the show I got -- come on be aghast he should definitely have Sam on. The thing that's great about it if you have not clicked on and watch this is that anything goes it's whatever Alley feels like doing and it's often very bizarre and dirty which I love. Pop up right away I am Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin coming on today have been asked them what they did it depends us. Oh yeah I'm I'm I'm guessing that the extra cats will probably be answered yeah I'll help out I don't know what -- free lifetime supply. -- the ball ball ball. That you're. Hello I'm having. We have a lot of advertisers and very important -- studios are getting its time as they go by we love you. Yeah yeah. The white. A bill wonderful George and a great comedian on her own and actress extraordinaire we say thank you to the lovely GMA life. And they live body and then what does. Do you feel like you're being held captive by pocket an episode of scandal because we won't let you leave this -- out. But thank you for staying in thank you very much it's more scandal that he also -- even that we think you will see you tomorrow at nine remember as soon as GM. Leaves the air drawn -- the computer. And technology and Jimmy live behind this -- fine tomorrow Josh will be back checking on -- on the -- and we will see you on Good Morning America tomorrow morning agree. -- --

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{"id":19175719,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.14.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara chat with Ali Wentworth and take a look at guinea pig fashion.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-051413-19175719","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}