GMA LIVE (06.05.13)

Josh, Sam, Lara and Sherrod chat with the T-Rex viral wedding photo couple.
13:50 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.05.13)
Guys like let's move. Thank you so much America for French toast and -- -- -- game we you know -- so you vote you make that you make that call league here on GMA and today we ask you to pick our breakfast -- And. I wasn't sure I'd be good it's great expense does at all and so have and he adds an extra ingredient found -- I. I was certain that the legal -- bacon egg cheese would have been village and that's what you want and that's what I want uses. -- -- -- -- -- No I'm not saying that want -- but that. Talking -- this will be inaugurating an area. I don't we also had a -- chocolates and I think he's what time I'd in Helm permanently -- his and I have held -- any probably. And we have not. -- who -- -- actually no light. Attack struck an audience Iraqis not rush. -- -- He dawn from -- United States hip hop that's right hasn't ultimately as -- great to -- what he. You think of this concept of giving America the right to pick. Good -- -- -- they picked our ties this week they picked. Larry issues okay Sadler. Extraordinarily. -- did you hear from your friend won't be. You know what he thinks -- shoes -- note I hope she she knows what happened you know what the other shoot him. All right so also we have friends on this you can have to actually died yesterday what she's saying she's said that it's. On -- -- oh. Important to I want you know how I want instant I wanna do due to go back to and we had so little time in the shop that the producer said no Preisinger you know and I center. A little gift but. Like -- -- we're at war with Whoopi Goldberg. We are working on yeah I don't know -- that deployment. Or we can't personal favorite talking -- you need to know how much we -- we don't realize surrendered anything I understand -- be thankful. I love the -- -- -- but. That no you don't like them in just the main jet -- -- -- doubt that. You know that is that's when the server -- the plate and producers. -- don't touch -- Who among us does not go look at. -- comment. One it's and I was like up. And let you go let's go to -- that I think -- shot everybody -- to China's policy I didn't I just went straight. What you see that you think Bob Baxter everybody we know you love dinosaurs here -- -- I'm. And -- -- -- -- -- -- please -- please please no come on seriously doesn't. That might have been delicious who knows it's been a shot but it probably -- -- -- -- What -- -- -- oh my god that's just didn't well. Yeah I mean -- and can -- design can -- please try only I man everybody is invited literally had gone awry. -- wow yeah. Just so that we can that's -- -- out there it's going to be at seven years it's like -- Everybody got two days and yeah. It got its own wolf if I don't think it's a mixture add something living but it's not a -- -- definitely -- -- -- You must be ideal I feel really bad I'm proud turns out we dodged. And that Gordon Beckham. Live TV. That would have been you know every news I'll move good renewed on GMA had to be in the top one and Jimmie and I we can -- like -- gum and yeah yeah. I never re yeah. Right they really at something -- England -- you guys all look ahead. I didn't say a few months ago we excited that we had died of bombs member of that yeah dialogue that's. So. Last week when we saw this wedding photo we had to -- -- -- it showed the entire wedding party running in fear. It wasn't an angry that is one. Wonderful work zone now fresh back from their honeymoon -- joining us live -- -- via Skype from Baton Rouge, Louisiana had a happy couple. -- -- -- -- -- The wet and -- love will last forever read that six. So you know if it is we often had people on the show who you know. Actors who are working on greens greens it looked like you guys are doing the same thing what what did you find your emotional centers were taking the shot we see right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their travel writer. Soccer earthquake Miller is just sassy is -- and look at it here. Just -- It's bigger it's. It's so fantastic Hawaii why -- concept would. Is there -- passion in your life's. -- -- It's kind of morbid joke -- is leaving Sears. Yeah. It was awesome game. I love it now I -- you guys at what what tell me about the wedding in general anything with -- a big ones small one what was your favorite moment she's. Does the sound -- really look at -- look at Smart I liked the best idea. OUS -- Shiite couple southern gentlemen I love the love I love the idea and thank you so much for sharing your wedding photo with us. -- -- -- -- -- That's because that is a beautiful beautiful wedding fun idea thank you guys we very. Get out now man. Yeah. -- a lot of now into the kind of magnets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well did you know he might as -- Have a little fun today in I think that's being in -- -- -- it's important remember that days -- exactly how you want -- remember the yeah I've been waiting is that the best way to do it grows the cheapest way to superimpose a trying to sell you on the pay anybody and it. And -- the -- -- dinosaur percent. Room that was all -- benefits -- -- and a real dinosaur. Come on dollars real value that would have been -- couldn't and I still find myself he -- -- -- I know he's certain underbrush thinking. What happy amity and have a road and doesn't look like that and why. Why things you like really none of the with a high five billion double the court I want. We had a bond. Some snakes I'd go into the Amazon rain is the military is something that's for you don't want to keep a radio waves. Oh blogs and radio honestly -- -- told I told them I told our producers if you think. What I like to be surprised I usually don't like to know stuff that's coming it's better -- If I ever open up a box in the scorpion -- -- and let me just means you. And we party -- -- punt the other. -- -- there has -- equipment and not Larson acre -- -- Of what I'm not only will that not be funny. I will swear on the air. I won't I will you can't name the person I will -- I would take everybody down so what was that scorpions and snakes and I don't I don't. -- felt that list is there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want that I'll never first of -- if anyone -- -- -- housing because that's -- -- -- mean and figure out if you're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No what I noting -- a -- joke I do but if it's not nice night -- scorpions. Probable it may be made -- number one definitely. Not. Can I can't find out I can't afford to find out about it. I'm not here yeah we need you here. You need me -- to do this play of the day extra yes -- -- Jake actor. In Australia Australia's really become a father brilliant -- -- -- -- Sydney and Melbourne right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that's just like. Don't mind like random that is obviously they have a lot of time and re -- I know what we're gonna -- -- Sunday afternoon to come out true story. Australia the same land mass the size of -- -- was seen as the contiguous United States toward evening. The F twenty million people there -- -- thank you Ireland and thank you isn't looking and -- You can -- by the way cycle of what they're weird and lonely people -- Australia. And they -- I well. Well yeah -- I would like to be I don't. Immediately following trade industry and our policy -- having all of us in -- don't know the answer isn't what it actually question period. So what -- the weirdest science experiment you Everett and Mike you know -- -- on the sidewalk when. It's that was -- horribly cruel. No model resides -- experiments I didn't. I would I did it. In sixth grade with Matt ward. We decided to -- the effects of video games on blood pressure. So we had a bunch of six we have like garner has -- -- -- play video games. There are taken to a better but we're out there hasn't Larry -- -- -- ordinary yeah. Governor all -- saying is I speak for my science fair experiment I got to play video games all day so how about that I've built a volcano lot of class -- Harris. Volcano like newspaper the class that has got a network and in brief individually or how bad it got doctors small I have only volcano in the hood so I -- though it's. That's just look -- but the thing that's gonna get picked up at -- is apparently does not want not. And -- all candles another yeah would you again. I can't remember they'll come on I really can't remember why you heal faster again. I'm what was -- what was -- Kate just in -- all about why stars twinkle and a -- -- law allowed without and I learned a lot OK so what. Do you stars twinkle telecast Josh. Yeah I -- malignant -- yeah. Yeah. Hello I'm -- -- Go back to -- loses. Horrible experience in the development we have -- campaign -- -- -- I'm his little ultimately. House and -- William Owens can what is it about his negative about the Tuscaloosa Alabama and sailing well -- -- some extreme. It's relatively little twinkle. Again it is at this picture. -- I'm really thought about -- stars twinkling yeah. We're talking about science and finally we have a runaway hit -- and this is -- runaway hit. But don't let this -- -- this. Not just shot another another. Excluding but another better the day. This earlier this morning on GMA he may have noticed that Josh reported on -- -- -- is coming from Major League baseball's involvement in. In performance enhancing drugs -- Even lose their players is a long way around against a plan today about the way they may have -- and rounding the -- lays down its case. Penny -- four year old Border Collie learning. -- take those bases with some prompting from her owners who. We touch it. Just about his new home crying. And return here you know what you know it's an even better fighter. A very. Yeah. Yeah. Is this now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no way -- I really think. We got this got Hillary did you know I don't think this is Cody I think -- Your body will fly you and your lives here yes. Seattle -- -- -- -- somebody do that in for my very eyes. He used -- doubting Thomas. -- -- chambers Airbus though that you can find some other -- Yeah. But who are on board give -- that makes -- so. I was an exact model that when you have Stephanopoulos blatant. Like hurting keep -- -- O'Hara you have have you got a little note about -- -- yeah. Great stuff I love it sure how long -- and you can. And I think they have -- every Tuesday 830 on views check -- out where he resembling a pop culture and music together I want everybody what you -- Yeah -- left Louisiana east you can see me there on Tuesday Thursday when I would not -- the union money shields yeah yeah that's -- we got company's audit the company's -- -- -- -- while what do you know it's almost like -- Basra promote my manager usually him that we were. Until then everybody tomorrow morning 9 AM eastern daylight haven't. -- --

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{"id":19329273,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.05.13)","duration":"13:50","description":"Josh, Sam, Lara and Sherrod chat with the T-Rex viral wedding photo couple.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-060513-19329273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}