GMA LIVE (07.09.13)

Sam, Lara and Amy discuss Lara's favorite hometown food and check out a Dad's mission to help kids.
17:03 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.09.13)
OK. Yeah. I say I had a lot of -- -- beauty that. I'm glad -- back I'm glad it was here yeah. I'm finally made it back after you know every time you at the -- all -- were trying to get back from Atlanta and I was in the airport until midnight and then you -- had to take -- -- rushing to the west and at the Everett -- airport -- at the last round but I'm glad to see you here for -- -- I'm. That you have without wet weather related -- -- -- relating. No we're not -- related Chantal still so far away but it was storm thunderstorm afternoon thunderstorm rolling up and I mean every what's LaGuardia and. It was awful and I'm proud of -- -- even making an effort -- one canceled flight and in my that's gotta go. No more -- that. Yes is that you -- with mom -- after the holiday weekend and you rarely with family in Miami hall that we had a holiday weekend it was -- -- -- -- in order to life. Yeah com. Yeah I was in Miami because -- -- mom and sister came in from -- follow. And so we had some time in new York and that we have some time. Off fireworks. Fireworks in both white and blue. -- -- Some eighty feet that biggest -- -- you didn't Theodore you did. Term lease from -- about it we're doing really great -- high level we do and eating celebrating America we -- last last year my first summer. Where we did our sort of favorite getaways an America sent us -- their favorite -- right right Thompson is the worst kicking off a month long series with our favorite foods. On rounded hope po boys -- time we -- yesterday now there's no way so that gap really really really good. And I think what -- because they're airport what stands all over. The deep south. And you can basically pull off any highway and get how do you no good -- from -- -- it's impossible to know that the point somebody has to tell you this is a good one that's just one where they throw some fried stuff on it until -- brings this one. I'm sorry can't think of the name -- -- right now. But they they had a secret sauce on the on the Brett -- pirate's -- then added that I and then I got your friends. At an articulate your your you very much barrier -- -- -- that -- by the like that. Hi who could really well I guess yeah. You know doing good -- Everybody. Robinson ninety million -- argue back to -- Barnhart and Scott. OK so so this what and it had pickle on it and end the a really fresh tomato pickle and these freshly done shrimp that we're just a little seasoned and just right. So you've got -- you've got to know where to go bits a lot like -- around. Because Lara is been Lara brought this in. Lining up pizza is pizza is pizza sitting so you think but -- to me this is much more than just really early and gave up and then there's Eddie's he had this is the bar high not they actually. Celebrate it on Aaron on entourage they didn't episode where that they gang goes daddy's. Because it's really like a true Long Island joined I mean it's kind of a little islands with Friday's strong island there's the truck outside the evening dropping in to make them fresh breath on this place -- every year on the LIE Procter -- traffic on Atlanta's Hamptons -- just. This exam late it's -- -- -- park -- okay -- this is -- he genuine heart I've been going there since I was a little girl it's not a real -- -- for me on my dad. He's just taking after us swimming and diving meets me as we have -- -- was right there hang on to get at a bar pioneer -- -- pasta salad in -- of the proper age. I mean perhaps not but -- cold picture of the art. My sister really really great spot I highly recommend any -- -- you. There -- secret ingredient is this crossed -- and -- -- are everywhere now -- thin -- are everywhere but this is like the really good almost like Chris mean not not -- -- a little like yeah yeah do you avoid not so dry right so. And I see these young folks with our families in the -- everybody's on summer vacation right now. This is one of the things I swear when you get as old as I am like as old as the planet practically. That these -- things you remember with your family you remember these amazing times where you had food. That your mom or your dad took you there are your grandfather your grandmother -- -- there every week. And it was after a special occasion or special events -- these things stick with you when you. Want -- the rest of your idea absolutely new and Jeremy Garrett switchers and haven't -- interesting -- we'd love what I'm missing my parents never -- the southeast. So as always my mom's cocaine and so she is an -- and I think we're on the Lil. At a red velvet cake and -- I always want that we really didn't go out to eat that much we didn't have. A lot of money has and I imagine other things that it was always my mom cooking for -- my mom and I were talking about this weekend how she would want -- I -- the way I did not because. Now that those are such amazing memories -- It is inherent lesson that was your lot was through your cooking eggs out for me it's my -- -- -- Johnson and -- we think we're number no I cannot. Not that hard I'm not very because I don't. -- would -- it instead of -- man. Especially on I don't honestly -- I. It is cooking overwhelms me -- like baking. Yeah cooking overwhelming. Yeah meanwhile are well I have really bring an end and dial in and -- -- you can just me I got five kids to -- for it's not exactly easy to making government until a full time job working full time like now I -- not sure how I don't know this is just that one -- I haven't already I feel like me Ariza is not I don't. You I don't see look at I really can't company he just get a -- -- com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She'd wrap it up into the making it public he's cute little toothpicks and that -- Some I just know that -- you can do this -- -- you can't. -- and I love your mom so I wanna bring Iranian leader about how would -- make -- make equitably for everybody that's what I want to bring her in and have her teach you how to make the problem we should do not on the show that an idea what we do something like I like air and -- antibodies family members -- Iraq -- -- I'm. Please let's run -- job. And and yeah. This down yeah. That's right not so well do you hear reduce battery housing and I'll probably. Kilometers and a listing bullets -- -- -- welcome to arm around and now we just this idea that a family member would come in and teach us the recipe that we grew up with an eager beaver a stimulus recipe -- America so like -- I would have. Can make a string -- mom doesn't mean she's -- -- we'll pick someone from his handling beat his mother traps. Assists germ or anybody that you -- and a great recipe had a whole Lotta women who could cook in my family I will tell you that my grandmothers were. -- -- This might just put a stick of butter and everything -- -- that's not how I absolutely. Slowly -- -- I grew up I can't get into the stick of butter gravy I'm not releasing the butter and millions. Like really we -- we also didn't have time -- resources. And five kids youngest and she would make like he's really random dishes that -- with cheap ingredients but somehow action -- to called cowboy casserole that I'll never forget you. Yes it's like it was I was current slop up with what made it really really good with that she would have -- biscuits -- -- like -- -- -- Yeah and she would literally put them on -- and -- and mount a ride yeah. Finally I'm telling you. What I say opulent about stays at Rocca had a mom I -- how to -- integrate. Annan. -- maybe I'm we have at Castel anything that's in this show today not really. Not really awesome and -- not a -- -- because -- wasn't on today. We got shot during -- -- today -- are all know you were completely honest can we be honest no I really down now now don't. And we just that once you got it wasn't actually right -- Bennett knew any thing to the pop right -- aren't a popcorn. It was -- an accused copyright and -- the specific tastes like which tasted good. When you don't get what you eat it right -- -- -- as it lingered for a little while. That just a bit of an -- something -- -- make an out when he found out that there linemen not actually still in there and he threw it at me on the air how well things don't all of us and it let me say today. It didn't exactly love and -- -- -- -- -- learned tonight I -- -- there are little candidate. And another bad but can't help but it was -- it was fine and I was I was thinking like. We need you wanna -- drink wine with you guys right now is that wrong you know -- right it's not -- -- The solution to the prospects are right we ventured out some -- many -- as great today here's one extra reading get to it on and here's why. Because I. But it was kind of random but I -- did not letting -- twelve -- Yeah you recognize it right away I saw -- I was like that's really -- -- looks like a creepy ghost coming out of water. Well it doesn't really look like Garcia the go ahead -- A twelve foot tall stacks statue of mister Darcy who pride and prejudice. It's been installed temporarily in Hyde Park onions and the most glorious part of all of London. In the in the -- -- college first yeah yeah I guess south and their -- at. -- may recognize the trip by Darcy played by -- In the miniseries the -- the romantic hero -- Three men over two months to make it it's gonna actually tore that statues -- -- toward the UK and then we'll settle in Cheshire. Where the unforgettable scene was actually found. The lake seen was created because of a survey which -- -- to be the most memorable TV drama moment ever be possible it. Never mind that the romantic scene doesn't actually happening in Jane austen's original clock no doubt they would scandalized readers at the time is still make for some great TV I don't you can take that -- and -- put -- in Jason Hart. -- that is what I idol lancry is not his really -- in my -- out of Phoenix -- What it. It's -- Manhattan. If it is -- you know its eyes and Israel has been -- hit on the head -- there's that you hear there's -- knows that the real haven't used the phenomenon that is why I haven't got that's -- -- -- Monster I have -- confession to make you know how when it flipping through the channels that if you see one movie or one show that's on and you -- you watch it no matter what targets in. I with pride and prejudice I love it no matter who's in it no matter who does it. I love the story I particularly love Kara -- When she that better -- an -- night I stopped for overboard overboard -- really the only odds over you want he delivered. Yeah yeah yeah yeah isn't what it. As I understand. I stopped where he personally but -- -- about last night anymore. And only got -- probably now -- he's handling I don't even know what -- and I don't agree on Monday night I can't remember. He's -- must there's a reason why it was in the eighties it's such agreement and you know I -- relying on it I just love that movie. I'm not and some of them wouldn't Renee Zellweger without -- -- paglia on. Well you know oh yeah bring up yeah. -- and I can't get enough I had written it not for money let me baby -- Diane Keaton OK -- let you know got a all this because now you're getting a little -- here know what's up baby boomers thought you know does seem -- say they know you know. I'll follow you out well how about a little yeah -- I don't wanna judge you may be but I -- -- -- -- And everybody today. A dog walking and -- -- hello gum -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just the older dog walk -- younger -- you -- Monica and I. Injuring wanting and -- And watch baby book beyond that we can I -- perfect day -- -- again does that work there can't -- for picking up after your pet which we advise you do in New York City having black black pickup and snow looks like now I'm so hot right now and you had hung around here I don't know I have in my command and having a moment we're not there yet they're not there yet. I'm Mike Elaine and ideally I -- -- Israelis and his microphone and please don't always can really isn't really got to keep. And somehow -- -- favorite little story to share with you today we'll call -- this is a good story clearly -- Kenya's singer songwriter. Absolutely the best of Chad challenging -- I mean yeah talents as a musician right and listen that would -- -- his daughter yet. All we have -- on -- -- -- it's. One of the song is is heading our way through which is released today that I won't get wet -- get involved and just having fun and celebrating the moments and they're not letting it get him down I watch us. Illegal inspiration I love. Love love apparent love who will take the situation and he made this. This is their life this is what they live with every day and the only joy and here they need. Happiness that it has been and normalcy in their lives right and there working the best they can to try to get better to try and -- in the process. Whole Lotta love and a whole lot of happiness and normalcy -- Don't drag this out there is here with -- don't. I am hungry and -- I don't know why -- OK yeah. Really amazing dad you are -- -- for sharing your story hold hearings on congratulations on the album -- anyway -- Okay -- -- -- doesn't like writing these songs. Com. We started in the hospital when we were all in there. And it was very therapeutic you know that has the original purpose was just to get us through. And clear and I started writing songs -- wrote about a monkey we wrote about taking a little walk outside. And then when we got home and cancer became the new normal I kept writing songs about this experience. And it is their -- but what do you hope will come -- -- -- the the plan is to get this to patients and hospitals around the country. We ended up. With a with a group of songs that kind of look at what it's like to live with cancer from a lot of different angles when it's like for parents and yes please. -- for siblings there's a song called have you ever been jealous which is a big issue -- Not -- is that general a lot of touching to and it's confusing because it's like you don't want to be in that position but yet. You know that's singing songs -- politically -- -- cash. She's -- -- yeah we just entered our second -- treatment to tune your treatment plants so it's a long long haul. -- -- -- Now -- here's what I love there are a lot of folks who just get kind of caught up in the negativity in this and you decided to make your home. In some ways have kind of a normal balance of happiness and joy and all of this stuff in the process where. -- what what was the moment where it turned out for you know where -- like I have to make this a happy life. You know -- happiness was less than gold then just confronting you know it was this feeling of like. This is our new -- life that he did control and we need to take until we it was about sort of having some ownership over this experience because it's a very. Especially for kids it feels like down here. All of your control has been taken away and you'll also need a doctor's -- -- -- canyon from all available wherever they get this album. The website is singing -- wave dot com and tongue and it'll be out on iTunes and Amazon today actually what extent I love -- -- world. -- -- Love that. Debbi -- W dot -- music dot com web site. A great place them. Thank you aliens. Eight it's not only on you. Importantly really nice Solis is now thanks so glad we didn't finish just like I hope I didn't. We're looking as you brought something in our day and it I didn't even expect today to thank you very much an average -- any -- at least you check out. How right. Thank you posted. Complete outlook don't know anyone I -- -- -- Americans think about everybody that this showed today we thank you so much for joining us we do every day could sometimes there's a great surprise. Like -- and that he might. I think you know what planet day here I think we should -- -- -- We'll see you tomorrow night. -- -- Do you know.

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