GMA LIVE (07.26.13)

Check out the week's best moments from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
9:50 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.26.13)
They we want to welcome you to this edition of Gmail live it is well Friday edition where we take a look back at the funniest moments we've had all week long. Both here on this program and the big show Good Morning America and we ask -- was always do not forget log on to Gmail I -- every day. Right down 9 AM. Eastern daylight until then enjoy the show and -- weekend. But how are you -- -- you OK so we haven't we have a -- Well we we don't have a that be another program that cameras captured a little late night pizza for the royal couple. Delivered by the -- -- detectives thought they had that little thing can expect that all they're just like -- Apparently maybe practicing their wild waves out this morning maybe gonna get a chance away. As the young Stanley coming out at some point either today. Tomorrow morning Lara is there along an eight year old bar outside Saint Mary's hospital -- -- -- -- -- your umbrella site. In the budget one umbrella and I the other phone. We were under one umbrella now we -- -- on our cell phones to get I have deep because we cannot hear you all these -- Of the downpour and I was gonna show you all the newspapers but and here's what -- -- that -- Wish -- done to our viewers Amy and I are not being -- we're not talking into each other on the phone is the only way to. Hearing in New York since you played it when you know loyalists. I'm -- and yes -- -- the -- Cessna we have a great great progress that was -- -- grandmother so what's happening. But for the boy -- I -- -- a high school. And he killed Craig. When you're going to -- traditional crimson Steve prince Steve -- Jason -- and one big -- Steve. -- she's my guests Amy I'm human gene because it means that the plans -- and seeing how this baby kicked up Prince Harry. Out of the third in succession I think -- is appropriate and I chorus this -- ridiculous and countless women got. A lot of -- tradition because it's -- four names on the tour Josh. I've got to go right now we're looking at that -- literally like -- wartime. I'm had to go ahead -- apparently there's a lot of reasons why -- stole the -- Serena said yesterday watching a special report I think the Lehman games on the go well -- -- that just. And I really wanna see that -- to come back. And if it would -- here in the first -- We know always what of our colleagues. Not here. Very happy he couldn't -- park -- we're gonna get him he's actually running national whistle stop loading her. -- believed -- to peak out right. Please welcome to the world George Alexander. Look it's a beautiful name. And Josh we have obtained ABC news exclusively. Some computer imaging that we worked on all night long to find out what prince George may look like. When he gets older if we can please put the picture dropped right there we can tell you that he may have a future. In television news -- Certainly if you saw the show yesterday you guys have all been through complementary and I had such a great -- and -- but here's the truth of the matter is I had did not I didn't not to. Brush my teeth I did not wash my hair I did not change my make -- -- I -- I'm not a -- -- I -- I was you know it was like -- -- out the door and nobody -- we -- their first story I get there it's warm out. And Amy like hey I don't need to work you know -- out -- look over their -- -- impending doom in the sky. And no kidding I got there with fifteen minutes to spare I studied the hallway there -- checked all very tough stand. I'm Amy -- and I have decided to throw cautioned the wind questionable showed the duo and -- within three minutes before that the shows to air. Sand -- will not rain that was like the -- a -- actually we have OK we have a particular night. It was literally a Kelly Kelly's doing all -- -- what's happening. These one that what happened was our highest BQE -- every bit like saying I don't look at electronics Orleans -- are you. I'm -- that he's just pouring so you have -- -- on the top of the show. We are holding telephones up to hear the broadcast. I -- try to talk to you guys footed turning have to be the most -- might not -- it. Pleasure of live TV -- prepare the royal bottle service and now everybody. -- -- The royal addition a -- news by going -- you need it goodbye. You know then -- will use -- Are -- yeah. Have been flooding and should be that in. It's as bad as good as -- -- -- make good contract required. To the -- -- -- that nobody ever done without. -- advantages get out of -- and on Friday night -- -- terrible go to the movies and on site and the -- -- yeah. Which is filling in on the -- long it unlocked yeah. They just open their mouth they -- in everything in the filter out the water and swallowed the tasty morsels. You should not often died here will be VAL east Timor's you'll be -- more interview -- panic and start the -- Editor Gerri Good Morning America he's -- I'm sure you see if you watch the program he's usually the guy who's wearing. Clothes that you shouldn't Wear doing being orange sunshine are a lot darker between the -- earning dead and 45 cents an hour that we pay him whatever I mean he's not paid enough. But hit the streets today specifically. Street to Times Square in honor of national hot dog day to learn about everyone's favorite way to celebrate. Let's take a look let's look -- -- -- -- -- Sure he didn't national hot dog day 2013. Let's not rob how do you stay hot dog in your native -- and again -- -- wouldn't. We want to see how many nights ago. It's a -- why. Very campaign you can finish in third night. Okay. So what's your favorite pop up top -- -- -- You complain I'm Jack -- and they live but you've been seeing if there's so highly ranked Arizona on Monday -- -- Josh Johnson -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well. What little bump on rental Villa. I'm like yeah I do you get married yet because of what ever got to. We'll. That is. I thought. All I'm pretty sure that on -- -- oh yeah and snapped some -- -- Tomorrow 9 AM eastern day. Let everybody go -- Head of the -- Gloria. Dogs have done. No man's best friend man's best -- -- Which by all fifteen month old black batteries voted. And we John decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Sarah. The Bill -- Adult with the Jared -- -- your load up. Okay. Thank you just for ordering plus the last night out -- mind. We're doing some anger issues for you at one point he allegedly included -- -- what he told them talking Republican -- Does it help you to -- did visit helped to slow again I love and got my -- -- I'll go to war. Snuck across -- across the athletic at a crime activity across -- Am I want you to have this thanks. -- -- Yeah and I got him -- so much the flowers and help you remember and this is. -- -- -- -- OK. Yeah. Yeah you don't like -- hardest working person could not only does -- -- here but I can't see NBA I'm the world knew. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyday now. Yeah and. Where everything. -- -- can -- all walks of life I'm told the. That -- a moment. Yeah I didn't. -- -- student. Let them crawling. All that training. Mission Impossible is due. Sitting judge and it is a Pomeranian yes -- of the Pomeranian. You know you -- years old I have a -- -- I have a personal issue why why don't. Dress. Your pets. The man and update you do you -- do you -- animals job. I'm proud of the world's. The sea mammals and waterfowl we thank you very much for your for your time. -- -- --

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