GMA LIVE (07.02.13)

Josh, Sam, Lara and Amy check out an organization that sends pizzas to troops overseas.
16:47 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.02.13)
Hello Aaron I want to say and Robin would have been me. She was -- here sorry guys I hate. When I mess up on the old team. I do know right I have to do this I got a guy -- presenting the report in my -- -- -- -- we were active -- go but I'm that we have the ability of the day I think I have. Yeah -- -- you don't smash it up don't. -- ranger and how. That's around. -- what I do. So and I love the. This guy can out Steve Steve Porter DC reporter Doug yeah okay -- -- go to commercial I shouldn't. What went wrong the magic -- that we had more time that we can that we had time to. It's gotten into is and what a great month it's been a lot -- that's gonna. I won't. So well Phillips that's not my job so he's your good your memory don't you know -- -- doesn't see it just they just showed the crowd which is a great guys out -- guys thank you everybody. Yeah we're turning to do on my TV I -- -- so many mistakes that's life navy navy had announced agency's -- -- and isn't. Does not -- a lot of quiet. Mike and he's been deployed these figures and immediately the weather on the ground and -- have a thousand album -- jobs -- -- -- And laughing -- right against me I would like to think that I just ahead. Headed up any discussion of Munich kills that was probably for the -- analysts -- ones no problem we're eating pizza. The -- we want -- In 2008 -- master Sargent Mark Evans decided to send a slice. Of home to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Already the coolest thing five years later mark sent one. Millions slices to troops stationed abroad and Veterans Hospital stateside he holds -- the Guinness book of world -- we have -- Guinness world record holder with us. The most. -- it's the biggest pizza party apps we've had now the biggest at so actually we are enjoying this. Master sergeant market advantage Lemanowicz airport had earlier -- -- the market I know I've had written. He out of like. I -- we are -- -- not going to be and yeah they miss the many millions. Pizza yeah song and -- -- I -- that you're not like he is indeed very my way. It's a miracle yeah. Miracle I hear -- not -- -- you last but that all the troops that you have that in remembered and -- and such a great inspiring -- -- for the little details. I I daresay you -- win. Agree that means so much almost definitely. We talk a lot about the families -- are waiting at home or before that the folks who served it to come back. But tell tell tell just a little bit about what's it like to be away from home for that long. To just like have no touch with anything that you've grown up with that makes you happy and comfortable that makes you. Feel safe and secure for those months that -- away years in many cases. What's it like to just be that far -- -- Well I got placed him it's absolutely amazing -- years so far away miles and miles from home. Your cold it's tired even -- -- With food -- -- -- and our allies do whatever he and also -- know where this pizza through slice a home. Makes you just do all those memories come back again he's back home here in Afghanistan with the pizza. So little what will you where you -- -- A slice on -- I didn't go with my son. As Friday night -- adds that in two older daughters ice tonight -- -- pizza. And the war was on the TV he -- could we sentence. And I still feel we could probably do that I was a master -- we we are -- get things done -- a man desperate yeah. So my wife comes on the -- super supportive you know she says that was crazy -- all right. Night we had a bad -- you know. And they know General Petraeus and he answered in twelve hours -- so let's do this report for shipment was 3000 movies to hit Barack. And then it went up from -- now -- -- over 143000. Pizzas. Billick he said just get a slice a home that is the generals say mark his number one other agenda they said let's get these guys let them know we're here -- all the way out their two years ago. They were in high school. That's what -- looking -- just -- community. They're there now there. How can we help how patent -- just spread were to be part of this is a sheer miracle. You -- -- -- the morning before the July you'll be waking up -- the birth of our nation can become human lives and me. And be drinking your coffee you'll -- minutes -- -- great thing else in the -- -- goes down your picnic. The -- -- go win now. And they glide -- that the generals made me go last fourth of July. You have to go on like I don't think that's really you know. And you have to see the other side this what it does now is over that was just cry and hope I -- you know Schneider yeah I have played out it. We should also thank you good folks at the HI DHL the best tree expert company in the world international they they say let's do they volunteer they give their time yes the 30000 he switched to huge 747 an airplane -- how pizzas. Twice the height of what was -- How can people -- can helping put on pizzas for patriots that -- I'd like to show -- the world record. It's so we'll have pre war and truth or PP I however apple or Florida or. Patriots -- -- there's lots of great radio. There that is there's the world record. -- totally should -- the partners we. We settle -- new York and Chicago and I said you know I was at a a pizza conference. -- -- this great -- pizza I told the chefs I have to have -- at the -- is these the best ingredients. So famous Melia we just I think and I needed to -- we have. And still we ship I I get the ingredients we have -- partners still frozen sausage. But the media at a Chicago the Credo cheese. Our reaches cross. And -- I work for AT&T Randall Stephenson the CEO Smart let's do this at great pace they supported me. All through this I was Tom's boss in the military and -- team high and now he's a captain and have to salute him. I don't give up -- congratulations on the promotion could you banking Greg thank you so much for everything even on you that's amazing sea change yeah. Let's break another world Matt. Yeah yet if you log on its -- says the number four patriots dot com. You can help be a part of another put a smile on their marital status slice of home communion -- Allen and you -- not immediately after the effort and dollars. Cheaper than your own house thank god for the chill in the military all the -- generals. They -- and let's just do this weekend so we report on July veterans don't get Super Bowl all right -- somewhat faster start yeah. -- -- -- -- I think there that's not a perfect -- -- Good luck especially right in line that you said birth of our country. So we -- little thing called pop news on the big challenge and today we're -- Pop acts drop on not GM and I forgot as we liked Colin. -- would honor Schwarzenegger uttered those famous for its. I'll be fox the al-Qaeda -- he thought -- He now. Paramount Pictures is announcing that terminator the franchise will be resurrected her trilogy. Hot new movies -- three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three more movies yeah. Three more home. Republicans are thing here yeah you're excited. Here in the financial means do it appears that decision yet why anything. The three original installment in the franchise grossed more than one. Bob Bob Bob millions of dollars when they since they debuted 1984. Also rumors that the government -- himself will return to play a role -- -- -- -- Definitely a role in the first one which comes out two years from now I'm not -- -- Baxter wild. -- always -- you talk more of your mouth was involved that might help but come on. This is so then made me have another one he you know Latin lover -- why you're better than you how would you just talking keep beating that okay. We -- that -- -- a sneak up on us yesterday that had been going yeah. We apologize -- -- -- I want to -- yet don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you still love him I dogs have been turned around one could say oh I almost that this but CN -- -- there's only one way to go up the stairs and as time goes up. Created all. -- it. Trade was bad -- -- that Matt had two of the yellow labs and Max will not gloves that you hate his wont wont do it all he's always on ten. How could they -- Ellis yeah I think -- not selectmen dogs -- went on I don't know how god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK he's let's -- has -- -- I'm just thinking. Who now I happen. They're judo using buses so what does jams up the stairs apparently not -- -- had to -- Since -- now. Well its own -- that limited so dogs it will go on standby incidentally I -- -- I guess I am pretty sure that maybe we'll give -- I was on the rise and the cat and you everything we can't do this. Got up on its hind leg sending out. And in hot backwards when they Pacific where -- -- and -- -- in my life. The idea now I think the president pat on its hind legs going much -- can't imagine that yeah. Some presence and in that room he was one around my big fat -- we hope that that's not going to -- -- what they talked about was. -- of -- really messed up. Manhattan after -- -- send us your -- -- -- To hash tag GMA life yes eyewitness at the actual apple to continue this show I -- by September and a half -- subway. Infinite cable universe there's this failure that they really want you bet on that isn't a show like what what's that got -- -- -- -- so your cat is like that it isn't like. Kitty cat Rampage -- a pregnant he did might -- -- cat doesn't -- accents the Jordanian border he goes on the Internet reads every you know what was the what was your reading him. What do we learn how do you remember that different I don't mean items like -- -- -- just give us but the synopsis quick quick. -- said some things any sort. Mice these not a quick -- may -- not a -- -- and I basically I don't know I didn't I said to my producers. The only way this works is if you don't -- who's coming to be read more. You just -- somebody else is coming run. And then at the last second I -- -- And don't let -- leave the room don't let him talk going pop icon mom and -- did not come to pass now. And so I shut up and -- and I grant Wikipedia page did well it is an estimate -- -- -- bunch -- things -- thinking like oh wow he's yet but I couldn't find that you can find out if and that maybe some one thing about them. My stepfather that. I didn't think a lot of people know and so I was like oh that OK you begin anywhere. And tell I literally and left the house log on and found it right there on the Internet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want I what I did -- -- and Michael I really. It's real butter fat right yeah the pain goes find out what does need some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're unbelievable -- what do you -- my. And I doubt I doubt I -- let me Charles let -- I want to bring in some special -- like monitor -- moved -- -- now I gotta say well melancholy is terrified she won't speak it's okay it's a that you that you would deadly. And I did a story but right out -- The Boston Marathon attacks. The Norton Brothers who were there at the flashpoint of the explosion -- he's lost a leg. Did obviously affected not just them but their family the community as they continue to fight back and as everybody continues to give little one Boston fund. The Norton family joining us today here in studio. Yeah. -- like you and I met. Eighteen hours after the attacks and you were with us the morning after the attacks I couldn't. I do I know you said to me -- one of the few things you can actually say that morning was I just want everybody to know how strong my boys are. Here you are and everybody's taking those steps how is everything for them -- It's it's going to join OK you know -- that a plague has blackened and JP still having a tough time back there really amazingly strike. And people every we have just been so wonderful excellent image it's amazing. I know we've. -- -- -- until we saw them before Bruins can't eliminate -- it's an amazing -- honoring their -- and it's an amazing thing to watch this. Town it's a big city but also become such a small town and and eat what's it been like what's the what's the community support them. Oh come on yeah. And good to have you might be empty again have a favorite real quick what would have been like what's that -- -- have been like. And believe about him. People police in Boston just people who -- -- I'm telling you those. Offices in Boston their amazement. Every inch of the way people just -- did tested. You know -- have broken and it just doesn't and you know -- see them. Fight every day you know those simple things have been out challenges but everybody has just been -- -- Oliveira the route people have been. -- -- -- I was just excellent GP last anti we're not we're not leave and we're not leaving aside we're going to be there they picked the wrong city that's for sure I think they say thank you. That is that's all we have and we want to think. Seems familiar coup by the athlete like two years of my life six demented person and there and get the soldier other Pete Sampras for number four page -- think about helping them out and everybody have a wonderful they will see more on GE and N. And -- --

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