GMA LIVE (08.02.13)

Check out the week's best moments from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
10:34 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.02.13)
Hey guys welcome to -- -- -- it's Friday I know it's weird it looks like I'm wearing the suit as wearing yesterday but I can actually assure you it is in fact Friday we have a look for you back -- the best moments from. Good Morning America. -- elaborate here and do not forget -- GM -- everyday 9 AM eastern daylight and we will last year Brett back here. On Monday have a great week. We are starting off the week that every one of the the Betsy Aaron good morning -- A court. -- -- really good news -- national signing day campaign. -- there -- luck on your everyone's mom always has their own favorite one everyone's family always has that once told specific ones they're giving you. Could have gotten anymore in there. It is definitely one by summer making the biggest possible -- can -- -- that it was good my -- and all right thank you thank you very much -- Now -- I. I like the little. The -- crusty -- part that all the way around -- May god created more. -- -- -- I was just asking fan -- -- -- -- I'm sorry and he has just totally the entire high Shanghai -- heavy need everybody's -- in in the. I don't I don't know may have happened -- higher blood down for a little while the only thing I know is that right now we know. Even make it down you -- anything. I just -- -- loving every. I don't know what it is when eating the pop like chicken I was I was like this is amazing it's a little I'm -- I'm not how -- Video and then started falling of this scandal -- Cano was hurt unfortunately in the words of Josh Elliott no one got hurt no one got hurt zawahiri -- picture that I -- my computer about a. -- we'll you forgot again amazing. This is amazing broadcast this is exactly the -- also it is not all right so wait a minute abernathy. Let's just wait it's I -- Vanya then we had meeting Bob price yes. And we had. I shot a nuts on the computer -- and download your -- home now with a plan today and this is not anywhere and he I don't know what it. Tickets this dog. You may -- a little and skill but he makes up for an enthusiasm. They also burning up for GM make up my. The money. This is always one of my favorite things to do the kid who this guy cannot -- okay. He did that as a kid -- had unanimously dumbest. Everybody dot com news yeah here to see who hit that. -- you please bring us the -- loud -- and gets a look ahead to remind me and I remember. Another -- picnic video inaugural weather report based on -- what I want handouts -- -- It'll turn during the very serious runner up today and they'll be white blog shoots out into the Lynn Holland Holland long leaving Valhalla blood mountain area is -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't really wanted to talk Saturday and enjoy I don't join whether I was -- I'm enjoying the way. I am an even less flag yes then you are telling us all about the with the heat yeah -- and I'll know Josh actually didn't. Because I've never known whether it's so Sam -- -- as he has in the past we've seen in the -- -- body part. As. -- at all kinds don't. Definitely go to Google -- -- God don't have a little dried out of -- a lot of effort regularly go ahead to order. -- and daily figure was -- on his to tell I didn't. He did bad things you can't believe -- -- yeah -- stand. This idea -- -- -- -- body part of it -- again. End that I did not -- drama that is today that it and send us here's the weather around -- naked and they're not that. Today no -- So -- -- was kind enough to draw a line in asking a -- -- that is the closely United States right I'm Sam was. -- -- you know what I was running what is best. -- uneasy analyst at Hawaii that we superimposed upon you got -- -- That's -- that's nexus. And that the copies. Now live in the wrong light coming -- No more come on over to -- brightest -- online here. -- optimistic outlook on life power and no way you couldn't I am I dealing here. Hello I'm might not fit in -- love it. I like. -- -- I don't even imagined -- even. And -- there's not -- it's election -- table that you do not have that be -- -- of the cardiac. I'm not someone you got a prize look at the very best season -- -- we'll visually. Fighting back and I actually. My brother we won't we won't help. Google IO -- I didn't skeptical -- -- that's really does anything you. Okay. And her brother for. How about bad that I visited the village that the -- that. I know my son's friends I would like -- -- yeah. I do all the little girl I'm not gonna -- it. -- -- -- -- -- I've got some double layer of the girlfriend though they've already had -- healthy -- and even if everybody -- a -- -- Oh -- -- -- at bat with a naughty show yesterday all right Josh has already started taking strawberries. All the -- -- never actually getting to the -- Lara -- from the bottom of the -- the only thing I'm left with. He is the bring your -- around the top. Some governors. -- -- Cheesecake is something that I would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But veteran yeah. Happy national cheesecake -- not making -- ugliness. The other half of the cheesecake I would like to -- all the cutbacks or did you -- the cheesecake. -- I mean aren't we are -- we are tremendous. I am committed to that on the senate side. We're -- -- -- -- not like the other thing. Chris I wanted to -- you you're all beautiful on the inside who as well -- -- that clear. Your days -- disgracing the bottom of the yard may be over the some young entrepreneur rulers. Have come up within easy way to get the last. Peanut butter without us great -- your knuckles all the way past. -- It takes I don't want to come -- -- walked on the moon by back half century. Please don't -- Arnold -- will -- a better job. If it works we -- when it alerts they won't be expect they will be expanding -- -- all of your confidence we will be. The company here because and irony isn't out of the -- and its own life. And let the dog might. That's the -- you can. -- -- -- -- -- We -- on the very first time and we were all kind of like really joyous about being on the bus you know how we get world together. But yeah. This enemy I was ten month old and I'm my ears pierced and -- though though I didn't have to say I called my mom did some research last night after the cultural she says fact -- that would have happened -- people -- -- -- -- Admit that in the. I remind you. Oh yeah. Continuance. Wings and I. I don't -- I am I am being forced and I and I really -- -- us now alliance said before that I do not want wondering. Please don't make you anyways it brings me back to when I did the pageant in church did not look like the model walking on land and legacy seven year old from my little engines. -- -- -- -- -- -- reality check on them right. Menu items 64 guns of someone gets an extra benefits and -- an -- now I needed to -- And this is the equivalent of actually. Yes -- eating feeding candy necklace why would you drink gets right Bailey and Georgia. That's something to the super size shocked -- literally woke up -- -- about a seven foot tall. Bucket from the production -- and he's -- says we'll -- -- here is much easier to give directions that I everybody every idea first. Okay. Tyra Banks is with old news I. Back. -- -- All happened -- America's Next Top Model from. First time ever male models which by the way Tara I think we did you write your death cab of this fine if all the time I. -- -- Right here I won't let the postal workers -- isn't it yeah. When I arrived I brought the -- -- And as you look at the time. I'm yeah. Yeah yeah. Com please let me she's 330 pounds an independent she's 330 pounds George. And she's a little too big for -- but all agree here.

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