GMA LIVE (07.24.13)

Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion try the latest food fad, "the crookie."
15:09 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.24.13)
-- And look at. Script that -- want to did we we need to travel this -- -- live. GMA and every other news program. On every other network for the last week or so has called baby all the time -- month I mean I'm of people there who -- -- trying to when he. 22 days to city -- out there won't unbelievable. I don't really did complain -- Jack -- and lately but you did say it's been so -- and so -- -- -- Monday IC Josh Josh. I say -- I think -- just a letter to sit well. -- I -- get -- yeah. I'm. I -- -- -- -- act is one of us got that. -- -- -- thought all I'm pretty sure that on 920 yeah and got some -- actually we I want you know -- want to hear the story lives. -- -- -- a grim picture of small and. Josh Josh money down like I can't believe -- I think they're innocent. -- seven London. Josh is like you -- -- -- to you start to sound like a cannon got so on Monday I go home to Connecticut and -- package kiss my kids my husband. I get back and -- 740 flight. There's this little thing that happens LaGuardia. Very bad skin -- goes. People of that little hospital I am I'm shutting down player -- -- -- diligent I'm doing my due diligence flight on time flight on time flight on time. All is well at the bar having -- and -- Winds waiting flight on time having spent on what I didn't know was that every single flight that was incoming. From the time of that accidental -- was being diverted to JFK so all of that -- every runway where people were just feel it out is now being used to oriented area. And so we -- -- to sit patiently -- my 740 flight. Didn't take off until 11:40 PM which imagine goes to London you fly all night. That's fine mommy -- -- line of -- and look at -- the flight doesn't land at Heathrow before customs. 10:20. Am -- -- on the air in London and new and then. So -- announced 1020 on the heat dry got to get -- -- I look like. Yeah I mean -- Early I went to -- Lou -- attacked -- -- to the commercial pilot I had. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like literally use on the show yesterday you guys have all -- -- complementary and had such a great time -- but here's the truth of the matter is. I had did not -- not do. Brush my teeth I did not wash my hair I did not change Miami got it -- -- Yeah. And -- Just I was out it was like a vanity out the door it was no big deal we were their first story I get there it's warm out and -- like hey I don't need to -- you know bombing happens look over -- there's like impending doom in the sky. And no kidding I got there with fifteen minutes to spare I studied the holy there -- checked all very talked and Amy robot and I have decided we're gonna throw cautioned the -- to the whole -- -- the due out. And that we within three minutes before that the shows to air standards that was not rain that was like the rate -- we have and we have a particular -- -- A it was literally Italian Kelly's doing -- what's happening please let that what happened was our Hyatt either way yes to your every bit like saying look at electronics and L are you. I mean that is just pouring so -- have -- -- the top of the show. We are holding telephones up to hear the broadcast. I T try to talk to you guys put it -- to be the -- -- -- and that's the great pleasure of live TV. That it was all really good until I was excited to state today and actually do -- -- baby -- -- -- was like yeah and no common opinion on flight as a musician can you come back so. I did -- twenty for -- round -- I don't recommend it. Right now we've been in -- London twenty -- round trip is not fun. Not as fun as you are every day. When you're like this you're twice as much but I gotta tell you it's great TV when she's like you know and it's just natural -- -- little exhaust its. -- that almost on the day that -- funding until they -- -- here it's gonna cut that Democrats struggle yes that a new. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Candidates look. So that your movie star and I'm we thought we told her and you're welcome to you -- -- -- I -- a couple dollars. It's also not. A lot of comedians that at a Whoopi Goldberg I'm Sam Caligiuri signs Chris Rock OK name -- name dropping an event -- -- -- -- -- kind of moving. If I cannot prolong my friend graduation thank you so he's so funny do we know community released literally statement Woodson called -- and title -- a rock projects reds and and what's your honesty he's directing. And what's your role in -- that I played a black guy that. At the plot that was on -- Yeah. Totally black guy I didn't want to know. Everybody else check in you have never seen this funny funny man views where -- and abuse at Columbia foxwoods actually August 8 in the temple and lining I -- I can't drive a digital can we maybe get like WEB every table every good party headed -- and our party right now. These activities I didn't know -- Connecticut. And I very -- and irrationality is damn good to remember he releases and DirecTV -- -- -- -- Rhode Island Indiana according Providence was. Numbers that. Sounds great that's great Tyrese Rice small -- what he may be wondering what I've been stuffing my -- -- these are. He's certainly you know there was the -- nothing -- -- -- Procter and thrown out yesterday. We have the pros and some smaller adjusted it was delicious -- must -- Ankiel I was I was only twelve flight -- So evolution this is now mrs. Clinton was not cookie -- into the crew rookie. -- -- really really really really good. -- -- -- -- -- -- 'cause. There's nothing anymore and of course -- have been more butter and -- and -- and an Oreo and. Once I was so much -- name and then and Oreo crushed -- signing my -- turning off many say about it Procter and anything else it was. Creative I hate everybody and -- -- -- well one. Nobody in the bottom of color there's a lot of water -- that now there's a little -- with butter and -- with the butter which I think they started and finished. I don't that was -- about what -- -- -- and Butler well. Matt Maualuga had I didn't want -- -- -- of warning let's not go too much further with us you don't happen. One of these day and we -- gonna start. There are certain things that nature did not intend to look at another hit and -- -- real clear we're I know it's like playing with science you know -- not a long science experiment. Then -- -- at times -- and his writers become you know as Reagan building and all of a sudden the untitled Chris -- project becomes a -- yeah. I. Like I would like where -- like to suggest. That we tried and -- -- The cardinal John is an argument to -- I'll hold my embarking on -- -- and Tracy and her all right. We appear on this Jarden in the -- nearly here yeah. She's totally and lanakila yeah why why I had to think something funny I don't OK yes I -- -- -- like Libya or else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was commitments and alone admiral has -- Manchuria. It was a struggle angry -- -- well yes I agree -- man was stronger. Yeah it's great -- and on on the comings and it was great loves hanging on he just got around to -- other name come on out. Not like this Josh just so. Yeah. I wanted to -- a huge yeah. Yeah yeah -- little. And -- tallied by the way he's late. Wolverine. -- have not used its couldn't deny what I can -- in the -- I would love tonight and tomorrow. Everybody tune into Jimmy tomorrow I had the pleasure Elizabeth to work Alex and I thought he was gonna work out I was so excited about that up up up up. Did he -- I think 91 counselor about it's here's the thing so so so Hugh Jackman stands up beside us. Asked his biggest problem -- is that he has -- problem gaining weight and he's too muscular and to attract more development. But -- -- people like many of us think Sammy. That's certainly doesn't issues today's analyst of the murders and equipment. Like Santa on the runway -- going to be anywhere near you Hugh Jackman not not to let you know what other. I'm not telling Keller he was running away but it was one of those high you know it's one of those three -- was -- let me let me out of the back and Adam let me add a budget this evening but anyway he's -- It can't be only the -- back in by he's too nice and good looking -- convention. Yeah I -- at people ask me all the time he is my favorite actor in Hollywood while he is the nicest. He is spectacular looking but he's been necessarily -- Yeah we got -- very all all the -- Yeah. Good for -- and look at Yemen I'm staring up into the eyes of stuff Hugh Grant look at him he's -- -- yeah. I don't you got a -- time. Philadelphia's two days people it is he's Australian parent could -- -- them and ladies they -- not like they've got a whole lot of stress. And there's as a not -- it again that accent. And you have an act Okinawan we don't like not -- We got -- speaking on he's being very -- speaking out. Wolverine head of the day we haven't had in the game -- Dogs have done. I hope man's best friend man's best way to. But -- fifteen month old black lap race toward. And we John decided to pop the question of his girlfriend Sarah. But what happened. The dog -- The dog with the -- this -- Well you'll blow it up yeah. Hot enough that I'm accurate about what -- -- -- -- -- -- get -- And -- okay. That's -- and by the way. Judging by that accent I think we decide an Australian. It is great what are you -- sizzle yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- Trying to please. That's because this is a very difficult part of the show aren't ready -- -- -- got a running -- I don't do it on the -- sent -- what we're always having dessert first that we do their -- backwards thing about this broadcast are really this week's first we. Yeah. Yeah. So -- -- US now just one my heart. You are really -- -- table with murderers -- Truck that we get anywhere. That's right we'll -- You don't we have twelve restaurants right now right they were starting to try to grow just wanna say -- -- coming into Fairfield Connecticut they're coming up post -- in Fairfield I'll be darkening your door. Ahead authentic this they're dark I was selling yeah. Has already. So you're you're originally based in Boston is that true that would based in Boston we have twelve units throughout the New England area right now we're starting to really -- we're starting a franchise we -- -- hundreds of units across the US. But the idea behind -- restaurant that is letting it be that -- -- -- food made by people not actions so it's booty connected feel good about being so everything comes from a farm debt from. Farmers a recall we call real food so yeah it's an that we we met thirty years ago in fifth grade so we've been best friends ever sense. Growing up we always -- -- start -- business together. In high school we started a landscaping business that failed. Another -- landscape. So far the best -- you have to -- -- really started -- a business ideas and the thing we kept coming back to is that we love burgers and Fries but. We didn't feel good about the voice that we're making and we didn't feel but good about the way they remain. Experience and so -- We got this idea make investment real and tell -- -- -- -- -- said it's -- about people -- -- how hard is it. Take the afternoon and would supply and we. We do -- -- limited and not a -- it's not that hard you -- we definitely didn't have any experience yeah at all. So we came -- this completely different than everybody else we had no experience in. If you just have to think differently so -- -- is local it's humanely raised its all natural. We grow our own tomatoes on the rooftop of some of our restaurants dot we really try to take time to find the right ingredients and if you take the time to do it. You can do it everytime I hear -- I hear I approve an idea. You could grow on top of the problem we could -- -- not -- We have much longer. I don't think that's a bad idea -- -- -- all I've got right now so it's amazing you guys and I bet you. So that that's just the other side that we can find you on an and we know that -- -- -- we knew about our website is WW WW good dot com we are starting a franchise what's gonna go across the country. We feel like we have something really special so where exactly does really good -- has got to -- what I would assess that the local seasonal variations of -- great -- local blueberries. Bananas -- money. -- Switzerland and in some cases that they are now not back. And and so it's only available for three weeks so we do it some excellent local dealers and -- we -- -- -- -- he -- -- -- -- a condition where -- -- Always we thank everybody -- -- a nice -- -- guys isn't it amazing that this is fantastic job -- always have -- -- We -- to -- -- one -- everybody else for being here we want to thank you for. Tomorrow on 9 AM eastern daylight everybody -- that.

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{"id":19758588,"title":"GMA LIVE (07.24.13)","duration":"15:09","description":"Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion try the latest food fad, \"the crookie.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-072413-19758588","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}