GMA LIVE! (05.17.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam chat with young man who sunk a basketball shot while bungee jumping.
10:34 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.17.13)
Well I yeah. Shouldn't. Ability we live and buildings naming the Big -- -- that's is looking around. Flowers how can how can pick flowers begin don't know -- -- There is most likely to be air quality are setting up of all what is she -- -- -- we just had among the highlights. -- has. He dressing room that week for -- -- -- Italian lining -- Jimenez came in that gauntlet that delicate that now and we break the tape. And look at -- though not to seem to work credit didn't look as it was. Happening but we all dead and it was like oh wow that's one and there are two OK and an antenna to get it she gets the big names Jonathan. Handler can. -- -- -- -- and we. -- two thirds of us I know you want like something blowing up in the movie but it's actually just a lovely little film it's a lovely little settled Richard blink later did this. First 19490. And I honey five before sunrise. American -- French girl meet on a train to get off the -- and fall in -- in -- -- -- -- in Austria -- You know you're cold dead heart would -- here is yeah you'll love it affected me and then and then they need again. And before sunset nine years later in Paris he goes it's -- you'd like that one reason the trains are parachutes. Actually grabbed her out of a building but not -- the Eiffel Tower -- Holbrook is there a tornado involved. -- and he will also present them again how are you know our lovely B and it was an excuse to go to Greece they shot yet I'm not a. Oh. Are we going to con. Now we I don't think -- aren't -- you know fake hand on now. I can't nobody ever wants is unknown I hear you but everyone is on film festival -- -- -- and -- -- -- guys -- -- -- It's the -- us love love all these all grows up and we thought goes up like he's a very area. -- I -- lot of this is this is producer Ross I want to say. Ross. Ross is this CEO club team Josh. The team just does not get off the ground each and every morning without that got so thank you Ross -- -- you -- -- -- Actually we also yet. Convenient Brooking and and -- His -- is a little shining it's -- little it's just that the little -- Hillary to -- holiday without you. For a looking goods are looking good. And I want to get you -- -- -- actually actually -- you know what I like in India with this is my morning every morning come in. And we've got the finalists for -- -- -- -- so Ross comes in the first thing he does is to come out as we -- gap without. There's this Wally -- -- at this -- today of course we had a father back from Afghanistan. It's a disguised as a catcher for the Tampa Bay Rays catching the first pitch from his daughter who -- know is back. Offset trying to figure -- about how to do that but Ross. You -- we've been -- this one around all week and sell off Ross take it away say no more I want you to -- plan today that. It's tough to sit on negative cigar I think this allowed just -- look a lot easier on television aren't. To the -- they're gonna go to Tony. -- -- the kittens don't unit shots of riding a unicycle isn't hard enough covering up the computers streets there -- -- here once waited years that is legendary heights. Look at -- goes over there yeah. Now my first question is why does this to begin with the look -- does he -- -- he has -- on her beloved. Now according to his website he holds the world record for unicycle high jumping. I don't know why that's a record to be the only other peoples and waiting for those I don't know what record did he break. That was their record to break well someone has to be the first for everything yeah. Yeah I -- to snow again -- -- presented I did -- others -- Rouse the so what kind of view the site let them know hey. Ross. So -- -- some other video of this morning that was kind of amazing I mean if this guy is -- I don't know if you guys saw bodies on a bungee cord. Now he's named by the way is John -- -- and so he's gonna bungee cord he jumps off -- area had a basketball in his hand. And on the fall our sponsors. Bring on -- and every time now -- -- to 200 your right John are you OUROU. Does not describe John. Today -- we don't know all good morning to you. Good sir how are you know it's nice to see just exactly where you from the -- the town in the area that you guys are in. Vermont who grow up from Hoover Alabama. Birmingham -- and and why in the world are -- deciding to shoot the ball all the bungee cord. We we just don't think -- a break -- is my body -- our own -- he actually does all the research and finally done incredible places for. And credited him but he finds he's made -- an all out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you know I was going in and final time. Yeah not but no athlete but let's and feel good when it left his hand -- and OK -- -- you're jumping off this thing you obviously have to keep your eyes open. Now these are -- training on -- I mean aren't you freaking out a little bit at the things whizzing by your head to admit you're just focused on the basket. With -- the whole time. -- -- After we've done that Dick bonds probably after the death of Tom -- did you don't even think about don't columnist Howard work and oh yeah. That -- happened yet here a pistol but so -- clear. 250. Times. -- they are embarrassed. Or aren't but abruptly tree problems he ever tasted so on the odd numbered 249. Are you thinking like okay we got a call list like how many like we were was in what was there and give -- point was there a point where you guys this was that was anywhere you won't keep you is if you don't. Yeah I want to thank them -- -- down quite certain where that they they broke out there. But let them out there aren't things don't beat your dedicated again but it did you got all -- did you -- on one day. Donald Trump early Saturday actually came back so that Sunday -- And defeated. Why can thank -- -- Well Walt we love. You're providing us with the video thank he's -- -- congratulate. My friend just just. We don't do anything -- can lose their parents. Be safe -- money you take us to the -- that struck all the -- extra thirty Aisling in the popular I heard it's Fuzzy it's I had written. A little cuteness and -- -- -- -- that it's an important lesson in sharing. Look at all the upbeat enjoying a -- lolly pop all along -- wanders by and decides he wants until. And what reward does Paul get from being a good share and one of the just wait for -- News of all. This smacks him in the head and that was in my hair off the fat. Today can have very loud pop. Many throws in the grass. That's silly yeah I'm still I'm still needs -- views on the development he had a map are not sure excuse -- -- -- -- meeting are Nancy and -- videos now. -- orders of business for -- number one against and I had of the absolute pleasure. An honor and seeing the bone marrow foundation -- last night where our -- Dear sweet Robin was able to give an award to her doctor doctor Sergio drawl and there we are again at the podium that by the way is what it looks like when you're going on our eighteen of your day it's fair to say but you know would get up. And do that again and again these guys look fantastic it was as if talking it was a special special special night and it's really the first time I think I've had a real chance to talk to him various doctors royalty you know adapt. What a remarkable human beings. And what -- doing for so many people I don't have you brought them back into the -- do we know how to put people in touch with them well I can get -- that did the Twitter handle is. A bone marrow. Found for foundation for Pratt and tomorrow I'm sure if you go on -- if you see if it's an -- and easy easy to find on our foundation the wonderful work. But they're doing its twenty years old it's obviously. It was thrust into the national spotlight when Robin. Went public with her diagnosis they made again a wonderful mention of tangible. How many lives she. Alone he is gonna -- just for going public and then when you think about all the hard work and doctor drawl. With so fantastic to laud the nursing teams the people on the front lines of this and it's just it was it was a -- it was it -- It is usually we handle a lot of things in medicine and it may be -- part of treatment in the future but the great thing about this this isn't you know this organization isn't. Necessarily forwarding that what they're trying to do. Is make sure that the people who need it can afford it yet so they take money it's -- it's still very expensive. And there's a lot of people who will say well I need this treatment but I can't afford -- I'm not gonna do that my family I'm not gonna do to my kids. And unlike right now I just start by -- about the freezing vibrating. In my body when I think about people having to turn down things right they can't afford the people give just so that gives -- money and so these people will help you if this is something that you need. That's what a wonderful. That it was great it was but it also. Congratulations to -- That's -- -- my -- who is graduating this week Angelo. -- and -- a little -- yes this some scattered storms but you know what Charlottesville is a beautiful Oprah -- -- her mother Charlotte however can't thank you -- that's fantastic. She didn't she got plans as you know she's -- and that she's gonna I think she's -- Go back into the master's program for nursing I think I think I think that's been on a fantastic. Hey thanks for being here all week long it's all good to have you we will see you.

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{"id":19200624,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.17.13)","duration":"10:34","description":"Josh, Amy and Sam chat with young man who sunk a basketball shot while bungee jumping.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-051713-19200624","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}