GMA LIVE (06.26.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara follow the latest Cap'N Crunch "Crunchgate" developments.
12:20 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.26.13)
-- -- Live -- very loud. Why. Forget how to talk like this because I can't hear anything -- combat was being sad and you are watching the big show Miley Cyrus on with -- -- AM. After Jamie Foxx and the cavalcade of stars today the boy turns out between news -- cut glass with their -- yeah that was -- got. An amazing grand niece and I and Heidi really he loved her music -- am I am now between not you know listen that is. As cookie. And catchy I -- what yeah I can't do not miss. She's back she's always she's always been that -- the -- it was a little girl got into cardiac arrest that she is a great voice she knows she knows the song up when she hears it it's gonna be great song -- she delivers she always yes she sure did we discuss a music video they're. I'm Canadian else notice allegedly -- and hot hot dogs can be. And I thought that was the euphemism -- that is actually. And got -- with hot dogs and that was news your race I don't know I don't know how you barbecue but it -- -- It's -- it's -- we -- mr. Denton backyard you know we we don't often get up to the roof. But what that is a beautiful shot at Times Square and really really -- the new -- and parents of Denton and not a with ducks right now well I mean. Well thank you believe letters attached herself to right directed -- me -- but. You know we -- -- as this show can offer performers a couple things and it's wonderful to see them get that opportunity. Like when you take a Broadway crew out in the middle of Times Square and they perform and they see the Broadway lights all around them. They -- out. When you take up performer who performs all around the world and you put them above Times Square and you have it all its iconic location. And we're the only ones that haven't until we give them an opportunity to kind of live -- that is -- Yeah -- was really on what a treat and it -- on a daily like. While this some really amazing job it's sort of been like that I'm just icing to -- he hasn't -- millimeter in the way down. I and tomorrow late yesterday was insane tonight today we had it. White House down it's it's not really got reminds me -- bombed. Bruce plus the -- -- I just tell -- how bad doesn't stop me yeah. This figure doesn't topic doesn't stop and and this stuff that Roland does with that the way he destroys things is on the. The legal Y -- -- the way he just he's in the way. I don't well on his image your magic comedy and Iceland and somehow -- the White House doesn't it -- -- the man's got some against 16100 -- now he's -- a good movie budgeted. The movie and I can't iconic image lots and lots of -- I will say that you. Really awesome to see it. Whenever I will say it all the widow Jamie Foxx was good enough kind enough to -- like a half hour this time in LA right when I started and didn't tell over the haven't seen -- cents. And it was also just for me today it was a -- that I mean got a good little -- -- -- the last couple years ahead and I didn't mean to your pointers like yeah. This this thing -- role in this is a locomotive -- it's fun exciting. Do you know -- sometimes you need -- I don't think it could I heard that we like Traci it you know tell us through this and Traci if that's you and a controller -- and -- did -- -- dental. -- In anticipation of Friday. He's dropping by tomorrow before she sings about it. Yeah she is healthy she. The I had yesterday -- -- young. We think he's just been a really great -- -- -- -- summer but you know what it's all buttressed by what the -- -- at all but since. Buttressed Sam Champion with what. -- What are we doing running out tomorrow we have now the Ben and Jerry's GMA so that's right he might even be willing to be little over the -- again Trace fun and frisky. I hope it's an interesting dollars. I -- I don't I don't dip if someone says. I don't what can we talk about a little bit someone's is there's coffee ice cream it's. Coffee coffee buzz buzz that's had already I pray that I keep what -- -- I have this new contraption can eat. Now he gets its. Typical because. -- and I'm like I don't know what's. -- -- -- You know what do you. Sometimes you guys -- you be able to he might not telling you about right. We as women any can cast in Robbins while. That we don't have that opportunity to see what we're turning back and you look like the hunchback right or you can Wear that -- have these -- fans. They're like a -- dollars. I knew where it by the others like Mike there's like -- -- others show your -- news wires connecting Tokyo showed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I I did not -- I generally after Johnson. I would say this is there are there are welcome you know the and I got a little behind the -- what they didn't days of television you're gonna have and we -- not unlike that on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- TV and one might pack because Dallas then you need a second my back so it is a lot of hardware that. Me out socially accepted the what we're exactly -- -- better by -- In violation of Selma and I -- -- would definitely yeah we've easy. -- it will -- it happened in innumerable little happens in my reasoning. There's abysmal. There's there's there's even. I thought it was what I don't -- -- any sympathy for. Literary review for a hundred have been easy go well but it's just that you know I thought was really cute though at the right the into the shows like. She's damn there she looks I mean she looks she's super style super style that she's like. So egos like you know until -- -- going to be hot yeah I gotta say that it's like it was somewhat in the book and we will move on artillery and honesty. Well I'm -- right now and they are indeed I -- -- -- -- should accept that -- reminded she also flew overnight. Yeah she did you become a -- got to be an all around you -- and -- -- and that did not -- -- -- you don't -- -- -- -- get on the plane and you sleep now and get a live show your wide -- everybody else on the plane as wide awake. We fly them over here you know five hours land component is do I -- -- -- I cannot hear what you could not hear -- thing and that -- over the again. Didn't look any anybody. Please she couldn't. Isn't there -- -- -- number one super fan camera corner can't -- if you see him way to the right of your screen he's waving and ordinarily an area to execute everything twenty year old from Rochester got here at 12:30 in the morning by the way people -- he's what he's he's. Sweating freaking out he has on his hand that she's -- five tattoos -- -- he's got every single one in the exact place. And we pointed out right before we said goodbye today on the -- to give me cause. He walked off a -- -- -- honey I'm willing seemingly few pieces I'm yeah and suddenly. We haven't thought he didn't have nobody knows nobody was hurt insane amounts -- inmates. Now in related news -- And pop actually everybody we wanted to get this mobile shell led but we can't we couldn't Alex I do need to give you all follow up in -- news to everybody Captain Crunch maintaining his ranking. Now fighting back -- in and needed. Literally and figuratively press conference on his YouTube channel me. These serial selling sailor. He did not intend to tailor their practices and standards and -- you've got the only way to issue because that there is if you weren't man you know I see my. I support -- you know what I and that -- -- let's be clear. We were reacting to your deliver what you say everything -- -- -- -- and everything else is there yeah just reacting to bottom. -- -- And again I'm so these -- -- sailor. -- says you can not judging by the strikes on his sleeve right and this is his -- from the captain right after all he only his fourth fingers right and eyebrows are attached to his. There's just so why would all get out the wrong why -- on that abstract. There's your fingers and has made comes -- -- at -- eyebrow Eric. -- -- So I mean really. And I break. He's the captain yet so I think it's I think it's something we done enough we did have a number of tweets that day saying that if you are in charge of whatever ship you're on you're the captain of that -- -- he was rightfully -- -- you're the captain -- Paul -- your cat did. Now -- -- captain on the dirty mascot. -- -- -- -- -- I you're out it's amazing expecting. Full Lloyd. That's the -- I've played at least we have clear today Seattle Public Library didn't -- Law world record didn't longest dog domino chain using books and let you. Maybe you know -- -- library made me. He had constructive or -- let's just out of at all porn and someone needs to apologize to the people -- to put the books back. Well I volunteer now library -- mile that is yeah haunted by Julie Jensen. You work you are viewing the huge library and -- did did did you Wear library in Atlanta audio library everybody okay. -- this -- Durable playing well. Up up up modestly -- -- -- -- up a record number of -- on the Internet but it went out with guns you. Highlight that everybody needs to read about there you -- The heat for it means very little -- let there -- -- -- encyclopedia brown who often. Harry T you're content on the encyclopedia entry -- yeah. I am -- I was in. I'm like two yards and he's back he's too young for caveman attack against notes that -- threat seriously and we -- I actually paid to bill. Hiring responsible for a series -- pirate -- where it's an unbelievable isn't there more don't. There's more than and -- -- pocket pet soundly element had been deposed. She knows how to use small space but we need to see detected -- that's. Yeah we have to roll out of my cuddly but I think it up by the yeah -- you know now watch way. Yeah right -- don't you now don't you are eating it. Don't do it. And then one lag and then the other leg and then hunt down a man. And then I definitely -- his -- -- -- fat and happy and comfortable hi there all of you to all right. Can't let that inspired this reaction behind this idea -- -- that's OK as he did did you guys -- -- together why. That's I'm not love us up up up up up. This we didn't. There was no doubt that that was doing out of -- -- -- accord now did not -- like to nearly closed the in the. Can -- from protecting us not allergic so I don't know much -- -- -- another really awesome T conversation and I. -- their -- to -- Doug did -- bring that commentary discretely held off he usually gets swollen and puffy blue though I -- You're not stop it maybe the opinion do you drill rig could -- and -- Should they didn't never came hosting. I it was yeah that's behind him I don't know that he'd be out of the hot it was a great day they'll and honestly what I hear I think -- -- -- Our hot and open Mike at this point we are -- get -- -- next two days that we have to fall in your eyes and I don't know what normally. That -- we do not have this is a group. Discussion see video and it is -- okay this -- what he views that day is not sending teams on the -- -- a pet hair from my you have to. Okay we'll discuss -- and I want to everybody in the.

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