GMA LIVE (07.23.13)

Josh Elliott and Sam Champion celebrate National Hot Dog Day with delicious franks.
19:57 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.23.13)
Yeah well tell how -- how are you OK so we haven't we have a baby had that -- was well we -- we don't have a that be another program that B. That Bob. But -- -- so we haven't it's -- baby bullet yell baby boy I didn't we yesterday vacation katic we get the network bank the I realized we took -- straw poll however unscientific yesterday. And I'm in the distinct minority. I've had I've I've had enough I have admittedly. -- -- -- that's just me. I'm pretty -- we -- I think couple centuries ago that's just me to -- -- remodeled to the duke and duchess of Cambridge. I'm until July items particularly -- I mean you know -- think it's great and I'm very very happy for them at some point you have to wonder I mean are there other stories that we could do as well -- probably. I mean -- -- would get out. How will be -- his papers what kind of diapers with the unions was immediate the baby here that maybe they're gonna -- it is food for like a year. It's not done it's welcome back. Thank you -- I heard you guys trashed me yesterday. All up and down trouble I heard it I had -- all valuable later this zero minutes so -- Sam Rangel. He -- himself. You what was again. This was I didn't Rangel blacks always liked what I meant I didn't -- the assignment was that it's shark week in August I know this discovery channel's shark week and and every year it just gets bigger and bigger yeah they're doing this this this once this -- show part of the sharply shows. And it's called shark apocalypse. And it -- and not to be confused with -- Mickey knows not to be but he's got on the NATO as an entirely different show and I can enjoy apocalypse players. About unless -- that we're killing more sharks every year than we ever have before but there's more shark attacks. Being reported than there ever have been before so what's going on. And I love that there's some people out there who want to get up close and personal when I mean up close personal. The -- like did -- hit the shark what I -- -- you again to figure out what good will with the sharks yeah. So they took me down underwater and we do little shark dive over the weekend with a -- With the chain mail which basically I know it's protective because everybody says you don't need it until you need it now and then if you don't have it you're like ribbons that -- -- Floating in the water. It's just true I'm just I'm just being true -- but but but when you put on chain mail and you get in the water you become a giant anchor. That floats directly to the bottom and there's no possibility that you're going to enjoy the dive or. For having interaction website where you don't -- -- -- -- you like -- sharks that are swimming around me. And you mentioned you're in a full suit yeah yeah but at large and wherever it right now I'm wearing beautiful chain -- -- right now a judge that -- -- -- -- no I wouldn't I I would not. If -- if you're with great whites that's not gonna work anywhere they're gonna -- they win great -- investigate by tearing it apart you know it's like. That house majority of casualties. In shark attacks are. Accidental discharge right kind of takes a -- actions of I want you that unfortunately -- -- -- artery. And to your point has torn apart the report figures out that you're not -- you basically don't survive an investigation -- one you know I didn't flat panel that's it. And but these sharks that are that are around the Bahamas. They you know they're just really looking for food -- they're not interested -- people whatsoever. Indeed they will swim around you to get to the food and there's folks who were who -- feeding them. And it was joyous I had a great time great great but I did promise to -- I would with Connecticut you to join us for the weather cast yes I did from from live from the Mohammed Zia. You take those win Friday. Illness -- didn't know that morning on that morning analysts -- PO. We got the most we got that there's a 15%. Chance of heat. Laura Cole that's not true. You guys really wanna know how we do this very -- jet fighters in the three and by the way it was like shot with the Blackberry now that it was like shot from -- It was on the other side of the studio or exactly Boehner and couldn't get -- pulling that you know what can -- control room but pull yourself from. You know why I'm doing this because is behind the scenes and -- hating America yes and the -- I hope that's just. He needs to ask god data. We've got a New England -- beside you and I agree with the quality of Sam's weather casts are more often than not adequate. Yesterday. I would ask that Wallace he -- at a I would think at all -- -- other qualities which are all as if it was a high school AV club not okay. -- -- because there's three ways that we go on locations around the world. One of them is a solid line which they call fiber line that goes up to a satellite dish -- someplace like Atlantis had -- -- this is amazing television yeah. As we pull -- a truck that as a big satellite dish on it and we bounced the signal to the satellites. Two things get didn't -- the satellite that are very expensive and high quality. -- the other way is due to do and continues to -- the orchestra program. Dogs and -- Besides GMA decides that. I think in the Bahamas but how they gotta get they wildly on the shelves laden but aren't you gotta get there they say that simply -- and -- -- want to. It's going to be war and -- that is so that's why don't look like that I'm sorry but that's -- -- can't I can't help that it's going to be war may be used. Thank you for coming back at one. And I you that's all coming up in August by the way and I can't wait -- you -- -- does that. The folks who do this part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe what you see pickle when I heard he is critical if capability in the in in house think I -- bring about six the folks -- -- goals wore a band of absolutely no repeat. They prefer they performed a handful of times and let me tell you seminal performance is -- from UC -- day before now once a decade there's sort of like cicadas. They rise up and then they go away. -- come on in here. Sorry -- Jeff and his lovely -- -- -- over -- Shannon on instant this I would greatly were you know they've been in the studio this morning and so we did the we have to start a Project Runway on. And so I saw them getting ready for the shot and -- -- Jennifer about fifteen minutes terrified that she was -- behind Robin. While they did the training and our lovely normally -- this well -- luckily our. And -- the -- in the orange it's gorgeous color it's perfect for the season indeed but you know what was prominently featured on the Project Runway. The storm data are at least this way that -- guy at minus that is reminiscent of a tablecloth but -- -- Well yeah. Because I love -- -- engaging -- dialogue but -- I guess hasn't been. Mitigate supplements. I felt really -- I because they were here last week. In doing some time at the beach and I think I tried to admit I -- the best economic -- -- -- -- -- last week the need to discredit me and it sure is the hottest week we've ever had. We are committed by the way it could be Judy some who get -- it's still hot here -- convinced it was -- It's his fault something. -- it well no it's miserable in the summertime minutes you know. Right middle that you weren't glued to do. Items unloaded and they'll let nevermind it's -- I love -- president. Yeah. It's. -- that it is not -- yet have -- shirt and you know what I shame sand into a hug no. Pop -- has hired a little extra yeah how many by the -- eight Donna again -- is here. It's a little bit more than that because this is the guy by the way who gets all the credit for creating the -- and that -- like. That was like a huge -- On behalf phenomenon morning shows everywhere I wanna thank you for the grown up because boy do we find every single way we can do krona -- peace. But boy. Do well -- there was something else there. Something new and I don't even know what to call this because it's it's more but not -- it's a small but half brother and his -- -- -- -- students. I want to change that way that people. -- -- -- -- going to change the way that. -- was -- was ice cream and drugs is a much much -- against -- and have a special recipe that it can be brought them. That's -- it becomes -- back from injury and also put them on a branch. I'm right and we knew we -- small quiet lately -- Chuckie boy here. Because you look like normally -- I do. It's still really at war because it has -- the -- haven't played it definitely I didn't Sam -- -- -- have to always ordered by the united -- -- -- Also if you burn until cool right away exactly -- didn't -- -- of Bob good displays on the way you eat inside his job and got me out of his confidence up now. Where -- -- the outside you dispute that maybe you can I come allies to. And you -- you don't smell -- -- -- this citizens and husband spoke with apple wooden fence is a branch shall we would know now. No no no no no that is better added. Oh wrote -- -- Who won't want to thank him. -- -- -- -- How to get one of these how do we get one of these other than having you suddenly show up to date of the national actually we finished -- -- -- -- people there right. That he comes -- -- the freezer and we -- -- -- around the sparsely accountable for like ten books we did you have to medium is there only one place in the world. And -- that that -- -- victory -- opponent in SoHo in New York so ladies and gentlemen if you're planning a trip to New York. This is a must do Obama must golf club -- I'm telling you. I don't know regarding Cuba cracked -- -- as an avalanche that you -- to things thinking -- -- all awake at night are things that we love thank you very much there. I honestly. And I'm going to be running these are my feet that are running under the chair right now just to burn off those calories -- visited wounded -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well actually you've got much -- if you are really -- accuses the color you got riled all of that or better yet do you think that all right fine. We wanted to turn the play of the day we. Like to celebrate great -- here on eminently deserves some of it. -- -- We think we like apple available about it -- Or -- push and everybody welcome got a television. And -- -- Floyd rampart he -- themselves and that's the 67 year old cycling enthusiast from -- clear he looked he has. On a journey -- how to raise money. For the best friends animal society it helps to find homes for pets. And how's he doing Hopwood biking to the four corners of the continental US that is only 121000. Miles -- total. And joins us now from -- We'll just from the road. Via Skype to talk about an all Floyd -- are well welcome pro. OK so -- how far you're going to the four corners how bargain traveled thus far. It's about 8300 miles at this point slowly -- cannot. How and an average -- what what do you -- and what it what what are you looking to put in on an average day. -- did most everybody miles is there anywhere from -- Breyer who bought there and I'm conditions and weather. -- what do you what do you -- when you're on the road just to keep up the Sussman -- meeting at -- or may be a -- -- more -- more on -- and -- with more than -- -- seriously what kind of what kind of food you carry along with you. Are bacterial unveils standards but if you eat anything you want greatest guy in the world is you can eat anything -- -- -- -- I'm coming with you. Just wait wait wait wait where you are I'll be right there Sam's anti Israel out -- You know put it seems. A great way not just to do something -- when asked about a minute but also at this -- you're traveling a great way to see this country you know you must come of come upon this is that you can actually appreciate as your cycling -- -- what's it been like just as something of a tourist. Well it just isn't very whereas fewer countries -- where it is an order is going you can see all. Yards. Six it would -- arrogant as well although he wouldn't spell. It here all of you but don't love. -- -- Yeah haven't -- actually have to -- to nine nobody someone else was doing the viking like portable can ride on the -- somewhere in the back. I would enjoy this trip immensely but -- also raising money for a really good cause -- wanna tell people. About the reason that you're doing it. Well. Here's a no -- voluntary it does for a balanced society and I thought it was just another and to show -- filling out -- and -- -- -- passion. An afternoon they had the us -- -- than lady who all the better place for animals. Sorry. He's did you combined in my area alone by writing. Into this fundraisers. So they cannot help construct. New hospital -- and animals. -- diagnostic lab. And they go great guy obviously. But they're overwhelmed remodeled you have -- and and there is looking to improve. The whole situation. Made life better -- absolutely can -- say a -- and a great if they're. Where are you are a wonderful man they're doing great work you bring a lot of attention to them just by doing this and doing a show like this. We applaud your efforts -- if more people got off there. And help someone like doing something like you're going not a good thing I felt good luck on last 3700. Miles or so Floyd -- fight again and thank you for joining us. Be careful out there my friend -- -- come across this more it's amazing it it is likely that through this Iowa ice cream and incited a little torch. It's almost worth burning everything in your lips -- get to it. We haven't we have a new we're premiering a new segment that I didn't invent this is -- Recent we have the dancing girls and we have we have a big we have a big thing right -- the big thing well they're dancing going to have felt well it is. He's a script an audience coordinator Gary Good Morning America he's acts I'm sure you see if you watch the program he's usually the guy who's wearing. Clothes that you shouldn't Wear doing thing more sunshine our hot dog heard twenty outfit earning dead and 25 cents an hour that we pay him whatever I mean he's not paid enough. But he hit the streets today specifically. Street to Times Square in honor of national hot dog day to learn about everyone's favorite ways to celebrate. Let's take a look let's look shall we. -- -- -- Sure he -- the national hot dog day 2013. Let's not -- how do you -- hot -- your native -- and again. We want to see how many fights -- helping me. -- -- -- -- -- where you can't change and finish in -- night. Okay. So what's your favorite pop up top -- Plus two. -- Hot dog -- TNT and to and to all of -- felt we'd love you we love them by the way to celebrate with us Hideki as well I'll bet is here by the way -- -- dogs specialists -- are coming over particularly. Do please let me just clear rules -- here and now we had a restaurant isn't. -- -- is that yes that's definitely got -- book commencement. There's going to kind of in between the Middleton. And explain to us now you're here to show us all the different things you do it -- dog right answer day -- let's work left to right. Sounds great okay. So this is our Santa hot -- called put on mean this -- a Japanese official in this we'll be doozy of the sauces on top of the hunt does. How we have the -- -- besides the Japanese -- little but you'll fix on -- -- solo home brooding artists yes. We are here today to make your hot dog at home feel terribly insecure. This isn't it. Wow well and it. This is there -- -- its -- -- -- here is our specialty sausage we have our special homemade it's us yeah. Harry but -- he's on top down towards it up you did yeah. OK we always had here. Economic. Not harm for -- yeah. And now it turns out it's delicious to translate what justice says. And now that's with seaweed -- -- seat -- describe that for music this is really good as well what we have here is that Terry -- Japanese male and are seeded. This is will be sort of business and that the vessel and and people go for the seaweed in the hot dog -- -- they really do yes they do. -- -- -- Yeah I had. Again. I will happen. It's a bird it's a performance the last -- -- -- that's got to see rescue. Things just don't like all of them together original and -- you can see under ABC's agent on Saturday morning. And it turns honest elections. On the middle of not. Get all the -- we did -- about the Brazilian airlines and not last but not least. And this is what -- or -- -- -- -- Japanese -- on top of the Hutton on how we finish up the green onion and our special soy -- this is really get as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Among Japanese government come on now come on let's go I'm tired heading -- drive how big -- -- lousy at Oakmont brother out what do you think. Now this is Japanese -- that we mail as well this is -- officials' whistles on soy sauce area. -- yeah. And there's. Don't know where Japan -- dog we're actually looking -- think -- Canada -- right now we're in New York we have one at saint marks place folk think they. -- marketplace that we can get what can we get to and we get a -- My order to you will you may only one of these especially when you it. -- -- We want -- look look for them -- because they were nice enough to bring. Their food to us to show you examine new -- one. Trust and -- priority mail Nana. I think you are wrapping up a hot target everybody we want to thank you we won't -- four went -- -- -- -- god who begins over changing my life. And all of you lovely -- audience for being here.

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