GMA LIVE (06.24.13)

Bobby Flay joins Josh and Lara on a tasty, food-filled episode of "GMA Live!"
11:06 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.24.13)
We only game I live this is very -- very steamy in New York I'm Bob he has Lady -- Yeah. I want Bobby because I was. You -- has never been able to be here when -- -- and people I was told by the outside people I was asked us. Joseph who really -- is that he's a really good and I have got past delicious Heidi but when Bobby -- is leg got bargain for -- hot off the grill -- revised question yes violate. And why is -- and so important. After that way we know what you accident either way we go. -- that legitimate. It is easy it is to try to give it that's that a cowboy state feel to it some people say it's more tender near the bone now on -- nine fire away suspense there's no way. To have this conversation. Out and that already here -- hot -- I know you also said. And he -- this act is pork fat or at least yet is because it creates moisture and it creates a flavor and you know -- see need for sure just bring it on and so a lot of. That's why have you I'm sure -- -- -- you watched Bobby was here. With great prodigy who -- -- on Good Morning America dot com and and we also got to hammer who is just so dreamy and so lovely and really fantastic in the Lone Ranger at -- last night which is always a permanent job. On my son is it's fast and his wife Elizabeth chambers owns a bakery in San Antonio -- bird bakery. And she brought us all these really cool so delicious eighty news I mean everything and then even even badges like Lone Ranger -- Texas ranger an idea that I was so nice everybody check out our bakery -- -- -- he acts he's sorry about the spurs. Now I don't know are known trash -- is the premier -- mom. Gray tee shot Bob Nelson want to ask you. One analyst with the I think we have a microphone -- into -- There is here great show first. Does it tell us about that they are I let me interrupt that lovely though everything is made from scratch every day we easy artificial ingredients -- places of residence. Saying that it's it's not nearly as glamorous as it seems in the movies -- -- bad thing. And I try to backtrack and Mexican chocolate that brownies and now -- now a little nervous -- the Bobby Flay is actually gives. This isn't something of a metal food networks are shells from analysts I still confident -- -- Bobby Griffith and Bobby your thoughtless. So sick so Mexican sentiment so so it's got -- -- amendment should -- Ryan. Extending. I never thank you granny died at the Mandarin and yeah. I'm glad I don't think that this was the hot chocolate we would not just Mexican on tablets engaged borrowing an idea Barnett AM in the gold in the glove boxes. -- unit I gained like ten -- -- -- -- -- late Mel -- So. I can ask you about -- army and doing a movie and touring I heard -- -- -- -- -- very funny story -- Moscow. Where he and he told me was -- to talk about his -- promoting the movie and you guys are touring around to broke as he broke his hand. I took him to the hospital he wrote it you're you're kind of nervous Russian hospital they were -- though they took good care of -- And he's a pattern now -- and you guys are heading back to Moscow tomorrow Omar as they Akamai what a world tour -- -- little not got twice the content -- like watching them shoot and sort of take. To take on the east iconic characters Johnny -- I mean yeah I know the film is so -- and so big and you know ICU sides of the scenery itself is just another character after it was -- there -- the most incredible occasions. So it -- and they're very funny thing is I think the romantic comedy in San Antonio I know I'm going to show. Do some -- yeah -- play a Saudi daily be amazing you mean actually know you know I want I want to throw down Bobby Allen doctor. -- yeah yeah. Now frozen. I want it to be judged by army -- I mean like maybe but we at retail -- very I yeah piano John and -- -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I want to do. As I catch up on Food Network star. I'm of the scandal element that put it hit it in the ninth season now what I what I really like about it is you have. -- every candidate. By and -- especially the quality of their cooking they are legitimate big are they are legitimately ready to be -- acting out what pops on screen. They can certainly seems all -- well. That's the thing I've been pushing for for nine seasons because of the -- to meet the most important thing -- you gotta be able couldn't need -- -- an authority figure and I actually debate. These -- debate. We're -- -- -- job and Elton Brown who -- my co judges and mentors because they think that if you can. If you had a sparkle and TV we can teach you how to cook on TV I don't feel that way -- I feel like opposite it takes a lifetime to become a really good. And so if you can cook I can TJ UTV it's great though that you all shared their own opinions because in that amalgamation will become one great star gave me a little bit of both of those theories that Allen as I was saying -- -- before. He's finalists are all incredibly savvy and I mean they're unbelievable B common ready because they've been watching -- for a long time now it is it's an awesome kids -- at. At what finally you know I would not win that by the way I didn't I could not get it seriously we talk about -- I'm -- Disney. This is you should see some -- early -- I mean I don't know if I'd. Using data I don't know about -- so I -- team. Actually Larry which -- -- Eyewitness News local New York now with only one in my first -- to -- my first book mother. And I 1990s we Ratliff -- right that was Mays ago but thanks for asking. I'm glad. Reporter yeah. At mesa grill comment. I was touted as a total and think I can cock and on and bodies. It was actually agree on it because this you know we have a lot of TV and I could it can't -- so it was -- -- -- it was a it was a really -- she was my favorite segments -- all -- series -- and -- become -- and since then yeah it's it's been -- I mean anything with the TV is -- -- to you have to it's it's very hard to step up -- sentinel senator Christopher street guys -- Elizabeth the question would you ever consider doing a shallow baking show or you know it's taking the bird bakery and turning his Condo call you got to look yeah on my people you get -- and the talent -- -- -- I'm thinking I'm yeah. -- obviously throw down Mexican -- the brownies. I want in its ranks right outside GM may -- -- that I -- behind the effort Hickory baby and a million high temperature gets congratulations. Often say loud and I ask you about all I need best of luck I -- Yeah and over it is so bad pilot event can bring these -- -- under the -- the -- that there's a dearth of Mets atop the brownies and my two cents ID ninety you're usually like to -- nibble -- really know until lead to a I love cinnamon and chocolate. Jeremy -- think about Kitchener its I would it's the first time top but I can remember happened. And you do you get the breaks and they sort of dissolve exactly colleagues -- I. I'm not eating as much Natalie is that when you guys were cooking -- the -- I was in scarf and data before we started the segment I know even before you are exactly on our program -- behind. If it's actually silence that under the table to -- theory to winning yeah yeah -- every employee you're chatting -- then there's a good chance were not immediately that's usually. This is delicious Bobby Knight isn't the US and we've ever had state heat sacred eaten up by the way crew will be done like two -- that it is that you solid trust us trust so yeah we had to reflect -- due up pop Baxter right and we do poppies on the big show -- to comment. We have here. What wasn't but we have for -- -- that Bob guys some students from King's College in London on team fortress. Want the force to be with you in this clever prank lobby the judge and that. Fellow elevator riders were tracked and frankly quite annoyed by the students of the special quote -- I've seen a sudden the door -- I have I've seen as. Really aren't -- at. -- -- -- Yeah. -- It's really. -- -- You know we're constructing -- -- -- -- but if that isn't really guys. I -- that on the -- and he well you know dissolves. I don't you think you've got a big shot and you've probably well it. Anyway he -- -- need to see you taxi at. -- -- -- -- Denise is the GMA live meet expert and today Denise I. Quite seriously this to get here -- -- that do that you must have inquest lead content can meet our -- yeah. The matter with you today and held out against the clock -- yeah nobody's favorite -- -- bodies on -- -- academy. Well I would say rib -- -- but I also like more economical cuts of meat like -- -- yeah. I love her and I totally right man what we you don't -- uniting -- -- What's your what why do you like it. -- -- -- -- -- description and coming up next on seasons and it -- a lot of. Yeah how she may need the head judge on your other -- we made -- be judging her you if you put her shackled and -- -- pilot and the desert horizon that -- -- wanted to -- and I one yeah I want that -- -- Iraq. One. One but you can have one bite of -- finish what like one box your lap when he ordered the what is your absolute favorite might have. I cheeseburger with extra cheese period. Slow speed Lira note that -- -- rock I think you -- -- from Rosen Alex Conner really -- big big come. I'm gonna go like. Half way through in in and out. And monster tonight that that -- that middle bite where it's all -- amounted to know each other going. -- just in the low end systems like by the candidates to list celebs people in Los Angeles live bodies in and -- it's pretty great amen I'm hey what they need a new book. -- -- -- Bobby frank barbecue addiction everybody and morning show is on the Food Network rational and disease which you critique seriously and New York wine and food festival always and Matt -- and a hundred restaurants and -- did we -- by the flag. And Bobbie we're not so much everybody -- -- -- -- -- Thank you guys. -- -- --

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