GMA LIVE (06.14.13)

Revisit "GMA's" funniest moments of the week on "GMA Live!"
7:27 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.14.13)
-- -- And welcome to another edition of GA may live Friday we're gonna take a look back at some of the best moments from GMA and Jamie alive this past -- -- you can all enjoy them. All over again we hope you have a great weekend and we will see you right back here Monday 9 AM eastern daylight for more GMA Iowa. Leon yeah. I don't like -- yeah. You really this is the start xxx -- that you know you have. Burger and bread and wow. I'll have a site prepared -- -- -- earthquake to -- He you get the -- know you got a lot. They're better get -- because there's nothing. -- easy about this murder find. Most of us are forced to follow something to the press go to work. Some train operators and Sweden have had enough -- -- the boss with a -- Wear shorts to stay cool so there he -- it. The issue. Days the men are wearing women's skirts instead. And the kicker there is nothing the boss man can view. They're good and important program that I'm very comfortable may have been if they're comfortable it's high school Taylor family and I hope Todd in Sweden because. Because the temperature of the -- goes up into the high nineties and their debut. A little jacket and doing their little three years trained temperature expert Brian just happen to have it right here Josh just happened. All right we think I have about a day something that -- come -- credit and the noise -- There are no good. And we and we also ask you this what could be a magical musical question is there are real love potion. By the way and more importantly is that -- and -- nasal spray. Used by this bill we're gonna we're gonna sort this all out there's a research team behind all this in the secret. To living happily ever after may be found us right here is -- -- -- -- I don't. Plastic cup -- live in the cup -- We have a new wedding trend on her -- first there was the wedding photo Erik Rodham parties changed their appeal by -- -- your number and I'll get a he's now the lights stay America. Has been raised so to speak out -- like the -- -- the -- reading a home run parties being shipped chased by a group of Star Wars imperial. Eight. -- -- -- And next going to get a picture other very well yeah there's about a greater than the imperial act out lockers holy come -- -- Beside me. Quick with a big with a big piece of furniture and right. We're -- yeah. -- I don't know what would you give his I would happily moment launchers have been. All -- They have very light that -- six that actual size but that the department. -- -- Obama and then you have any Alibaba and I don't know what that's what they did. The minister and the magic of television and so good Haley got some of your fat -- -- that in -- on here. Clean up your -- -- battle Lindsey Davis she just sold. Heard -- didn't really well by the way way -- -- -- what did he. -- -- -- Sentences and pray and I don't live now I don't know -- and finally area very proud moment you what I that I don't like -- -- thought he. Seeing -- afterward. I think I think -- still has -- again. As we needed a new carpet. Yeah. Tell me with a -- -- what would you decide to do things to do indeed -- problem and ahead. -- I visited Madison -- priority right and the impact. Right. On Broadway Show yes went -- -- fired yes -- and father -- -- of its. All right and one ever want to meet Josh Elliott and get on TV for Good Morning America right -- all right let's check -- a lot of Reading -- -- Holidays are about to get offered you need to check out gonna tonight and that is it that -- does. -- I believe we have a picture of you little little final hour. Here's what inspired me okay. Dare I say when they officially hands and even then. It would have meant to -- eight Littlefield. And other -- children develop a really big kids. Adorable -- yeah. What that it -- -- evil. The OK I think anabolic fair to -- she's -- -- -- -- accessible possibly see her as we've ever seen before you know there have been moments -- it appeared Sandra -- -- -- Hard knock life you're going to defame me but the actress and an early this factions to join the big screen remake of -- tribute that sun will always come out of the game exactly the. He got. Look at all the pond airline -- -- -- likeness in thirty chance that we think -- Cody the screaming god didn't. -- -- -- -- in this -- -- I want them to see their focus upon -- and screaming dog that got everybody up slightly higher operator. Which by the way is gone everywhere I've seen -- the screaming dog. I -- shows all I know but but you thought your first. -- -- -- -- -- that we've been asking going to come on the -- right he. I give -- a moment that. I I yeah. I'm thinking that can help things -- we're trying to book goodies screaming dog this redefined the term sweating crashing you have to -- as much help. All hoping didn't grand entrance on the big big Mike big lining up across the way out there all night ceremony what could go wrong supply managed to gliding gracefully the group. Unceremoniously. Slamming. Of the bride. I want -- -- are both okay. Laughed about it is something until the grandchildren but I'm still much can go wrong with the wedding what -- line -- on hot and this elderly aunt. Okay. That ended that conversation with the what does that lets it. I don't exactly know we needed that by the way and bad record -- -- screaming god. -- they live audience. -- just less fans are. Just -- gorgeous -- highlighting. I mean everybody bring some sunshine he's -- no more Aaron yeah our right thank you all have a wonderful then yeah tomorrow on Good Morning America we've got -- hugely self. Do you -- stand and that. Burger. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"Revisit \"GMA's\" funniest moments of the week on \"GMA Live!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19402593","title":"GMA LIVE (06.14.13)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061313-19402593"}